Construction Accidents

Getting into a construction accident can ruin anyone's day.  Construction accidents are accidents that occur in the workplace involving a construction site, equipment (whether from misuse or defect), and/or other people.  As an employee at a construction site, you're protected by your employer's insurance.  If an accident occurs, it's their responsibility to make sure the victim is properly compensated.

There are times when an accident occurs, proper compensation doesn't take place.  Sometimes the money awarded is meager compared to the pain, suffering, and loss that had occurred.  During those times, it's important to contact a construction accident attorney to see what options are available.  These lawyer's are concerned about your well-being and want to make sure you're monetarily compensated for an accident that you may have been in.  If you feel like you need a construction accident lawyer, you should contact one right away. 

Construction Accidents in New York

In New York, construction accidents occur every year resulting in death and injury of several construction workers. Unsafe practices by contractors and businesses put their employees at risk of severe injury or even death. On March 16, 2008, renown New York construction accident attorney, David H. Perecman, stated (after a crane construction accident took the lives of 4 construction workers):

"Once again the people in the City of New York are witness to the tragic deaths of innocent construction workers resulting from questionable construction practices. Saturday's crane collapse is yet another construction site mishap in the seemingly endless string of accidents where construction workers die or are injured in height related accidents. Deaths from construction accidents have been on the rise in New York City and a main factor has been unsafe working conditions caused in part by laws that don't protect the workers and the residents."

Many of the laws in New York (and many other states across the United States) don't adequately protect construction workers and other people when accidents occur. Without the help of an experienced attorney, people have found themselves injured without just compensation. That's why it's important to investigate accident lawyer's when an accident occurs.

Accidents at construction sites are no laughing matter. They can especially be hard to deal with when you're mistreated by insurance companies or your employer. In conclusion, it's very important to find a construction accident attorney who will respect your rights and make sure you get properly compensated for your accident.  There are many lawyers right now that can help you and you can find them with a simple search using Google.


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