Why Can’t I Find A Job? Make Sure You’ve Done These Things

I live in a part of the country where competition for jobs is fierce. There's a large number of people here who are looking for jobs at all times because this is a transient urban location which always has new people moving in and joining the local workforce. Additionally, the people who move here seem to be more qualified, generally speaking, than the average employee pool of many other cities. Because of this, it can be really difficult to get a job here, even for a qualified individual. However, having been at the side of numerous friends and colleagues going through the job search process here, I've learned a few things that increase the likelihood of getting a job. And if they work here, they should work almost anywhere!

#1. Basic Job Stuff

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure you've covered all of the basics that should be common sense in terms of getting a job but which sometimes get overlooked. This means that you have updated your resume - and yes, that means having a colleague or friend take a look at it, give you feedback, point out typos and fix everything. It means preparing a fresh cover letter and buying stationary to print it out. It means setting up a professional email name if you don't already have one because it's not appropriate to contact potential employers from your whose_ur_daddy@freemail.com account. And it means that you have at least one professional outfit to wear to any interviews that you get which you'll go to freshly showered and with a clean cut haircut. Arrive at them on time. Your future employers will almost all consider these things to be basic, obvious, common sense things that you should be doing so your failure to do them could be what's preventing you from getting a job.

#2. Actively Looking For Work

This should technically fall under the first category but it is ignored a surprising amount of the time, so it belongs on its own to give it the attention it needs. You can not get a job if you aren't looking. This means that you are not merely browsing the latest newspaper ads every few days. You are online, looking up available jobs on every classified site available. You are identifying places that you would like to work and actually going to take your resume and cover letter to them, even if they aren't advertising that they are hiring. You are putting out the word among all of your friends that you are seeking work and letting them know that they should tip you off to anything that sounds like it might be right for you. And then you're going back online and seeing what else is available. You'd be surprised how many people put in a minimum amount of effort to get work and then complain that they don't have a job. Don't be a whiner; look for the jobs and you'll probably get them.

#3 Make Yourself Memorable

You don't have to pull any crazy stunts, but you should make sure that you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. If you have a particular skill or part job experience that really applies to a particular job, make a special note of it in your cover letter. If you have a website that's particularly visually appealing, a witty way of presenting yourself in email or a business card that usually captures attention, make use of this to get the eye of the person you are trying to have hire you. People hire those that they remember after the first introduction is complete. Figure out what "your thing" is and use it.

#4 Make It Easy To Hire You

The person that is trying to hire you is probably trying to fill an empty position and that means that he or she is probably completely frazzled. The easier you make that person's job, the more likely it is that you are going to get the position that you want. This starts with your application. Make sure that you complete all of the requested application materials, following any special instructions made available to you. If an ad says to send your resume in the body of an email, don't send it as an attachment or forward links to your online portfolio. Also, be sure that you provide all methods of contacting you (IM, email address, phone number, address) in a clear and concise manner so that if the hiring individual wants to contact you, the information to do so is right at their fingertips.

When you go to job interviews, bring a fresh copy of your resume with your contact information. Attach your business card. Sure, the employer already has these things but putting them right in his or her hand makes it easier for that person and that's your goal. Bring an organized list of questions that you would like to ask and be sure to ask them in a timely fashion. Bring your own pen and notebook. In other words, ask as little as possible from your potential employer and do as much as you can for him or her. It will be appreciated and that appreciation could land you the job.

#5 Network

The job search can be a frustrating one and if it isn't going well, you might start to get a bit depressed. You don't want to leave the house as much as you used to because you don't have the money to spend on going out and you don't feel like you have anything to contribute to the conversation anyway since everyone else is talking about their work. But very few people get offered a new job when they are just sitting in their homes. You can probably afford a cup of coffee or you can at least do your online job searching from the local library. Putting yourself out around people puts you in the path of those who might be hiring. Introduce yourself to people (appropriately), bring up what you do in conversation and hand out your business card liberally. You never know when the guy from the coffee shop might know someone who needs you as an employee.

Keeping a positive attitude about getting a new job is important. Making sure that you've covered all of your professional basis is crucial. And when things aren't going right, update your approach can be just the thing to making sure you get a job.

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Sturdy job gains offer bright sign for economy


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whatever. 4 years ago

All these ideas are nice. However, I was once a Career Counselor and even my views have diminished. There is only so much of this one can take before losing their minds. I have not worked in almost 2 years since I was laid off, through no fault of my own. I am Ivy League-educated and with a Master's Degree, divorced parent with two kids, no support, no solid place to go where I can stay for more than a few months here and there. 4 years ago I was hit by a car with the kids, on foot, and still have no settlement for that. Nothing is good, people are killing themselves here because all the while we struggle to find work...as our health deteriorates because the lack of work translates into unmanageable health problems. I recently loss my ex to suicide for this reason.

I especially love when they wont hire you because you've been out of work "too long" or when you are "overqualified" or when you don't present "to their liking" in a country where bias is a really in the job market, anyhow. I fear the threat of losing my children every day for instability (constantly moving, no money, few resources) is looked down upon at schools. Nothing makes sense. The truth is, I've been struggling ever since I had children. I have NEVER earned enough money to stay off food stamps for more than a year. I hate the welfare office and stay away as much as I can. They degrade you and barely want to offer you what is available.

More importantly, I have an education and still find myself in need of assistance is just embarrassing. I don't have a public benefit now, but it will be just a matter of time before I try again. I saved some of my unemployment to last me until I get a tax refund and we will be pinching that and moving from house to house until I find a job...or another short term plan...I have moved to different states to try new markets as well....fail!

My $100,000 student loan has never been paid, and I am not in default because I always qualify for some program (i.e. deferment) due to my poverty level. Funny, if you get food stamps, you qualify for deferment. So, I sometimes have no choice but to get the food stamps even when I dont want a public benefit. The choice is food stamps or student loan default.

No one cares anymore what job you truly want, what career path you have worked hard for, how smart you are, how professional you present yourself to be....IF YOU DON"T KNOW SOMEONE WILLING TO HELP YOU GET A JOB, YOU WONT GET ONE :( and when so many people are out of a job already, the network shrinks.


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AngryMan 4 years ago

We are the 99 percent. We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for little pay and no rights, if we're working at all. We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything. We are the 99 percent. Revolution is the answer to this problem!!!

AngryMan 4 years ago

Just when I Thought that I had a relatively good job in the bag, I end up being laid off a week ago. What is even worse is that I did not work enough hours to get unemployment compensation. It sucks, but I have to go on and hopefully do well in an upcoming interview after the thanksgiving holiday weekend. Just maybe I'll get the job unless I get beat out by a young buxom blonde LOL.

Damien Sawyer 4 years ago

I was laid off from my old job in August. I have another job, barely two months later. I don't think it's terribly difficult for me to find a job, it's terribly difficult for me to find a job where I find that the employer, interviewer, etc. ISN'T working the system. MY current job, my first day is Thursday, but already he's talking about letting people go if their background checks aren't up to "company standards". Mine's was 86% complete. He told me at the interview it'd be 5 days, tops...Let me decide to buy a home or car from this doofus, I bet that check would be completed a lot faster than the two weeks it's been. I know I'm not going to be allowed to take three times as long to do something such that it's only 86% complete. And then he says the pay rate is $8.30/hr, but then when I filled out the new hire paperwork he wrote $8.00/hr. I owe over $25k in student loans. I have been to more than 30 interviews and I have been hired at a job four times in a little more than a year.

It's time that people stop offering jobs than suck. I AM REJOICING BECAUSE I HAVE NO KIDS.

The economy is screwed up because that is where the majority want it to be.

Big John 4 years ago

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I got a job 4 years ago

And it makes me feel so happy to see suckers without one.

Hows capitalism working for you folks.

Your tears and frustrations feed me.

Big John 4 years ago

Hey jobfrustration welcome to the new way of hiring-Great recession style. Hang in there bro, I too am experiencing the very same thing and I am getting more angrier and bitter because of it and I am also experiencing health problems as well because of stress.

Jobfrustration 4 years ago

I know someone who was just hired as a Communications Coordinator and one of the requirements is marketing experience. Guess what? He doesn’t have any marketing experience and as he explained, he managed to B.S. his way in the job interview. That really ticks me off that he gets hired for a position he is clearly not qualified for. In the meantime, I’ve sent out thousands of cover letters and resumes to companies with job openings and I can’t get my foot in the door because many unqualified people are also applying for these same jobs.

Companies are looking to hire younger, less experienced and cheaper employees. It’s unbelievable!


The Decline of American Society 4 years ago

Vote Obama for Socialism

Vote Romney for Fascism

The Americans are screw

Big John 4 years ago

Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Revolt, Against the 1% pigs and we can then have some fairness. Until then, REVOLT!!!!!!!!

AngryMan 4 years ago

This is why the us common people have to rise up and start a revolution. If we don't, then it is only going to get worse and not better. So what are the rest of you waiting for? The time is now to start a great uprising against our corrupt government.

bob 4 years ago

go to school, go to college, graduate, work hard to find a job, get rejected 1000 times until depression hits hard. this is the times we live in and we're just supposed to accept it. people have lost their minds....

Bob 4 years ago

Feraty, For God's love, crawl back under the rock you came out from!

feraty 4 years ago

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3 more years till the barrel calls 4 years ago

I spoke with my cousin recently. He went to school in a field that was in great demand. Prior to school he never had any kind of job. After graduating he found employment because someone hooked him up. Since that job he's gotten one other one and has stayed at it for 5-6 years. Anyway, fast forward to today where I mentioned vaguely wanting to live in some foreign country. His response was anyone could move anywhere as long as they had 1 month worth of rent saved up. In his sheltered view, it takes more no more than one month to find a job (any job), work it getting by on whatever scraps, and subsequently be happy because "life doesn't need money." What a tool of a human being. I am done with this person. Some people really have no clue about the struggles of other people, and when literally given opportunity try and pretend everyone else is. I am seriously foaming at the mouth. People like that disgust me. Some people's reality is an absolute joke. Privileged sliver spoon wankers.

Jobfrustration 4 years ago

I've sent out over 2200 cvs and resumes in 3-1/2 years. My last interview was one year ago. Every job I apply for gets hundreds of applicants. It's sad to realize I am competing with college grads and other unemployed people when I have over 15 years experience. I also dislike companies that don't have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of your cv and resume. Then, the other challenge when applying is the resume screening software that many companies utilize. I have yet to be interviewed from the resume screening program. Also, many businesses do not want you to stop by their place in person and instead, refer you to their website. This is particularly true if you've been to job fairs. Yes, it's frustrating.

AngryMan 4 years ago

To the spammer above go take spammy post and go elsewhere before I pick up your ISP address and turn it over to the authorities. Go do it to yourself.

Bob 4 years ago

The person above, congrats for your success, but you came to the wrong site.

4 years ago

Why 2012 is the great wonderful year to invest diamond and jewelry. I just made over $250,000 last year and this year I made additional 15% in six months! I can't believe people still complain they can not get jobs. The opportunity is out there, people need to get out of their box and start looking.

Big John 4 years ago

No problem AngryMan. You have every right to be angry at these capitalist pigs that destroyed our economy and millions of others like us. It is a sad day when people hate on us because god forbid, we are unemployed and need a little help. However, what comes around goes around and these haters will find themselves in a similar situation some day and I for one will not lift a finger to help them. Just have faith because that day of reckoning will be here soon. After all, karma can be a bitch. Take care dude.

AngryMan 4 years ago

Thank you Big John for the moral support. God knows that I need it! I thought this board was for people who need support and not for douchebags trolling on here for kicks.

Big John 4 years ago

Don't worry angryman, People like that jerk just drank a gallon of haterade and are taking it out on this country's less fortunate. This dude in his late 40's probably works for a 24 year old 'Ho' and this is why he defends them. Keep your chin up and remember, we are the 99%!

Angryman 4 years ago

I didn't see your first post.

I never said you never worked hard in your life as I've done some crappy jobs(Assumed I was young from the bat but I'm in my late 40s).

Your earlier post just reeked of arrogance and speaks like the younger people have it so easy and they are so entitled when they want a good paying job to take care of their families(doesn't seem like entitlement to me).

Guess I can stereotype too and say older folks are all arrogant know it all pricks who don't know anything.

But like I said I don't care about your pedestal and I know arrogant older folks like you never take the time to consider anybody else but themselves but watching you check here for a response I almost forgot to check for makes me smile.

Hope you enjoy your obamacare haha.

Angryman 4 years ago

Angryman: Look who's talking you old wind bag.

If we ever met in public you would scream for the police or your children like all you old folks do but I don't have anything to prove to you.

Go back to watching your stories and complaining how young people have it so easy.

AngryMan 4 years ago

No response Mr. copycat man (punk). Just goes to show you, youngsters these days hide behind their keyboards like cowards. Oh their grammar leaves something to be desired.

AngryMan 4 years ago

Your name should be Mr. imposter man. However, I am not going to get angry with you because that would make me no better than you. I have worked my butt off all of my life and oh yes, I have worked minimum wage crap jobs too. You should not be so quick to judge others before you have walked a mile in THEIR shoes. This is my perception of the younger generation because I have witnessed and experienced it firsthand. Therefore, I have a right to my opinion you libtard finger pointer. Above all, I hope you experience continued hard times from now on. I am now done arguing this point with you.

Angryman 4 years ago

Above I sound like an idiot who believes the younger generation have it so easy out there with their minimum wage jobs.

I hope you lose it all chump.

AngryMan 4 years ago

I had to withdraw my retirement contributions because my spouse cannot work due to disabilities and I only have a job paying 11.50 per hour. We could not pay our $2800 monthly bills on the $1632 per month I currently make. Sure, my spouse will get long term disability payments starting in mid September, but I am having problems finding suitable work due to my being over 40 years of age. This is not right because I have a Master of science in the environmental sciences and a B.S. in biology and no one will touch me. It seems that today's employers prefer the twenty-something Facebook generation and their entitled and lazy attitude. Something has got to happen soon besides the all talk and do nothing government that seems to prefer the rich. I guess this is the way it is going to be for now on.

profile image

Cami006 4 years ago

I feel like my head could blow up anytime, I have applied to 100 jobs in about the last 6 months ago and got 1o or so skype and face-to face interviews ( No luck) I keep my head up, never give up and keep looking but today I am just so disappointed. I have 2 bachelors degrees and a masters in Library Science. Hopefully, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. I will not give up. Those turning to drugs and prostitution, please be strong and guard your spirit not to be broken.

CJ 4 years ago

Ho. Lee. Crap! These (3 years' worth of them!) comments are proof to me that I am NOT alone and not being able to find a job is NOT my fault. Here comes another story...

Went to college in 2004 trying to become a veterinarian. Never been good at Math or Science so that was a bust; Change my major to Media Arts (wanted to be a filmmaker). Skipped semesters to look for work in order to help family; nothing. Went back to school.I spent my financial aid checks on rent; hence I couldn't afford the textbooks. Without textbooks I failed or dropped classes; in 2008 I was declared to have 'unsatisfactory academic progress' and my financial aid went bye-bye. Since then I've turned in who knows how many job applications and gotten exactly 1 formal interveiw. No formal work experience at all; which is what everyone wants. Degrees mean zip. The closest thing I've ever had to a steady job was babysitting for one family for 18 months; would have been a live-in nanny were it not for the primary breadwinner there losing HIS job. Been house/petsitting since, usually 5 days of work every 5 months. I am a single 26 year old white female with no formal work experience, no degree, no car, and no steady income besides collecting cans. I'm sleeping on my parents' couch and living in the High Desert in San Bernardino County; unemployment, counting the underemployed, never-employed (me), and those who have given up is between 20 and 30%. I've exhauisted all job-search places, which have basically told me that I'm young and white; I should go back to school. Yeah, right! With what money? And these days degrees are useless unless they're in health care...and hospitals make me feel ill. My only hope is the entire family moving out of state (with California being second-worst for unemployment in the country, any place is better than here) or someone taking a big chance on me.

anonymous 4 years ago

i feel like the managers at my last few jobs really don't seem to help..bunch of idiots.

dollar store-horrible management always bitching at me, for stuff thats not even in my job description..and then the managers tells me she can bitch at me because thats what her boss does...special.

it tech for a major computer company.. software break fix tech.

seemed great at first..until they dropped the first call resolution to 20 minutes, then 15, then down to 12 minutes.. and the internet connection got worse and worse, and the ticket system was slower than...

contract for another company that had 9000 programs of their own.. so its not like im going to find this information just off the internet..so if its not in their resources. what do i do... managers wouldnt have a clue.. 12 minutes to solve a call with internet issues, program speed issues, no help from managers..also if a step said to send up to tier 2- you didnt get any credit for your work(so what if half of the calls are like that)

ughh i hope i can find a better organized job-when it comes to the system and management.

maybe i'll look at the local library and apply there, since one just opened near my house. maybe it will be more organized to work there, and not so much chaos.

(dont get me started on drivers... left turn YIELD on green..hence the word YIELD).

too bad that we cant just live in a world where we learn ideas and stuff from one another and not focus so much on whos on top. why does medication cost so much? im guessing the government.

Tyrone Shanks 4 years ago

I read an article on writing to politicians. It lead me to look for similar people and movements. I am looking for leadership in the area of addressing blacklisting.

Phil 4 years ago

Finding a job, im highly educated, wealth of experience, i moved too Country first employer went out of business, 2 years later i still cantnot get a job, interviews i had many, final cut i made final cut on almost all jobs i went for, noone will employ me, i do not care what i do I dont need top job just a job so i can earn, i will do anything. I just want to work, no one will hire me not even for a basic job. Im too old or over qualified, or with my experience they frighten i will not stay. I hate hearing with your experience we feel you will not stay, what a heap of crap, im in a country town, there are just not the better positons about for me too leave. I will be forced to leave my family to look for work in the cities, this hurts because there are the jobs here.

No More Sympathy. I have given up. 4 years ago

The things about going to college and expecting a "nice life" is you have to work for it. Too many new grads have become complacent about how things should be. Of course it's true a lot of factors can destroy opportunity. However, if you're reasonably smart and already have some qualifications, you have to force the universes hand. We're all just specks of dust in a big cosmic joke. Try stirring the pot until the spoon breaks. We've all got problems. Yet, millions of people's lives are likely worse than every single person whose posted on here.

I hate the whole concept of corporate work. I hate the whole idea of nine to five. I hate the idea of wanting material garbage. I hate every last bit of it. All I need is food, shelter, water, and a single person to talk with on sometimes. I know I will never be happy. I'm just not that kind of person. I've had the highs and lows of life and barely blinked in either case. Maybe it's because I came so close to killing myself (as in if I put more pressure on my wrist I'd be dead). But I just can't summon any sympathy for this system of anymore.

The rich gets bailouts while the poor starve. There is no humanity even in the first world.

Sick of this xhit 4 years ago

I am a college grad with a Bachelors and a Masters that has been stuck in a dead end job for the past 11 years. I have held a few positions outside of this place but I never let this job go due to the low wages. So I have spent the last four years of my life as a single mother working close to 80 hours a week. It's either that or homelessness. I am overwhelmed with student loan debt so I can't afford to quit. I am thinking about attending a technical school to get a nursing license. Then maybe I can make a decent salary. That would mean that I would have to quit my jobs and move into public housing with my two children. I am divorced and don't get any child support. I am at torn. But it's killing me that I am missing out on my children growing up.

I need a job. No I need a decent job. I was told that If I went to college and did really well I would be able to live a nice life. Well that was a lie! I have two degrees from two top universities and I am still in the same place.

It's hard to even get an interview around here.

Chelsea 4 years ago


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stillsearching 2 4 years ago

I graduated from college in 2008 and have a few positions under my belt, including a job that lasted me nearly three years. Been trying to look for an administrative job ever since because all I did were administrative jobs, with the exception of File Clerk at one of the organizations at the college.

I'm sure what's going on or what I'm not doing right. I redid my entire resume, went to the unemployment office here in New York, got some advice, applied to as many administrative job openings as I could and still, nothing.

I was about to be employed in December 2011 but the owner of the company decided that he didn't have *time* to train anyone and let me go before I could even set foot in the company. I was training for a position which was obviously confusing and time consuming...and the person training me didn't want to train me.

I am doing some work for my brother's company but even then he's looking to find another line of work.

I'm in debt with Chase, and I barely have anything that I can call money.

All of these tips, I have tried very hard to follow. I am not the type of person to give up but this economy seems like its getting worse before it gets better. Oh, and I've been unemployed for nearly three years now.

AngryMan 4 years ago

If the jobs situation does not improve there is going to be trouble this summer. Just wait and see!!!!!!

23 4 years ago

It's very disturbing. This is a world problem, we should not be arbitrarily creating jobs and having people compete for them, right?

I mean, it makes much more sense for everyone to have a productive role in sustaining our life on earth.

Just mindlessly competing for jobs, to get that money, is just a system that will fail. Thats why people do not like, and are terrible at, performing their jobs.

Not to mention that many many 'jobs' are completely unnecessary to our civilization. Most jobs in the fields of politics and economics are pure unadulterated bullshit work that provides nothing. They profit off of the labor industry, agriculture, technicians, engineers, and scientists.

What would happen if wall street or capitol hill all did not go to work one day?

What would happen if just the plumbers, mechanics, and electricians did not go to work for one day?

Time for evolution. We have to change our structure, and our direction.

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Paula7928 4 years ago from Michigan

It is so sad to read the comments. If you do get interviews please be sure to check out my page http://www.squidoo.com/commonly-asked-interview-qu...

