Exclusive Cloud Computing Certification And Training Companies

Who are the Cloud Computing Certification Companies?

With the increasing demand for Cloud Computing Companies in the market , the IT industry firms will need an edge to differentiate themselves from the competition.

While the cloud is still a buzz. the vendor 3Tera has launched two new certification programs to arm the solution providers, candidates with training and skill needs to prove that they are cloud experts.

The cloud field is growing rapidly and if you don't do it within two year's you won't have a business.So far, only few vendors offer some form of certification specific cloud computing, 3Tera among them.IBM has offered a cloud certification from late 2008 itself.The Big Blue program covers the resiliency of cloud based applications and services delivered by partners and ISVs.To sharpen the skills of the companies the 3Tera has revealed its Certified Cloud Operator and Certified Cloud Architect certifications.

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3Tera - A Cloud Computing Course Provider

Cloud Computing Certification Courses

3Tera Certifications

The Certified Cloud Operator

This program is targeted at those who deploy the service. It includes enterprices, service providers and operation professionals and system integrators.

The Certified Cloud Architect

The certified cloud architect program, is aimed at system architects, application developers , IT operations professionals and system engineers those who deploy, manage, design and integrate applications.It provides a step-by-step procedures for deploying, operating and managing applications in the cloud. We’ll also be covering best practices for scaling and testing applications as well as the latest features introduced in AppLogic. Course material is applicable for both public and private cloud users.

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)
Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)

Cloud Computing For Dummies

Cloud Computing For Dummies
Cloud Computing For Dummies

Get you hands on Cloud Computing For Dummies and learn everything about this new technology!


Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)

Red Hat has launched a new certification for virtualization called the Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA).

The certification is designed to equip IT professionals with the knowledge and expertise to deploy and manage virtual systems for cloud computing infrastructure.

The training will benefit experienced Linux, Microsoft-certified and Cisco-certified system administrators, enabling them to manage large numbers of servers or virtual machines by using Red Hat Enterprise offerings.

“Cloud computing is finding acceptance among many enterprises and IT professionals need to acquire new skills to manage the new generation datacenters. As companies evolve to the cloud computing model, they will look to hire skilled and qualified IT professionals that they can trust to carry out successful implementations,” said Alan Ho, Senior Manager, Services Marketing, Red Hat Asia-Pacific and Japan.

Free Cloud Computing From Amazon

To get the new customers to get started in the cloud computing, AWS is introducing a new free usage tier. Beginning November 12010, new AWS customers will be able to run a basic version of free Amazon EC2 for a year, while also leveraging a new free usage tier on several other specifications. You just need a valid credit-card to sign up for this offer!

Cloud Computing Certification Kits

The importance of these certifications will grow as the cloud computing grows, and its going to explode in the coming years.The solution providers are to reap massive profits from this cloud computing.Being certified to attack the new market gives a competitive advantage and shows that solution providers have a good understanding about the cloud architechture.

Other cloud computing companies like Rackspace,Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Windows Azure have training kits and education available, but don't yet have cloud-specific certifications.However, we can expect that in the next two years almost all company out there would be doing cloud computing certifications.

There are lots of Resource now available now for Cloud Computing Certification.I've listed out few good Kits as well as other free Sun resources which could be helpful for you.First, you need to create the foundation – The Cloud Computing Foundation Program focuses on the fundamentals, general knowledge, terminology and BASIC concepts used in Cloud Computing. This program earns you 2 points toward your Cloud Computing Expert Certificate.

This kit prepares you for the certification exam by offering valuable information on Cloud Computing application and Cloud Computing Certification.

This Kit contains the book and online course access that provides everything you need to prepare for the Cloud Computing Foundation Certification Exam, including in-depth coverage of all exam objectives, scenarios to easily demonstrate the processes in action, and practice exam questions for that last minute test preparation.

