Creating A Business Name

Why Funny Business Names A good idea

Are you trying to come up with a business name to suit your personality and that of your business ?

So many people stick to boring business names like Jones . It is more fun when talking to people and saying your name is "wytegarillaz Marketing " rather than "Jackson's Marketing" !

It breaks the ice with the customers and helps you deal with people you like as those people with no sense of humor will most likely stay away.

You are more likely to get talked about more as well as receiving media coverage with a funny or unusual name like Hire a hubby , Rent A Wreck !

Your customers will remember your business name easier if it is funny or catchy & talk about it more with friends .

Free advertising for you as your business name will be shown in photo's everywhere promoting you without even thinking about it liker the ones shown on here !


Are you after a funny Business Name ?

Drilling Company

Air Conditioning

Hard name to forget !
Hard name to forget !

how to come up with a funny business names

Are you wanting a funny business name so your customers will remember you ?

Spend some time brainstorming with others .

Ask your children - they do smetimes have good ideas.

Play around with rhyming words

Very thoughtful !

Simple yet clever!
Simple yet clever!

Some Business names are clever

Some signs are catchy & fun

Some are a bit too much !

At Mammoth, we pride ourselves in our unique capabilities of performing top quality scaffold erection services..."
At Mammoth, we pride ourselves in our unique capabilities of performing top quality scaffold erection services..."

Bike Shops

Chain Reaction Bicycles


Cycle Logical” and “

Blood Sweat and Gears



Rock and Sole Plaice




Wholly Mackerel

Soon Fatt

Chewy Balls

Nasty Buffet

The golden Shower Restaurant

Nin Com Soup !

Thai  Tanic

Lord of the Fries!

Wok this Way

 The best little Hairdressers in town


Leaven and Earth

Rising Loafer

Business Name Tips

 Keep in mind that your business name should communicate what you ‘do’ or ‘how’ you do it.

Keep your business name as  short as possible –  to make it easier for customers to remember or spell when needed..

Imagine Qantas today if they were still marketed under their full name of Queensland and Northern Territories Airways System.

Stay away from  names like Green Printers or Cars Online as these will be harder to register as a business name and a domain name.

Start with a list of ten or twenty ideas and show them to your friends, family and business associates to comment and select their favourites. By doing this you get instant ‘market research’ from a mixed-age audience, which represents your future customer base.

Check  to see if the business name is available through ASIC’s free company name search before you tell anyone .

Budget Funerals !

Wonder if they use cardboard boxes ?
Wonder if they use cardboard boxes ?

Choosing a Business Name

Think hard before Putting your sign up

Make sure it isn't misleading
Make sure it isn't misleading
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