Cross Selling Helps Business People to Earn Additional Profit

Cross selling has long been a viable means of adding extra profit to businesses worldwide. This method of generating additional revenue is utilized by organizations that operate internationally. It is also used by outfits that have a loyal customer base in their home community.

Cross Selling Techniques

The fact is that cross selling can work for businesses of any size. You do not have to look very far to find examples of enterprises that are flourishing by offering related products to their customers. Some of the traders that have been successful in this area also operate as part of the informal sector.

The Art of Selling by Alec Baldwin

Let’s look at an example that is common in some countries. In several nations, there are groups of young men who offer to wipe the windshields of cars, vans and other vehicles at stop lights. This is their main service and that is what they offer in exchange for a specific sum of money.

Street Vendors

Now, although their main business consists of cleaning windshields so that drivers can see clearly and feel more comfortable in their vehicles, these men also offer related products. Since their customer base consists of drivers, they think of services and products that members of this group will need.

Drivers like their vehicles to smell fresh and clean, so more often than not, some of these young men may also sell air fresheners that are designed for vehicles. Over time, it was observed that some drivers had a preference for air freshener that looked less mass produced or commercial, so some of the young men sell handmade, organic air freshener that is manufactured by someone they know.

While larger companies can cross sell, they don’t always do that. There are some fast food restaurants that have delicious sauces, yet you can only get those sauces served on their food. Others have gone further, selling sauces in bottles that you can take home with you, or selling products that are not manufactured by them but go well with their merchandise.

If you decide to cross sell, it will take extra work. You will have to introduce a few extra steps in your sales process. While some of your clients will be glad to see the additional products, others will have to be sold on the usefulness of the new items that you offer.

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