Travis 4 years ago

Basically you can keep trying or give up and quit on any dreams you've had. Personally I'd choose the former but if you're not mentally strong enough to hit the streets walking into an employers office and hand them a resume (even if they don't want it just leave it on their desk or tell them to throw it out if they want it) it is going to be hard for you right now. Will the economy get better? Eventually, but it might be 2015-2018 before it is noticeable by the majority.

In short, you have two options continue filling out applications everyday until your fingers bleed or give up. Your choice...

ThatAnonymousGirl 4 years ago

I've never worked before and have been looking for first times jobs. Put out 30+ Applications and only got one interview that did'nt work out. Problem is, I come from a porr family that has no car and no money so I have no help and even with Financial Aid, I doubt it'll be enough for me to afford to go back to college. But judging by all the people with degree's and experience who are'nt getting jobs, it does'nt make me feel too perticularly optimistic for my prospects. What's worse, is stores within a reasonable distance are going down left and right. Even with my copious amounts of knowledge and experience with a variety of pets, polite, upbeat,caring personality and openess to learn, I'm getting no response from pet stores, while people who I could work circles around and beat out in knowledge of animals are getting paid. No ones hiring, there are no jobs. What am I suppose to do?

Wishing 4 years ago

Also... to the person who commented on "if you are able to eat then don't worry about a job" (something like that)... Food is easy to get. Food is not the same as paying your bills. I can eat beans and Ramen Noodles anytime. Go to a church if I am that hungry and explain my situation. However, nobody is going to pay for your rent, gas, electric, water, trash, car insurance, medical bills......I can keep going.... You eventually need new panties and socks and then toilet paper, bath soap. deodorant, toothpaste. That shit isn't cheap. Not even the cheapest stuff is cheap anymore. Also, the person who talks about how people cannot get a job because of their spelling? Have you ever thought that maybe they are just to the point that they do not give a damn anymore and they are not writing a resume so who cares???? You must have a job and not be one of us out there who is or ever have had to struggle like this before. These people are real. I am just freaked the heck out about the day that I can no longer pay my rent and there is not a damn thing that I can do about it because nobody will hire me. THAT is scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing 4 years ago

Lice.......... Be happy with that job that you oh so hate to pieces because I can assure you... Probably ALL of us would be there and be very happy doing whatever it is that you are doing after not being able to get anything at all. I have been jobless for the first time for almost a year in nearly 20 years and I also cannot find shit. I started a temp job Monday and they let me go today because I was not fast enough (had never done what they had hired me to do and could do it but not as fast as they wanted me to in order for it to be correct). I had gotten no training either. Not even a crummy hr. I jotted down as many notes as I could, worked as fast as I could without making errors, I never left where I was working.. it was always nose to the grindstone, never did anything against the company rules, was never late... yada, yada, yada... Just Friday when this fella hired me, he told me how they could not find people who could actually do what their resume said they could do and he also told me that he looks for people who fits in with the other co workers. Anyhow, what they hired me to do was not even on my resume and they told me that they were going to look for me a position where I do have experience in when my temp job was up. THEY did not even give me a week and I was gone. I went through three interviews too. I have no idea what in the hell that was all about other than a slap in the face for even hiring me for a day and 3/4. I felt like a total failure when I left that place and he acted like he was happy to see me go. I think that they get afraid that you are going to lash out and make them look like an ass. So, here we go again. No job! I also hate how they ask why you have not been employed for so long. That question is just ignorant and they already know the damn answer. I have even told some of these companies that I would get down and scrub their floors, do dishes.....ANYTHING! That I just needed a job really bad and very soon... Now if that does not tell you that someone is desperate for a job, I do not know what does.

Lice (Kenya) 4 years ago

Been in a job since 2008 and since its not well paying,i have been looking for one but in vain.The project i was working for ended in Dec 2008 but thank God my employer has not laid me off.But am very idle in the office and need a job urgently.Am trusting in God.

Become to belive in Luck 4 years ago

Thanks for you're advices, i used to do them in my interviews and my job search, and i used to get great feedback and hear pretty words about me "Live" while I'm still in the interview.

I've 10 years experience in IT, and have many trainings and certifications, and i had a great salary, now, i'm searching for work since 3 months ago, i've resigned by my choice from last job coz of the sings that was sent to me roundly on daily or weekly basis that my salary is high, the last signs was taking me to HR meetings and saying silly things and un-logic"And really i don't know why", so, i've decided to resign better than these silly things, while i was having too much tasks in my hand, i handed over my tasks to around 7 colleagues.

Currently i family and loans and house rent, and i didn't leave any vacancy which match my experience and didn't send my CV.

I've made one interview and it was great interview and employer liked me much as he says. then what ?, i got a very very low salary. and i have to pay 2300 $ to recruiter agency, so i refused, i have now 3 months and then i will be broke.

May god be with us all.

Your jobs doesn't define you 4 years ago

a job is just so you can eat and have shelter. most jobs suck. if you're not starving too death get over being jobless.

junior 4 years ago

I know we all feel the same way,been all the time looking for a way out,sometimes things dont turn out as it seems to be,but i have learn something that has chance my life, well not completly but iam getting there its.....with great power comes great responsebility,and its true first i dint realize it cuz when i had my first job i was very lazy and dintfeel like working,lol but then i had relize how lazy i was jejeje yep the next day i got fired lol...ummmm then i stared writing and writing things out and making notes in my mind and then i stared depending on my self cuz i hated beeing under my moms scurt lol well thats how we say it....then i had mysecond job name was crazy buffet thats where i stared learning the point of restaurants and learn sushi,bastboy,prep,dishwash and chef then in other restauranti begin more chances,and soooo if someone can make it we ALL can make it :) rememberwith great power comes great resposibility take care ya and good luck

aussie success 4 years ago

Came on this site about a month a go when I was jobless and stressed out as I had just come out of uni. Managed to get an entry job at a call centre which is meant to lead to my dream job if I hit KPI's... not sure if that will happen, it's so hard cold calling. But I did find out that the boss hires people who came across as passionate about working at the company, so stuff all this formal conformist bull... just show you really want to work at the company and give examples of why. Also I found sports knowledge increases your chance of getting the job by at least 20%

Elaine 4 years ago

Done all of the above and more. Still jobless. Now pit of money.

No family. It's time to go.

Casey 4 years ago

I recently enrolled into college for the first time. I'm unemployed and haven't been able to find work for almost 2 years. I was hoping that since I've gone back to school that employers will look at me differently but I still haven't received any offers. I'm depressed and out of options. I don't want to be on welfare and I don't want to be a burden on my family. I have some savings but I'm running out of money. At this point I'm willing to work at Mc Donald's hell I'll even do housekeeping. Funny thing is I applied to Mc Donald's before and I was told I was over qualified WTF?

nogood 4 years ago

Horrible tips im a college student with no car and live in a widely spread out city with no bus routes. getting job is impossible no one wants to talk so someone who has just ran 4 miles in search of a job sweating their ass off smelling like body odor from a horrible walk in the god damn sun so go fuck yourself and your tips

AngryMan 4 years ago

It seems that I can never win when it comes to getting hired. I am competing with twenty somethings for a big share of the pie and they're the ones who get the jobs. What am I supposed to do retire at 43? It seems that is what the government wants us to do. How are we supposed to survive? Steal or sell weed? Is this is what it is coming to? I need advice on where the jobs are, or I might resort to unkosher activities to make a living.

Fred 4 years ago

It has been one tough ride. After being laid off in 2009, I landed a job after 1.2 years of searching in a high volume call center of which lasted exactly 1 year. The reason that I was let go was due to unknown performance related issues? Very strange. Took about 6 months to land another job as a software trainer. Something that I had done in the past relative to highly complex systems and a very different type of audience. The company that hired me provided meager training and I had difficulty adapting to a very small company and as a result I was let go after 1 month. I knew my most recent job was not going to last for when I asked management of what will be expected of me; their response was that they didn't know exactly what my job will entail in the future. Ouch. That hurt. Also, I had gone on the road for two weeks and found out from a very genuine coworker that several people in the office were "spying" on me and that if I were to make any type of mistake to call my manager to inform. My co-worker provided me with a good report while being out in the field, but upon being let go, the manager indicated that I had received bad reports from co-workers while working in the field. Strangest and most insecure company that I had ever worked for and all for a paycheck. I was a miserable wreck in that the cutthroat nature of people today. Albeit, I was not fit for the job at the time that I was let go, but with another month in the drivers seat, I was to be a highly valued trainer as indicated by my co-workers. So, taking 2 jobs well outside of my prior experience, interests and values, I have lost them both to being let go. I had never been let go outside of being laid off in the past. 1 year of job experience in 2.5 years doesn't look nor does it feel good. On a side note, I have had the pleasure of watching my three little girls grow up while my wife tries very hard to establish a small business. I may have to do the same down the road. There has to be a way outside of working for companies and depending on them to dictate your future. I need to get down and dirty...roll up my sleeves and fight for my Family for no one will do it for me.

Dami3n 4 years ago

It took me 1 year, 5 months, and one week, but I was finally hired full-time April 9th. I have been to more than two dozen interviews, and have been laid-off twice in the last six months, and that was after nine months of NO employment whatsoever. There is light...

...which also means that burden cannot be carried forever.

Honestly, I know for a fact that most of the advice that "experts" give is actually useless.

What I myself have learned in my job search is that, SOMEtimes, I had to be willing to let the "employer" show me WHY the job I was after at their company is NOT worth having. Even if this means I end up going longer without any job. Learn to have an open mind. I went into every interview knowing that one's act is not always together. Not even the employer's.

With that said, I don't always trust that people are thinking clearly and often about MY goals.

Don't think that the employer, or your co-workers, are going to speak up for you, or go out of their way to please YOU. I got fired in 2010 for insubordination, but I also walked out of that door knowing that none of the co-workers I spent a year of my life working to try and get along with didn't speak up for me, they deliberately choose to work in fear, and not say anything to anyone (other than each other). I didn't want to make the same choice...my boss was disrespectful towards me that day, as well as dumb, I don't remember anyone telling me what WILL WORK once the boss is giving someone a hard time, even though you busted your ass repeatedly.

I was just viewed as bottom rung, I was supposed to be my supervisor's shit wipe, and on December 1, 2010, I decided I didn't want her peeing on me anymore. So I was fired.

You have to figure out what job is sufficient for YOU. Then act accordingly, if that means selling drugs or marketing porn, so be it. Last time I checked, the only thing the law provides is an excuse.

I don't know about you, but I am TIRED of people telling me what to believe.

What got me hired was my willingness to work hours no one else was willing (or able) to work. This is a strategy that may work for others that have posted here on this board. I got hired simply because the person I replaced has a wife who is currently very ill. Since I already lived in the area, and I don't have any kids, or a wife, and I was willing to work the hours and show some empathy, I was hired. I really don't think that the decision boiled down to something I accomplished personally, I did not "sell" myself. I simply told the man I want the job, and two weeks later, he called me again, after I had moved on to something else.

People are getting lazier by the day. I think that you have to be able to show others that you are willing to do things that they themselves are not willing to do. For me, this meant taking a job transporting the disabled.

At least they're not in wheelchairs.

none 4 years ago

idiots asking me to explain any gaps of unemployment, pshhhh, the only reason a got gaps, cuz u suckers dont want to hire anyone, and it takes 6 months to find a job. THAT IS WHY!!!!

Plus no shit crime rate is growing, cuz people like me who got no income, but still need to eat, can't find any other options to feed them selves, therefore stealing shit and selling weed is their only option. And they got nothing to loose.

And what the hell are those stupid managers are looking for in you as GENERAL LABOR JOB FOR A MINIMUM WAGE anyways???????

The only way to get a job right now is through a HOOK UP, if u dont have hook ups, u ARE FUCKED!!!!!! face the reality

jackie 4 years ago

well, I wanted to comment on the gentlemen from Florida. I don't blame you for having to go back to drug dealing, don't get caught, I know I always said the man upstairs doesn't care about you, talking about the president and all those idoits, its all about control and lining their pockets. Things like this will never change as long as man is walking the planet, this sort of thing as been going on from the beginning of time. Yeh, the advise is good above, been there did it all and does no good, I had tones of interviews and they hire the next guy because of experience! How do you get experience unless you get hired! I asked a company that and they said its not just experience we're looking at presonality too. I said ok and guess what I called and asked why they hired the individual they did and he said she had a little more experience in the field! LOL! Whatever!

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Hazies 4 years ago


THANK YOU!! Your tips are the only ones that worked! Screw that networking garbage! I've been out of work for a very long time. Ran my own business that is now in the tubes because of the economy. I was feeling depressed and useless and have been searching for a long time. Tried the networking and updated resume stuff, had multiple resumes for different jobs. I even paid to have a professional look it over and offer advice. No luck! I found that employers looked for any reason to NOT give me the job. Never mind the fact that I lowered my expectations and began applying for jobs that only required a GED or HS Diploma (I have a B.S. in Business). I've jumped through hoop after hoop to get a job, had interviews I thought were great and was told I was great for the job, then I would do a follow up and suddenly "We're looking for other candidates...but if you have other questions..." BULLSHIT!

Why would anyone want to Network with a person who has nothing to offer?? Who would give out a "whos your daddy" email address?

Anyway, I just had an interview today and I kept what Petros said in mind and totally bullshit my way through it. I smiled and laughed a lot (I'm a woman) and my voice is naturally soft but I made it softer(phone interview). When he asked me to explain the gap in my employment history I just simply told him that I wanted it to be there. I gave up my business to focus on my writing. I actually am writing so it isn't far off but my employment gap was certainly not intentional and I'm not making that much money writing. But I just acted confident that my writing was already making me loads of money and that's why I didn't need my business. I was offered the job on the spot! So happy! :D

Bryan 4 years ago

I forgot my contact details!!!

Talented musician/producer/studio b*** I don't care! lol.




Bryan 4 years ago

I live in a hick town...waiting for a job completely flat broke. I'm 27 and don't even have a car because I can't afford it! Any job I COULD get is minimum wage, and there is no opportunity in this area. I live at home...how embarrassing! What can I do besides make enough money to do nothing anyways still? Any advice? I mean it. When there is a job your still broke, and if I had two, I would be so worn out and fed up as well as being still broke! It's not my dream to make minimum wage, when I know my standards are actually talented, and I could be doing something better. I'm not kidding either like some people. That's how bad it is! I'm looking online now for LEGITIMATE work to do, but that's all a joke so far. I can't believe some of the stuff you could fall for on here! Anyways, I'm talented too. I know how to do audio engineering and I can even fly airplanes without a pilots license...but here I am, not living any of my dreams as either a pilot, or professional audio engineer/producer. This is ridiculous! I feel like I'm wasting time, and I know it's not anyone's fault, I just feel like I don't know what to do. I mean, I could walk to a big city... yea that's exciting...I'll probably get killed on the way!? What should I do? Does anyone need a musician who can play by ear since 12, who knows how to seriously record music? I CAN. That's about all I can say! Seriously though, if you need a talented producer/musician I can do it. I'm not just saying it.

AngryMan 4 years ago

I have revised my resume, carefully filled out hundreds of applications, and tried to keep a good attitude during my job search. Instead, what I get is looks of disdain from 20 something snot nosed managers and their condescending comments. What has the job market turned into? Effing High School? I went to a job fair the other day and they were not taking applications at all, but showing you how to navigate their web sites to apply for their positions. Applying online is a great way to get weeded out without your resume getting a look. I already know how to navigate the web, type, research and perform various other things related to technology. Hell, I even fudged my resume to cover up my unemployment gap and no results. I wish I was 20 something again, so I won't have to be unemployed anymore, but the reality is, I will never work again! I just want to get back in a job again is that to much to ask?

HeartofShadows 4 years ago


Try Plutocracy sir or Banana republic.

America is about as much a capitalist place as a duck being a wolf.

CHRSE 4 years ago

What if you have had over 200 jobs, no references and no friends?

Kingnothing 4 years ago

I feel your pain everyone, don't give up. For some this is worse than the depression, I know I am one of them, nothing seems to work, and I have had people tell me, were going to hire you but never did. Get your mind of your troubles if you can.

ukresident 4 years ago

I have been reading all these comments. I am 52 and live in the UK. I worked in IT for a long time. I realised around 2003 that it would get difficult and setup my own business. I think to be honest it's probably the only thing to do if you can't find work. The current system, capitalism, is proving to be a disaster. Look at all the wasted resources ie people sitting around doing nothing due to a broken system. I feel so sorry for all you people who have submitted posts in here, who are in desperate straits. Graham

HeartofShadows 4 years ago


I agree man on the sound advice.

Its no use worrying and struggling over things we have no control over.. Best we can do is get by and enjoy life the best we can while we still have it and to cherish out loved ones while we are still together.

iFeelForYouBroOrBroette 4 years ago


I feel for you, Still jobless.

My suggestion is to let go. And I'm trying my very best to take that advice, too. What I mean is, we make a bad situation much worse by the beating we put on ourselves. We aren't bad people. We are just people who have ended up in a bad situation. What is life but being thrown into some random circumstance and ending up where you are by an unfathomable combination of events? Even the events you seem to control you don't completely understand, and can you claim to be in control of something that isn't 100% clear to you?

How many good men in ages past found themselves in the midst of great depressions, or famines, or disasters, or anything? When you consider how the multitudes have struggled throughout history, it has to make you feel a little better. Most of us have only had our pride wounded. We were fortunate enough to grow up in a developed country where this kind of misfortune didn't really seem possible, and we've just had the rug pulled from beneath us.

As impossible as it may seem when everything seems so scary around you, TRY to remember that the mind can make a hell of heaven or a heaven of hell. We punish ourselves worse than any economy ever could. It's not really the lack of money that hurts. Thank god, most of us aren't starving. It's the guilt that's killing us, and I speak as one of the afflicted. Please, brothers and sisters, let's lay this cross down and stop beating ourselves up because we got caught in a downpour.

Still jobless 4 years ago

Been working temp jobs since I was laid off 3 years ago and still cannot get an interview or a job offer. I know all of the tricks from my HR experience and it has not worked. I have a Ph.D. and I make $1,000/month, bills are mounting, savings is depleted, and my family has fallen apart. None of these suggestions are helpful and are very basic in nature. I am beyond depressed and hopeless at times.

JobHunter 4 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I feel for those who could not find a job including me. I moved here in Halifax Nova Scotia from Toronto Ontario. I have been looking for work for 1 year and 4 months now to be exact and only had 1 job offer which only lasted for 3 months and that was from the employment agency. I have decided to move here just to be with my boyfriend. I am very thankful that he is supportive and he understand what i am going through right now. Thank God that he has a permanent full-time job in a restaurant. It is really frustrating and depressing knowing that you cannot help your partner financially, that you are a burden and worthless. We've been sharing the expenses equally for the monthly rent except that he is paying for electricity bills. I used up all my EI Benefits, can't get income assistance from the government, almost cancel my Life Insurance which is not a good idea but leave me with no choice. This would be the longest job hunting i have ever done in my whole life and seems like it will never end. It's been a day to day struggle for us especially me, we always hope for the best and prepare for the worst, that's what you call LIFE.

bob 4 years ago

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Hey i got to say this is a great find. I have been looking for something like this!


petros 4 years ago

Hi everybody. My heart goes out to everyone. I'm also college-degreed (liberal arts), good work history for decades, articulate, fast-learner, etc. and was let go a month ago from a job where I performed well for nearly a decade. I've been unemployed before, and let me throw some advice out there to any and all to show that there's some hope for all of us: Bullshit your way through the front door, no matter who's interviewing you, no matter what kind of work. I HAVE BULLSHIT MY WAY INTO EVERY JOB I'VE EVER HAD. The economy is horrific. But it hasn't been too wonderful over the last 25 years or so. All that stuff about networking, fine-tuned resumes, appropriate appearance. . .I knew that was all crap by the time I was eighteen years old (I'm 43 now). If you want someone to give you something, seduce your way into it. That's human nature. Why do attractive but stupid, inexperienced young people get hired by the bushelfulls at companies when their less attractive but more qualified peers go unemployed? Because their employers want them around. For eye candy and for flirting. If you're not a supermodel, you can still make managers/bosses want you around despite imperfect employment histories. Hone your acting skills. Seduce them. Bosses/interviewers aren't always very bright. Pretending that you really want that part-time position mopping the floor at McDonald's even though you were formerly an engineer because you're starting a new life as a novelist, or actor, or monk, etc. Say anything. Don't lie about previous employment, but you've got to think on your feet. I was once desparate for work and answered an ad in the paper for someone to water plants. I know nor care anything about decorative plants. Thought I'g give it a try. Went in and there were over 20 people waiting to submit resumes. The guy doing the hiring was nice and clearly gay. I went to the bathroom, brushed my long hair (I'm male and straight), sprayed on a little cologne and went out to talk to him about why I really wanted to work with plants, etc. and I acted subtly flirtatious and gay. Nothing over the top. I beat out more than twenty people for the job, a job I was clearly unqualified for. Bullshit them till their head spins. That's how the world works. Whether the economy is good or bad, good grades and skill sets and pedigrees will never replace the human ability to be chameleon-like and seductive. That's how things get done. The interview will get you the job. Another piece of final advice: Don't act desperate. You could be steps from homelessness, but act like you've got all the time in the world. If you're an umemployed accountant who's interviewing for a job as a dishwasher (being eyeballed by a suspicious interviewer), set the bullshit machine rolling by telling them you've had two other dishwashing interviews that day and imply that's what you really want, that you're accounting days are in the past and what you really want to do is wash dishes and take up sculpting, or to volunteer at night to help the mentally challenged, or work with a church--any horseshit to make them think you're legit and that you don't wanna leave there once they hire you. Tell them anything. It's called hustling, and that's why people pulled through during hard times like the Great Depression. They went into survival mode and did whatever it took. I can't stress this enough: just because somebody is a boss, or owns a big company and has a lot of money or power, doesn't mean they're very bright. They can often be very naive and easily manipulated into wanting you around them. I hope I don't sound angry or despondent. I'm not. Hone your acting/improv skills and put on a great show in interviews. You'll get something, if only to buy time until you are able to find gainful employment in your chosen field.

