Careers for people who like to travel

Careers for People who like to travel
Careers for People who like to travel | Source

For some people travelling is the most exciting part of their life. If you happen to be one of them then you must find a career that incorporates travelling. This way you achieve the happiness at your job and best of all you are travelling for free. Travelling is an interesting way to explore the World and see how people are living in different parts of the Globe. With so much advancement in travel and the communication industries now it is possible for you to travel even to the most remote part of the world within a very short time. By finding a career that involves lot of travelling you have the ability not only to earn money out of it but also to get more joy and excitement.

There are many careers for people who like to travel and with a little search around you and with little forethought you can easily get into one. If you are very serious about getting into a travel related career then it is important that you make your decisions early in your life; select your line of activity and pursue the right courses to land in jobs that are good for you with lots of travel in it. When you are selecting a career involving travel you must be prepared to sacrifice certain things in your life; you will be unable to:

  • to stay with your family for longer periods
  • go with your friends and family during important occasions
  • to maintain a fixed life style

apart from this you must have the ability to

  • adjust to the constantly changing food, climate and social surroundings
  • to adjust to the ever changing language and other challenges at places you visit
  • to adjust to and keep yourself off from the social, political and economical problems that is prevailing in the places you are visiting

to adjust to and keep yourself off from the social, political and economical problems that is prevailing in the places you are visiting

There are many careers that are specially suited for those who like to travel and some of them can be listed as follows:

  • Cruise Ship Worker –this type of job is exotic and adventurous. Typically cruise ship work jobs are contract only typically lasting 6 months due to the nature of the work. This may be in favor for retirees and students but not for people seeking full time jobs. Salaries range from $800-$8000, depending on the work you do and the line you work for.
  • Airline crew- Airline workers require a very unique personality. You need to have a high level of patience. The work environment of an airline crew member may be tiring and frustrating at times, but do not associate this with being boring. You need to be alert and responsive in dealing with stressful people on flight. The average salary of an airline crew steward/stewardess is 37,000
  • Tour Guide- If you like to travel but want to near home, a tour guide may be perfect. You can be a tour guide in your local state through amusement parks, historical sites, museums, or even government buildings. You may also be a tour guide through companies that take people of tour throughout the state. Such as AMTRAK rail journeys.
  • Travel Agent- If you love to get people great travel deals and have the characteristics of a sales person, becoming a travel agent is right for you. You only need to have your high school diploma and take a few courses through IATAN and your on your way to becoming one. The average salary of a travel agent is 44,000, but it varies if depending on sales and if you have your own agency.
  • Travel Writer / Blogger- You do not need to have money to become a travel writer. Start right at your own home outside your front door. What you do need is curiosity and commitment. As soon as you have an idea start your building your presence online and offline.
  • Foreign Language Teachers-If you love teaching, travelling and have a bachelors degree, this may be an option. A lot of unemployed students post-graduation go this route. Contracts are for a 1 year minimum and can be extended. There is in an ever increasing demand for English teachers in Asia and South America. If you are not ready for a 1 year commitment there are exchange programs to teach only for a semester.

These are only a small list of careers for those who like to travel and there are a quite a lot of them that give you long opportunities to go around the world during the course of your employment. So, be ready to enter into one of the careers that is waiting to give you all the excitement and remuneration you want for your comfortable yet exciting life.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

I wish I had done more travelling when I was young, and I probably should have considered one of these careers. Oh well, life has been good nonetheless.

Good job on this one; great suggestions.

Sadika Alloush profile image

Sadika Alloush 3 years ago from Baja, California Author

Thank you Billy. Haha i love your i hope that is a word!

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