Crook Alert 5--Conrad Black, Media King Dethroned

Conrad Black Pleads Not Guilty

Perle & Black, Birds of a Feather

The Prince of Darkness aka Darth Vader
The Prince of Darkness aka Darth Vader

Conrad Black, Hollinger International Media King De-throned

Lord Conrad Black, CEO of Hollinger International, will go on trial March on 14 counts including fraud, racketerring and obstruction. He has reportedly already spent $100 million on legal fees and gone through 33 lawyers. He is accused of pocketing $73 million of shareholders' money. The charges carry sentences of 101 years.

Neocon Richard Perle was a friend of Black and a director and member of Hollinger's executive committee. He was accused by the Breeden report of authorizing the diversion of shareholder funds to several Hollinger executives. He has not been charged criminally but may be subject to civil litigation.

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