Don't get depressed. Just go for the ride. Good luck to all. You'll pull through. Keep an open mind because we often don't know how things will turn out. Don't stop trying.

mikeguy 4 years ago

The system is broken. Everyone tries to point back at us. You're not smiling wide enough, you aren't banging out enough applications a day. We're in the middle of collapse. I love you all, my brothers and sisters, who try so hard in these desperate times.

bob 4 years ago

Just wanted to give a middle finger to all the optimists out there who have never understood what it's like to be rejected and ignored while sending out 100s of apps, resumes, and cover letters. sitting alone at home wishing they weren't alive.

khalid 4 years ago

Thank You Sir,but how can i apply?

SKW 4 years ago

Hiring manager here...if you have ANY experience implementing/configuring and administering Workday (HRIS), please, please review our posting for the Sr. HRIS Analyst role @costar.com....great salary and relocation to DC metro available.

Khalid 4 years ago

Well those are the most important advices that i have ever read.But it is good when you what you really wanna do,which career you love,and the problem is I DON'T KNOW WHAT DO I WANNA WORK IN ,this is my problem.I can't decide,choose or even identify what do i like,what is my favorite job or career,so that i can find the job of my dreams which is not exist because i don't know what do i like !! how can i identify which job or career do i like.thank you, please help me

Lee 4 years ago

It is tough out there and I cannot find a job for about four years now.

I get annoyed because,I feel like I will never accomplish finding employment.I cannot live without money and I have come to the conclusion that I will have to move to B.C.Canada.Living in Nova Scotia is terrible and there is very limited jobs available and to many people are after the same job.I cannot stand it,anymore and I feel like giving up all together.You go and finish school/college/trade school or university and try to get the education you require and still you cannot find a job in that field.You have to pay back the money you borrowed from the government to attend college/trade school or university and you don't know how you're going to pay it all back.You end up with a dead end job working at McDonald's and making little money,instead.That's just the way life treats us down here on earth.It stinks!

Why??????? 4 years ago

Why is it so hard to even become a corrections officer? I went to the CS website, read everything they demanded, and after all of that I learned you can't even apply. How is it if I want to get trained in the field, take a class, or get started in anyway. God! There are about 50 prisons across Canada, but so few openings. It's even more amazing because correction officer can't be laid off! It's like nothing will open up! COMMON! But I guess it's not all bad..........................

A.D. 4 years ago

CORRECTION TO MY PREVIOUS POST- employer :" we are looking for some one who has 5 years of experience in Excel and you have only 4".

A.D. 4 years ago

hmm. common sense advice. Linked in does not work, I have lots of connections, contacted them all, some of the responded " no, not hiring but will keep you in mind", the rest -did not even respond. I called multiple friends , former co-workers and emailed anyone in my neighborhood ( so sassy of me!) NO ONE HIRES. NO ONE! I'm a financial analyst with 2 masters degrees, 10 years experience, great looking etc and cannot find job. There are little openings out there and too many candidates. My last interview was 7 days ago. I was told I was eliminated because I had "less experience than other candidate". Employers are obsessively picky, you could be 90% match and have almost everything they a looking for BUT this word " almost" , have you noticed ? This is what makes me a suicidal loser: you have 5 years of experience working with Excel and we need some one with 5 years of experience".

Job search is not for everyone. Employers are abusive, damaging to job seekers' ego and mental health, disrespectful, unconsidered and treating us like idiots. IF I DO NOT HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID ENOUGH TO LEARN!???

Sharaaz 4 years ago

Guys listen to me carefully !

Find any job that comes along and then start your own BUSINESS !




AngryMan 4 years ago

No matter how hard I try, no matter how hard I work looking for a job, and no matter how I polish my resume, I feel that its all for nothing. I have applied to literally thousands of open positions and all I get is harassing phone calls from bill collectors. It is hard to pay your own bills with no job and panhandling gets real old after a while and its only table scraps at that. I am giving up hope that I ever will work again and resigned to the fact that I am retired at the young age of 43.

Damien 4 years ago

I probably don't have much to complain about, but, honestly, I have been to at least 20 interviews now, and I am fairly certain that most employers simply do not want to learn that they are not going to be able to hire everyone that wants a job. There simply isn't enough work, hours, or money.

I am going to be homeless at the end of this month. Again. My mother thinks that I am not trying hard enough to find a job. I figured that she would not be able to understand. I realize that she is my mother, but she is dumb. She thinks, as I am sure that a lot of people think, that she is "successful" because she has a house to pay a mortgage on and a tiny Honda Civic to drive at the age of 53, and three college degrees, all in Communications. She doesn't want to realize that she is simply paying interest on money that does not exist. As are other people in her neighborhood "community".

I am going to be homeless again because I am not going to be able to afford housing, utilities, a car or car payments on $7.70 an hour. I remember when I was busting my ass 10 hours a day for $5.15 an hour (that was the min wage for Ohio back in 2004). It took people (as "professional" as they were) TEN YEARS to raise the minimum wage in this state TEN CENTS.

Face it, people, you are not required by law to LEARN.

I think that my mother is a fool. Hear me out if you will...

The perspective that I am going to have to have about myself is that just because I am not one of the herd I don't need to consider myself a failure. I have to learn that my life's education is still useful, even more so now because it is going to be the one I have to depend on while I am homeless and looking for work. I applied for food stamps last week and I was amazed that it only took a day for me to be approved for food stamps. But, if an able bodied, relatively healthy 33-year old male without felonies, drug/alcohol/relationship problems, or kids wants a full-time job just so he doesn't have so much damn spare time on his hands applying for jobs that don't fucking exist, then he will have to wait far longer...

Find a way to understand...

Big John 4 years ago

Hey Sidney, go take your spells and put them where the sun don't shine. Nobody cares you loser.

sidney huster 4 years ago

I never believed in casting spells, but I tried your spell for fun. Two weeks after I cast the Money Spells the supervisor of different branch called me up and offered me a job. This was out of the blue - and a twenty percent raise! I'd been waiting for something more challenging, and now I have it. gbocotemple@yahoo.com

Joe 4 years ago

Not to be negative but this article is just common sense. I've been looking for over a year now for something other than minimum wage. I have a college degree and years of experience but, I can barely get an interview let alone a job. It's the economy not the job seeker. It's an absolute must now that you know someone in the inside. Preferable a manager or executive. That is what it takes for employers to notice you. Sorry but that is the way it is now and it sucks!

nehrim 4 years ago

Many employed fellows like myself might be interested in this for a little read.


nehrim 4 years ago

@Damaged goods

Actually we need to take a page from Belgium.

Something you won't hear in the US modern media is that there is a nationwide strike going on there.

People are refusing to work(seek employment or work a job) and instead are trying to become self efficient.

sister tried to get a job with a car dealership and it turns out they were working together knowingly with a scam artist who ripped her and everybody else off in the class out of over a hundred bucks.

the employment is corrupt and there is nobody who doesn't want a sheep they can rip off.

Sepahcs 4 years ago

Linked in and twitter are the most useless ways to find a job. Networking doesn't work either. Networking for unemployed people is for those people that have to have something on their calender when they really don't.

I know people who have networked really hard. No job after three years. They have Linked in profiles as well.

right on 4 years ago


Damaged Goods 4 years ago

I've concluded that if you've been out of work, underemployed, or display any problematic attitudes (like independent thought) then HR has you branded as damaged goods. Clean and shiny robots and those with real network leverage get the jobs today.

More of us, most of us, need to get up and walk out of interviews saying "I'm sorry, but I will not be insulted." I'm not suggesting giving up. I'm saying that keeping your dignity is key. Let's let employers know that their HR screens are filtering out the dignified talent.

I refuse to beg. I refuse to be humiliated. I refuse to kneel or bow. If you want honesty, dignity, and hire me. If you want a sheep who will never question or ask for a raise........ hire a sheep.

Nojob 4 years ago

I had tried to apply and got interviews for all kind of jobs I can possibly do. I do not understand why it's so hard to get hired now and that they make a big big fuss about interview before they hire you now even for retail and other simple positions. It's very much different from the times since 2004 where I got 2 jobs and was hired without much difficulty and all I have to answer in the job interview is to be honest on how I feel on what to do at certain situations.As for the feeling about the unfair hiring scrutiny of some hiring managers who are also hired to interview in the human resources department of any company, I feel the same way. They should hire hiring managers with a good instruction of Non-discrimination based on race, color, AGE, physical attributes and preconceived idea of a candidate. If this is so, they may include in the job description what they really want - for in fact, some asks for date of birth, age, ethnicity although answering it or not will not affect the hiring process as stated on the application, I guess it should not be asked otherwise.

Nina 4 years ago

I have been looking for a job for two years now and several interviews and can't get hired. I have several resumes and cover letters that extensively outline my skills, interests and experience but during interviews I get asked questions like...What are your career goals? which could be many or what everyone should want, and thats to own their own business but apparently that's not good enough or how about...How did you handle a conflict with your boss or coworker? you say that you've never had conflict and they look at you awkardly like you're lying...The problem is that..the people doing the interviews are looking for key words or phrases...they are not listening to you...for example...I stated in an interview that I had visited the company's website and found that they were developing green job technology and that I was very much interested in learning more about it even participating in a special program or internship....the hiring manager never elaborated on the subject and then sent me an email stating that I was not interested in the job...I believe that hiring managers have in mind who they are looking for..so no matter the skills you have they won't even ask you about them. I speak Spanish but I've never been asked if I can speak a second language in an interview...You already lost the job once you don't fit the expected profile of the hiring manager although, you passed three prescreenings.

Underemployed man 4 years ago

All of these comments hit close to home for me. I graduated in 2008 with a B.A. in Psychology. I worked for the summer months at a mental health facility until I left for AmeriCorps NCCC in October 2008. That program (which was one of the best experiences of my life) ran until July 2009. I was unable to find a job afterwards and eventually had to return to that mental health facility. I have been here for 2 1/2 years now and I consider myself to be underemployed. I am surviving but this job doesn't even require one to have a degree to be employed here. I have applied to tons of jobs, have only had 2 interviews, and I am fed up wtih going to the websites and seeing that I didn't meet the qualifications. I just checked one of the sites and it said "requisition cancelled." That gets so frustrating after awhile and you just want to give up hope. I am thankful for what I do have and I know there are people in the world in worse situations but myself, but it seems that people who want to get ahead just can't. I want to work, I want my own place, I want to make a change in society and I'm not even given the chance. I don't know what to do anymore. I search for jobs daily, I have about 20 different job search websites I go on ranging from craigslist to indeed, etc. Im just ready for a change...

Jim Clark 4 years ago

Good Luck in looking for a good paying AMERICAN JOB !!!

John Smith started the day early having set his alarmclock (MADE IN JAPAN) for 6 am ... While his coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA) was perking, he shaved with his electric razor (MADE IN HONG KONG). He put on a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA), designer jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE) and tennis shoes (MADE IN KOREA).

After cooking his breakfast in his new electric skillet (MADE IN INDIA) he sat down with his calculator (MADE IN MEXICO) to see how much he could spend today. After setting his watch (MADE IN TAIWAN) to the radio (MADE IN INDIA) he got in his car (MADE IN GERMANY) filled it with GAS (from Saudi Arabia) and continued his search for a good paying AMERICAN JOB.

At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his computer (MADE IN MALAYSIA), John decided to relax for a while. He put on his sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL), poured himself a glass of wine (MADE IN FRANCE) and turned on his TV (MADE IN INDONESIA), and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job in AMERICA AND NOW HE'S HOPING HE CAN GET HELP FROM A PRESIDENT (MADE IN KENYA).

Yep, This pretty much says it all... Needs no additional comments!

You gotta keep this one circulating! Vote... Ron Paul

James_Orion 4 years ago

what a bunch of useless dribble.

ivo 4 years ago

if you cant find a job after realy trying seriously for a long time, whats keeping you from starting your own business?

there are stores that survive with selling buttons, so

as long as you commit yourself serious and pour in effort its should be posseble to make a living of practicly anything, let alone if you choose something you have experience in.

dont forget that of the total workforce a significant amount work in small companies.

in my country about 5% of the total workforce is selfemployed.

Barry G. 4 years ago

People who want to work, should be allowed to work.

You shouldn't have to wait for some company to "allow" you to get a job, and pay your bills. Unless magically your landlord doesn't want rent from you anymore, or all your food is free.

Whenever I've been out of work for a long time (it happens cyclically almost every 6 or 7 years) I just want to have a farm, grow my own food and I won't be forced to play the "rat race"/monopoly game, where every move you make, you owe someone else money.

Not to be pessimistic, but at the end of the day, there is always a certain percentage of people that are gonna be out of work. The government knows this, and that's why they have Unemployment Insurance. In other words, the market is "designed" to have unemployed people. There is an expectation there will be jobless people.

The way the market is modeled, is there's always more people looking for work, then there are jobs. It was designed like that by the financial elite. When companies go "shopping" for labor/workers, they will always find people to choose from and "purchase" or hire, like they are shopping.

Those people not working would be called "surplus workers". And imagine them sitting on store shelves in a supermarket, waiting to be purchased/hired. I don't agree with this economic model, but that's what the financial elite decided for the rest of us. And to ensure there is always a steady supply of surplus labor for companies to purchase, the government also immigrates labor.

I don't agree with this market model. I say they should just let the population decrease (currently more people are dying than being born, because white chicks aren't having babies any more) -- that means less workers. But that also means less demand for services, land, housing, resources, etc.

Too bad the bankers are in control. They are doing it for greed.

kathy 4 years ago

I been looking for three years still can't find one. After four years at Uni i'm stll looking. I am out there everyday, please someone GIVE ME A JOB!

jake 4 years ago


Has happened to me as well.

I figured it was because election time is here and companies are making it look like they are hiring like they do at the college career fairs.

Norma 4 years ago

What about when you have a great interview and get an email or call a couple of days later telling you the company has closed the job opening and won't be filling it at this time? This has happened to me twice and I still can't figure out what the deal is here????

Zed 4 years ago

The education system and conventional ways of finding a job should change. Why go to school all those years when most people don't want to or don't really get anything out of it. It's amazing how those institutions keep asking for donations to supposedly help students but really just keep adding more building space and fattening up administrators wallets. Why should people really bother with pointless follow up thank you notes and time consuming customizing cover letters and resumes. What is wrong with just filling out a simple what "we really want from you" application, call back and straight to the point interviews (minus those dogshit questions like,"if you were a dogshit on the side of the road how can you convince someone to pick you up and dispose of you safely."). Really people will hire, keep or fire you for any reason they deem fit at the moment. Wasting all that money where part could have been saved for future survival for the sake of status quo or whatever (even just to be considered average)in society.

Lordofninjas1 4 years ago

I have tried everything you have said on here to do multiple times and I still havent got a job. plus I have no Resume to bring with me to work because I have never had a job before. so what do I do in that situation?

nuts 5 years ago

These are all NICE suggestions but the sad FACT is this country has a huge demand for jobs and a low supply, and we are not investing in industries where they should be. Greed has been running the country in the ground far too long and its still that way the only way to help the US people is for US to take back our nation and demand these corporations use fair practices and invest in us instead of their profit margin because they want to line their pockets with more dirty money.

lilylipgloss 5 years ago

I don't think I need to agree with you about anything. The point I was making is, until the majority of people learn to THINK CRITICALLY outside of their own heads, there will always be a problem. Also, you are forgetting that there are more people like me who are either graduating from school or dropping out of school all of the time. No matter what happens, people will never stop creating more humans. So therefore, the problem WILL get worse. You will always have more people than jobs to give them. This is why the government is 16T in debt and most people have the debts that they do.

Goddamnit, NO ONE thinks anything through...

bernard 5 years ago

Dear powerful kumar(powerfulkumartemple@yahoo.com), We were so financially strapped when I

found you I couldn’t even afford a money spell. You were my last hope to help us get out of

debt and finally have the financial freedom we kept striving for. You sensed my desperation

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you and your circle. You all did so much to help me and my family. We no longer wonder if

we can make the mortgage this month and in fact recently purchased a larger house and no

longer have to worry about answering the phone for fear of creditors.

Thank you for all you have done for me and my family! ~ Bernard, United States, Denver, CO

desperate 5 years ago

How can a person find a job that has no degree over 200 college credits in chemistry? On his record are 2 domestic violence misdemeanors, a civil protection order, a foreclosure, a divorce and a bankruptcy. The guy is 49 and his parents want him out of the house. He had his own company for 10 yrs that failed and hadn't worked for anyone but himself during that time. He's currently living with his 70 yr old parents who buy him food, cigarettes and give him gas money. He's been living with them since his wife left him destitute 6 yrs ago. Apparently he can't get a job due to the background checks. My concern is the stress on his parents, they live off of social security and don't have the money to support him. I'm afraid that if he can't find work the situation may get explosive. I'm a friend of his parents and I'm concerned of his leaching off of them and the fact that the situation may be explosive if he doesn't find work. I'm trying to help them get the guy on his feet. They can't afford to be giving him money. He's been begging them to give him money for gas so he can get back to school to finish his degree. Recently, I spoke to his parents and convinced them not to give him money for school as I'm not sure if a degree would help him at his age with so much on his record. His parents only make around 30k on social security and they are being strapped. If anyone could provide suggestions/comments to help it would be appreciated.

cinci 5 years ago

Jobs are scarce in Cincinnati and it's not getting any better. Friend of mine has several degrees and has been unemployed 3yrs for the exception of a few temp jobs.

lilylipgloss profile image

lilylipgloss 5 years ago

I’m sorry Dami3n, but you totally seem to miss my point that I wrote.

Again, no matter how upset we get, the FACT IS, one hundred vacant jobs for example will not employ 10,000 people. It’s a lot like trying to fit 100 people in a Mini Minor car to escape the rain, it’s just not going to happen, and a lot are going to get wet.

And remember, even if YOU, land that job, there will be 1000’s who missed out, there has to be!

If there isn’t, then the system does not, will not work. Why?, wages will go up, inflation will go up to cover wages, those employing the people will not be in a position to pay poor money with poor conditions. The power will end up in the hands of the workers as they will be able to pick and choose where to work, and the good workers will go to where the money is. This will push wages up.

The power must stay with the people who employ the workers, that’s why the right side of politics blame the unions for all the problems, that the unions put power with the workers (forgetting the fact that gee maybe a company that went bust was poorly run by management).

Even the most right wing person, who has any idea of what they are talking about, does not want FULL EMPLOYMENT, there has to be those that miss out or the system simply does not work!

Again you can romanticise it as much as you like, but it’s like a pyramid scheme; the game is that you’re not the one on the bottom who misses out.

Hence what we have developed is a system where people have become egocentric and were everyone is trying to crawl over the top of each other, be it by obtaining more and more qualifications, or by being pushier or whatever.

And with this we now have a society of burger flippers with Doctorates’, Masters Dec, Grads.

But again, there are only so many burgers that need flipping, someone must, has to, miss out!

Dami3n 5 years ago

I don't think that capitalism is what keeps the boat afloat, learning does. Most employers would like even higher profits. I'm not sure that it would actually make life easier, because they already have plenty of money they don't care to spend. So the money would just sit somewhere, not being used. People, however, are not designed to sit around and do nothing forever. Our lives work is to WORK. Sometimes you get paid, sometimes you don't, sometimes you learn, sometimes you don't. What I think happened is that most people only know how to worry about themselves, this will keep being a problem for whoever those people never bother to worry about, lie-to-yourself or not...

My god is not money because I don't have much, I don't have much because other people have previously decided that they are "more important" than me.

I cannot work for money unless I find someone who is willing to give me work AND pay me for it.

lilylipgloss profile image

lilylipgloss 5 years ago

Hey everyone, it’s not all your fault (or mine for that matter I’m in the same boat) or is it a matter of what you’re doing right, wrong, or whatever.

It’s called capitalism.

Basically the whole system relies on there being a pool of unemployed people, the rate where capitalism works best is 5% or there abouts. With 10% unemployed even a lot of the employers don’t like it that high (however many love it), as it means less people buying their product, hence less profit for them.

So in this system there must, has to be some who miss out, or the system will not work, simple.

Too many jobs for the people will push up wages, and inflation up etc. Those employing the people rely on having a large pool of needy people.

And no matter how upset we get, the FACT IS, 100 jobs for example will not employ 10,000 people.

It’s like a pyramid scheme; the game is that you’re not the one on the bottom who misses out.

So don’t get made at yourselves, get made at the system, capitalism.

fruitless.perpetual.jobsearcher 5 years ago

HR people are "b1tches", their job is primarily find reasons to not hire people. I have 2 misdemeanors, dui and 1/2 of a joint, 6 and 9 years ago, and I have been hired by three large companies only to fail the background check, the interviews go great, but the system in this country is broken, my offenses werent violent, fraudulent, dishonest or hurting anyone, fack this country, i have 2 prestigious degrees, but am resigned to minimum wage flipping burgers ( Im unemployed but have an interview next week (I'll probably fail the background check for a dui from 9 years ago)) faaaaackkkk this country, im saving up to get the fack out

Trim 5 years ago

I feel great empathy and solidarity reading these comments. My story is much like yours, though I live in Europe. I've had several odd jobs over the years, then got my masters and a doctorate degree. This is getting to be five years ago now. Since then - zilch. I'm now pushing 40 with no solution in sight. Have applied for a gizillion jobs, volunteered and taken courses - anything to fill out the CV. Also, I kept thinking these activities would put me in contact with people who might now someone etc. No results.

