Coconut Business in the Philippines

COCONUTS dot the Philippine landscape everywhere you go. It can be seen in the remotest islands to the largest provinces. Even in urban areas, coconut trees abound and are even utilized for ornamental purposes. It is the most recognizable and familiar tree in any secondary Philippine forest.

The coconut is commonly described as the “tree of life” because of the very numerous and diverse products that can be produced from it. The coconut tree as a whole or in part can be used for food, fuel, cosmetics, drugs, detergents and construction materials. Its products take many forms like coconut water, cream, powder, oil, vinegar, wine, flour, and the list is practically endless. Desiccated and fresh coconut also has its independent uses.

Coconut Soap, Jam, Coconut Oil and Capsule
Coconut Soap, Jam, Coconut Oil and Capsule
Coconut Sap, Sugar, Jam and Wine
Coconut Sap, Sugar, Jam and Wine
Coconut Choco Powder and Ginger Tea
Coconut Choco Powder and Ginger Tea

Several researches reveal various health benefits of coconuts. The catalogue includes maintenance of cholesterol level, weight control, proper digestion, and relief from various diseases. Coconut oil is also good for skin and hair care. According to studies, the coconut has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

In the Philippines, coconuts mean instant business. Various stalls selling coconut juice abound in almost all spaces where there are potential buyers. You can see peddlers of this product in parks, schools, malls, government offices, and near commercial buildings. In fact, even while snorkeling in the middle of the sea in the world famous island of Boracay, there are merchants selling coconuts!

Coconut Juice Stall (Photo taken at the Quezon Memorial Circle, August 2012)
Coconut Juice Stall (Photo taken at the Quezon Memorial Circle, August 2012)

A “buko” or coconut vendor that plies the street with a cart is a common sight in the Philippines. It is brisk business to sell coconuts in this country where the weather is usually hot and humid. On the streets, the price of one fresh coconut ranges from Php 10.00 to Php 30.00 making it very affordable. In posh hotels however, coconut juice in a well-decorated coconut shell sells from Php 80.00 to Php 200.00.

If you have the time to visit the Philippines, you may consider passing by the Quezon City Memorial Circle. It is a well-known park where the remains of the late President Manuel L. Quezon is interred. It is a very popular park to unwind, relax, jog or do various forms of activities. But in this park you cannot fail noticing several coconut vendors. There are many stalls selling coconut juice and other coconut products. Here, a fresh coconut fruit sells for only Php 25.00.

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blaiddgoch profile image

blaiddgoch 4 years ago from Wales

Very nice, I love eating coconut, and I love the milk, I have it for breakfast there in Philippines sometimes!

theBAT profile image

theBAT 4 years ago Author

Hi, thanks for the comment. I also love eating coconuts. Its good for the health.

Greensleeves Hubs profile image

Greensleeves Hubs 19 months ago from Essex, UK

Thanks. Clearly an important commercial crop in the Philippines as evidenced by the variety of uses to which it is put. Well chosen photos too.

theBAT profile image

theBAT 19 months ago Author

Hi Greensleeves Hubs. Thank you for your very inspiring comment.

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