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7 Chiropractic Marketing Pointers
7 Chiropractic Marketing Pointers

Chiropractic Marketing: Drive Traffic to Your Website

Pay Per Click

This refers to the ads you see when searching for keywords on the major search engines. These ads show up on the right side of the page when someone searches for keywords. When the ad is clicked on, you pay a fee and the person lands on your website. Make sure you set it to within your geographic area. You don’t want to spend your pre-set spending limit on clicks from the other side of the country. Take your time with this you want to get the settings correct or it could be costly.


Perfect for updating your readers with your thoughts, musings and of course business suggestions. As blogs are updated regularly search engines take note. Therefore blogs typically rank  higher than static pages on the same topic because of the continuous flow of fresh content.  If the the word "blog" still baffles you, makes your palms sweat or sends you into a state of panic, it's all for naught.  If you can send an email, you can post to a blog. Pick a topic and write about it. 


Remember the blogs previously mentioned? If you can write a blog post your already writing  articles. Articles usually contain 500-800 words, however some are longer. Once written and edited you then submit your articles to free article directories. There are places to pay for your submissions also and that can increase exposure. Articles are a great way to generate traffic to your site. Include your town’s name within your writing.  Keywords are also necessary and you will want to be very specific in relation to the topic of your article.  The reasons for writing articles are various, but most will agree that writing and publishing is another venue for link backs to your site or blog.  Submission sites would prefer that you not self promote, therefore they will limit self promoting links within your text.  However they do offer a place for you to create a resource box with a short bio of you and your website’s link.

Press Releases

Press releases are written in 400 words or less, third person and reveal pertinent information about newsworthy content.  Use a strong headline that will draw attention to your release. Once completed these can be submitted to various online sites at no cost. Your press release will be detected and submitted to the major search engines news sites. A press release should be informative, not an advertisement. There are several free press distributors online.  You will need to register an account with each one, load your release and publish. Be sure to bookmark your sites and save passwords for your next submission.


Using videos is a great way to communicate your message face to face with your clients/patients. Videos can be made using your digital camera or other video recording device. This should be done in digital to save time with formatting. Once you create a short 2-5 minute video educating prospective patients on your services, you then upload to a video share website of your choice. You can even embed your website link in the video and mention your town in the description when posting the video. Place your video within your website or blog to add that personal touch.

Trade links with other businesses

Sharing reciprocal links with other local businesses in your area will also lead visitors to your site. A small independent health food store with a website. If you work closely with a physical therapist or massage therapist in your area, ask if they have a website, if so trade link with them. This not only will create more traffic to your site, it's like a personal endorsement from several companies. It will also increase your search engine rankings. The more links the more visibility. One more suggestion would be to use link keywords like “Your Town Chiropractor” along with your website address.

Mail postcards and run newspaper ads

If you are already running chiropractic ads in your local newspapers, then you have great content for your site because you could actually use your ad as one of your pages on your website. Also, your current ad campaign should always provide a way for the reader to contact you. Along with your phone number and location, why would you not include your website address? Readers might want see what you and your practice has to offer them before they make an appointment. Same with direct mailings such as postcards. You would benefit greatly if you always include your website address in all of your publications. This would include your business cards and email signature.

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Jeme 6 years ago

Great lens! I think more and more Chiropractics are learning the value of Chiropractics Marketing and

web video marketing. There are still plenty of others out there who are just discovering how much this type of marketing can help both new and established practices. Great job and thanks for all of the valuable content!

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