Lucky for me, my husband is in a secure job, but all my savings are used up and we are now completely dependent on his income. In five years I've had only four interviews. People look down on you, probably thinking there must be something up since you haven't worked for so long. Well, I'm educated, accomplished, polite, punctual, smart looking, etc etc. No criminal record or anything like that. Still, nothing. Yet there seem to be schmucks everywhere holding down a job. Obviously, it's about knowing the right people.

It gets to you socially as well. You pull away from well to do friends because you can't stand to hear about their fab trips around the world and their fab new car/house/dress or what have you. I wish I had some constructive advice to offer, but all I can say is just hang in there. Sadly, the advice from Kathryn in the article above won't cut it anymore. It's not enough.

Also, someone mentioned HR above, and let me just add, HRs are the most useless waste of space wherever you are in the world. Never seen or heard of anyone, employed or not, who's had anything good to say about HRs.

AngryMan 5 years ago

I am just giving up all hope on ever working again. I am well into my fourth year of unemployment/underemployment and it is hard to even have a glimmer of hope. I am tired of smug idiots looking down on me like I am the lowest form of life(My immediate family included in this one). I am told to get off of my butt and look for something. That is exactly what I've been doing with no results. It does not help that I am over 40, strike one, a 2+ year gap in my resume, strike 2, and I am male, strike 3. I will still try looking despite these disappointments. By the way, to those out there saying it is your personality, I call B.S. and no, I have a good personality.

One should not be hired based on the social structure of high school, which means that popular people will get what they want, while the less fortunate will suffer, because this is exactly what I have seen over and over again. This is injustice at its worst and as a result, millions of people are suffering from hopelessness and despair. I am just tired of the insults I have been forced to put up with and I am concerned I am going to assault someone(AKA, a good punch in their filthy sewers).

Sorry for the rant, but I am upset, depressed and my health is starting to decline. I hope things will get better soon or I will not live much past 60. (Would not want to anyway if this continued into my 60's). Back to my endless job search.

AngryMan 5 years ago

That is why I call them "Inhuman Resources.

Educated no experience? 5 years ago

There are literally hundreds of jobs listed everyday, everyday! Im a trained ultrasound tech, and I have 15+ years in hospitality work and management. What frustrates me is that with a shortage of healthcare workers in this country there are hundreds of jobs advertised but all of them require 2,3, or 5 years experience. someone please explain that to me please. As if the couple of thousand dollars that they claim it takes to train an educated newbie is going somehow not pay for itself later on. Nurses, and techs of all fields worked our asses off to make the grades and pass the boards. And the country complains the there aren't enough health workers to meet the needs of the public. Human resource professionals have no hearts.

Lost hope 5 years ago

I have been coming back and forth to this site for months now. Didn't have a job then still don't today, isn't it sad that with all the economic issues they are trying to start more wars and rebuild other countries. It was just today too that I was talking to my sister about getting into the world of crime lol. Now I am a woman looking up construction jobs and things with heavy machinery like they would ever hire me. While I type this I am taking the survey on goarmy.com to see what jobs I should go into. I went to school did all what I needed to do majored in Communication/PR and worked retail for years. I cannot even get an admin assistant job because I don't have the "experience" really I am sure I can learn. I am sick of the keep a positive attitude bullshit I HAVE TRIED BELIEVE ME the positive attitude isn't helping. We need revolutions here like in the middle east this is wrong! People who have done things right, worked their asses off are still getting screwed. I was going to go to the psychic tomorrow to see if I could get some insight but then I think wow that could be gas money. To all you guys out there I am there with you :( it's a sad state of affairs and unfortunately it won't be getting better anytime soon. PS don't listen to your parents/relatives that are pushing more education so you can get in more debt. It's not how it used to be I am 20k in debt deferred my loans twice and time is creeping up on me again to start repaying. For now I will just continue to work out and hope that I can get into the military. Looks like that is the American dream these days. God help us.

Amanda 5 years ago

I'm glad I came across this post, like you all. I'm out of college for six months and have no job. I've been applying and applying, but it's no use. I don't even hear back from the applications sent out.

Also - and this is the hysterical part - as soon as I finished college, a small company hired me. I admit, i was overjoyed to get a job, but also wondered at it because I had no experience. I was only employed for two months because the company had a P.hd. Thesis and 2 Masters Theses they wanted edited freely (I have a B.A. in English - which is totally useless). After I edited these, it was bye-bye job. And since then, nothing.

I've lost encouragement. I hate to look through job adds now because I'll just be wasting ink and paper as well as my own time by applying anywhere. My parents are getting upset, but I really can't help it. I still apply, but not too enthusiastically.

I seen people who almost failed in university get jobs because of who they know, while I'm fighting here to get just an interview or a phone call. It's really discouraging). And it seems like things will not change. Maybe I should just start a bakery or something.

5 years ago

I know that this page is old, but reading it gives me some sense of solidarity with the others who are struggling. To that end, I'll share my story, too.

I have a long work history of wage slave jobs that I preformed very well at. All the while, I worked myself through community college and eventually got a bachelor's degree from a respected university.

I've been unemployed for over a year now, and I have never given up. Every day, I scour job postings, applying to everything I'm qualified or overqualified for.

I got a bite through a friend of a friend, and the HR department even told me they were so impressed with my sample work that I was their top candidate. Then, I was informed that they had chosen someone else. I'm sure the other candidate was equally qualified, but it still stunned me. I went from being a top candidate to not even getting an interview.

Later, another friend of a friend told me about a position at a local gym. I love to work out and have tons of front desk experience, so I applied. I made my call backs, etc. Never even got an interview.

I briefly worked for a small start-up, doing office management and guest reception, but I was laid off after two months because the business couldn't sustain my position.

Since then, I had a glimmer of hope when some people I tangentially know were looking to hire for a CSR position. I interviewed, and everything went well. Then, someone who previously worked there (already trained, etc.) applied, so the position went to them.

Now, I'm back to square one. I'm still applying. I'm still searching. But even with contacts, even with friends of friends, even with extensive work experience, a degree, and the forward momentum to apply myself each and every day, I'm still unemployed.

Best of luck to everyone who is in the same boat. I hope we can all get through this soon.

Jim 5 years ago

Wow NFS comes to mind

Charlie 5 years ago

ok well, what if im so poor that i dont have a car. how am i supposed to get to work? theres no available jobs around here that I can walk to.

crime won't help you 5 years ago

just to note- for those that are "considering a life of crime after having failed in their job search, you're most likely woefully unqualified in the illegal industry. In order to make any sort of money in crime, one is required to either be of genius level intelligence, or have enough previous experience and connections in that area you're already capable. Honestly, it's really not that easy "getting into crime" if you're starting for the first time in your mid-twenties with your previous "9-5 fit into society morality". In fact, if you've the effort to think about going into crime, I'd redirect that same energy into pan-handling....

More on topic, it disgust me to hear people type it's about your connections. Of course it's mostly true, but it's disgusting nonetheless. I had to obtain my hob the hard way, where someone less qualified gets similar or better because they know someone who works "insert". utter rubbish.

Incidentally, trying to find a connector among a rabble of people (myself included) complaining about unemployment is probably futile. I don't give a bloody crap at this point. Then again, I am lucky. My problem isn't unemployment so much as it is gainful employment remotely related to something I want to do or think isn't the most tedious, uselessly, rubbish imaginable.

Damien 5 years ago

I always thought that the point of meeting someone and expressing yourself was so that it can be learned WHAT does NOT work. I really don't mean to politicize, because that would be a mistake in and of itself, but socialism does not and has not worked, now I realize that learning in and of itself may not be a great idea, either. Besides, I would have to have someone who is at least intelligent enough to learn FROM me. I believe that seems to be the problem. Self-education is sometimes its own demise. But so is ignorance.

Anyone got anything entry-level out there? I will pursue anything at this point.

This is Waste, it sounds though you only know how to do for you...

...is anyone here A CONNECTOR who knows how to genuinely help people without pissing someone off???

This is Waste 5 years ago

Hi Damien,

What I wrote is from my own personal experience. And to touch on what you said about being smart, I suppose I am not "most humans."

Clearly OP's advice is outdated and does not work. Look at all the posts who followed the advice as it has not worked for them.

In terms of companies updating positions online via twitter and other social media, there are people who are hired to do so, therefore, serving their employer.

In today's world, your education may not mean anything. It's like background noise. It's all about how you present yourself and the connections you make. So I stand by everything I said. Posting a resume online may never help you. Neither will "putting your trust in Allah" "have faith in Jesus Christ." Be realistic in the jobs you can potentially obtain. I used my physical abilities and my competency to pursue a career in high demand. I had to spend a bit of money getting all my certifications and I had to kiss some ass but I can now reap the rewards of my hard "work before the work." I am still in debt. I still have a far way to go but I'm not longer unemployed and I can eat more than canned tuna and wonderbread and not think about dying in a ditch because it's easier than the perpetual job search I endured for months.

If you do not agree with my advice or think it is not worth your time to attempt, that's fine too. I hope what you do works out for you.

Hi 5 years ago

Here is my story, i was laid of in 2009 from a power company. I held 2masters in engineering and an MBA. I applied all over the world. I get interviews all the time and sometimes until 3interviews for the same position. i never got the job except for 1time i got the offer and they called me back in a couple days telling that the position is conceled due to budget :)

right after i was laid off i decided to pursue my phd until i get a job. It looks that im getting the PHD but not the job :)

“If you put your trust in Allaah in the true sense, He will grant your provision as He grants to the birds, who go out in the morning hungry and come back full.”

Jw 5 years ago

Skimming through these comments, it's nice to know i am not alone. I have two degrees, one in science and a master's in engineering. I have been unable to secure employment eventhough i have experience. I signed up at a temp agency and it appears that i'm overqualified for customer service jobs or office work. In this economy, it seems our only options are relocating or starting our own business. I've spent so much time crafting resumes and researching companies, trying to stay busy volunteering, taking classes..all to no avail. I'm definitely going to stay positive and keep trying.

Im done 5 years ago

well i have to say reading these stories does make me feel better now heres mine...went to university to study acting and get a BA for it (even though i didnt want to go to uni because i knew i wasnt ready, but when ur dad spent 22 years as a marine...trust me you go to uni...) so i went hated the course and the people (why are actors so up themselves anyways?!) came back (i live out in cyprus) tried finding work got laid off because my old boss has the thickest cypriot accent ever (im serious google that sh**) he asks me to get the swords for the h'orderves (i was a waiter at a hotel) but it sounds like hes saying sorts...anyways long story short he thinks im makin fun of him and fires me on the spot...(this was back in09...since then i looked around for work (keep in mind i live in limassol which has a population of say 20/30 thousand) and trust me the economy is just as F***** out here as it is back in the US....i get a job at another hotel the boss when he hires me says he'll pay me 1000 a month...the end of the month comes....i get 300...300!! (and thats after waiting 2 months later than when i was supposed to be paid!!!) worst part? those were good times...bcz this place is so small u can really only apply to a few hundred places every few months...and trust me these Cypriots roll like the italian mafia...they dont like outsiders....so if you're not one of them you better make SURE you're friends with someone who knows a friend of an uncle etc etc....now I cant find anything and honestly? I give up...looks like its a life of crime for me...im done being a** raped by the system its my turn to rape it

Angry Worker 5 years ago

I was laid off in January of 2011 as part of "reduction in workforce" for a national grocery chain. I was upset but figured "Hey I will collect unemployment and find something else easy...no problem" Boy was I wrong! I looked for work for 10 months. Filled out about 300 applications got maybe 6 interviwes and finally landed a job at another retailer as a supervisor. Of course 4 dollars an hour less and no bebefits but it was work right? I started off at about 40 hours a week,then afer the holidays it went to 20 hours a week,now I get 12-14 hours a week and am collecting partial unemployment all the while looking for something better. Thank goodness my hubby has a good,stable job or I would be screwed. I am just fed up. Then the place I am working at now tells me it is a conflict of interest if I get another job...REALLY? You expect me to live on min wage working 12 hours a week? Screw you Uncle Sam

Damien 5 years ago

I certainly do not need to argue with people about anything, I just want a job. But I'm a little tired of the vague advice. I know some people are attempting to help, but...

This is Waste, I am not convinced that you are looking to help anyone in particular, I would like to know how it is that you know what you do? How do you know that companies update by the minute? I don't think that people are that resourceful that they CAN work their full-time job serving their employer and help someone get his or her own foot in the door at the same time. Most humans simply are not that smart. Let's not be self-righteous, here. The economy is screwed up enough as it is.

I cannot force connections. How did you know YOUR advice works any better than the OP'S? I am willing to talk with someone who is able to learn from what they themselves are doing and think outside of their own head. There is no good in telling someone that they don't know enough when you do a poor job in increasing their understanding, worse yet, you can't solve their problems.

This is Waste 5 years ago

First off.. Niceguy up there... go fuck yourself.

Posting resumes through things like Monster or Workopolis or Craigslist will NOT do SHIT for you. At all. Do not sit on your ass and wait for a company to hire you. It will NOT happen. Most of them hire internally anyway or the job does not exist.

Get up... make connections. Go to business seminars, medical seminars,or other public gatherings. Colleges and universities have them all the time and you do NOT need to be a student to attend. Dress nicely and talk to people. Sure you make look amazing on paper, you may not but if you can present yourself in a way that says "I would do great things for your facility" then you will make connections.

Second, branch out. Are you fit? Get your personal training license. It's a self-sustainable business. Are you young? Get a smart serve license and bartend for a little. There are SO many opportunities out there but you CAN NOT sit on your ass and wait for it to come to you. It sucks but you HAVE TO spend a little to start making some. I have been unemployed for months.. handing out resumes like an idiot. Been to interviews. Had doors slam on my face. I gave up for a little while. But I went and did 30 hour courses and now I am gainfully employed. There are SO many certifications you can get and it only takes a week max out of your life to do it. Do some research on how you can go about getting a REALISTIC job for you.

Third, use the internet. The world today runs online. Spend some time signing up for LinkedIn and Twitter. You older folks may think its all shit for young people but I have signed up just this month and have been following jobs, internships, large companies I would like to work for; they update by the MINUTE so you can be the first to apply and the first in the know. Use your resources.

I hope this was the least bit useful. It isn't easy out there at all but keep pushing and things will work out. Be realistic, keep your focus and don't let the frustrations and rejections knock you down.

niceguy 5 years ago

simple fact is women have it easy finding a job. Most business want females so they can perv on them and play silly childish time wasting games with the females at work. How much work do women actually get done ? Nothing. I have worked in about 6 different places all the ladies do is play with their hair, fcuk around, chat endless shit at work, waste time , dress semi-naked ...God women dont even deserve a job.

Damien 5 years ago

I live in the Cleveland area and have managed to become employed twice in the last six months. But the jobs ended up being temporary jobs that have done a really good job of making my resume look bad. I am going to be seen as a job hopper now...funny thing is, a few years ago, I was a student at Cleveland State, and a lot of those students had NO clue as to how to properly interview someone. Not only that, they had no work ethic, no sense of professional ethics or morals about themselves, and to boot, I have witnessed the same sort of behavior from both area recruiters and employers who do not make the effort to return phone calls (let alone answer them).

If anyone has any REAL job leads, I will be grateful to even consider them. I can and have worked any shift and I really believe that I can learn just about anything. If I have to move, I can do that as well, I never had much and the rest I either lost to thieves or it was sold on eBay.

I've figured out that a lot of the postings that I have seen on Craigslist, Careerboard, Indeed, and several others are rife with job postings that can't be verified.

What I cannot understand is why, out of the 320 million or so people living in the USA, NOT ONE was able to predict future economic upsets?


I want a job just as bad as everyone else, but someone should have been able to figure out that you cannot just keep raising all of the damn prices on stuff, because then you will eventually run out of people who are able to pay YOUR PRICES. Which will put YOU out of work, too. Why do Americans keep electing one dumb ass after another? BECAUSE NO ONE LEARNS ANYTHING.

The solution is to LEARN. That means that employers need to understand our needs as job candidates at least just as well as they expect us to understand their greed, their prices, their incompetence, their selfishness, their bickering, etc.

I have not been this fed up in years. All those years of people believing that a better life comes after someone hands you what is called a degree, that a better life comes once you buy your way into debt. I'm at about $28,000, which I realize is not much, but it may as well be 28 billion, cause I don't have any of it. I am tired of worrying about my teeth, and just HOW fast am I gonna be able to move out and STAY OUT of my mother's house? You guys think you've had it bad. I have been homeless a few times before.

I Thank God I don't have kids. I want to be an ex-pat so bad, just so I can end up with a job.

What the hell happened? I didn't get a scholarship, I didn't make tons of money like some people got to, I couldn't even complete school! The job search tips DO NOT and ARE NOT going to help, because then you'll just end up with a bunch of people who are all doing the same damn thing.

Someone has to be able to get these GODDAMN EMPLOYERS TO THINK AND LEARN about someone besides themselves...

Big John 5 years ago

Seriously, someone should remove Amanda's post because the last entry looks like spam. Astrologers can stick it where the moon don't shine and go somewhere else.

Amanda 5 years ago

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AngryMan 5 years ago

We need to do something more than whining if we are going to get some results for our predicament. That's right rebellions and revolts are in order and it will show the government that the people are fed up with everything. It may just send them and the 1% a message that we won't stand by and take it anymore. I am tired of all of this because I am thinking of turning to crime now to support myself since there are no jobs. It has gotten that bad for me and my health is declining at 43 years old. This is why I am advocating a large scale revolt or rebellion so people like me and millions will be heard and have a chance. So what are you people waiting for? rise up and rebel against all of this countries nonsense.

profile image

caryn0827 5 years ago

Nice to see that my husband and I are not the only ones suffering. He was laid off from HP in 2007, out of work for almost 4 years, and finally even with a degree in IT, went a got a certificate as a CNA. Now he works what I think is manual labor for $10/hr which after taxes comes out to around $7/hr. I recently was fired from a company because I had an injury that happened outside of work. It has been about 8 weeks, I have an Bachelor's in Accounting and Finance, as well as an MBA, 15 years of experience....yet I get called for data entry positions......even the job I held prior to this BS about the injury didn't pay near what I was used to. I have done all of the things the write recommends, yet no responses. While 8 weeks might be nothing, right after I graduated with my MBA I was out of work for almost 3 years until I got lucky and found the one mentioned above. We have lost everything, two homes, friends, family, one of whom is a 1% wealthy person, yet does nothing to help his daughter. I get told that I am lazy, useless, etc. He has plenty of contacts, you would think he would put a word in for me. It looks like we are going to lose our fairly decent apartment and have to move to the ghetto where all the crime happens......who knows since my 1% father won't help me, maybe I will be a drug dealer. Ok...probably not, but the odds are not encouraging for this 36 year old woman who worked her a** off for all we had. I guess all I can do is keep trying! Of course you would think these 1% people would be doing something to help others, they can't take their money with them.....pretty pathetic when they won't help their own kids.......oh well. Glad to know I am not alone.

sharone 5 years ago

Realistic, you really should change your name. Your audacity in calling everyone that is unemployed as lazy is incredibly insulting and if they are living off of unemployment and you're "paying for their mortgages", it obviously meant they had jobs but were laid off for one reason or another, usually due to no fault of their own. I'd rather have a job than live off unemployment, especially considering how little you get.

I seriously hope you find yourself in a bad situation and get every door slammed in your face. Maybe then you'll know what it's like. You think just because there are jobs, that we can snap them up as we like?

And as for being loyal, would you rather starve because you couldn't find a job that you think you'd like, or take any job and be able to pay rent and be able to eat? Work is called work for a reason and if it was only about "loyalty" and "liking what you do", I'd quit my job this instant, as many others would. Does that make me lazy? I have plenty of better things to occupy my time and energy but the bills don't pay themselves as we all know.

So I continue to go to my temp job that makes me miserable and which is a dead end because I don't want to be homeless.

So take your self-righteous attitude and stick it.

sharone 5 years ago


ALAN 5 years ago



William 5 years ago

totally useless advise. I don't about you folks, but have you been seeing the new trend with HR managers? They consider such steps as this useless, apparently, through the words of HR managers, they are looking for people to disqualify in the hiring process. The methods of writing a resume are so vast by HR personnel to personnel, there is no give truth or absolutely. its a shot in the dark.

The Dragon Speaks 5 years ago

I have been out of work for a while. Like some of the people have already commented on, you could walk into a place and be hired on the spot. But times are changing and dinosaurs like me are heading for extinction. A long time ago work experience was what people wanted, now it seems to be all about degrees. So I decided to go get one and worked my ass off for it. Also being disabled doesn't help either. But I found one glimmer of hope, Ebay. I've always bought things their but never sold anything. I'm very surprised how well its going with my selling. So this may be a good way to make yourself some cash. I'm still looking for a job though, Ebay doesn't have health insurance. To everyone here good luck on your job searching and don't give up.

Big John 5 years ago

This tool does not really have an idea of what it is like out there. He seems to be part of the 1% who have no clue about the dire situation millions of people are finding themselves in today. TO YOU, YOU NEED TO QUIT JUDGING PEOPLE WHO ARE EXPERIENCING HARD TIMES AND DOING THE BEST THAT THEY CAN. I am going to college full time right now and will graduate in June. AH yes, I did make use of my spare time during this hard time in my life and by the way, I did work part time jobs all of this time, but was laid off every time, because THESE GREEDY SLUGS DID NOT WANT TO GIVE ME A RAISE OR BENEFITS.

