Corporate Plundering

Training, yeah right; try discrimination.

Corporate rip off, why Onstar is getting such poor results.

Ever wonder why Onstar has fallen in quality, agents are rude, requests are rarely fulfilled in a timelt manner?  One big problem is the elaborate mis-direction embarked on by vendor Convergys to manipulate the facts for their own benefit.  Poorly trained, unprofessional employees, managers, operations management in the call center, and the lack of talent in the Human Resources department have all befallen Onstar.

Convergys is simply the low-cost, low-quality, high volume provider of call center management that Onstar has invested $200M to support this account. Onstar used to be a respected technology leader, with responsive agents that cared about what they were doing everyday - protecting the Safety and Security of the customers paying for Onstar.  Since Convergys has taken over, in a brief 5 years, there has been nothing but downward spiral for the direction of the addministration of the Onstar business.

Training managers at two of these Onstar facilities should be removed immediately.  One, John, has no work ethis whatsoever - arriving to work whenever the wind drives him toward the Onstar facility in CNC (Charlotte, NC) and Jaison, never worked a real day his whole career with Onstar and Convergys.  These two have NO WORK ETHIC, and are about as unprofessional as you can get in the business world.

John arrived for work late and left work early virtually every day of his employment at MOP and POC.  Only when there was a downturn in the economy did John start to act like h had a job, and finally gave a little more effort than previously demonstrated.  John also has a severe problem with taking far too much time out of the business by his chronic smoking breaks... something like 6-10 breaks a day to have a smoke.  Is this really what Onstar is paying $200M to support..... this guy doesn't even have a college degree for God's sake!  Managing training operations for the CNC site without the credentials of a formal education.... wonder why the results are so lack-luster for the customers.... like they always say, "the fish stinks from the head."

Jaison, on the other hand, actually finished a degree at MSU, in English.  His experience at the Onstar call center was cut short by an opportunity to train, recall the old statement, those who can DO, those who CAN'T teach.   That's Jaison in a nutshell.   Here again is another employee that rarely gave an 8 hour effort to his day of "work" yet still billed the client for an 8 hour day every day.  This guy shows up literally at 8:30am, leaving at 3:30 claiming that he "beat John in (in the morning) and was leaving at 3:00 " presumably John would not know the difference as he was not there to watch what was going on in the first place.   Convergys needs to check Jaison's computer to see how much time he has been wasting on the Internet at sites like Twitter, and all, playing video games via USB drives that he brings into the facility (a violation of GM computer policy).  As a manager of staff in training at POC, Jaison continues his reign of ineffective leadership.  Allowing personal opinions to cloiud his judgement - he knowlingly directed an employee to give answers to a GM test, then fired the employee to insulate himself from the backlash of giving the orders to assist the training class with cheating their way to the call center production floor...  Jaison also has made numerous personal displeasure statements with regard to working with gay employees ... wake-up Jaison, call centers are littered with gay employees.... Jaison's insensitive treatment toward gay employees again questions his ability to manage at all. 

Folks, if you are in fact an Onstar customer, I hope you are really NEVER in need of assistance, this business is caving in around the knees of GM -- as they have allowed this wimp of a corporation, CONVERGYS, to manage the Onstar account.


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