Customer Service Ideas - Ten Tips on How to Keep Customers Happy

Ten Tips on Improving Customer Service

In today’s business world, good customer service is very important. You can offer any number of promotions and offers to customers and they will happily accept it only if you provide good service to them. The success of any business lies in its customer satisfaction so customer service is very vital.

Having spoken of the importance of customer service, let us go through few practices that could help us improve our customer serve skills.

Answer the phone: Always make sure that there is someone to answer the call. Remember to answer the call by the 3rd ring. And before you answer the call, just wear a smile and that would surely reflect while you speak.

Listen carefully: While talking to a customer, it is very important to listen and pay attention to what they have to say. Don’t ever make assumptions of what your customer wants.

Know your customer's needs: Being in the service sector, it is very important to know what exactly your customer is looking for. When speaking to a customer, you get to know them better, which in turn help us to serve them better and give them better solutions for their queries

Customer Service Ideas

Make Customers feel important: Remember that customers are our breadwinners. So keeping our customers in top list is essential. Keep in constant touch with your customers and communicate to them about new products, tell them how helpful it would be to them. Complimenting them and wishing them at obvious occasions will bring back customers to you.

Say YES and think later: Always value the power of saying YES. Whenever a customer calls in with an issue, a complaint or a query, be alert to say that Yes you can help them out. Later figure out how to do it and inform the customer what is it that you are going to do.

An extra step can help: When a prospective customer walks into your store asking for something, always take that extra effort to lead them to what they are asking for and wait with them for any questions. If they are satisfied then you can get back to your seat. You customers are your number 1 priority.

Know to apologize: It’s natural to make mistakes. But apologizing for a mistake even if it is not yours makes a huge difference. It is a known fact that customers are always right and they should always win. Calmly listen to their issues and involve them as you rectify them. It only helps us improve.

Feed back and suggestions: Always welcome suggestions and get regular feedbacks. Having a suggestion book at your front desk or calling your customers at regular intervals to know their satisfaction would assist us in knowing how they feel about our services and products.

Customer Service Training Tips : Customer Service Tips

Show Gratitude: The word thank you does a lot by itself. Feeling of gratitude and thanking always will leave your customers happy. After you have finished you call, before you hang up, saying “Thank you” or “We are happy you called”, will influence the feeling of the customer and bring them back to you.

Compliments and surprises: Treat your customers as very special people. It could be a gift for the purchase or order they made, a gift voucher, added information of the product or just as simple as a genuine big smile. You never know, all these acts of appreciation will make your customers happy and satisfied.

Reading through these points would surely give you insight as to how important customers are and more than that satisfying them is vital. So all you out there, remember for any business to flourish, customers need to be happy and to make a customer happy, well now you know what to do.

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