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Choosing a Career in Health Care: What Really Got Me into the Art of Nursing

I personally believe that Nursing is an Art and not just a science that needs to be pried open. It is one of those career choices that really make a difference which of course, makes me proud that I’m now a part of. To some, taking up nursing may be a choice which they are obliged to make because it is recession-proof, the pay is good and you get to travel on the side as well. And that no matter how much the economy slides downhill, everyone gets sick thus nurses will always be needed anytime and anywhere.

If you are looking into or planning to take up Nursing as a career there are a lot of things you need to consider. Apart from those things, you need to make sure you really do have a heart for it. If not, you’ll just make the face of health care look bad.

Nursing is not a job; it’s service –rendered to those in need. It is for me, a chance to reach out to people when they need you the most and that’s probably how you should look at it too.

Reasons Why Nursing is a Great Career Choice

Aside from practicality’s sake, Nursing is also a career which gives you more opportunities than any other type of career does. It is a chance to interact with people from different backgrounds who will look at you with genuine admiration for what you’re doing. And once in a while, it’s actually great to receive a compliment about your excellent service from the grumpiest people on earth.

Voluntary servitude or paid work, nursing is more than what most people think it is; it’s more than your source of bread and butter. The truth is, if you know in your heart that you have a genuine love for sick people, both young and old, male or female you might find nursing as an exciting career for you.

Nurses know that this kind of profession definitely gives you a lot more; it’s your avenue to the most sensitive part of people’s lives – the part where they are most vulnerable and needy, which is a big deal because you get to be part of it all. It’s not easy to be a nurse but at the end of the day; everything makes it all worth your while.

As for me, I never really thought that life would be exciting as a nurse. But because you get to save lives, extend your help, make people smile and most of all, and make them feel important. It’s for me, a profession that will never go out of fashion.

And once you’re a nurse you’ll always be a nurse.

Another reason why nursing is a great profession is you’ll really love what you do. Ask nurses everywhere and they’ll tell you they just love being a nurse! That’s all to it anyway loving what you do best and doing the best you can for what you love the most.

Being a nurse may have its ups and downs but it’s because of the service you render to people which makes all the trouble less threatening and more challenging. I guess, it’s needless to say that when you want to have the kind of excitement and challenge in your life then taking up Nursing may work well with you.

What are the different careers in Nursing?

         Nursing isn’t just about being a registered nurse. There are different career paths you can choose from to start off your vocation as a nurse. Most people who want to get into the business of health care started as Nursing Assistants and Aides.

In the West, it is most often referred to as Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA. In other parts of the world it’s relatively known as Care jobs where you need to be a certified care giver. Anyway you put it; this is actually your practical first-step to nursing. To study as a care giver or nurse assistant you need to train for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months of 1 year. As a nurse assistant you don’t need to undertake a licensure exam to be eligible for the health care scene. Your certificate of accomplishment will do for you to be able to work side by side other nurses.

On the other hand, if you want an in-depth study in nursing you can choose to take up practical nursing, associates degree in nursing or bachelor of science in nursing. These three degrees are all required by law to undergo licensure examinations depending on where a student took their degree. Practical Nursing in America can take you about 9 to 12 months of training and 2 years in other countries. Associates degree in Nursing lasts for 2-3 years depending on the state while generally, bachelor of science in nursing takes about 4 years to finish. Both associates and bachelors degree lands you a licensed as a registered nurse.

But that’s not all! If you want to further your career in health care you can do that too by taking up a masters degree (MSN or MAN) and or a doctorate in Nursing Practice. However, these post-graduate studies are only offered to registered nurses who want to take on a bigger challenge in their vocation. The scope of Nursing practice is indeed excellent. This is the time when you can choose which aspect of nursing you want to specialize in.

When it comes to choosing your specialization you need to identify what you’re really good at in your practice. You can choose to be a pediatric nurse or a gerontology nurse. You can be a cardiac nurse or a respiratory nurse; it’s your choice. The great thing about specializations is that you get to apply your skills and knowledge to what you really love doing. And by being an expert at one aspect of nursing you are actually opening more windows of opportunity for yourself.

Nurses with specializations are sought after by employers because they are assets in companies. With their advance skills and knowledge, people see them as experts thus they are very much reliable when it comes to facilitating and delivering health care services.

What you need to become a nurse

       Aside from being caring, what you need most of all is intelligence and critical thinking skills. Nurses are always expected to respond immediately when a situation calls for it and that does not only require genuine empathy but also exact cleverness to be able to deliver your skill. You also have to be your own leader which means you work with the team and on your own. Your independence as a nurse has more implications on your work and on the services you provide to clients compared to your work with the team. You need to be able to decide, plan and execute all at the same time without cracking under pressure. But what really makes a nurse is the virtues and values that goes with the job. Nursing actually molds people’s character because it is a profession where you need to be flexible, prepared, alert or ready. You need to radiate positivity even when you’re tired or fatigued from attending to different clients within your 8-12 hour shifts. And you need to employ good camaraderie among your colleagues to be able to work together for the benefit of one clientele.

Nursing is very demanding and it’s no wonder that this is the profession of nuns and single women back in the day. But despite the tough nature of nursing; it is still one of the most rewarding careers in history and today. And by rewarding, I don’t only mean the fact that it pays good money but also what you can become because of it.

In conclusion, although the nursing profession is not for everyone; it is indeed a great career for those who really want to make a difference in people’s lives. The rewards, the opportunities and luxuries are just bonuses when it comes to the nursing profession. But what’s really wonderful about this line of work is its influence to society – how as a nurse, you radiate hope to the hopeless and even faith to the faithless. And no other careers can make you as happy as nursing can. Or can give you those special privileges to become someone to somebody like no other career can.

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jpcmc profile image

jpcmc 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

Great first hub. I know how difficult it is to be a nurse - not first hand though. My sister is an RN and I can see how difficult it is for her and for her family. It takes passion for her work to do what she does. Kudos t all nurses out there.

Welcome to hubpages. Just drop me a line if you need help with anything.

Wayne K. WIlkins profile image

Wayne K. WIlkins 5 years ago from Birmingham, England.

A very noble career choice. I too know how difficult it can be to succeed in nursing and get the recognition that you earn but as long as you can put a smile on the face of someone you care for, you are doing a very good job. You should be proud, and of course, you should be proud of the fact that you have made his quality, well written Hub. Voted up and keep up the great work!

krisingreen profile image

krisingreen 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

thanks Guys! I really appreciate your comments!

jenbrvly14 profile image

jenbrvly14 5 years ago from 2055 Anglo Drive #200 Colorado Springs, CO 80918

you are one exceptional girl!!! im proud of you! who wouldn't. :))))

Phil Plasma profile image

Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

As my children grow up, they are yet too young, I'm going to have them consider nursing, I will point them to this hub as you did a great job in describing it.

krisingreen profile image

krisingreen 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

That's really sweet, Phil. I do love my profession. It's really fulfilling seeing people get their health back. And I feel exceptionally high when a patient of mine looks for me and chats with me about anything. I love taking care of people not because they look up at me but because they see me as a friend who can help them through their trials. I especially love taking care of old people because someday when my parents can no longer take care of themselves and I'm not around for them. I wish someone will take care of them like how i take care of those old folks. Thanks, really! I love what you said. :)

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