ConDem Budget Insures Double Dip and Ignores the Advice of Obama

George Osborne Budget Ruins Recovery

The Public Sector will face cuts of up to 25% per department. Their cuts will ensure overall jobs are lost as retirements will not be replaced. The Private Sector will not be in a position to take up the slack. This means that the UK will face the consequences of a double dip recession.

Liberal Democrats Responsible

The Lib Dems lied to the voters and will never be trusted again. Nick Clegg's power hungry party have shown beyond reasonable doubt that they see their lies to the electorate as a good pay off for the power they are now enjoying. The biggest promise that the Lib Dems felt able to break is that on VAT. From 11th Janaury 2011 VAT will rise 2.5% to 20%

The Poor to Suffer

Child Benefit will be frozen for the next two years. This means that families whom depend on this payment to feed and clothe children will undoubtedly suffer.

Chancellor Does the Public

A leading left wing think tank has concluded that George Osborne, assisted by the Lib Dems, has fleeced the British people for £38 billion. They have also not revealed the true extent of their plans - ie there is more to come. Osborne did not mention Europe - that'll be attackced when the dust from this budget hits the poor and vulnerable.

The £ Rises but Get Ready for a Fall

The pound was up slightly against the dollar an hour after the budget. Soon however, when them that get paid to analyse the new economics catch up with this, the pound GBP will start to fall. Welcome to double dip Britain.

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