Conference Tables Used in the Modern Office

Buying a Conference Room Table

As the primary point of interaction in a conference room, the purchase of a conference room table is one made with numerous points of interest in mind:

  • Design
  • Price
  • Functionality

Every company is different, but knowing the kinds of conference tables for sale and the options available to your company will assist you in making the best choice for your current needs. The modern conference table can be used for meetings, company functions, office parties, training, or a wide range of miscellaneous purposes – this means your conference tables aren’t just a place to set your coffee cups during a meeting, but a vital piece of office furniture that should be chosen wisely!

Conference Room Table Design

Conference tables do not have to be limited to rectangular, oval or round designs. While a round conference table works to give that Camelot feeling of equal importance for all in the meeting, more contemporary designers have created tables in all shapes and sizes, including fruits and vehicle shapes based on the company’s main product lines. A conference table in a nontraditional shape serves to break tension and add a splash of fun to any business meeting.

Additionally, the shape of your conference table may rely on equipment present in your conference room, such as a projector, a white board or chalkboard for writing meeting points on, side tables for display of products, pamphlets or complementary snacks during the meeting. If you want a light and airy feel, you may want to invest in a glass conference table, perhaps etched with your logo and accompanied by a matching glass console table to hold printed material or meeting beverages and maybe even a couple of glass side tables for lamps or overflow materials.

If your conference room is on the small side, you may want consider using a drop-leaf table in place of a console. Left against a wall, it can be folded down to save space when not in use. You can finish off your conference room with a small side table or forget side tables.

While easily the largest piece of furniture in your conference room, office conference tables are truly the centerpiece amidst a whole package designed to fit your needs.

Price Options for Conference Tables

When you consider that conference room tables can cost anywhere from fifty dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, defining a price range for your company’s conference tables is a vital step in the selection process. Smaller companies may opt for used conference tables, while larger companies may find their budget and needs lie in conference tables with flipping sections to dock laptops, platform sections to lift projectors or small objects, or rotating centers that move independently of the outer ring of the table.


Answering questions such as “How frequently will the conference room be used?” and “How many people would, on average, be occupying the conference room?” will assist you in choosing the right conference tables for your company. For example, a company with ten employees may only need a rectangular conference table about eight feet long with no real concern over extra options, while a conference table for a team of software engineers may need to have special design features to allow laptops to be plugged in without impeding foot traffic.

The purchase of a conference table may sound like an intricate task, but if you keep the needs of the company in mind, both in aesthetics and budget, your conference room will be treated as somewhere employees and business partners like to visit, instead of becoming bored or dreading the uncomfortable experience.

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