Creating a Simple Squeeze Page: Making a Simple Squeeze Page Using Weebly

Simple Squeeze Page

Do Online Network Marketers Need Web Pages?

Creation of a web page is almost essential when trying to convey any message via the Internet. Until recently however, most people felt they did not have the appropriate expertise to undertake such an endeavor. Many established and aspiring network marketers are included in this group of surfers with limited web site creation skills. Even so, these budding Internet marketers still desire to establish their web presence to more effectively market their wares.

Over the last several years, the situation has changed so that anyone with enough knowledge to access and surf the Web and perform relatively basic word processing functions can create simple to complex web pages and sites. Web site creation and hosting service providers such as SynthaSite, Weebly and BlinkWeb offer no cost and low cost packages including WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors enabling even neophyte Internet users to create a site and establish their presence on the Web.

Are WYSIWYG editors a new development?

No, they are not but each of these service providers has taken it to a new level where the creation environment goes beyond the simple word processor-like environment.

Weebly, SynthaSite and BlinkWeb all accomplished this by adding layout elements (text elements, graphics elements, video elements, html elements, etc.) that quickly enable the developer (as in us!) to format the page before actually entering the page content. The addition of that one feature in these new systems has made web page and web site creation not only possible, but actually fun for many computer inhibited individuals.

The Web-based Network Marketers New Toolbox

Though the creation of any web site, especially sites with multiple pages, takes thought and planning before starting construction, single page/single purpose sites are very quickly developed and implemented using these services. Since one page sites are so easily and quickly created on these services, many network marketers develop and sometimes host a number of their essential web-based tools, particularly squeeze pages (a.k.a. lead capture pages) and sales pages.

Both the squeeze and sales page take a certain level of copy writing proficiency, squeeze pages are typically more straightforward (once the basic format is understood and are typically most often created via these services. The major components found on many squeeze pages include:

· An attractive and attention drawing headline;

· A list (usually bulleted) of key benefit points relating to the headline; and

· An information (lead) capture form.

The next section of this lens provides contains a screen capture video tutorial presentation detailing the construction of a simple squeeze page using the Weebly WYSIWYG environment.

Simple Squeeze Page Creation Using Weebly

The Best Laid Plans

First of all, I hope you found the video tutorial beneficial and enjoyable.

As you were watching the video, you likely noticed I ran into a few issues during the development of the page. I initially thought of re-recording the video but decided to leave it as is for a realistic look at everything you might encounter while constructing the sites. Most of us learn more from our mistakes than our successes, so hopefully my mistakes will save you a little time and frustration down the road!

There were a couple of times as I was building the layout by adding construction elements where the elements (paragraphs, double columns, etc.) initially resisted emplacement in the planned locations. The editors can be a little temperamental at times! Persistence, however, paid off.

Another issue arose when I was copying the actual text from a word processor file and the editor included “extra code” as I referred to it during the video. It was simple enough to address since all I had to do was delete it from the paragraph element but actually could have been avoided altogether.

I guess you could say I was having a “blonde moment” since I knew there was formatting code included with the text from the word processor. When you just cut and paste into an editor that is expecting either plain text or html code, it interprets that extra information as a requisite part of the information and adds it to the insertion. The easiest way to avoid that situation is to use a simple text editor (like Notepad) when preparing your content since that code would not be present.

More About Jim Hickey

Jim was formerly an "old school" network marketer now helping home and small business owners to utilize attraction marketing and relationship building methods to grow their Internet presence. You can access additional information resources and tips to propel the growth of your business by visiting Jim's blog or his Wordpress tutorial website.

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WEb Market Guide 7 years ago

Hi Jim,

I heard you mention Squeeze Page elsewhere and didn't have a clue. Thanks for the authentic lesson. Great job.

Jim Hickey profile image

Jim Hickey 7 years ago from Maryville, Missouri Author

Hello Pat,

Very welcome; I'm glad you found it useful....

MarketingRight profile image

MarketingRight 7 years ago

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the information - I've been following Mike Klingler's tutorial with Blinkweb and was looking for some other options out and found them in your hub!

Jim Hickey profile image

Jim Hickey 7 years ago from Maryville, Missouri Author

Hello Laura,

I'm glad you found it useful. There are a few more helpful tips over on my blog:

Thanks for commenting!

valpubs 7 years ago from United Kingdom


Great information thank you

Just one thing that may be of use.

In the video you had , as your top header, the words 'Read Below' highlighted and on the 2nd line but, on the published page you had reduced the size of the letters to have the whole sentence on 1 line; thus making the highlighted text on the right hand side of of the top line.

I have seen information which says that when people scan webpages, their eyes tend to concentrate on the top left of the screen.

I wonder if leaving the highlighted text on the left hand side would have increased the visitors readthrough rate?

Any thoughts?


Dominic Valentine

Kirk Lindner 7 years ago

I watched that entire video thinking at some point you were going to show how to go from the contact form to page 2, like a thank you page. Any thoughts on that email me at God bless.

ThePartyAnimal profile image

ThePartyAnimal 7 years ago

very informative and really liked the video

Neil Ashworth profile image

Neil Ashworth 6 years ago from Ireland

Good article Jim - weebly is so simple - my 8 year old can build sites using the click and drag function.

Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 6 years ago from Oxford

Hi Jim - thanks for the video - despite what Neil's 8 year old daughter can do (above) I always found Weebly totally frustrating ! Now I am galvanized to give it another go !

GL Bell profile image

GL Bell 6 years ago from Monterey, CA

Thanks nice video and great work. Iam also new to Weebly and trying to sell ebooks on a Weebly page using e junkies. I am confused on how and WHERE to past the e junkies code for the buy it now button. Any ideas or directions on where to look for the answer would be much appreciated, Thanks!!!

James 6 years ago

Hi Jim ,

A great video there.

I've learned something new today, thank you for that!

I'll have to check out your other videos.

MikeM 6 years ago

Despite weebly's bugginess, you made it look as easy as it was intended. Do you think it is worth using Weebly Pro?

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago

Great hub! I'm bookmarking your hub and coming back to read it again. Thumbs up!

MartyWare profile image

MartyWare 6 years ago from New South Wales Australia

This video and article/hub is great. This really helps a lot of people including myself.

Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us all.

Marty Ware


Jim Hickey profile image

Jim Hickey 6 years ago from Maryville, Missouri Author

Good Morning All ...

Thanks for the kind words and great comments; they're appreciated :)

One slight change to the different free services, Synthasite is not called Yola. I really like having access to the actual page files (for free) from Weebly so I can transfer the page to my own hosting account.

Cheers ...

cbarr81 profile image

cbarr81 5 years ago from Richmond, VA

Great hub page! Landing pages are critical for online sales success and SEO! Good work!

Please review my page about restaurant marketing and let me know your thoughts! Thanks

fdoleac profile image

fdoleac 5 years ago from Hollis, New Hampshire

Thanks for the Hub - I have been looking for a template.

Stella Anokam 5 years ago

Thanks, Jim for this detailed video.

I landed on your hub while searching for 'how to create a squeeze page with Weebly'.

Thanks, will try what you taught.

Stella -Free Internet Marketing Tips 5 years ago

A big thanks to you, Jim. This video is straight to the point and easy to follow. I had thought creating a page on Weebly was very difficult but your steps simplified everything. Thanks.

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