Customer Service Online Tips and Strategies

What is good customer service?

The following are eight ways to give your customers a quality online shopping experience.Customer service online tips and strategies can be a great way to gain trust with your customers and keep them coming back. Another reason to have top customer service with your online business is the word of mouth benefits that you receive. If you are focused on a certain niche and someone stumbles on your website and is impressed, he will then go back to his friends and share the link with them. With new sites becoming viral daily there is no reason why your site should not be known worldwide.

Because your customers are just a click away, you will want to improve your customer service online. Check out some of these tips and strategies that will have increase your customers experience tenfold.

1. Make sure the images you use for your website do not cause the page to slowdown when they are being loaded. Studies show that if your webpage does not load up within 8 seconds, your customers will go to a different site. To me I think 8 seconds is pushing it. I like to have my websites load instantly.

2. Make sure that it only takes between four and seven clicks for your customers to be able to buy a product.

3. Make sure that you have product category pages somewhere visible on the homepage.

4. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to do business with you. Make it easy for them to get in touch with a live human being, search, browse, return products and just about every other aspect of online business.

5. Give your customers the option to register their details such as their billing and mailing address, email address, full name, and credit card information. This way they can come back at any time and use their user name and password to login and check their account activity.

6. Once the customer gets to your check out page, he should be able to complete the checkout in three steps or less.

7. The most important step for repeat business is to make sure the delivery is correct and on time.

8. Include sales flyers, product information, coupons, or any other promotional items with the customers purchase. Give them a coupon for 25% off their next purchase. This will make your customers feel important, and can go along way with people who are not expecting anything extra.

Use these tips and you will be creating happy customers who will eventually do your marketing for you!

Got any customer service tips to share?

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