Dental Business Cards

Ordering dental business cards does not have to be a painful process. It is not all that many years ago that getting new business cards meant spending at least half a day driving down to the print shop and paging through stacks and stacks of dusty design books. None of which were specific to a dental office. You could also pick whatever color you wanted. As long as it was white.

If you just could not bear to waste a large portion of your day driving down to the print shop, the print shop would be very happy to come to you. Remember those meetings?  Trapped for an hour with a salesman who would try to convince you that buying one hundred thousand cards was an excellent way for you to save money. Your receptionist keeps knocking on the door, patients are backing up, but he has you pinned against the wall and is closing hard. You probably still have about ninety-nine thousand of those cards stacked in the back room.

With online ordering, the pain is over. From the comfort of your own office or home, you can examine thousands of card styles and designs until you find the color, size, print and logo that are perfect for your practice. These systems are completely user friendly and set up so you can make your choices and be done in minutes.

The first step is to select the template. A template is a design or style that is already in the system and is set to be printed on cards. In order to find a template you want, simply go to the search bar and type in whatever profession you are looking for. The search engine within the website will then show you any number of templates you can choose from.

One of the great things about online ordering is that the website will allow you to experiment with the template design. You can move the photo or logo around and even add or delete text. You can even use the back of the card for additional information or set it up so your business card doubles as an appointment card. Think about it. You are not just handing them a card, you are making them an appointment!

Many dental offices include a photo of the doctor and staff in their yellow page advertising. Adding an office photo to a business card is a terrific way to double up exposure and increase recognition. All you need to do is download a digital photo to your computer. When you are in the template section of the website, there is a button that will ask if you want to insert an image. Click that and a box will appear with a button that says, “Browse.” Click that, find where have stored the photo you want, click upload, and you are done. The last step is to preview your card to make sure it is exactly the way you want it, and order.

If you are in practice, you need patients. To get patients, you need dental business cards.


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