Can Young People Manage Big Business?

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are quite young

Young people need maturity to run business

Bill Gates Net Worth: $56 Billion: 2012
Bill Gates Net Worth: $56 Billion: 2012 | Source

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Can youth power work in management?

Can A Twenty Years Old Man Participate In A Drinks Party?

The venture capitalists of Silicon Valley are funding ventures started by very young people of under 21 now-a-days than never before. What is the reason? Is under-21 age so matured age? At this stage, can an entrepreneur take decisions in a matured fashion? Are the funds with confidence in such entrepreneurs safe? A twenty years old entrepreneur may not even participate in a drinks party with other matured entrepreneurs because he is not aged enough for drinking!

Younger Generation Cannot Handle a Big Business on Their Own

There is no doubt that the younger generation of the present day is far more competent technologically than their predecessors because of the availability of opportunities. While I can handle computer and Internet with confidence, my fourteen years old son does it in a jiffy casually. I wonder with what stuff his brain is made of. But being technologically competent is one thing and being matured enough to handle a big business is quite another thing. My son may be better than me in technology. But can he handle the nuances of a business and particularly its financial matters? Managing and running a business involves understanding of marketing, sales, production, technology, customer relations, finance, banking, insurance and government policies among others. Definitely a twenty year old man cannot understand these things compared to say a forty years old man.

In Technology, Youth Power Is the Best

What a twenty years old man can do at the best is to take care of technology, which he knows best, in a good company and learn the nuances of other sectors. After having sufficient experience and after acquiring sufficient skills, he can think of starting his own business. That will make sense. A semiconductor start up may require anything between $15 million to $25 million. The venture capitalists may not only burn their fingers but even their hands if they finance ventures started by very young people.

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