Customer Satisfaction 6 BIG Payoffs

Customer Satisfaction 6 BIG Payoffs

Let's solve your problem right now.

You don't know why you are always stressed out when it comes to customer satisfaction or why your team is too.

People are taught the Tech side of Business. We aren't really taught the people side. So many times it is about the functionality on your resume which yes, this is extremely important but what about your people skills?

How do you treat clients?

What are your beliefs and pre conditions to treating not only clients but co workers?

You have learned that you simply work with people in your organization but if you treated every person in your company exactly as you wanted to or should be treating the client, everyone would have higher motivation to do the same and it will filter over into your servicing.

For your Company- Happy Clients lead to...

1. Success

Companies that provide value and benefit to clients succeed.

2. Teamwork is Motivated

When a company has a high percentage of happy clients you will notice a happy company right there in the faces of the employees.

Everyone will have an energy about them and will be focused on success because clients give them good feedback. Positive reinforcement that caring about clients and treating them with respect is the key to getting that good feedback. Everyone loves GOOD feedback!

3. The biggest bang for your Clients Buck

Companies that are constantly trying to save money for the company by being smart in supplies, overhead and production can actually save their clients money by doing so. This helps the client and you. So be wise with your economics and always pass the savings your company received on to the client even if means surprising them with a price reduction in current service. They will love it!

On a Personal Level- Happy Clients lead to...

4. Stress Reduction

If you deal with clients on a daily basis knowing HOW is key to lowering Stress. Not only the clients stress but yours as well. Being effective and attentive will help you maintain a high level of success and a low level of stress. This will help you be more productive and grow your company.

5. More with Less

As stated in #1 you will be more productive but in another way as well. If you and the rest of your team do this properly your team does not have to be as large. You can accomplish more with less. This will save your company Thousands of dollars per month in payroll. You will be able to build and maintain a successful team of focused people who excel in every way.

6. Helping Others Helps You

When you can see how you bring value and benefits to your clients, you feel good. By doing well for them, you have a greater sense of privelege at work. You feel more confident (not cocky~ confident) and that exudes from you with other clients who pick up on what a savvy Business Person you are. This is a huge motivator for you and your employees and should be tapped into. You will see your business grow exponentially with this in play.

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Richard Lewis 7 years ago

Another great article! Johni you are making me remember our Training parties! We used to have parties complete with pizza or subs and go over these techniques by playing games with each other. Our favorite part was good client, angry client where we got to "ad lib" from experience what we could say to the opposing rep. It was fast paced and useful to learn skills. I am so happy to have found you again even though we are 1500 miles apart. Keep it up and I think I'm going to create a Hubpages account. I can add to these, but then you know that.


Richard Lewis

satisfycustomers profile image

satisfycustomers 6 years ago

Definitely good reasons to keep your customers satisfied! Thanks for sharing!

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