This Study Guide and Online Course access provides complete, in-depth coverage of all exam objectives for the Cloud Computing Foundation exam in a systematic approach, so you can be confident you're getting the instruction you need.

If you need a narrowed and latest availability of Cloud computing certifications worldwide you can check out the article on Best Cloud Computing Courses & Certifications.

IBM Cloud Computing Certification | Unveils IBM Cloud Academy

An IBM Certified Solution Advisor - Cloud Computing Architecture V1 is a person who can clearly explain the benefits and underlying concepts of cloud computing. They can also demonstrate how the IBM Cloud Computing offering helps customers realize these benefits. Currently, two certifications are offered from IBM.

  • Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V1 (Code: 000 - 032)
  • IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1 ( Code: 000-280)

Key areas of competency include:

1. Explain the cloud computing concepts.

2. Describe how the customer can realize the benefits of cloud computing within their environment.

3. Identify cloud computing architecture and design principles.

4. Map customer's requirements to the IBM Software Cloud Computing offerings.

The IBM Cloud Academy will enable the educational institutions and other participants to collaborate using an IBM-managed cloud, available via the Internet, lowering barriers to entry for the development and contribution of subject matter expertise. Through the Academy, members can create working groups on areas of interest to the education industry, “jam” on new innovations for clouds in education-related areas with IBM developers, work jointly on technical projects across institutions, share research findings, and exchange new ideas for research. Participants are also encouraged to innovate to further advance cloud computing by preparing education-focused open source software for clouds, integrating cloud provisioning and de-provisioning services, validating content for compliance with accessibility standard, and leveraging IBM cloud offerings for teaching, learning, research and administration.


New Cloud Computing Certification From Cloud Security Alliance - Certificate Of Cloud Security Knowledge

The firm Cloud Security Alliance has launched a new Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) this certificate is said to provide a consistend way of deeloping cloud security competency and provide organizaions and agencies to deploy cloud computing with confidence. This cloud computing certification provides all the necessary modules to ensure safe and secure ccloud environments today and tommorow.The Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge provides individuals with a solid foundation in cloud security issues and best practices

Before Going For Cloud Computing Certification..

Cloud computing promises to speed application deployment, increase innovation, and lower costs, all while increasing business agility. It also can transform the way we design, build, and deliver applications.They'll explain the differences between public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds. We'll walk you through a variety of ways to take advantage of cloud applications and help you identify key questions you should be asking to figure out the best approach for your business.Download Oracles free cloud computing guides and they'll take you inside cloud computing software and show you how virtualization and deployment work in a cloud hosting environment. These resources would be really helpful if you are going for a cloud computing certification in near future.

Enjoy this complimentary Oracle Sun Cloud Computing Resource Kit that includes:

  • Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Architecture
  • A Guide to Getting Started with Cloud Computing
  • The VeriScale Architecture - Elasticity and Efficiency for Private Clouds
  • Optimizing Applications for Cloud Computing Environments
  • Building Customer Trust in Cloud Computing with Transparent Security

It is suggested that you get more idea about evolution of cloud computing companies in the market if you are intrested in career in this blooming period of clouds, they would bear the backbone of this technology for the next decades. You can gather more knowledge about them from the article explaining all about Top Cloud Computing Companies Growing Worldwide.

If you want to get some broad overview about the burning term in cloud computing - IaaS Service Providers you can refer the article about Worlds 3 Best IaaS Cloud Computing Companies, this could in fact benefit you in choosing your specialized career field on several titles under the umbrealla of Cloud computing.

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Comments 76 comments

JYOTI KOTHARI profile image

JYOTI KOTHARI 6 years ago from Jaipur

Hi Nanospeck,

A hub about new technology! very nice one. I did not know about Cloud computing before reading this hub.

Thanks and thumbs up!

Jyoti Kothari

nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 6 years ago Author

Hi Jyothi, good to hear that im the first one to tell you abt cloud computing! :)

Jai 6 years ago

Thanks it was really informative!!! Was looking for it!!!