Therefore, I was sent packing out the door and another unsuspecting individual was put into my place. This is how big corporations have made billions of dollars during these hard times. People such as yourself have caused tyrannical leaders to come to power throughout recorded history and the results of that were very bad. Does Hitler, Stalin, Castro, and other thugs mean anything to you? The current state of affairs in my country frighten me, because people like you are looking for someone to blame. This is the exact same thing that happened in Nazi Germany and millions of innocent people were sent to their deaths as a result.

Also, the unemployment rate is not 7%, but it is 9% officially. However, the real unemployment rate is 18%-20% because the government does not count those who have given up. I am not going to threaten you, because that will make me no better than you and that makes me the better man. It just amazes me that wimps such as yourself hide behind a keyboard and hurl insults at your fellow countrymen. You are totally evil to the core and your time will come when you stand before god to receive your final judgment. This is all for now since I have to go get ready to work another crappy day at Wal-Mart. Yes, I do have a job, but it isn't fun at all and does not pay what I'm accustomed to making. End of rant.

Realistic 5 years ago

Wow! What a bunch of self affirming propaganda. I read most of the comments here and laughed. No jobs? There are literally tens of thousands of jobs just on indeed.com. Not to mention the hundreds of other job sites out there. I am so sick of the LAZY unemployed crying about how they were the perfect employee, but they don't have a job. 7% unemployment? Do you realize this means that for every 7 of you unemployed 93 people have jobs? Or for for every 1 unemployed person 14 people have jobs? Realize that if you were such a wonderful employee you would have a job right now. Use this as a sign to change yourself and make yourself hirable. Quit complaining and do something. Remember (as I am an employer) attitude and personality win or lose you the job. If you go in saying how overqualified you are but will take any job, that is a slap in the employers face. We know you will not be loyal and will jump ship when any opportunity arises, and we will not hire you. Talk about your love for the company and industry. Quit thinking you are owed a job because 14 people have jobs as opposed to your one unemployed self. Those of you living off of unemployment, I am tired of paying your mortgage. If you don't have a job sell that house, cars, everything of value and quit mooching off people who actually work for a living. IF YOU ARE NOT WORKING you do not deserve these things. Take responsibility for yourselves and own up to the true reason you are unemployed. LAZINESS!!! I look foreword to everyone's comments to this post. It will prove my point. P.S. If you can afford a computer and Internet you don't need to be on unemployment. DEAL WITH THE TRUTH!

Hope4November 5 years ago

The current POTUS should be focused on jobs (as people on this board are a small fraction of the situation in the US). I feel everyone's pain, and there is something that can be done about it. Please research who to vote for this election. Look at it from both sides and then decide. It will help! The next POTUS must place economic growth AHEAD of all else. (this doesn't mean the other things are excluded, like duck populations :)



A lot of us will miss out on jobs if this pipeline doesn't happen!

I don't mean to start a political debate here. Just trying to offer some light to a very dark situation. I wish everyone the best.

-Unemployed Honors Student with a Master's in Engineering

to the sender of the last post 5 years ago

Shut up, plz! Not everybody have the 'luxury' to use a computer in the morning, let alone eat a proper breakfast in front of a computer to see the 'romance' of the unemployment situation. Try to raise two babies while you are it or not going to the doctor when you really need it just because you dont have money for the health insurance. I hate yuppie/middle/class/babyboomer/ kind of thinking aka be all you can be, follow this and that. Spare us the philosophy because clearly you are a man with a job, not a single mother trying to get by despite having two College degrees or just a more common sense person. Have a good lunch break! I'm sure I want one of those right now instead of 'romance' my unemployment situation.

http://www.collegeaftermath.com/support-managing-post-college-crises/when-you-cant-find-a-job/ 5 years ago

Don’t limit yourself. I remember receiving two calls from two different jobs each wanting me to come in for an interview. One of the jobs was in my field, and I was completely qualified and excited about it. The other was nowhere near my field of expertise, and I was barely experienced for the position. I almost turned down the interview for the second job, because I couldn’t turn off the what-ifs… What if they both offer me a job? What if the second job is offered first? What if I accept the second job and then the first job is offered? In the end, I ended up with the second job, after the first one interviewed me twice then never called back. Which taught me not to ever pass up an opportunity because you’re afraid of a situation that hasn’t happened yet. Don’t worry about what choice you will make if you get two job offers. Don’t stress yourself out about what you will do if you land your dream job three weeks after you accept a pay-the-bills job. Make the decisions as they present themselves; don’t waste your time worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, and most importantly, don’t limit yourself because you’re afraid of situations that might happen…chances are, they won’t.

Know when it’s time to make a change. Be aware of your progress, your finances, and your overall situation. Understand what your last-resort options are, and know when to take them. If you’ve been searching for a career for 8 months to no avail and are growing deeper and deeper behind on your bills, then it might be time to give it up and look for any job. At a certain point, any job is better than none. Remember, it’s only temporary. Chances are, with a college degree, you really can get a general-labor job if you want one. It may be mowing lawns, or flipping burgers, or running a cash register, or chopping veggies. But it’s a job, for now. And your job search shouldn’t stop here. Keep job hunting while working and something eventually will change. If you are working a pay-the-bills job but are still struggling, falling behind, and unable to land what you consider the “right job” – then it’s also important to know when it’s time to move on… or move home. As much as it’s not in the plan book, moving home is an often-overlooked option that, in itself, should remind you how lucky you are. To have a fall-back plan in the most dire situation is smart and nothing to be ashamed of. It is too, only temporary.

Lastly – enjoy this insecure, adrift, wandering phase of your life. Because with all certainty, it won’t last. Someday you will have a job, you will be settled, and you will – absolutely – reminisce about the days when all you had to do was wake up and explore the possibilities of where your life will go. Looking for a job, though challenging and daunting, is the equivalent of standing at a cross-roads and choosing which way to go. Entertain your craziest ambitions and remember that the choices you make now will affect the rest of your life. And if nothing else, enjoy the fact that you can sleep in, eat breakfast by the computer, and spend the day wallowing in your life and the direction you want to take it.

Michael Wilbourn 5 years ago

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I am not just some spammer posting a message. This is a real good quality eBook that will get you results if you put in the work.

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If you want to speak to me (I am the author) then just drop me a emaill at wilbourn.mike@gmail.com.

Thanks and good luck starting your online business.

Justin 5 years ago

This type of web publishing should be banned everywhere on all websites. The content is regurgitated common sense. I always like how vague these articles actually are, never giving specific references, examples, links to helpful published content. This is like saying "hey yeah you can become president with hard work", but are such statements really helpful? Try putting a little effort into your writing instead of re-inventing the complete idiots guide to "how to get a job".

PS4 5 years ago

Nineteen months after getting a master's degree from a big private university in Southern California, I finally got a job--but only after I went through a three month training program for a post-baccalaureate certificate in the medical field. And it has nothing to do with my other 3 degrees. It's low paying, but at this point, I am thankful for anything. Hope everyone finds a job soon...

Tammi 5 years ago

It is ugly out there. My husband has been having trouble finding and keeping a job for the last 3 years. We are getting ready to lose our house and will have no where to live. I have no idea what we are going to do. If things do not get better we all my be living in cardboard boxes.

Paul 5 years ago

Great advice, i have just managed to get a job though wiggletree I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new job www.wiggletree.com

Angry Man 5 years ago

Capitalism is a failure and revolution is the answer. Rise up against the 1% pigs and take our country back.

Gen 5 years ago

This was semi helpful, I didn't realize that I should just put my resume directly in the body of the email and not use an attachment. However, I do the rest, aside getting out of the house alot, I can't afford the gas money at the moment so the only time I go out is if it is mandatory. I have a certificate as a nursing assistant, you would think that would be a high demand job. But I have put in several applications over the last month and had one interview, NOT in the field that I am certified for. The job market is tough these days. Monster jobs actually had been guilty of having the "unemployed need not apply" theme, currently. I have a per diem job at the moment, but that does not help pay bills, and I left my minimum wage part time job for a huge corporation just to take this job that promised me full time if I so chose to get that many hours. I get about 18 hours every two weeks. So please tell me, what am I doing wrong here?

des 5 years ago

Yes this is useful information but unfortunately when you are over 50 no matter what you are at the bottom of the stack. I have made it through online interviews, phone interviews but when I go for the in-person interview sitting there giving a great interview and no one would not say that I am the ideal candidate for the position except that I am over 50. Does not matter that I do not look older than 40, have intelligence, experience, energy and good work ethics, I am still 25 yrs older than my interviewers and they will not hire me. Does not matter the law says they cannot discriminate, they can use any excuse they want to not hire me but the bottom line is my age. I have had decreasing income for the last 10 yrs mostly because I have worked for non profits who use money to pay themselves(administrators) rather than spend the money on the programs they were funded for, which means I would have been paid for the work I do instead of making a good name for them while they collect the bucks. Now I have been out of work since May, have run out of money, living in the house of a friend , using their car, sending out resumes everyday, pounding the pavement weekly, and going on interviews only to get the sorry response or no response at all, but here I am a perfecally capabable human being with talents and knowledge only looking to work and support myself and yet I am not good enough for the younger generations to hire! If it were not for us, they would not be where they are,and yet we have no value and no use because of our age. What are we, what am I supposed to do?? I am at the end of my rope and have no idea what I will do now. I have been a good citizen, hard worker raised 2 good kids who are now contributing members of society and yet I am tossed aside, given no worth, no job so now what!!!

guest 5 years ago

i suggest having faith in Jesus Christ. through faith in Jesus a person can overcome the world.

Forrest 5 years ago

I think a big part of all of this is rapidly advancing technology. I graduated with a degree in video production in late 2010, and I definitely picked the wrong field to get a degree in. Nowadays, robotic cameras and simplified devices make it so one person can do the same job that it used to take 7 to do. Thus, many veterans of the industry are getting laid off and replaced with "one-man bands" so to speak. It's not just video either. Just look at any local grocery store. Only 2-3 employees run a checkout lane while 90% of the work is done by self-checkout machines. The automobile industry has gone through a similar transition. Basically, it's something that cannot be avoided. Technology will keep getting better, making manpower less of a need for almost all jobs. The only thing we can really do is hope society can adapt and accommodate an increasing population with a decreasing percentage actually needed in workforces across the country.

Rudy 5 years ago

I still haven't found the perfect job after college. This survey is helpful but there are no jobs out there and no one is hiring.

Lee 5 years ago

I have read a few comments here and it is very difficult to get going once you lose a job because unemployment gaps. Maybe prayer is the best choice. Thou alot of people might feel hopeless, i have been threw unemployment gaps time and time again. Yet it's always parttime jobs until you get some kind of training, which today seems like nobody would give the time of day to so. Take a parttime and work up. Yep no college or training and nO experience. Things well get better for alot of us. I'm like 30 something and basically can't find Anything although I live in a small town , and it's fustrating to drive to nearest city and get established. Jobs are difficult to find and when you ever get one you like don't ever quit it until you have one in line to jump to . Good luck all. Hopefully we all get where we want to be :)

Mary 5 years ago

I have a degree in Finance and used to have a job that paid $45 per hour. Now, employers are complaining about paying $17 per hour. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. How can anyone live on $17 per hour, or less? Scary.

James 5 years ago

Hi I live in a moderately sized city in the Southwest. I had a job at a fast food chain for a year and a half, worked my way up to manager. And as the manager i was only making eight dollars an hour. I worked some overtime, but i got paid my regular wage under the table for it. I wanted to go to school, but did not have the money by myself. So I applied for financial aid. Unfortunately my parents made too much money for me to get financial aid. Despite the fact I did not benefit from that at all. However, I found a new job that paid me nine dollars an hour, canvassing and working to protect the environment. It was also a full time job, so to move up, I left my job at the fast food place and took the better paying one. Six months flew by and it went great. I was about to start school because now I could afford community college. However at the end of the six month period, the fund I was working for lost funding. So I had no job again, and was unable to pay for my schooling because I had to live off the remaining money. It has been about 5 or 6 months since then. I have applied to literally everyplace I know of within my metropolitan area. Even some positions that I am not qualified for. I am still in contact with my previous employers and they all would hire me back if they could, they all give me good recommendations. I have probably gotten called back about a dozen times out of hundreds of applications, resumes, and emails. I have even gone to the point of nearly harassing employers. Finding out when they are in, and trying to at least shake their hand, hoping they might remember me. I am close to getting a job. There is one guy who told me I was at the top of his priority list of people to hire after countless emails, and attempts to meet him. It has been two weeks since that. I just don't know what to do. I am angry and upset. I have done everything right. And as far as my personal appearance I am a 22 blonde white male with a height of five, nine, and I would say I am relatively clean cut. I am nice, hardworking, and an effective communicator. But all that seems to not matter, and after a while its like what am I suppose to do? I do not consider suicide, as others have mentioned. I have no girlfriend or significant other, as others have mentioned. My parents are broke and going through a divorce. My mother is a closet drinker. She lives with me and is slowly just dying away. She has had multiple surgeries in the last few months so she literally is not in the condition to work.

I manage to make some money by doing yard work for neighbors and various handy man jobs. I am also skilled on fixing computers so I have done some various jobs revolving around that. However, it doesn't pay the bills.

And the more time that goes by where my work just doesn't seem to pay off the less encouraged I am to play in this game. I am seriously considering living off the grid all together. By myself on the road living as a transient hobo. And it is really too bad. I keep up with the news, I vote, and if given a chance I am fully capable of being a responsible member of society. However, society, or at least the society created by our current economic system doesn't want me.

And as for government hand outs? I would love to get some of those, because it seems that getting financial help where I am is very hard and really isn't a hand out at all.

Eve 5 years ago

I am mexican american and it pisses me off that total wetbacks can get everything handed to them I dont even qualify for public assestance hand how crappy is that while any forgin can just get housing,

profile image

jnoll 5 years ago

It is hard for Honest candidates to find a job but not for people who are less then honest. I just read The Fake Resume Guide by Dana Porter and I am shocked! No wonder I don't get any responses to my resumes I am not customizing them to fit the job because I am honest. The book showed me how people are faking their work history, education, experience etc. They even bring fake proof! Like fake paycheck stubs and fake W2 forms to say they got experience at a job they never worked at and they get away with it! Can you believe this?

Lily 5 years ago

We dont have a library or a coffee shop.

habberdashery 5 years ago

Be willing to step on everyone around you and you might get somewhere. The sad truth is that you are nobody until somebody thinks you are, and hopefully they tell someone who will want to hire you, degree or no degree. I have to say that the cost of my degree was way too high and I have gotten little out of it. Should have stopped after maybe a year or two instead of doing 4 years.

bob 5 years ago

I have been watching this forum for over a year and unfortunately do not see things getting any better. It looks like today it really does not matter whether one is old or young, degree or not. The economy crises is much deeper then the elites have us believe. I even tend to think that the all thing was engineered for their narrow minded purpose. Do they want all of us not on top to be "working for a bowl of rise"?

Fact is that those pointers in the article may have been relevant in a long past, but today in the new world we need something more. Basically there have to be jobs and careers to be had and it seems there are just not enough to go around. I really do not have the answer and wish things were different.

Anon 5 years ago

If you go for a job you are over-qualified for, you may not get it as your potential boss may think you will overtake him/her on the ladder to the top.


It is not what degree you have, but where you got it that matters. It is unfortunate but true.

Actually, you're the moron. 5 years ago

Sorry you are bitter for being uneducated. I am the first one in my family to attend post secondary and have a university degree. I also worked my ASS off for it. I have worked LABOR jobs, office jobs, even was part time getting my ASS grated in the Armed Forces WHILE getting an education because my parents were poor, uneducated immigrants and do not have the money to pay my education or help me out in the least bit. I now have a lovely degree sitting on top of my dresser staring me in the face while I try to get a professional job. Its been 2 months and it is not going well. However, some of the IDIOT brats who were in my graduating class who now sit on their unlocked trust fund are their daddy's secretaries and assistants. It's really hard competing with the rich and the privileged and those who did not have to work hard to achieve something that people HOPE to give them a decent job.

So don't bash college graduates. Some of us have been struggling TWICE as hard as you. FYI, I AM in student loan debt and no one owes me anything but I DESERVE a living. I hope with all the hard work I've been putting in trying to find a job will pay off. And I hope it does for you too so you could stop being so miserable and taking it out on those who are truly making an effort.

To you are a MORON 5 years ago

You are a MORON,

Just cause you have a a piece of paper known as a degree, means fuck all in the real world. You want a job? Well GET IN LINE!

I am so sick to death having to hear from college losers like yourself about how you have a degree and that you deserve a job. Well guess what, you're degree means fuck all in the real world. Its a just a worthless piece of paper!

You are really a fucking snob. You deserve everything that is happening to you now. I hope you suffer from your student loan debt. You wouldn't even be capable of doing an unskilled labour job.

So get this message into your narrow minded head college grad: NO ONE OWES YOU A LIVING! NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING!

You are a MORON! 5 years ago

Hey why dont most of you shut the f*ck up! You have no idea. I have a Masters and cant find work. You and your unskilled labor shit can stuff it. What happened to incentive based pay.

lmlmlml 5 years ago






elmn 5 years ago

Im in the same situation... All the jobs that I've had required me to interact with people face-to-face and/or over the phone so I have experience providing customer service. I left my last job because it was like if I didn't have a life, I would receive calls 24/7, I was miserable! So I left my job hopping to find a better job.. well it's been 5 months..I'm jobless and still miserable! I've submitted so many applications to retail stores and fast food companies and they all required experience. Seriously?!!! I'm been in many interviews but I never hear back from them after. It seems like all the customer experience I have is not enough; they want someone who already has cashiering experience so that they don't have to spend time and money training you. It's really frustrating. I'm the kind of person you would think I'd get any job easily. I don't mean to be conceited but I'm pretty, friendly, I have a great personality, not only that but I'm a asset to any company, I have a lot of goods qualifications/skills.. and still no job! In top of the economic issues the lack of a job has brought to me, my relationship with my signficant other has also been questioned and damaged. It's so frustrating!!!

ENGLAND 5 years ago

Yup in same situation as most, its sXXt!!!

Veronica 5 years ago

I graduated from an Ivy league school with a bachelors and I can't even get a position as a barista or the counter person because they all require 'experience in the food service industry' seriously?!!! I applied to retail jobs, got one interview and never heard back from them after. Later I heard through a friend that they were looking for some one experienced. We all have to start somewhere though, right? But what do you do when no one gives you that chance? :( I've sent out my application to express, old navy's, bebe, petco and many other places. I've never heard back. This is killing me. If I can't find a job by the end of the month, I'm going to have to move back home and be dependent on my parents forever.....

jdm 5 years ago

Wow.....honestly these stories have not only given me hope but I've. Also realized that I'm the only one in a shitty Situation.... I've been unemployed for about two years. Unemployment checks don't cover anything but bills. I can't even pat rent. I live with my uncle and everyday I heard that I'm either a lazy kid or wasting my life away on purpose. I go to school. My uncle works all day literally... Here never gets a day off and if he does, he works for someone else's Shift. I do admire that but working and not enjoying life is not my cup of tea. I listen to friends complain about their jobs and just think to my self. Wow your dumb as fuck because I would give any try hung to that I have a job. I have experience in retail and in the medical fields. I guess I'm not skinny enough to work at brand name shops. I dress professional and my resume is outstanding. The other day I saw an opening soon siathrift shop and I thought it was an open opportunity..... For me. the guy ignored my calls and when I went in person he didn't even open the door to at least tell me no he wasn't hiring. Now when I call.. every few days....I get a hang up. I know I'm more than qualified for this position. Trendy. Hipster is my thing. Ha but yet I'm being denied it's such a miserable feeling to get false hopes and get back to square one. I will continue to strive for that open job position.. where ever it may be "/

jdm 5 years ago

Wow.....honestly these stories have not only given me hope but I've. Also realized that I'm the only one in a shitty Situation.... I've been unemployed for about two years. Unemployment checks don't cover anything but bills. I can't even pat rent. I live with my uncle and everyday I heard that I'm either a lazy kid or wasting my life away on purpose. I go to school. My uncle works all day literally... Here never gets a day off and if he does, he works for someone else's Shift. I do admire that but working and not enjoying life is not my cup of tea. I listen to friends complain about their jobs and just think to my self. Wow your dumb as fuck because I would give any try hung to that I have a job. I have experience in retail and in the medical fields. I guess I'm not skinny enough to work at brand name shops. I dress professional and my resume is outstanding. The other day I saw an opening soon siathrift shop and I thought it was an open opportunity..... For me. the guy ignored my calls and when I went in person he didn't even open the door to at least tell me no he wasn't hiring. Now when I call.. every few days....I get a hang up. I know I'm more than qualified for this position. Trendy. Hipster is my thing. Ha but yet I'm being denied it's such a miserable feeling to get false hopes and get back to square one. I will continue to strive for that open job position.. where ever it may be "/

R.W. 5 years ago

This list seems pretty basic and I have done all of these things. I thought that I did everything else right too. I graduated December 2010 with two bachelor's degrees. I made sure to graduate with a high GPA (3.73/4.00) because I always hear that it helps to put a high GPA on a resume. I managed to keep myself out of trouble enough to not have a criminal record (I always hear that even a misdemeanor can keep people from not getting hired). As of right now, I have also managed to keep my excellent credit score (I have heard that employers won't hire based on a poor credit score). I have good job history; both management and administrative experience. I lost my job about 7 months ago, but was looking for a different job 2 months prior to my graduation in 2010.

I have posted well over 1500 resumes since then. I have had some interviews, but not for very good jobs and most of the interviewers don't even mention my education. Most of these interviewers called me in for the interview based on one or more of my lower-level skills. I feel so insulted by this and the fact that I don't even hear back from them. It also seems like I am probably more qualified than most of these people interviewing me. It just pisses me off that many of these interviewers have had this snobby attitude towards me.

