Correct Server Errors and Improve Response Time for Better Search Engine Rankings

Server Error in German

Server Error in German
Server Error in German

Server errors can have a significant impact on your search engine ranking.Even if you beat your competition in other ways, your visitors will get turned away if they cannot access the content you have on your site.

In any industry, it is important to know who your competitors are. You should also know what they offer that is different from you. If you operate an online store, analyzing your competition is just as important as it would be if you were two physical stores in the same neighborhood.

If you sell auto parts, determine which organizations are the top five in your industry. These are the ones you need to beat. They may be very strong brands. You should also concentrate on those that are online in your state or community.

It is likely that a fair portion of your online sales may actually come from customers who are within your area. For this reason, you should also do a list of the top five industry competitors that are in your geographical region.

If you are competing for a search term, you should enter the phrase in Google and see which sites are in the top five positions. This helps you to find businesses that may not compete with you in every area but may act as your competition for specific goods or services.

Once visitors choose your site over others, they should have a good experience there. If you find that you get lots of redirects and response codes when visitors try to get to one of your pages, you should aim to correct it.

How to Fix the 500 Internal Server Error

Some of the most common response codes and redirects are:

  • 500
  • 503
  • 307
  • 302
  • 301

How to Fix "Server's Security Certificate is not yet Valid" SSL Error

Easy Navigation within Site and How to Create 404 Custom Error

Of course, there are more and all of them impact the way that your site is seen by both human visitors and the search engines. If a visitor gets an error the first time they try to visit your site, they will be reluctant to try again. The message that they get indicates that something is wrong with your site and they will look elsewhere for information.

How to Improve Your Website Speed

Pages that take forever to load turn away visitors as well. This is why both of these behaviors can affect your ranking. Search engines give high rankings to sites that load quickly, deliver quality information and are easy to navigate.

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