Characteristics of Good Interpreters

A&A Languages, LLC. has been providing interpretation and translation services in Denver and throughout the whole state of Colorado for nine years.  During this time we have gained great insight into what it takes to be a good interpreter.
There are several important characteristics that comprise a good interpreter besides the one that is most obvious; being able to speak English and a second language proficiently.
One such important characteristic is punctuality.  When an interpreter is on a job, he is supposed to be invisible.  This means that the interpreter should not stand out in any way; the interpreter should not be doing anything besides helping two people communicate.  If an interpreter is late to an assignment, he stands out in a major way.  The interpreter's tardiness is preventing the agenda from moving forward and if the tardiness is excessive it may create a negative atmosphere in the meeting room.  Interpreters' tardiness is probably the biggest source of complaints from clients who receive interpretation services.
Another important characteristic is confidentiality.  An interpreter will often be in situations such as doctors’ appointments and legal proceedings where highly sensitive information is discussed.  The interpreter cannot discuss the details of these proceedings with anyone.
Professional appearance is important for an interpreter.  Maintaining an appropriate appearance does not mean wearing a three-piece suit, but it does mean avoiding wearing shorts, jeans, sandals, t-shirts, and anything else that is too casual.  A business casual appearance is most appropriate for an interpreter.
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