I also worked very hard for my degrees. I pulled so many all-night study sessions while working full-time in a stressful management job. I feel so angry when the interviewers don't even mention my education. It also seems like so many of these interviews have been for jobs that seem like pyramid schemes or scams---thanks for wasting my time and gas money on these stupid interviews ***holes!!!!

So the unemployment rate is only about 9% nationally? I am beginning to think more and more that it is much higher than that. Obviously there are confounding variables to this statistic. Just do the research about the "real unemployment rate". It just seems like I know way too many people right now who are unemployed, at all education levels. This seems like it is really a depression, minus the dust bowl. I am just hanging on right now. I feel so scared, angry, and hopeless about this current situation. Good luck to everyone!!!!!

House 5 years ago

I've worked at a theme park for the last 2 years, it's a crappy job with horrible pay and hours but it's the only one I've found since graduating college in 2009.

If you're desperate and want a seasonal job, then apply at a theme park. They require no experience and will hire any village idiot. My friend is a pot head and a high school drop out and they still hired him!

I've finally quit that job because the season is over and it's not worth the gas for me to drive over there 1-2 days a week.

I'm now gonna try to pursue a career in the music/entertainment industry because that is where all my talent, skills, and education are. I just need to work on getting the right connections first.

the quiet one 5 years ago

This whole situation seems too depressing. If you are religious then i suppose you have to accept that this is how God wants it to be.

I've been struggling so much since graduating in 2008. Stupidly i always thought that the interviews i had went well. Obviously not.

I've had too many replies telling me that my application was good but there were candidates who matched the criteria more closely.

Now i have accepted the reality. What else can i do?

,,, 5 years ago


Courtney 5 years ago

It's despicable that we can't find jobs.Did two years of college,left to pursue my dreams ,now I'm looking to go back to school and I haven't a clue for what.Im 35 years old and I feel like I'm at a lost..I feel like if I picked the wrong field,it will be 20 times harder this time around.Not to mention how hard it is to get a job that requires little to no brain power. Maybe trade school is the answer or being self employed..Savings is running low.Moved out west 6 months ago and moved back to ny 2 weeks ago.It's really bad all over.

Courtney 5 years ago

It's despicable that we all can't find jobs.Nothing.

Roy 5 years ago

You forgot to mention: lie. I had used the services of a local employment agency but quickly left because the employment agent wanted to "enhance" my resume. The "enhancements" were out and out lies intended to give a potential employer the impression that I was more skilled and experienced than I really was. I soon found out that this was a common practice being used for all of this particular agency's clients. As much as I want a job, I want to be honest otherwise, how could an employer ever trust me?

Sarah 5 years ago

It's so comforting to know that I'm not alone.

I'm 21 years old and I still haven't had my first job. I graduated from high school when I was 16 years old and I thought my future looked so bright. But I've been applying and applying and applying at millions of places for the last 5 years and have only had 3 job interviews!

I graduated from high school the same year as my brother who was 18 at the time. He BARELY graduated. He is 23 now and he works at Macy's. He previously worked at GameStop. He was able to get that GameStop job through the work experience program at the high school. A program which was only for kids who were doing poorly and needed more credits so they could graduate. So it seems the stupid people get everything handed to them on a silver platter.

My brothers friend, who is hooked on ecstacy, has a job at Target. Another of my brother's friends, who does nothing but smoke pot, has a job at Carls Jr. Yet another one of my brother's friends, who thought that the capital of Iceland was Greenland, has a job at Carls Jr.

How is it that these people have jobs and I don't? I volunteered at the library for 9 months, I volunteered at the printing museum for 3 months, and I volunteered at a homeless shelter for 2 months. All this to beef up my resume and still nothing!

I've had three of my friends introduce me to their employers and tell them how smart I am and what a hard worker I am. Nothing!

My mom is constantly telling me that I'm not trying hard enough, that I have to pound the pavement. She's always reminding me that she had her first job when she was 15.

I just really don't know what else to do. I can't even afford community college! Sometimes my grandma is willing to for my classes and books, but othertimes she refuses to. I couldn't go at all in 2010 because she wouldn't give my any money! I can't get financial aid because my mom is about 4 years behind on her taxes and I'm not considered independent until I turn 24.

I am willing to work anywhere, to do anything. I will work in the sewers if it means I get paid! I'm starting to think there's something wrong with me. There must be something seriously wrong with me. Is it because I'm too ugly? Is it because I look 13 years old? IS IT BECAUSE MY TEETH ARE CROOKED?!?!

...Ah, well...It was good to get all that out.

Carly 5 years ago

I walked out of my job almost 4 weeks ago now due to bullying from my MD and the stress he put me under. I'm finding it hard to find another job and am so sick and tired of filling in application forms when i never hear anything back. i don't believe it's my applications that are rubbish but I'm having to apply for lesser jobs and noone will give me a chance as they deem me too qualified! Seriously getting worried with Christmas coming up and bills still needing to be paid. There is no help out there for someone like me who was forced to leave a well paid job!

Robert 5 years ago

What about for someone who is 27 years old, got out of high school an had one job for 4 years until i went back to school? I went back to school at Berklee Music College, when my last semester came up nobody would give me money to finish. So now I'm in debt, can't finish, and have had one job as a drum teacher. I have applied to about 30 places, and had one place call me back. I went to the interview and then got an email days later saying they wouldn't give me the job. That was my very first interview ever. I don't even know where i could work, because everything says they need experience.

poorbutHopeful 5 years ago

Been out of work for six months now and I feel like a loser with a worthless university degree screwITall -I too live with my dad and he is a bully who sickens me. I really wish I had a job so I could leave but I don't know where else to look. At this point I can't even get an entry level job. It feels hopeless but hang in there and know you are not alone.

screwITall 5 years ago

Im 25 years old and completely out of work for about 1.5 years now. Last job was tech support in a call center during which time I felt like hanging myself every second I spent at work. Eventually I was let go because I couldn't perform my job any longer under the stress I was under and now Im living off what little savings I have left.

I still live at home with my father who treats me like crap everyday and who I know hates me being here and to make matters worse constantly brags to me about how much money he earns while making me feel about as worthless as possible with all his put downs.

I haven't had a single interview in my time job searching and maybe on average hear back from one job application every 2 months and this is the only replies I get. I cant see things changing any time soon.

Honestly I've pretty much had enough of it all and constantly feel like Im just not meant to have a place in the world, and in truth have entertained ideas of suicide more then once.

The single one thing keeping me from doing anything stupid though is my girlfriend who Im deeply in love with but who unfortunately lives abroad. We've been able to spend a couple of months together a year for the past few years but any permanent plans are a while away as it would seem. In spite of this though I've gotten pretty close to just ending everything once and for all and likely would have if not for her.

Unknown 5 years ago

i hate my life

The 99% 5 years ago

Who are we? Well, who are you? If you’re reading this, there’s a 99 percent chance that you’re one of us.

You’re someone who doesn’t know whether there’s going to be enough money to make this month’s rent. You’re someone who gets sick and toughs it out because you’ll never afford the hospital bills. You’re someone who’s trying to move a mountain of debt that never seems to get any smaller no matter how hard you try. You do all the things you’re supposed to do. You buy store brands. You get a second job. You take classes to improve your skills. But it’s not enough. It’s never enough. The anxiety, the frustration, the powerlessness is still there, hovering like a storm crow. Every month you make it is a victory, but a Pyrrhic one — once you’re over the hump, all you can do is think about the next one and how much harder it’s all going to be.

They say it’s because you’re lazy. They say it’s because you make poor choices. They say it’s because you’re spoiled. If you’d only apply yourself a little more, worked a little harder, planned a little better, things would go well for you. Why do you need more help? Haven’t they helped you enough? They say you have no one to blame but yourself. They say it’s all your fault.

They are the 1 percent. They are the banks, the mortgage industry, the insurance industry. They are the important ones. They need help and get bailed out and are praised as job creators. We need help and get nothing and are called entitled. We live in a society made for them, not for us. It’s their world, not ours. If we’re lucky, they’ll let us work in it so long as we don’t question the extent of their charity.

We are the 99 percent. We are everyone else. And we will no longer be silent. It’s time the 1 percent got to know us a little better.

Random Troll 5 years ago

Knowing that I'm not the only one suffering gives me a kind of comforting feeling. Thanks for sharing everybody. I wish you all(including myself) the best.

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joesmith7789 5 years ago

Take a good look at the number of visas "granted" to foreigners in all fields. Companies will do whatever it takes to hire a foreigner with a visa instead of any of you complaining here. When a company hires a foreigner with a visa they give them less pay and the sub perks that part time employees are entitled to. That is a large savings for the employer. Those are the facts and if you do not believe it do some research on the issue. If all foreign workers employed in the USA had to leave their jobs and train you to take them over you would all be employed. Do not let the news tell you that foreigners work in cotton fields, foreigners have most of the business, finance and technical jobs these days here in the USA. Jobs are being outsourced but most of the new and available jobs you are applying for in the USA are being "granted" to foreigners with visas. The numbers of visas and the numbers of foreigners working in the USA with visas is shocking. If you are in NYC for any reason go into any restaurant and bar after work hours. You will find chinese, filipino, indian, colombian, russian, french, italian, danish all different nationalities drinking beer, sipping wine, eating sushi and very few american citizens except for the blue collar union types. American citizens are not getting hired because they cost more to employ. Your best strategy for a job search is to expose the employers that are doing this and get the foreign visa workers to leave. I did this a few years ago. I found out who took the job I had interviewed for and I paid a private investigator $400 to research the background of this individual from france and discovered that the individual had arrived through toronto canada and not france. The company violated visa rules because they had brought this guy in on a TN1 visa from france. Only mexican and canadian citizens are eligible for the TN1 visa. I interviewed again for the job and got it. Do not let anyone tell you this is false information, this is what is really happening. Focus on exposing this injustice to american citizens. Confirm what I am telling you and then develop a plan to counter these injustices.

..... 5 years ago

Another piece of motivational advice. Don't ever watch the news. The news is an evil demoralising tool that destroys the human spirit. The news broadcasts too much depressing and pessemisitic crap.

Maria 5 years ago

These tips are probably quite patronizing and basic, but its all I can think to suggest.

* Have several versions of your CV. Tailor each one to each job. This is time consuming and a pain in the ass - keep doing it.

* Avoid cliched terms i.e. 'team player', takes the initiative - try to come up with less common words and phrases to make your CV 'pop'

* Always be polite, always smile, never let the depression and frustration you feel inside show. Be the most confident, well mannered and successful you that you can be

* Focus on your motivation and confidence outside of work. Looking for jobs and dealing with the economy is soul destroying after a while. Exercise, walk, meditate, do yoga, eat healthily, do whatever you can to make yourself feel as good as you can

* Be prepared to go where the jobs are. There is ALWAYS a job somewhere, it just may not be near you

* Always remember your manners. I agree about emailing thank after an interview

* Look at characteristics that might be coming across differently to how you'd imagine. One girl I know who is always turned down for work sees herself as confident and intelligent, but she comes across as arrogant and patronizing. Do you really come across how you think you do? i.e. does your humility look more like insecurity?

* Do volunteer work, travel, help build a school in Africa IF you can afford to do this. Looks good on the CV and can also get you into different avenues of work

* Keep some savings. Do you NEED Sky? Do you NEED that gym membership? Get rid of what you don't need. We may be in a recession but we have a lot, and a lot of what we have we don't need. If things get worse, get rid of unneccessary expenses

* Join agencies. Small agencies. The big ones will never bother with you. Visit small agencies in person. Call them every week or every few days to check on work developments. If you are rejected from an agency, ask what you need to do to be 'employable' by them

* If you work with an agency and get work, even a shitty temp job, send them a card, give your thanks.

* Always dress smartly. Have a work wardrobe

* Focus on developing your interests/passions. Who knows how these can help in work?

* Use youtube, twitter, social media to get your face/voice/writing/talent known. Exploit the 'fame obsessed culture' we live in

* Sign up to sites, newsletters etc, attend graduate fairs, keep going/doing/applying

* NEVER give up. I know its frustrating/depressing - NEVER think you don't have what it takes. The situation we are in is nothing to do with people not being good enough, but a fucked up economy. Almost pretend it isn't happening and just keep going. The moment you stop is the moment you might miss out on an opportunity

Honestly, good luck everybody.

I am working at the moment and though I'm grateful for that, I really hate my job! Still I realise at this point in time that I need to stay where I am and be thankful I am in employment. That could change at any time in the climate we are in so I wont take it for granted.

I got into work by joining a temp agency whilst I was in uni. From 2 week placements, I moved up to nine month placements and then a perm position. If you are in uni/college, work whilst you are there. This sounds obvious but the number of people who don't gain work experience whilst in work is quite high. Even a retail job on a saturday is something on the CV, rather than just 3 years in education with no outside experience.

Good luck - keep hopeful, positive and out there!

Tash 5 years ago


../.,.., 5 years ago

Funny how life works.

You have the biggest idiots on the plant. In particular, our parents and their generation. So you're unemployed and try the best you can to look for work but get constantly rejected. Yet your parents will claim it is your fault and will accuse you of being a bum. FUCK THESE PEOPLE!

They have no clue whatsoever as to how tough life is in this day and age. They don't understand the concept of growing overpopulation and rising unemployment. Instead they accuse of being a welfare bum. Fucking ungrateful moronic degenerates are what these people are. You can't find a job, don't just blame the economy, blame your parents and the selfish baby boomer generation. FUCKING ASSHOLES THEYT ARE- I didnt ask for this life. I did the best I could and now my parents spit me out. Its not my fault there are no vacancies! MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

True that 5 years ago

Except that the medicine system in GB sucks. I know because I live here and the unemployment issue too is a mess here. Have you forget the London riots? It is something global, and… I'm all for free US health medicine but I stop believing Michael Moore a while ago. Thanks!

/././ 5 years ago

Life really is unfair.

For example, in some European countries such as France or Scotland in Great Britain, you get the following for absolutely free:

Universal health care. You pay for this through taxes, but the health care you get is absolutely free. Yes, free. So even if you are unemployed and not paying any taxes, but end up falling ill, you still get free treatment. No bills whatsoever, regardless of how serious your illness is.

College education. Absolutely free. The government pays for your tuition fees and you do not have to pay back. Also, the government gives you free grants and bursaries worth $5000.00 per year for absolutely free. You do not need student loans. Even if you do require student loans, you do not ever pay back until you earn a certain amount. Deferment option is unlimited. Also, there is no compount interest. The interest is very very small.

Also, law school and medical school is free. You can go straight into law school and medical school at the age of 18, straight from high school and without already having one degree before hand.

Also, when it comes to welfare, there is no 99 week limit. You are taken care of in the utmost desperate situations.

So taxes are good to a degree. Don't believe in the bullshit about how socialised medicine is evil or how Europe is drowning in taxes. Go there for yourself and see how the media lies about everything.

Contributing towards taxes is contributing towards society.

/././ 5 years ago

Life really is unfair.

For example, in some European countries such as France or Scotland in Great Britain, you get the following for absolutely free:

Universal health care. You pay for this through taxes, but the health care you get is absolutely free. Yes, free. So even if you are unemployed and not paying any taxes, but end up falling ill, you still get free treatment. No bills whatsoever, regardless of how serious your illness is.

College education. Absolutely free. The government pays for your tuition fees and you do not have to pay back. Also, the government gives you free grants and bursaries worth $5000.00 per year for absolutely free. You do not need student loans. Even if you do require student loans, you do not ever pay back until you earn a certain amount.

Also, law school and medical school is free. You can go straight into law school and medical school at the age of 18, straight from high school and without already having one degree before hand.

Also, when it comes to welfare, there is no 99 week limit. You are taken care of in the utmost desperate situations.

So taxes are good to a degree. Don't believe in the bullshit about how socialised medicine is evil or how Europe is drowning in taxes. Go there for yourself and see how the media lies about everything.

Contributing towards taxes is contributing towards society.

//// 5 years ago

I cannot believe that the same useless and worthless crap taught in schools and colleges is still being taught today. None of it is relevant in the real world.

dgaf 5 years ago

I can see I'm not alone out there, but it sure feels like it these days... I've been out of work since Jan 2009. I have pursued employment on my own as well as going through agencies. For one thing, when I have personally dropped off my resume, thinking this would stand out, I can't believe the people that even work there !! I think "how the hell did you get a job" !! Agencies have been a joke too. They don't get the correct info on the jobs they tell you about. When I went on an interview I found out the job was only 10 hrs a week and temp at that!! After taxes and gas to get to the job I might clear $50 a week and I can't get out of the contract with the agency !! After not getting any response from places I've applied to I figure I'm glad I didn't get the job, if they can't even acknowledge me then I wouldn't want to work there anyway...I don't care how many applications they received..

Also, the only way that some places communicate is through e-mail. I dropped off a resume at one place hoping to at least meet the person who would be doing the interviewing, no luck. Come to find out the person didn't even work in the office, she happened to be the owners wife !! I figured I'd follow up and send my resume per e-mail as well, did that and got no response... As of today the job is still posted online, I called the place and they said it was filled !! Does anybody know how to use a god damn phone anymore !!

I don't care if my spelling isn't correct here, I'm so pissed off and realy don't give a shit what happens in the country anymore, although if I came here from another country I would be taken care of quite well as I could get a job, have health insurance, etc. even if I was "ILLEGAL" !! Still don't understand what the damn government thinks "ILLEGAL" means, I always thought it meant "something that is prohibited or not authorized by law or, more generally, by rules specific to a particular situation", but I guess I'm the idiot !!

Good luck to all ...

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jhendor 5 years ago

Very nice piece of article. Really this is more of a motivational piece. If this advice is well followed it really can land a job searcher a good job. Thanks

Kym 5 years ago

I was sitting at my computer doing my daily work search and something just hit me, and I googled "why cant I find a job" and here I am. These comments are so near my situation as I have been out work since 2009 with a few contract positions here and there but nothing full-time or permanent. My unemployment ended last year and GRATEFUL for my husband who makes enough to cover the main bills (rent, lights and gas). We don't have health insurance, went from a 3 bedroom townhome to 1 bedroom apartment and 1 car. We have downsized tremendously.

There are days were I cry and feel like a failure. But it wasn't my fault my company closed and laid off 17,000 people or I have a degree and experience but I have to compete with 300 people for one DAM job. As you all say, we just have to hang in there and HOPEFULLY something will change. When will that be...who knows!!!

Hopeless situation 5 years ago

I've been out of work for close to 3 years now, and there seems to be no end in sight. I am a college graduate with a ton of experience in my field, but all I've mustered so far during my unemployed time span is 6 interviews out of well over a thousand resumes that I've sent out during that period. I'm currently living on my IRA withdrawals and that will be running out early next year. I can no longer afford medical insurance after next month, which is a scary proposition being that I am a diabetic who also has heart disease. I am losing hope fast.......

Unknown 5 years ago

This ecomony is so sterotype. Why most Jobs dont hire you becasue your american and they believer every american are so Lazy and etc, Its like a lot of people dislike american, but in GOD eyes everyone is equal. its hard to get a job and i really need one. Especially i dont have the experience, when we the ecomony change.

Hope 5 years ago

I must say i have not felt this much comfort in a while to come to a place and see people who are going through the same emotions as me. Lost, miserable, depressed, sad, confused, frustrated, etc. In my case, I have been trying to find my first job for about 4 years now. Here I am 19 going on 20 in a couple months and still living of off mother. So much for independence! Everywhere I tried said that I don't have enough experience. Well how am I suppose to get experience if you won't give me any? You company dosn't train your employers? Then you have those friends and family members that say that you aren't trying hard enough...that really pisses me off...if you see me struggling to find a job why don't you help me get a job where you work? I mean that is how everything works now right? "it's not what you know it's who you know". Speaking of what I know, I can't even afford to go to college any more, gas and book money is maxed out. Oh yeah I don't have a car, and relying on my mom for a ride gets expensive. I'm really at that point where I don't even leave the house any more because I have no money or a car. I look for jobs all day everyday, but when I call them all they say is "I'm sorry we are not hiring but we are accepting applications!" don't we all just love that famous line -__- . Only work related thing I have done was an slave internship at Disney World, yes I did say slave because that's what they treated us like and barely paid us. As me and my friends say "We were working for the mouse and ain't getting a piece of the cheese!" but unfortunately that ended after 4months. But hey! I still have a crumb of hope in me that some one will give me that chance. But after applying in almost the entire Atlanta,GA with no luck for 4 years. Yeah, your attitude isn't too great either. Seems like the only other thing to do is become a stripper.....nooo I think I'll just remain jobless! I have no bills, no kids, no nothing! It's good, yet bad. Too much of nothing is bad enough. So to all of you that have a car, apartment, and knows how it feels to be independent, take pride in that because some of us have yet to even experience that feeling.

Good luck to you all!

Have a magical day!

/./././ 5 years ago

/./././ 5 years ago

NAL 5 years ago

This advice stinks. The best advise is to be incompetent, rude, stupid, sleazy and it would help to be an illegal immigrant then you can find jobs at will.


I have found that many recruiters act in the above manner --incompetent, rude & yes stupid.. Some 23 year old who can't even communicate on the phone professionally thinks so knows exactly what her 'client' is looking for ?? give me a break.