Snitha 6 years ago

Hi, I am working as an Operations Lead in a Corporate Company. I had been working in Java technolgies before 8 years. I was looking for a good technology to start with Technical field. Can I do this course to start with a new career path?

nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 6 years ago Author

Sure snitha,I definitely think that it would be a nice choice. Virtualization and Cloud Computing are best demanded careers now.Do ask me if you need further help in Cloud Computing Certification, I would be glad to share my knowledge.

arul007 6 years ago

Hi nanospeck , it's a nice hub . i'm a engg student in chennai. I' reading a lot about cloued computing and win azure these days . As a student can i start learning cloud? And if yes, which is the best institute in india ?

ambrish srivastava 6 years ago

I am a BTech. in I.T 2009 pass out.Will you please help me find a good institute for cloud computing which also has a good track record for placements through the institute only



Runjhun 6 years ago


Read the page. I want to get into the field of cloud computing, i have studied Service Oriented Architecture in PG which gells with cloud, but in order to get into cloud which will be an apt certification for getting opportunities in that field. Could you please give me some idea.


Ravi S 6 years ago

Does Cloud Computing Certification needs to have IT Software/ Hardware background? I am a Commerce graduate working as Business Analyst in an IT Company, can I take up course in cloud computing?

Will look forward to your advise. Regards.

nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 6 years ago Author

Hello Ravi, There is not much of any hardware knowledge necessary to pursue Cloud Computing Certifications. But I do suggest you get some basic software skills on operting normal Windows or Other Operating System Interfaces.The article on the link below would give you an idea about how cloud computing operates and what are the kinds of services included in it.


That's all I hope! You can definitely go forward with this course.


Prashant 6 years ago

@nanospeck: Hey....I need your help regarding cloud computing certification exams. I have just completed my graduation in Information Technology and will be joining Cognizant in October. Could you please help me regarding the certification in Cloud computing. I want to ask few questions....

1. Where to find the study material ?

2. What will be the road map for the certification ?

3. How is is it going to help me in my career ?

Waiting for your response.



nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 6 years ago Author

Hello Prashanth It's a good option to specialize in cloud computing.Your answers are as follows.

1.Since cloud computing is a new technology, unfortunately dumps and books are less comparitively.Cloud Computing Foundation Complete Certification Kit - Study Guide Book and Online Course from Amazon(Link Given at Top of this page) Is a Good Material I have went through in my reserch on this topic.

2,3. Since several people have requested me for clarification in Cloud Computing Certifications I wrote a new article Specially for it.


I would be glad to help you if you need further help... All The Best!

Prashant 6 years ago

@nanospeck: Thank a lot for your response. I read your article regarding certifications. But, I am really confused which one to choose.....which certificate is globally acceptable. Can I study from the book at home and than give the exam.....or do I have to attend the classes ???

nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 6 years ago Author

You're welcome prashanth.. the thing is the Globally recognized cloud computing certification are only sprouting up, right now 3Tera Cloud Certification is Globally recognized . And If you are in India you can enquire with Aptech for their couses.If you are quite brilliant then you can study with the book n kit (it would be more economical) , check in the Amazon Link for confirming how they give the cloud certification and where to take the tests. Rgrds.


al 6 years ago


I got very useful knowledge about cloud computing on your site.I have started my career as a sys admin in a small It company.I have cleared MCSE. Doing certification in cloud computing will keep me in touch of my sys admin profile.As the course of aptech includes c# and java

Abhay Verma 6 years ago


I was searching for some Cloud computing institutes too. Being tied up with office, i could not dedicate much time but came across Oracleaxe. they provide good online training on different cloud computing levels. Luckily, I am a Cloud Architect with Wipro now. Thanks for the information though.

ayan 6 years ago

i have completed my engg. from computer science now i want to do some cources but ican't ble understand which cources is good iam thinking about networking+ hardware and also clouding but iam not having detail of clouding

1. what it is

2. how to get any institutes.

