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Looking for the most manly entry level job in the oil industry? You've come to the right place. Derrickmen have been known to throw down and manage all sorts of problems out on the drilling rig. And why do they do it? Some would say because it gives them a reason to go buck wild on their days off. Others might say that they do it just for the money. Either way, the following HubPage will start by detailing their basic work duties. Once we have reviewed their scope of work, we will then point out a few key factors that affect their overall salaries. After that, we will finally break down their job requirements to get a better understanding of why Derrickmen are some of the toughest guys in the drilling industry.

Mud Engineers have a secret that they don’t feel like sharing. It’s the fact that they have one of the best jobs in the industry. So why don’t more people know about their trade? Because it’s a specialty with skills that were once hard to come by. To learn more about their high salaries and light workloads, click on the link below.


Scope of Work

A Derrickman works in a “crew” that is lead by a driller. Under the driller, Derrickmen can have a variety of duties which will vary according to the company that they work for and type of rig they are assigned to. One of their main responsibilities is to load drill pipe into racks or “fingers” as the crew removes sections of the drill pipe from the rig’s borehole. These fingers are found at the top of the Derrick which is some 90+ feet above the rig floor. Since Derrickmen are regularly needed at the top of the derrick, they must be capable of climbing quickly and safely even in the most extreme weather conditions.

In addition to racking the drill pipe, a Derrickman is also normally responsible for running the drilling fluid and making more of it when needed. To do this, he will regularly meet with a Mud Engineer to balance the fluid’s weight and check on its thickness. When more fluid is needed, he will then mix heavy sacks of chemicals which can weigh between 50 and 100 pounds. As you can guess, a Derrickman must be strong enough to constantly lift these heavy loads.

Derrickman Salaries

In the U.S., the average Derrickman Salary rounds up to about $46,000 per year. Although this is the broad national average, Derrickman salaries can vary greatly depending on their experience and location. In areas like New Mexico and Texas (where there is less demand) salaries may dip as low as $40,000 per year but, in places like New York and North Dakota (where demand is high), salaries may reach $53,000 or more. So, why would one area have a higher demand for Derrickmen? This is most likely due to the development of “hot” oil and gas plays. For example, the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations are really booming in the North East and as a result the region currently has a large number of job opportunities for qualified Derrickmen.


So, what are a Derrickman’s job requirements? To begin with, they must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Apart from this, Derrickmen are required to have some basic knowledge about tools and how to use them. Since working with tools and equipment can be dangerous, a Derrickman must also be able to follow rig safety procedures. Just like a number of other Oil Rig Jobs, if you don’t work safe you will be replaced by someone who does. Further, the ability to think critically and work well with a team are additional qualities that are sought after in today’s entry-level Derrickmen. Out on the rig you should be able to analyze problems in order to come up with group decisions. And finally, above all else, a Derrickman must be physically fit and have good hand-eye coordination. To learn more about jobs in the industry, click on one of the links below


Entry Level Derrickman Jobs
Entry Level Derrickman Jobs

Derrickman and Drill Pipe

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