Data Entry From Home: Fact or Fiction?

I have scoured the internet to answer this question for you.  Can I really find a legitimate data entry from home job?  And the answer is surprisingly yes, you can.  But be prepared to look around…a lot. Data entry from home is a very competitive job market and the jobs tend to be few and far between.

Be on the look out for scams.  You should never have to pay a company to work for them.  The only time there should be an exception is to a freelance site (such as or where you bid on jobs.  But you shouldn’t ever have to pay a company a one time fee or up front cost or even a monthly subscription in order to work for them.  These are scams, stay away! 

Also stay away from sites that post jobs for free.  Sites like that don’t charge a fee for employers to post jobs are riddled with scams and you need to be wary before giving out any personal information to employers you find on these boards.  In order to obtain employment you will need to give out your social security number and you do not want that kind of information falling into the wrong hands. 

Jobs boards like and charge a fee for employers to list jobs on their site and so they are usually safer.  But you can still run into trouble on these sites so please be careful when you are responding to any ads for employment or responding to any freelancing bid.

One company that does hire people for work at home data entry is Working Solutions.  There are a number of employee who work their phone jobs and their data entry jobs and love it, thus they have a very low turn over and it can be difficult to get hired in with them.  But don’t be discouraged, there are a number of websites out there to help you find a career working from home. is a new site just coming up to help people realize their dreams of working from home. is an existing site that also strives to help people find online jobs and business opportunities.  Check out these sites regularly to find your next data entry from home position.

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