3. about it future what it is

khmohsin profile image

khmohsin 6 years ago from London,UK

Really nice information. Thanks for sharing this.



nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 6 years ago Author

@ayan : doing a course on cloud computing would certainly be better than going for a hardware+software. It is said that current hardware and software technology courses could become obsolete when cloud computing is implemented, because everything would be done in the cloud.You can see some links to articles about cloud computing companies and certification from my articles.

Ganesh 6 years ago

Hi Nanospeck

I m working as SAN Administrator & i want to join Cloud Computing Course if u give me some training center or online training center name that will help me lot.

nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 6 years ago Author

@Ganesh hi there, working background as a SAN Administratior will definitely help you shine in cloud computing courses. Companies like RedHat and VMware have lunched cloud computing certifications now!!I have written a separate article on that titled "Best New Cloud Computing Certification Training Courses". You can find it under "Related Links" when you scroll down from the top right of the page or by searching withing Hubpages.com. You can go to the respective websites from that page and find the places where they have centers for certification and teaching.


NIIT training 6 years ago

wonderful hub providing information on cloud computing. Looking at the above comments, there have been few inquiries on the cloud computing training in India. NIIT is authorized training and certification partner for Salesforce offering Administrator, Developer and consultant courses. For more info, please visit http://www.niit.com/sites/niittechtraining/IT_Trai...

sabari 6 years ago

Hi sir,

Im sabari kumar ,Im an final year Engineering student (cse).Can i study cloud computing now.. can i get good job after studying this.is there lots of oppurtunities in this field.

Neha Chaudhry 6 years ago

Hi Nanospeck. I was working with Microsoft as a Sr. technical engineer responsible for managing the performance of the servers. I had to give up my job due to personal reasons and now after 1 yr gap i completely feel out of touch of the latest technologies. Can i go for cloud computing course? Will 1 yr gap serve as a barrier? Is there a good scope for cloud computing freshers?


nanospeck profile image

nanospeck 6 years ago Author

Hi neha, cloud computing & upcoming android phones seem to be the only major change in technology in the last 1 year. So your 1 year gap won't serve as barrier. In addition, your previous experience with servers would be an advantage when you enter into cloud computing. Yes certainly, there is very good scope for cloud computing now and in the years to come. You can read through the rest of the articles in this web site- about cloud computing - to get a quick glance on the technology.

chandrakant 5 years ago


i am an 3 rd year B.TECH student ,apart from this i am also an RHCE and intreseted in cloud computing field.can u pls suggest me the best certification or course should i avail for carrier in this field

Sai 5 years ago

Hi i was a fresher in a reputed mnc,i have completed my engineering on may 2010 and got selected into the company through campus placements now am in java domain,as am heearing a lot about this cloud computing now a days i want to learn it and as a fresher can i learn it.

please help me by giving some information and consider this as my request.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Nice hub,thanks for sharing.

murugan 5 years ago

plz tell me anyone,cloud computing technology have more vacancy in india?

sasi 5 years ago

if students need, the people r working in s/w company are ready to come to ur college to take 3 or 5 days practical course in cloud computing with minimum course fee. They are also ready to help to do projects in cloud computing.

Kiran 5 years ago


I have 11.6 years of experience in IT industry, working with mainframe technologies.

Is it good choice to undergo Cloud computing training.

can you please let me know, how can it be useful in my career, so that i can shift the gear.

Your response would be much appreciable.

Thank you in advance, Kiran

gurman 5 years ago

hi sir....

this is really a nice info..can u plz tell me in north india where i can do d traing in this field...can u suggest me any good option for it..??

jaiangel 5 years ago

PLease help e i wanna learn cloud computing what should i do.

khmohsin profile image

khmohsin 5 years ago from London,UK

no doubt its really awesome and useful for us, thank you for such a great article

hussain 5 years ago

im 12 passed student of b.com can i do cloud computing

B Kiran 5 years ago


I have 11.6 years of experience in IT industry, working with mainframe technologies.

