Developing Creative Copywriting Skills


While talking of copywriting, the first thing which comes to mind is an ads copy that conveys the right message to the right audience through right channels. Content forms the backbone of copywriting and this is created in different formats depending on what is to be conveyed, to whom and through which mode? A successful copywriter is a person who clearly knows all these three aspects: what, how and for whom? A niche segment of copywriting, called as SEO Copywriting, has also emerged which also requires almost the same skill set with the additional knowledge of how to optimize the content for SEO purposes. SEO Copywriting services are provided by specialised agencies in India or world over which provide services to Indian SEO companies.

Formats of Content Creation

In order to understand what are the skills required for SEO copywriting services in India, let us first understand the different formats in which the content might need to be created for the online world. These formats are generally:

1. Text based

2. Infographics

3. Videos

4. Presentations

5. Animations

Working on each of these requires its own specialized knowledge and skill sets. Listed below are some of the skills required for each of these:

1. Text Based- Typography, writing skills for articles, newsletters, press releases, blogs, etc and concise and clear ad copy.

2. Infographics: Good skills in creating innovative ideas and summing these up in the form of a storyboard or infographic that is self-explanatory. Knowledge of graphics creation and editing software is a must have.

3. Videos: Knowledge of creating and editing effective videos using the images/photos/graphics and even the real videos shall be present.

4. Presentations: Ability to organize content in stepwise manner and creating good slides for easy comprehension of the visitors is another aspect of creative copywriting. One must be conversant with the Microsoft Presentations tools.

5. Animations: This is a highly skilled job and is generally not used for SEO purposes due to its very high costs. However, for brand level copywriting, animations are used by the advertising agencies. GIF animations are used in place of real animations by the SEO companies.

Main purpose of using all these services is to gather the attention of the visitors, communicate about your brand, make an impact and showcase the best side of your marketing efforts. While technical knowledge can be gained from a plethora of institutes, there is a need for developing higher level skills for bringing out creative ideas from time to time and for various project.

How to Get or Develop Creative Ideas?

1. Be your very natural self. This is the best state in which you are always comfortable and comfort bring you fresh ideas.

2. Remain involved and focussed in work. Involvement will make you seek answers to your queries and make more explorations.

3. Do what inspires you, feeds you with ideas. It could even be a long walk, chatting with friends, seeing an ancient monument or going through a magazine.

4. Never be shy of learning new tool or technology. This opens up new avenues and takes you out of boredom of routine.

5. Work with completely relaxed state of mind. Shun away stressful environs.

6. Think out-of-the-box. Know what is commonplace and attempt to set higher benchmarks.

7. Never be satisfied easily. Seek out more.

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