,.././. 5 years ago

,.././. 5 years ago

revolutionary man 5 years ago

I call on the unemployed to band together for some real change and not some sleazy politicians who dont't care about us anyway. This means a communist revolution and this will ensure justice for all. I have been out of work for five years and want to see a revolution in my lifetime and America can be great once again. I know, I will get some haters after me, but I do not believe in America anymore.

joe 5 years ago

This advice stinks. The best advise is to be incompetent, rude, stupid, sleazy and it would help to be an illegal immigrant then you can find jobs at will.

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So Bitter it Hurts 5 years ago

I have a M.S.C. After I graduated I fruitlessly looked for employment in my field for about 8 month's. Mind you, I'd begun my search some month's prior to graduation. In any case, I found nothing in both searches but interviews that lead no where, "contacts" that didn't or couldn't deliver the vaunted foot in the door help, and constant rejections. Honestly, there is nothing in my entire life that was more withering on my soul than those months. My self-esteem and what have you did not suffer due to my personality, but I was most unhappy with the "system" I had so much faith in and myself for not being able to navigate or manipulate it.

My Cousin is in the same situation now, having graduated a few month's ago, though his stress surely surpass what I faced. he is surround by family whereas I was on my own (living alone) during my time of graduation/etc. All in all, I find it all rather disgusting. In particular, I loath individuals who subscribe to viewpoint below.

The Viewpoint: All new Grads are unwillingly to "put in the work". I find this accusation to be the biggest pile of hypocrisy imaginable. Most people are willingly to work hard, even if they aren't necessarily the most skilled right off. I am not saying getting a degree indicates you're willingly to work hard, it doesn't. However, the whole point of putting in work is knowing there is a point to putting in work. Starting at the bottom these days doesn't mean a damn thing for advancement depending on what field your in. Furthermore, a lot of jobs aren't even connected (nor do they help for securing something better). Worst of all, internships seem to have become little more than ways to take advantage of those with glints of hopes in their eyes. Sorry, but it's not like it once was were putting in work gets you anything. Put in all the damn work you want and don't be surprised if you get nothing. **** you people puffing your cigars saying just put in the work. Grads are willingly, but they ain't go no where to start!

Everyone is basically looking to jump start but given nothing to jump on. It's horrible. It's horrible feeling you worked hard for nothing, or being forced to rationalized you "got educated" for the sake of being educated. It's horrible that anyone who has had secure employement in something that don't hate with every fiber of their being has no understanding of how horrible it is to get something worth a damn these days. It's horrible people think they can give generic advice to help you, when really they're just secretly thinking you're garbage. It's horrible how jaded all of this makes you to the world in general. It's horrible I've become the biggest cynic since Daria. Seriously, I'm a massive douche-bag after this whole ordeal..

Side-note; I've also meet some old friends from school who recently graduated (many different fields) and it seems they're all struggling along through bleak crap.

Anyway, I did find a job a few month's ago. It's not related to my degree in any way but the most vague, it provides no links or opportunity for new skills I could carry over to things in my field, and the 'feel' is atrocious (absolutely pointless work that does nothing for the world). But guess I'm suppose to be happy because it pays "okay" (not what I'd hoped or vied for though), and cringe like a little **tch to hold to my shitty scraps. God I hate it all.

I've given up on success through my degree and have since turned my focus to success through writing. I've always wanted to be a writer, and now I'm trying to do it while I stumble along hating everything.

Tommy 5 years ago

I have been looking for over two years. I have three letters of recommendations. I have targeted resumes. I am 51 years old and have never been fired from a job. I have been dependable, always on time. My last job reduced my hours to 10 a week and could not make ends meet. I have had my resume looked at by a friend in the States office. (They can't put in a word for me because that would give me an unfair advantage. I think I kind of need one right now) I have run out of unemployment benefits with a wife who has two bad knees and is working but does not make enough to pay all the bills. I have a stack of application and resume submissions. I have even applied for janitor and driving jobs. I have never had this much trouble in my life getting some kind of job. I spend my days looking through Indeed.com, Craigslist, Career builder, Monster and Dice. I am signed up with two employment agencies, Kelly IT and Robert Half and I am going to apply to more. I have earned 5 technical certifications during this time and I have done everything that everyone (who already has a job of some sort) is telling me to do. I have become a burden to family and friends and no I don’t sit around all day in my underwear watching TV and drinking beer but I have become an American beggar and I am ashamed of myself. Ok…. now what? I will go to see if I can at least get food stamps and maybe Time to stand of the corner with a homeless vet sign I guess. Yeah I can sell my good car and sell my musical instruments but that is not going to fix anything only delay the problem. People tell me don’t give up. It’s not that I am giving up; it’s that I don’t have anything left.

Jay 5 years ago


Maybe if you learned how to spell and use correct grammar, you'd have better luck finding a job. And then, maybe not. However, it wouldn't hurt to brush up on those things.

mgu 5 years ago

I am very young looking 21 year old but look like i am 17 it is so hard for me to get a good job besides fast food or retail I dont know what to do. i get judged by what i look like instead of how i work and its demening. I get picked on by people who think i'm a punk kid and girls my own age dont go for guys that look as young as me.im a loser with a baby face. if i were fat and ugly and looked old i bet i could apply for governor and get elected but its a sterotype thats why people dont want to hire a goodlooking young kid they think i ma immature and act dumb when in reality I work very hard and try my best ALl i want is a chance to show that, instead of looking at how young they think I am. o

Tired 5 years ago


Do you need help with your melted-down reactors clean up? I can pick up the radioactive pieces, shovel toxic soil, dispose of radioactive animals, etc. I don't want to live anymore and can't find work in my own nation (USA) and at least I can do my part to help the world by helping your country at this time. Please just leave my pay to my children is all I ask. I am willing to work until I drop from radiation sickness and you can just throw me into the sea.

jobless 5 years ago

Well I got let go 2 yrs ago and went to school for a year and it seems pointless now cause I cant even get a job in that field. They say i don't have experience. Started applying for jobs that i wouldn't normally apply for. Still no work. But reading all these comments makes me see i'm not alone. I have applied to over 100 jobs- got 3 interviews- but no job. Times are tough!!!! Hang in there.

No job 13 months 5 years ago

Doing two internships day and night, both barely paying small stipends which will barely cover gas, never mind other bills including big student loan bill. HAPPY LABOR DAY.

RS 5 years ago

One more point: I don't mean to be bitter or invoke empathy from people and never will. I do regret what I wrote... It is just frustration there. I just don't think about how bad I have it, when I see other people in other countries suffering from hunger and just trying to stay alive. Really, it puts your problems in perspective.

But still, life sucks for most of us it seems.

I also agree with the overpopulation theory, which is why if I am even lucky to find a spouse, I will never have more than one child (unless it is twins or something like that).

RS 5 years ago

I've pretty much tried everything on this list, except the networking (only because, I am socially awkward person and have ZERO friends). I have a brand new suit bought specifically for job interviews. It is very tough to find a job I have to say. I am a computer science graduate, class of 2010, with a good GPA from a decent school (not a "institute" or online school, but a real university), and I can't find work. I get some bites from recruiters when I post my resume on monster/dice/careerbuilder, but it never goes anywhere. It has been almost 2 years since I graduated and 3 interviews. Recruiters (who tend to be quite condescending and rude to me) are asking me the dreaded "What I have been doing" question as if they cannot relate to this economy.

I have to say I feel not only humbled by all this, but quite dumb... (especially the recruiters who put me down). My sisters have great jobs ($50K+ salary) and don't even have college degrees, because they found their jobs before the recession started. I picked the worst time to graduate.

All I can say is good luck to all those suffering. I am considering suicide myself more and more. I have applied to Walmart a few weeks ago. Nothing. I applied to Mcdonalds online last night. I am hoping I will get a part time job serving fries and burgers to all the "Haves" with their perfect white collar jobs, iPhones, girlfriends/wives/husbands, and beautiful houses.

I also feel like the world is going to end in the near future...I know I am biased, but it's just this feeling.

I have been selling all my belongings on eBay, trying to make it and relying on my mom for fincnanical support. It hurts me inside knowing I cannot provide for her. My dream was to save up enough money to buy us a house before she dies. Time is running out, and I don't think this will ever happen.

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senator1521 5 years ago

If you need a temporary job, or supplemental job while in transition from being fired, laid off, or just now began looking I can help you. I specialize in helping people during the transitional phases of jobs and careers. Call me 713-590-0650 (scott)

1223333 5 years ago

You have a much better chance of becoming a successful Hollywood actor or singer than getting a proper 9-5 job. It sounds ridiculous but it honestly is true. Go into the entertainment industry. Once you make it big, no need to worry about bills, job insecurity etc.

Justin Eastwick 5 years ago

Just graduated about three months ago - still working at the same place I did when I started college. I'm reading all these posts and I'm glad that there's people feeling frustrated like I am.

I was known at Penn State University for being a great writer, but according to employers, I have no experience. How is that possible? I think PSU said this to me to keep me coming back and putting money in their hands. I'm making $1,200 a month, and soon I'll have to start paying about $500 a month in college loans - not to mention the other $600 I pay for car insurance and rent (to a landlord that is my very own FATHER).

I don't feel like I'm going to be getting anywhere - seriously thinking about selling crack or becoming a rapper. That's sad too.

Stephanie 5 years ago

If you want to find a virtual job go on craigslist and type in customer service or telemarketing and there are plenty of jobs to work from home that are NOT scams and all you need is a computer and a headset. Most of them pay between 10-15.00 an hour.

Patrick 5 years ago

I have tried all these things that you have advised and it hasn't worked for me and I am tired of trying.

we can do it 5 years ago

After reading all of these comments you definitely know you're not alone out there. I live in Australia and it seems that the employment problem is definitely a global one. I found that it is mostly the really young (no experience) and the middle aged (who got made redundant) that are having the most trouble out there! It is such a lonely and depressing mind set, getting rejected on a daily basis. It has to turn around eventually but keeping positive is hard! Often you start asking yourself what is wrong with me? And the answer is absolutely NOTHING, I am just going to actively try to make myself feel positive and hopefully with persistence it will pay off. Good luck everyone!

AlexJones 5 years ago


Paranoid delusional conspiracies have no place on this comments page.

Does it matter 5 years ago

The only real jobs right now during this crappy economy are overseas. Since the DEPRESSION started in 08 I have been working overseas. I know most don't want to contract in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait or other countries but if you can make $150k+ then you actually bypass the depression. When the economy picks up, get a job at home. Problem averted!!!

Mike 5 years ago

Tracy 5 years ago

I was laid off from an administrative position 8 months ago. The organization recently posted a very similar job to the one I had and I was able to snag an interview. I had great references from coworkers and supervisors and they still hired someone else. Go figure.... I cant win!

Zamfir 5 years ago


I feel for you. If you join the navy, make sure you pick a specialty that will transfer to civilian life (electrician, electronics, logistics, etc). If the new GI Bill's still around by the time you've finished your service, you'll receive ample funding for college tuition, housing and books. It's a good deal. Use it within 10 years or lose it. Good luck...

leo 5 years ago

um reading the tips up top was helpfull intell i started reading the posted comments and will all the complaing isnt helping the ones that are trying thats why this is hear for the tryers to make shure they got ther crap togather i think u for it is keeps me in check

like was said alot of peeps give up and just start sataying home

vienna 5 years ago

really a very useful advice....

Erica 5 years ago

R.E. Qzqzx

Industrialized nations are experiencing negative population growth, i.e. not enough people being born to replace those that have passed. Look at census information collected for countries like Japan, United States and European nations.

Furthermore, I attempted to give an example that I believed was simple to understand, you proved me wrong.

Bravo sir/madam.

Simply put, where there were *FOR EXAMPLE* (I tossed that in to alert you that this is an example) 10 jobs for 10 people, there are now 4 jobs for 10 people. Does that mean there are more people? Not necessarily, that just means there's less work and competition is that much more intense for the existing jobs.

Are those accurate numbers? Of course not, but they illustrate a point.

Many more jobs need to be made for all the jobs that were eliminated/cut/downsized/etc.

Also given the vehemence from which you sought to answer my post and the insult to my intelligence, I'm guessing you're my buddy from a while back.

I'm so glad you found that caps lock button :-D

If not, thanks for pulling me out of a bad day to answer a insulting post on a rebuttal you had nothing to do with.

Again, bravo sir/madam. Have a wonderful evening.

To everyone else. Keep at it guys, you will find something and life will get better. I'm rooting for you all.

#2100 5 years ago

Wheres your facts or statistics? Your just calling people names and stating your opinion.

qzqzx 5 years ago


You really are an idiot. You speak with no logic. The person who talks of overpopulation is right- we are overburdened with too many people. Also, how can you even state that there were once 100 jobs for every 80 people? Dumbass!!!

ST88 5 years ago

I live in Torrance (So.Cal) and have been hitting the pavement everyday and cant help but notice that there seems to be move S-classes and Porsches than ever before. I dont see anything that says to me people are struggling or anything negative. I dont think anything will be done to create more jobs. I recently lost my apartment becuase my hours got cut and I could not find another job, a second job, or a full-time position. I was going to school but had to stop because I could afford the books anymore. By the time I considered a pell grant I was moving back with my parents. My grandparents are barely making it financially and health wise. I was working at a coffee chain retail store, I was lucky enough to be able to transfer to a location new my parents house. Although I can only get about 10hours a week. Before moving here I was online and on the phone for two months applying, I hit 100 jobs and got two interviews, MAYCY'S interviewed me, lady said she likes me alot and will forward my information to mens department sold me the idea that the job was mine. Two days later I get an automated response E-mail saying: "there are you jobs that fit your qualifications at this time". I just dont understand, if I cant get sufficient work soon my grandparents will pass and I will be on the streets. I have been networking and a friend is helping me out where he works, something may come of it, I'll be doing my best but dont want to get my hopes up. I am at the point where I can honestly say I have applied to every job in the town and parts of neighbor cities and have got no where. Without a doubt I will be joining the Navy in the near future, but I want my A.A degree before I go in. All the headlines and stories about the jobless veterans in San Diego is really depressing, and scares me, but I've almost come to terms with the fact that Ill be homeless soon. I think of suicide almost everyday, I dont use drugs or drink, in fact I the last time I drank was Sept '09. I like this site, it gives me some confidence, and helps to know I am not the only one, until I step outside where it looks like no one is having this problem. Bookmarked this page, I will post about this job that my friend is going to help me out with, and try to help/ helpful links. Stay positive everyone, I do agree with an older post, learn about yourself. I have found the going to the beach early and swimming in the ocean will get me out of my head, and the endorphin release. Thank you for your stories.

Sean 5 years ago

Dwayne, please dont post another comment.

Stephanie 5 years ago

Dwayne with all due respect some people here dont have the money to start a business.

Dwayne S. 5 years ago






screwed over 5 years ago

I sure have poured a lot of time, tears and not to mention dollars into an education that is useless now. Yes it is USELESS. Nobody wants to hire me for anything better than what I used to do before I got a degree. Of course student loans has to be up my ass all the time wanting their money back. Well guess what, nodody's getting paid until I do.

All employers want to do is jerk people around, making us work full time hours without benefits exc, and they get away with it because we are "technically" part time employees.

Don't give me a bunch of crap about how a degree makes someone a better person, this "better person" has nothing to eat but macaroni and hot dogs all the time. And so what if a few select people that have degrees found decent jobs, that doesn't prove anything. All it shows is they were lucky and/or some relative or friend got them the job, likely over 100s of more qualified applicants.

I have always hoped for better and worked hard to try and get it. Despite the fact that I am educated and have advanced at every job I have ever had, all I have gotten to show for it is a crap position with no benefits and where I have to deal with constant bs on a daily basis. Now someone explain that to me.

to Robert 5 years ago

please be so nice and give us details of this job you got. Looks to me like you are spamming her , are you?

Robert 5 years ago

I would just like to share this with anyone that is out of a job and looking. I have been looking for work for months and I came a cross this jobs website called (Jobs linked to you). Were for a very small fee of only $4.95 they will link you up to Safe job search sites that are free of scams and fake job postings that try to steal your personal information to sell. The job site they linked me up to was full of open employment and I found a great job in a matter days. Really worth checking in to. http://www.jobslinkedtoyou.com Happy job hunting.

Jim 5 years ago

Indeed coporations are doing wonderful right now with low costs and cheap labor. Imagine how many jobs have been lost to machines and comuputers. Many jobs have been outsourced, and indeed many of them simply do not exist anymore to cut costs.

I am not a professional and I don't have a degree. I grew up in an impoverished family. I couldn't even afford to go to school if I did qualify for financial aid. I didn't realize how much money you needed to shovel out for transportation and materials. Financial aid barely paid for half my tuition. I paid for my books with my own money, and that's when I had a job. I withdrew my freshman year because the engine blew up in my car.

I started working full time after I stopped going to school. I had to ask my parents to take me to work till I could buy a $600 dollar truck and fix it myself. I had to put an engine and a transmission in it in the driveway with the same tools my dad uses to fix the lawnmower. I lost that job 5 years ago, it was at a gas station.

Before my last job, I had worked in everything from retail, fastfood, and factory work. Last year I worked for the Census and was chased by dogs, and threatened for my life for doing the only job I've been able to find in 5 years, working for the government.

I still have not found a job. In fact, I haven't even gotten an interview. Employers think I am lying about my work experience because I haven't had a job, or because my work history is filled with jobs I only had for a little while before they just got rid of me. The sad part is I'm a relatively level headed, and I pick up on things very fast.

Businesses have learned how to take advantage of the system. They lay you off just before they have to pay you benefits or unemployment, or they fire you and make it look like it's your own fault, or do it regardless because it's cost effective. It's a lot easier to pay you $60 dollars a week and be done with you in 6 months, than continue paying you or anyone else 7.25 an hour working full time, with or without benefits. There's always a bare-bone crew that can keep things going so they don't have to fall back on a surplus of employees waiting on a paycheck every week.

At this point, I'd love to deal drugs, but even if I thought I could how long would it last? Who would I even talk to in order to get an interview for that job? What if I just stole cars and stripped them down for parts? How long would it be before I was in prison, what would my kids do?

You thought it was hard finding a job with a degree? Think again. Imagine that you came from nothing. And have completely nothing. Or better yet, could do literally nothing. I DO live off wellfare, I got kids to feed. And if I didn't live with my parents, I'd be drawing off the government for housing and other benefits to pay the bills.

My Dad has worked at a factory for 8 years now and has developed a heart condition from the stress. Every year he worries about losing his job when they lay off hundreds of workers. The 14 bucks an hour he makes to pay the rent is more than any one person could ask for, but he has to support us all. So we barely skate by each month, and by the time tax season comes around we can all but catch up on the debts we accumulate over the year. I'll be lucky if someone lands in my driveway to have something fixed, and if I don't screw that up I might make 20 bucks if I'm lucky.

The worst part about it is when I got out to look for work, I find endless numbers of individuals screwing up thier own jobs. Doing a sloppy job, or doing things to risk getting them fired. I don't know how it could be so hard for me to get a job, especially when I go in to apply and tell them i'd do anything and take any pay to just have a job.

update 5 years ago

Lockhead Martin is to announce a layoff of 1400 employees.

Erica 5 years ago

You argue overpopulation, I argue job scarcity and increased competition for the few jobs remaining. In fact most of your post lends credence to my point.

Where there were, for example, 100 jobs for every 80 people, there are now closer to 20 jobs for the same 80 people.

It feels very grim for many people, myself included.

I've been actively looking for a job the past two years and have gotten nowhere. If the economy was better, I know I would be gainfully employed.

My credit is toast because I can't pay my bills anymore, I had to beg for another deferment for my student loans, there is little food in my kitchen and if nothing comes up in the next month, I WILL be homeless.

So yeah, I know desperation and I know how horrible the economy is.

This is the only time I will be responding to you.

I would advise you not to lose yourself to your frustration, it does you and your loved ones no good to hold onto it.

Focus on making due til things pick up and continue applying. Hopefully you'll find something and not end up as far down the hole as I am currently.

Finally, I'd advise you to make use of the caps key and punctuation. People will pay your words more credence if you cease typing like you're frothing at the mouth.

Sherry 5 years ago

I have been frantically looking for work for two years now. I tried to start a small business, but money continues to be an obstacle.

I now live in the Raleigh area, so for those of you living in Raleigh-Durham Cary area email me maybe we can work together to help one another find employment or start a small business. We have to try something.


5 years ago








Erica 5 years ago

Overpopulation is not the problem, the United States and many countries are experiencing negative population growth (less people being born to replace those that have passed away).

Pregnancy and birth rates are at a low point now: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/08/27/us-birth-...

You want to know what the problem is? A lot of jobs were just eliminated to cut costs. They just don't exist anymore. Unless those positions are created again, people will be competing for fewer and fewer jobs.

5 years ago







Still unemployed  5 years ago

I understand your pain. I have been unemployed then partially employed with a job that doesn't have the common sense to make a schedule that wants me to sit around and wait for a call to come to work wtf? Why did I accept a job like this you say. Well , they were the first ones to actually call back and give me a piece of a job.

I admit this is very frustrating to be unemployed for months and then when I finally get hired it's really not a job at all. Wow what has this job economy come to.

Being that I really can't say I have a job because I only get called to work every Saturday, I go back to filling out applications and pounding the pavement.

Weeks later after 50 applications and 1 interview at a hotel for housekeeping ( by the way after the interview gave me some lame excuse about waiting on a background check , yeah right) still unemployed.

While riding around trying to figure out where I haven't already applied, I get this idea to just ride and look at real estate for rent signs and call to see if they may need a housekeeper. To my surprise one of them did.

Yay, I have a job but after 3 weeks being employed I have only cleaned 3 houses and the other guy already employed cleans 5 a day. Another wtf partial employment job.

So I take to google and search why can't I find a job and end up here to find out I'm not alone.

If you want to laugh and find out really why we can't get a job check this link out gave me a laugh and insite.

