Computerized Accounting: Comparative Income Statement and Zoom Function

Comparative income statements will show all the same information of an income statement, but for several periods prior to compare stats. A comparative income statement would be useful to show how much each section has changed from month to month, sections would be assets, liabilities and owner's equity. By modifying the report, a person can add extra statistics like percentages of change. The addition of the percentage and dollar amount change can help a company to decide if their procedures are too costly or how well a new system is working.

When you use the drill down option, a user can see all documents related to whatever they clicked on. If you want information on the customer, invoices, amount owed, as well as transactions by account to find a quick list of your totals. Where ever the magnifying glass is present when you mouse over a figure or account, merely double click and another report will pop up.

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