Is it suggestable to undergo Cloud computing training.

Please let me know, how can it be useful in my career, so that i can shift the gear.

Your response would be much appreciable.

Thanking you in advance,


srinath 5 years ago

im a btech 2007 student i wnt to learn clodu computing course so will u suggest is it good or not???.........if it is good please tell the insitute name

Sujeet 5 years ago

Hi nanospeck. I'm working as a Senior Application Developer in Lotus notes and xPages with IBM and responsible for developing new applications and managing them. I'm having an experience close to 5 years.I heard about Cloud Computing and talked to some of the training providers. As according to them , it Cloud will be a good choice for me. I'm not sure about it . Could you please provide me some link through which I can know more about Cloud Computing and basics required before going for it. Also please let me know how its going to help me ahead. Thanks in advance !!

Rajkumar 5 years ago

Hello Nanospeck, Greetings and thank you for posting valuable information regarding cloud computing that helps us all. I am working in a non IT background but with knowledge of computers and would like to pursue a career in cloud computing. What should my approach be towards accomplishing this.

Ritesh C 5 years ago

Hi Nonospeak,

I have been in this industry since 12 years performing software implementation, QA Testing and currently managing multiple projects.

I prefer now to take a route wherein all are less travelled and be competing enough.We are now hearing on the cloud concepts more louder than ever before. I would like to take advice going forward for a certification on Cloud concepts and how would it help spurn my career going forward?

Yogesh 5 years ago

Hi Nanospeck,

I am professional pursuing my MBA in UK. I have nearly 9 years experience in Hospitality and service industry.

Technically, I am an just an end-user of technology. With my experience will it be possible to make an entry into IT industry (cloud computing platform).

What courses would be better for me to start off, if it is possible.

Please let me know about the possibilities.


Darshan V.K 5 years ago

IIHT “Cloud Computing and Data Center Management” certification is a globally unique and first of it's kind

certification, building your skills in multi-vendor virtualization solutions, IT infrastructure monitoring and management, along with private cloud designing and deployment skills.

For further details contact,

Darshan V.K[cloud analyst]



Rajkumar 5 years ago

Hello Nanospeck, Greetings and thank you for posting valuable information regarding cloud computing that helps us all. I am working in a non IT background but with knowledge of computers and would like to pursue a career in cloud computing. What should my approach be towards accomplishing this.

Tuhin 5 years ago

Hi , I have 2 yrs exp as Tech support - networking platform. I would love to do this course. Kindly let me know the possibility and how far is the job opening for this.

Ashok 5 years ago

Hi I am working as a Java-Linux trainer in Pune. I would like to learn cloud-computing to change My Profile. Could you please suggest me any Provider.

gaurav 5 years ago

hi i have done bca+mba(IT n MARKETING) m looking for a job .....nyone help me plzzz

sujitha 5 years ago

Hi, any one plz suggest me the best training institute for cloud computing in hyderabad

sujitha 5 years ago

Hi, any one plz suggest me the best training institute for cloud computing in hyderabad

sujitha123 5 years ago

Hi friends,

can any one suggets me the best institute for cloud computing in hyderabad

sujitha123 5 years ago

Hi friends,

can any one suggets me the best institute for cloud computing in hyderabad

Ramesh 5 years ago

Sujitha@: Aptech is available in hyderabad,so u can go ahead with this.

Pooja j 5 years ago

Can any one tell me best cloud computing institute in bangalore

sriram 5 years ago

hi,this is sriram.I am a network engineer working for a company in bangalore.I am a CCNA certified professional and i want to learn cloud computing.I had some questions like 1.HOW CAN I LEARN ABOUT CLOUD COMPUTING.



