Cookware, Crystal, China and Cutlery Direct Sales Companies for Your Home-Based Business

Have you ever had someone come to your home and give you a Cutco demonstration?  It's pretty amazing!  It's pretty amazing in many different aspects.  First, they have a great product!  These knives can cut through anything like it's warm butter.  Second, they have a fantastic training program that allows these college kids to sell this stuff like they were natural-born salespeople, even when the kid may be an art major or is heading towards a career in electronics (neither of which I would ever associate with sales!).  Third, these folks who have gone through this training CAN CONVINCE YOU that you need a knife that will cut through a rope without you sawing at it.  

Several of the companies listed below work like Cutco, where they prefer to train college students to sell their products.  I do not have any information listed out beside these companies because they like to pull you in to give you that information.


AtHome – Startup $49

Celebrating Home – Startup $99-149

Demarle at Home – Startup $150


Kitchen Fair Cookware – Startup $50-350

Nature’s Sunshine – they have a strange MLM plan

Nikken - MLM

Pampered Chef – Startup $80-155 (in March 2011 get a 50% rebate on the startup kit with $1250 in sales in first 30 days), make 20-27%, downline 4%

Princess House – make 30% & more

Regal Ware

Rena Ware


SMC Specialty Merchandise Corporation – Startup $300



SMC Specialty Merchandise Corporation – Startup $300




Regal Ware

SMC Specialty Merchandise Corporation – Startup $300

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