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New business leads? Have enough knowledge to share with others? Want to discuss things online? Want to scrap old ideas and know what is latest? What is the best possible answer for these questions? Few said Blogging, others said chatting and the rest said creating a website. We say Forums. Online discussions, newsgroups and message boards are all same and are Omni-present. Living in the internet-savvy era, an online business cannot afford to not know about Forums. Forums are the best constituents for getting facts and information on any product/service from others.There are thousands of forums for several categories but the domain in which they are most popular is Programming Forum or Web Development Forum where you will find thousands of users with millions of threads and posts

How does a Forum Work:

Checking out a forum first time? Looks complicated? Yes, forums look pretty complex. But give it a close look. Forums are categorized. Choose the right category. Each category would have sub-categories where you post your question or discussion topic. Any question or topic that you choose to post is called a “Thread”. The thread then receives responses from various other webmasters and niche experts. Also responses can be shared, liked and favorited. Showing others the value of their replies brings in the traffic. Sounds simple?

Nothing comes easy. Forums can be started easily but managing them has its own cons. Take a look at the challenges faced managing forums.


Forums are all about categories. A forum would look like a virtual market place if not categorized. People visiting your forums would be lost if they do not know where to post their thread. Just having a “General” category will fetch you more spammers. Forums are already knotty and not having those categorized makes it further complicated.

Quick fix: Correct and appropriate categories should be made. They should be distinct enough to encapsulate as many sub-categories. Finding the right category becomes easier and simpler this way.


Not clearing the Spam

Every person active or non-active on your forum is not necessarily posting useful information. Some people really join forums to advertise their website for free and spam by posting links and signatures to get clicks. This should be avoided. It really ruins your reputation. To really attract genuine webmasters, tidying the spam is must. Clearing should be done each single day.

Quick fix: Install Security Plug-in/Moderators like CAPTCHA/RECAPTCHA that will authenticate and prevent automated software from posting any links or comments.

Self Posting

Initially you might not get the required traffic. What you do is – start posting from alternate profiles. This is not advised. It is very simple to recognize if all the posts on your forums are done by you or others. Initially, you may post few threads in a forum. But make sure you do it as yourself. And not by creating fake profiles. People will start posting once you are going on the right track. Patience is the key for Forums to be successful.

Quick fix: Join forums and start posting important threads or take part actively in discussions. You can post your forum link with your signature once in 10 good posts.

Follow the required steps to create a successful forum. Take care of little things like trouble-free navigation, easy-to-understand but unique topics, appealing layout and well-written content.

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