PLEASE DO REPLY ME TO MY EMAIL ID :-ramaryan3@gmail.com

saikiran 5 years ago

im a btech fresher candidate and i want to start my career in cloud computing and im not interested in programming so can i opt cloud computing as my career option plz reply me at my mail saikiran1804@gmail.com awaiting for the reply.

thank you

shree 5 years ago

Hi can you suggest me some courses on cloud computing which would help me in doing research on VM provisioning with reduced energy consumption for cloud computing applications

Navin 5 years ago

Hi Nano .. I have joined cloud computing course can u tell me which one is best SAAS or IAAS

Neo 5 years ago

Hello Guys

I am a Linux Administrator and working since 5 years but currently i have been selected for some company and gone through some Profession training and right now working as IaaS Cloud Administrator...and trust me its best thing what you should go for if you are a IT Guy specially Working on Windows or Linux Administration.

if you need any more information or help so feel free to ask.

Neo 5 years ago

Hi navin

Now its Better to Go with IaaS and make bright future, for more details search about latest and future technologies and future technologies implementation on google...

vinay sharma 5 years ago

tel can a fresher also join this cloud computing training..will it be useful to get a job for him

panckazzz 5 years ago

Hi Nano.

Me pursuing final year B.tech in IT & i want to do cloud computing course after completion of b.tech final year.

can you plz tell me the mandatory corses should i follow before i go for cloud computing...i've gone through your posts but i'm still have some confusion...

I enquired about cloud computing course in IIHT institute in visakhapatnam,AP...they told me that it's a 1 year course will be costing me around 1lac , but they told me that before going to study cloud computing , i should do MCSE, RHCE & CCNA certification will cost me around Rs.25,000 ...

so my question is :

1." Is it necessary to do all these 3 certifications?" before going to learn cloud computing.

2. How much it will cost and cloud computing course duration?

please give reply for this post, eager to get response from you.

ARHI DASGUPTA 5 years ago


I'm a B.E(2009) passout,currently working as a software support engineer for d last 1n a half year.I'M planning to take up a course on cloud computing.Would some1 please suggest me whether

1) it will be a good move to join up cloud computing course

2) which is the best institute amongst all which also assures job guarantee..

3)Will there be any problem if i change my profile and move on with cloud computing?

Waiting for a response


Raj 5 years ago

Hi Nano. i was looking for cloud computing but had lot of doubt regarding this.your article help me a lot.actually i have already completed my .net and sqlserver after completing my BTech.That's why i want to go through development side ie windows azure in cloud but whn i searched different institute they are confusing me by saying development is not good choice go through admin or salesforce crm and forcing me according to them.so can you suggest me something regarding this.so that i can move in proper way.and can i join any institute that is providing cloud computing..if not thn plz suggest me some istitute in banglore...i m in a great trouble for this....

swarna 5 years ago

hi friends....i wish to join courses in cloud computing any body can suggest me which institute vl be preferable ,duration and course fees...pls ..rght nw am in trichy..pls send me details towards to my mail id gowri.santy@gmail.com

dragoncute 4 years ago

Hi, any one plz suggest me the best training institute for cloud computing in hyderabad

Abhisek Nayak 4 years ago

I passed out B.Tech in ECE in 2010...now m looking to do a course on Cloud Computing.. but the dilemma is that i heard from somebody that it requires knowledge on Java & Html... i have knowledge on oracle but not on those two topics..i wanna know that if i should for it.

if you think i should than plz guide

JOHN HAIDER 4 years ago


i am B Tech 2nd year student. I want to choose a better option amongst CCNA/CCNP, IBM Cloud computing certification, IBM DB2 certification and ORACLE java certification.

Since i am in 2nd year I have not planned much about my fore steps towards a better carrier. Please suggest me the best among the above(particularly in India only) in terms of fresher salary (in India) just after certification, availability of vacancies in india,Future scope for more certifications and promotion in the relevant field and most importantly the one with least post-placement struggle.

