Do you need extra money for Christmas?

Christmas allready? How do I make money at home?

Right now you are thinking about how to makle extra money for Christmas, it is running through your mind all the ways you have heard about making extra money. 

But you are concerned about the many frauds out there. You have half heartily looked into some things but you haven't been to sure if they are on the level or not. 

Still, people everyday are telling you they make money at home. Do they really?

Yes, they do. Now I would stay away fro the person who tells you they ,make 2000 dollars a minute, generally thoses are not on the level. Not that that can't happen becasue it can, but not in two weeks and not without  a whole lot of work. 

The people who tell you they make money while they are sleeping are telling the truth, tht is how affliate marketing works, and if you are willing to put in the time you will see a good result. 

How do I get Started?

Just as with any job, you have to learn how to do it. You cannot just jump into Affiliate Marketing and know how to do the job. You have a lot to learn, if you are going to do it right. You wouldn't walk into a company and expect to know everything about the job, would you? No of course not there is training involved, learning the ropes and the terrain. The "Buzz" words and what they mean, and you have to do that with Affiliate Marketing as well.

Wealthy Affiliate University was developed by two young men who at the ages  of 21 learned the secret to affliate Marketing, made their fortune and decided to share it with the rest of the world. 

One week Marketing was developed by a housewife who hadn't thefaitest idea how to do anything on the internet, and learned on her ow. So to save the rest of us her hasseles she created this program for us to learn by.

These two powerful programs are th anything you need to learn how to and profit from Affliate Marketing.  

My Story

I have been in affiliate marketing for a good amount of time, I a lot of that time blindly going around the net, grabbing a product on writing articles, maybe seeing a product on building links, and the only thing I was doing was burning my money, while not making any.

The next thing I tried were forums, asking questions on a forum and getting 16 differnt answers on how to do something. That wasn't good either.

Finally on one forum, someone ho was apparently sick of my questions told me, "hon, you just need to join Wealthy Affliate University,"

Wealthy Affiliate University? Never heard of it, but He gave me the link and I went to their page and they listed all the things they would teach me plus support.

So I joined Wealthy Affliate. The first smart decision I made in my Affliate career.

Wealthy Affliate

One week Marketing

Now I am on the way, On Wealthy Affliate I learned what a NICHE was, how to build it. They told me how to do keywords. Since I knew I needed keywords but I didn't realize there was a science to it, how to get my lens and hubs indexed, how to choose a product and more. 

Once I learned everything I needed to know, I just needed to put it together, get organized nad get moving. I was having a little problem with that, until I came upone potpiegirls One Week Marketing Plan. 

Pot pie Girl was a housewife who decided she was going to make money on the net, she needed cash and had 5 kids so she learned the hard way, much like i was doing trail and error. 

One she had made it she wrote "One week Marketing" so we aren't all struggling. 

It tells you what you should do ech day. 

On day 1: you choose your product, do your research etc

on day 2 you proceed to make lens etc and get the word out there. 

She shows us step by step how to make a lens, how to choose your market, how to write a article. 

Now I had everything I needed to have to get started, and well on my way. 

Did I bcome successful ? not over night, it took me two weeks to make my first sale but the first sale was all I needed to get my confidence going. 

If you are thinking about going into Affiliate Marketing, don't make the mistake I did or if you are even already into marketing and have not made a sale yet, these to groups have the knowledge you need to get started and on track. 

As I said, what job did you ever go into where you didn't need training?

one week marketing


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