Maybe one day a long time ago, your mother told you that you were special. A unique snowflake, a delicate flower, a perfect angel. Well, that may have made you feel better about losing the third-grade spelling bee to Raj Patel, but one thing it did not do was to stop you from getting older and, eventually, dying, like we all do.

Wow. Dropping bombs here, right? Facing our own mortality is tough, there’s no doubt about that. One day we have crow’s feet or look in the mirror and wonder if we’ve been accidentally using Just For Men Touch of Grey. Well, you haven’t. You’re getting old.Now imagine if today you decided that you would go to a fast food joint, scarf down two Super-Sized Double Cheeseburger Meals and went down to the DQ for a blizzard. Then, a few hours later, you play some basketball and go out drinking.

You wouldn’t feel too good the next morning, would you? Maybe if you were 21 again, you’d be ready to take on the world the next day. But years later you feel like your head is a magnet drawn to the floor and your insides look and feel like a tiny alien is about to burst through your stomach. Well, when you treat your body the same way for years on end without adapting to changing health needs, it will break down. Just like a car. And, most importantly, your company assets will break down on you as well.

Your assets will get old, and any first-semester economics major will tell you, if it’s not land, it will depreciate. Only the worst businessman would assume that covering starting costs will be the only time you put money into the business. Your equipment will break down, your building will get leaky pipes, and you will need spare parts.

So how much does all this cost? Well, you could use an archaic method that’s sure to drag your business down, such as estimating based on the amount of years you’ve had something, or trusting your vendors one hundred percent. Or you could get some Asset Management Software.I’d recommend the latter.

A Computerized Maintenance Management System, or CMMS, may sound complicated (or boring), but it will save your business daily. A CMMS Program will help you identify exactly how many parts you have in the warehouse, intuitively and accurately keep track of any damage to your building or assets in general, including any and all equipment that you have. Web based CMMS software will streamline this process even more.This kind of accuracy and problem-identifying precision will help you spend $50 wisely now on something that, neglected, will cost you $5,000.

And that’s the bottom line, isn’t it? We get old. We die. We stress out constantly about unexpected costs – but we don’t have to. Come to think of it, maybe if we froze our heads like Ted Williams, we wouldn’t have to die, either.

But that’s a subject for another time.

CMMS Software In Action

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Most Popular Software in Terms of Users

In no particular order:

1. Facebook (over 500 million users)

2. Twitter (over 200 million users)

3. Skype (over530 million users)

4. Windows Live Messenger (over 305 million users)

5. Apple iTunes (over 800 million users)

6. Adobe Flash (over 1.5 million users)

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