Note that there is no question of my interest in any particular field. I like each of them equally and I am fond of learning and implementing my wisdom. So, please don't suggest me to go according the like.

Please also suggest me according to difficulty level of the exams they conduct for the certifications.

I will be very much thankful to you sir.

thanking you.

ezhil 4 years ago

hi mr. Nanospeck

I am totally unaware of it skills,, i had done Bsc n Mba, n i was working fr an mnc as amarktng exec-- but now i would like get into this, many said SAP n CLOUD COMPUTING are the hot 1s now.. is der any possibilty that i can learn now n can get a job-- is it possible really... plz kindly help me nanospeck-- am totally on d edge of life-- stil nothiong going my way-- plz kindly suggest me nano --- awaiting for ur reply---

Selvakumarmpit profile image

Selvakumarmpit 4 years ago

I did my BTECH-IT in 2011.Now i want to study cloud computing and enter into cloud field .Which centre is best to teach and provide placement assurance in Bangalore.Please reply me as soon as possible.I lost one year two months without job .Please help me nano

sonu 4 years ago

hi nanospeck,

Iam Fresher BE-IT(2012) wanted to know which is latest best cloud certification that is globally accepted and available in India designed for freshers. Iam asking this b'coz most of cloud certification are for IT professional

plz do help me waitin for your reply & thanks in advance

Sandeep 4 years ago

Hi Nanospeck,

I am a B.Sc(biotech ) greaduate .. Can i do this cloud computing course ..??? Im currently working in a BPO . planning to get out of this BPO .. please suggest me wether i can do this course ??????

hemant 4 years ago

tell me which is better android and cloud computing for fresherand tell me best course available in cloud course.

Mayank Dhama 4 years ago


I have completed my B.tech in C.S.E. & now i want to do cloud computing from IIHT, Delhi. Is it good for me to do cloud computing & will i get job aftr completing this or not?

please help me... m very confused... :(

my id is : mayankdhama24@gmail.com

Sumanth 3 years ago


I am working as an Infrastructure Specialist in an MNC under ITO domain.It is related to networking(includes switches and routers).I am not good at languages line C/C++/Java/.Net.Can I still pursue a career in Cloud Computing.Which is the best institute for training in Bangalore?

Are there any specializations under Cloud Computing ?

Kindly reply to me @:: sumanth.dattatreya@gmail.com

AndersArnd 3 years ago


i did my Cloud certification (Certified Cloud Architect) at the cloud institute: www.cloud-institute.org

The nice thing - they offer a free open exam where you might test your knowledge before doing the "real" online exam.

Also the price of 95 US$ was OK.

watson 3 years ago


i have done mca and searching out for a job.I am not good at languages line C/C++/Java/.Net.Can I still pursue a career in Cloud Computing.Which is the best institute for training in Bangalore?

Are there any specializations under Cloud Computing ?will i get a job with cloud computing

Kindly reply to me @:: pintowatson@hotmail.com

Param 3 years ago

Announcing Enterprise Cloud Computing course in Mumbai, India - 18-19 Nov 2013

Great News for everyone interested in cloud computing !

I am glad to let you know that CC and C solutions (CC&C), the globally acclaimed fully accredited TOGAF® training provider worldwide, is bringing you the internationally most popular Enterprise Cloud Computing (ECC) 3.0 course from ZapThink, in partnership with Jason Bloomberg, ZapThink.

The schedule for the Enterprise Cloud Computing (ECC) 3.0 course in India is as follows :

Mumbai, India 18 - 19 Nov 2013 (2 days)

Seats are filling up... For more information and special offers, please contact support {at} ccandcsolutions (d o t ) com) or phones : 8 2 1 4 1 9 1 9 7 9 or 9 0 3 6 0 8 5 5 5 9 (India - country code +91).

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