Titled why can't get a fucking job


9 months later.... 5 years ago

I came back to this article after 9 months, and i still see a flow of comments with the same comforting stories.... 9 months later and I'm still unemployed! bba in finance and nothing to show for it...

I've done everything the article mentions but no luck.

Problems with the job market and why educated people are not landing opportunities:

1)affirmative action- minorities are being hired over more qualified candidates in order to have a balanced working environment.

2) Too many people with degrees looking for jobs.

3) Nepotism - people getting jobs because of who they know and NOT because of what they know

4) Outsourcing - your potential job just flew over to some b/s 3rd world country


For all you optimistic junkies in la la land, ask yourselves how can our (U.S) economy ever get above water and recover when we are over a trillion in deficit and over 14 trillion in debt? Better yet, ask yourselves how can our (U.S) economy recover when we have a serious trade deficit as in we import (consume) more than we export (produce)!!!!!!!!!! Anybody with a high school education can tell you thats bad business! We got out of the depression because we had a huge industrial boom, well, what exactly do we have in the 21 century?.... services? LOL!!! what a joke!.... YOU CAN"T BUILD A DAMN HOUSE WITH MATCH STICKS!

P.S... I'm in no way saying you should be negative, rather, JUST BE REALISTIC, do the best you can, and don't let no one bring you down.

NYC-JOB-Less 5 years ago

I spent over 3 hours reading every single message. Wow!

With so many unemployed including myself and so few jobs how can I reasonable say to myself or others that they will find a job. I cant do it because I'm a realist not a dreamer!..sorry.

To the writer of this article I say- people are not posting because of what you wrote anymore. This has become more than about you. We are happy to read about fellow jobless people like ourselves who speak the truth and don't just say mean-less positive *crap.

profile image

ODDKINS 5 years ago

I used to be able to find a job anywhere. After I married in 2006 and then became a stay-at-home Mom of 2 for 4 years life began to fall apart. I found out he was cheating and elected to leave with my two kiddos...even after being a stay-at-home mom for the last 4 years. Here I am 1.6 yrs after I left and where am I? STILL living with family trying to find work. I have sent at LEAST 400 applications and resume combined out over the last 2.5 months and nothing. I am sad to see others are experiencing the same battle that I am yet happy that I am not the only one going through this rough job market (I was beginging to think it was me). I try not to be so depressed about it, after all I am lucky enough to have family that took us in but as an individual... I feel horrible, like a terrible mother and like a failure. I will keep my prayers to all of you going through the same thing... it will happen... something WILL come through... - Regards, a single mother of two in the same boat as you.

Fbck 5 years ago

I tought about that job seeking market should let job seeker leave any one method to contact, for example, by email or phone. The reason is if a job seeker hasn't gotten any job within a period of time, how many telephone number had been sent to employer or agency, and who can promise that so many numbers will not be used for other things by other people, not by employee


I ever experienced this thing before. And even used email

to send resume, not long time later, I got some junk email, or even more than some. How did these sender know

my email address? I did not send anyone else except for

employer or agency.

My idea is that there need to be a balance point, both

for employee and employer get benefit and the mimimum

unsafe factor. it is not balanced now, very partial

.... 5 years ago



Brokeforever 5 years ago


I'm glad I was able to help you. I have been in your shoes and I know what you were going through. It's hard to accept. We are taught by our parents and society that if you work hard you will be rewarded. Well that's just not the way things are anymore. They haven't been for a very very long time. The only way to get rid of the stress and that pressure is to come to terms with the way things are now, the cruel hard reality of things. Things are getting worse and anything short of a miracle wont change it. Things will get harder and harder. That alone is enough to send you into a deep depression but it doesn't need to be that way. Just let it go and go with the flow. Take this time and learn about yourself or new things. Maybe go fishing or hunting and do what you can for your family. Take care my friend and may you find the peace you desire.

Samela 5 years ago

@ BrokeForever

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You can't imagine what a relief it is to hear this from someone I don't know. I thought it was just me and a few of my friends having a hard time, but it's nice to hear from someone else out there. I haven't had a job since August of last year. This does leave me a little disappointed, but now I feel like there's nothing to look forward to so I'm so relieved of all the pressure of doing something with my life. I hope you're not taking this in a satirical manner, I actually mean everything that I'm saying. Don't get me wrong, I will still try to do the very best I can, but I won't let it get me down if/when I don't reach it, because it's not that I'm not trying hard enough, it's that the economy isn't giving us enough. Thank you so much for your insight and I hope you know you've impacted at least one person's life. I've been living with guilt and disappointment in myself for a long time, it's left me depressed since I graduated high school in 2007(I'm 21), I feel like I can let it go now.

Brokeforever 5 years ago

Hi guys I posted the bottom half 9 months ago. Nothing has changed with my situation still jobless still broke and still in debt. Going on for 2 years strong now and before college I somehow survived for years making 10k or less a year.

My Advice:

#1: I would like to pass on some wisdom to the younger people if you have to pay for your own education don't go to college unless you can work and pay your own way and don't stop until you have a doctorate. Stay away from the loans. They lie to you guys, trust me. I know because I have experience and when in college I worked in the college in the student loan department as a student worker making 6.00 an hour. It doesn't matter what bank you sign up to give you the loan because as soon as you cash that loan check the bank flips your loan for some fast cash. In case your lacking on your slang flipping is when you buy something for certain amount then sell it to make a profit then buy more product and then sell it for even more profit. Basically you rinse and repeat. Well the banks do this you think you got your loan from chase bank the bank you bank with and trust? Wrong! Cause they just sold it. Sadly you don't learn this until a few weeks later when you get a letter in the mail from some company you never heard of thanking you for you business that you will most likely throw away until they send you the bill after you graduate. I told this to a student I was helping fill out the student loan application and when they found out I was telling the students the truth about the banks flipping the loans they moved me to another department.

#2: I want to repeat something I say in the bottom part and that is I haven't payed any of my college loans or credit card bills (got from buying books for college) for almost 2 years now. And let me tell you the relief you feel from getting rid of all that stress is amazing. I don't worry about it and that's because I cant pay it back. I own nothing except for a broken down car that isn't worth anything and cant be fixed cause I have no income. And thankfully having debt in the U.S. isn't a crime yet so basically there's nothing they can do to me. I was never given a chance I was doomed from the start. I did what "society" requires for you to become successful and "society" failed me.

#3: Learn to live on a single income. Sadly were a dual income society where both parents work full time. Most likely one of you isn't working anymore. Whoever has the job and best chance of keeping or getting a job in the future needs to become the bread winner. If you both have debt before the one who's unemployed stops paying their bills transfer the debt to your card or get a new card and transfer it. Why? Because companies run credit checks when you apply for jobs now and if you have bad credit you don't get the job soooo. The bread winner needs to have perfect credit for future jobs etc. If you have things in both your names transfer them to the bread winner so you own nothing. Worst case scenario may need to get a divorce to get the collectors off the bread winner in the future. The non bread winners job now is to lower the bills and expenses as much as possible.

#4: Live and eat Frugal. Turn that AC up 80-85 or higher if u can take it. Just chill in your boxers all day so you don't sweat as much. Cancel that other car insurance and only use 1 car. You don't need 2 and that frees up at least 100 a month. If your still making payments give the car up or sell it to Carmax if its fairly new and almost payed off. They usually give the low end of Kelly Blue Book value. The main thing is that monthly bill is gone if your car is new that's like 150-350 a month for insurance not to mention the car payment. Eat frugal by making meals from scratch. I have a meal plan I made with the goal of 30dollars a week for food. I buy meat at the local Spanish speaking supermarket from the deli area at around 1.90 a pound and they grind it up or slice it for free. Drop cable TV. and use the free channels. Get netflix its a life saver. Get what they call dry DSL internet which is DSL internet without a phone line. They have it they can do it and its cheaper they don't like to do it and they tell you they can't but trust me they can I worked for AT&T installing it. Consider moving to a smaller apartment or if your buying a house maybe let it foreclose and live it in rent free as long as u can and save. Or try to sell it with the goal of coming out owing nothing and being able to walk away. Forget vacations unless they low cost. Like camping with a tent and driving. Do everything you can on your own without paying someone else to do it. IF you both have cellphones get rid of one and get rid of the house phone. Don't go out anymore no clubs no bars no eating maybe once a month to treat yourselves.

If you do all of these things you'll be able to live on a single income. Life will suck its no doubt mine does. But if the bread winner makes 30k a year of more you will actually save money for once. And actually a pretty big chunk within a year like 10k plus. Now what you do with that money is up to maybe pay off the other ones debt or sock it away. If your gonna pay off the debt see a lawyer first cause you might be able to settle the debt for much lower then they will want if you pay the big chunk all at once. DON'T TALK TO THE DEBT COLLECTORS ABOUT THIS, TALK TO A LAWYER FIRST SO HE CAN GET IT ALL IN WRITING AND GET IT ALL SIGNED. I hope this helps you guys I'm in the process of this right now I have done almost all of this my self already. This is my personal plan. Some of the things don't pertain to me because I never owned a house etc. But if I did these are the things I would do. Good luck.

My old post still relevant in my opinion.

Hi everyone. I'm in the same boat. I have been unemployed for almost a year now and since I graduated college in 07 I have worked the lowest of low jobs. My degree is only an associates but should have been enough to pull my self out of the low brow jobs. But it hasn't been. I only stopped going to college because I was planning on getting a decent job maybe make 30k a year being a manager somewhere or something like that and pay for college on my own and go part-time because my student loans were getting way too high. But surprise that didn't work out so now I work the same low level jobs I did before college and had to pay out more money in bills each month towards my college loans. Well I have an answer to most of the peoples problems here. Stop paying off your debt like credit cards, student loans. I haven't been able to pay in a year. I get a few phone calls that my answering machine receives but that's it. There are so many people not paying because they cant, that they are extremely overloaded the (courts/collections). The whole system is gonna crash everyone can see it. So why pay? Use that money to have a roof over your head for a few extra months and money to feed yourself longer. They say unemployment claims are dropping. Lies! It's not because people are getting jobs its because their unemployment benefits are now over they don't qualify for anymore. And that doesn't even include all the people who are underemployed who have part-time jobs who don't make enough to cover their bills. They don't consider them at all. And can you recall for years and years before the economy totally tanked that there were only part-time positions? The only full-time employees were management and only they got the decent benefits. It gets worse and worse every month more and more people lose their jobs. Think of your own safety and survival. It's all crashing don't get crushed by it good luck everyone. Oh if you want to hear some truth about why we are in this position check out the movie Fall of The Republic on youtube. Or check out Alex Jones at Infowars.com

Brokeforever 5 years ago

Hi guys I posted the bottom half 9 months ago. Nothing has changed with my situation still jobless still broke and still in debt. Going on for 2 years strong now and before college I somehow survived for years making 10k or less a year.

My Advice:

#1: I would like to pass on some wisdom to the younger people if you have to pay for your own education don't go to college unless you can work and pay your own way and don't stop until you have a doctorate. Stay away from the loans. They lie to you guys, trust me. I know because I have experience and when in college I worked in the college in the student loan department as a student worker making 6.00 an hour. It doesn't matter what bank you sign up to give you the loan because as soon as you cash that loan check the bank flips your loan for some fast cash. In case your lacking on your slang flipping is when you buy something for certain amount then sell it to make a profit then buy more product and then sell it for even more profit. Basically you rinse and repeat. Well the banks do this you think you got your loan from chase bank the bank you bank with and trust? Wrong! Cause they just sold it. Sadly you don't learn this until a few weeks later when you get a letter in the mail from some company you never heard of thanking you for you business that you will most likely throw away until they send you the bill after you graduate. I told this to a student I was helping fill out the student loan application and when they found out I was telling the students the truth about the banks flipping the loans they moved me to another department.

#2: I want to repeat something I say in the bottom part and that is I haven't payed any of my college loans or credit card bills (got from buying books for college) for almost 2 years now. And let me tell you the relief you feel from getting rid of all that stress is amazing. I don't worry about it and that's because I cant pay it back. I own nothing except for a broken down car that isn't worth anything and cant be fixed cause I have no income. And thankfully having debt in the U.S. isn't a crime yet so basically there's nothing they can do to me. I was never given a chance I was doomed from the start. I did what "society" requires for you to become successful and "society" failed me.

#3: Learn to live on a single income. Sadly were a dual income society where both parents work full time. Most likely one of you isn't working anymore. Whoever has the job and best chance of keeping or getting a job in the future needs to become the bread winner. If you both have debt before the one who's unemployed stops paying their bills transfer the debt to your card or get a new card and transfer it. Why? Because companies run credit checks when you apply for jobs now and if you have bad credit you don't get the job soooo. The bread winner needs to have perfect credit for future jobs etc. If you have things in both your names transfer them to the bread winner so you own nothing. Worst case scenario may need to get a divorce to get the collectors off the bread winner in the future. The non bread winners job now is to lower the bills and expenses as much as possible.

#4: Live and eat Frugal. Turn that AC up 80-85 or higher if u can take it. Just chill in your boxers all day so you don't sweat as much. Cancel that other car insurance and only use 1 car. You don't need 2 and that frees up at least 100 a month. If your still making payments give the car up or sell it to Carmax if its fairly new and almost payed off. They usually give the low end of Kelly Blue Book value. The main thing is that monthly bill is gone if your car is new that's like 150-350 a month for insurance not to mention the car payment. Eat frugal by making meals from scratch. I have a meal plan I made with the goal of 30dollars a week for food. I buy meat at the local Spanish speaking supermarket from the deli area at around 1.90 a pound and they grind it up or slice it for free. Drop cable TV. and use the free channels. Get netflix its a life saver. Get what they call dry DSL internet which is DSL internet without a phone line. They have it they can do it and its cheaper they don't like to do it and they tell you they can't but trust me they can I worked for AT&T installing it. Consider moving to a smaller apartment or if your buying a house maybe let it foreclose and live it in rent free as long as u can and save. Or try to sell it with the goal of coming out owing nothing and being able to walk away. Forget vacations unless they low cost. Like camping with a tent and driving. Do everything you can on your own without paying someone else to do it. IF you both have cellphones get rid of one and get rid of the house phone. Don't go out anymore no clubs no bars no eating maybe once a month to treat yourselves.

If you do all of these things you'll be able to live on a single income. Life will suck its no doubt mine does. But if the bread winner makes 30k a year of more you will actually save money for once. And actually a pretty big chunk within a year like 10k plus. Now what you do with that money is up to maybe pay off the other ones debt or sock it away. If your gonna pay off the debt see a lawyer first cause you might be able to settle the debt for much lower then they will want if you pay the big chunk all at once. DON'T TALK TO THE DEBT COLLECTORS ABOUT THIS, TALK TO A LAWYER FIRST SO HE CAN GET IT ALL IN WRITING AND GET IT ALL SIGNED. I hope this helps you guys I'm in the process of this right now I have done almost all of this my self already. This is my personal plan. Some of the things don't pertain to me because I never owned a house etc. But if I did these are the things I would do. Good luck.

My old post still relevant in my opinion.

Hi everyone. I'm in the same boat. I have been unemployed for almost a year now and since I graduated college in 07 I have worked the lowest of low jobs. My degree is only an associates but should have been enough to pull my self out of the low brow jobs. But it hasn't been. I only stopped going to college because I was planning on getting a decent job maybe make 30k a year being a manager somewhere or something like that and pay for college on my own and go part-time because my student loans were getting way too high. But surprise that didn't work out so now I work the same low level jobs I did before college and had to pay out more money in bills each month towards my college loans. Well I have an answer to most of the peoples problems here. Stop paying off your debt like credit cards, student loans. I haven't been able to pay in a year. I get a few phone calls that my answering machine receives but that's it. There are so many people not paying because they cant, that they are extremely overloaded the (courts/collections). The whole system is gonna crash everyone can see it. So why pay? Use that money to have a roof over your head for a few extra months and money to feed yourself longer. They say unemployment claims are dropping. Lies! It's not because people are getting jobs its because their unemployment benefits are now over they don't qualify for anymore. And that doesn't even include all the people who are underemployed who have part-time jobs who don't make enough to cover their bills. They don't consider them at all. And can you recall for years and years before the economy totally tanked that there were only part-time positions? The only full-time employees were management and only they got the decent benefits. It gets worse and worse every month more and more people lose their jobs. Think of your own safety and survival. It's all crashing don't get crushed by it good luck everyone. Oh if you want to hear some truth about why we are in this position check out the movie Fall of The Republic on youtube. Or check out Alex Jones at Infowars.com

Scared 5 years ago

This blog lets me know that I'm not the only one living this nightmare, I am an electrical engineer, I've been unemployed since 2008, I'm in Chicago, there are very few engineering jobs, for every 1 job there are at least 150 people applying, I'm afraid that I will be homeless before I find another job. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

Justin 5 years ago

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Dan  5 years ago

I have read almost every comment on here and am at the very least comforted that I am not the only person facing such adversity in finding employment. Like most others on this site I have been actively seeking employment for the past month and have had little if any interest from potential employers, ultimately leading me to believe that there is little hope for any job prospects in the near future. My situation is quite different however as I had a very difficult upbringing which caused me to lash out, do stupid things and ended up with a criminal record. That was almost ten years ago now and I made an honest attempt to better myself by attending University and obtaining a degree. I cant begin to explain how discouraging it is now for me because even if I got in the door I will always have to worry about that "black cloud" so to speak hanging over me. Even worse is that I can't get a pardon yet because or restitution that I wasn't aware of holding me back.

So some on here may think they have it bad, but at least I may serve as an example of somebody with worse prospects for employment than yourselves.

Moral of the story: don't give up many others have it worse.

"With all this extra stressin

The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath

When will I finaly get to rest? Through this supression

they punish the people that's askin questions

And those that possess, steal from the ones without possesions

The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons

Don't settle for less - even the genius asks-es questions

Be grateful for blessings

Don't ever change, keep your essence

The power is in the people and politics we address

Always do your best, don't let the pressure make you panic

And when you get stranded

And things don't go the way you planned it

Dreamin of riches, in a position of makin a difference

Politicians and hypocrites, they don't wanna listen

If I'm insane, it's the fame made a brother change

It wasn't nuttin like the game

It's just me against the world"

Kelly 5 years ago

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Unemployment is down where I live (Toronto, Canada), but I never get a call back. I have a BA from a top school, I've completed classes in my field, I did an internship that was extended to eight months because they liked me so much. The ONLY response I've had so far is for another internship. Seriously, WHO IS GETTING THESE JOBS? I want to see their resumes, because it's clear I am doing something very wrong.

.,., 5 years ago

What is really frustrating is that throughout our lives at school, we were told that we can be doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on if we work hard. But what they do not teach you at school is that only a small minority will be able to reach their chosen professions and the majority will struggle.

Someone I know applied for a job at a billion dollar corporation. When she attended the assessment centre, for the 1 position she applied for, she was competing against 59 candidates. What makes it worse, is that the recruiters at the assessment centre mentioned that they receive over 7000 cvs a month from graduates. Where is the benefit in this?

Colleges and universities are the greatest cons of the century. They are money making businesses and do not care about job opportunities for graduates. All they want is your money. While they are making money, you are falling into heavy debt.

Think about it. The problem is that the world is overpopulated. There are too many people, too many graduates and too little number of jobs. Yet, despite the harshness of reality, people will continue to breed like rabbits and make babies, even though the world does not need more people. More people equals more competition and overpopulation.

Jen. O. 5 years ago

I have been unemployed since February. I worked at my previous job for 12 years. I do not have a degree. I find jobs that I can do, but you need a degree. Why? Just the paper is all that is needed, you can have a degree for teaching gym, but can get the sales job. Doesn't make sense. I have sent out over a hundred resumes. I have multiple versions for specific jobs. I was making good money. Now I can't even get a $7 hour job. I know what I was making before. And I know how much the job I am applying for is offering. If I didn't want it, I wouldn't apply. I hate not being offered because THEY feel it isn't enough for me. Let me worry about it. This sucks.

grass isn't greener 5 years ago

So. The grass is not greener on the other side. I have spent considerable time trying to find a better job that pays more and where I won't get kicked around but really there are just varying degrees of bad. Might as well just stay where you are if you have any kind of job, and learn to live with less money and less things.

My advice to anyone thinking about post secondary education is think very carefully about taking out student loans. I know from experience that education does not equal a good paying job. Now I have student loans up my ass all the time and they try to take payments out when I am supposed to be on repayment assistance because my job pays barely above the minimum wage. Then my bank NSF's me because of it, so I just go even further into the hole. Pick a place and just try to work your way up. At least then you have some kind of seniority and maybe your loyalty might be rewarded someday. Student loans will lull you into a false sense of security because you get this lump sum, and you always have extra cash and you don't have to worry about things as much. For example, I still haven't been able to change my winter tires off my car because I don't have enough money to. When I had student loans I didn't have to watch every damn cent I had. Now I feel deprived that I can't just go get a burger with a friend or replace my perfume when I ran out. But I am still learning to live with less. I have tried since 2007 to get a better job and nobody will even give me a chance. So now I give my loyalty to the place that gave me a job when nobody else even gave me a callback. You know the world is a pretty messed up place.

HeartofShadows 5 years ago

Unemployed and dealing with the same shit as everybody else so I won't bore anybody with my sob story.

Now anybody seen that crappy pursuit of happyness movie with will smith?

lets just say anybody who see's that movie thats shares our situation would be pissed and I had the displeasure of watching it with my family during mothers day.

Basically its Libertarian propaganda and serve your wall street masters well enough and perhaps they'll bring you in for a piece of the pie someday, but don't expect anything until you've already given them everything you've got. Working class people in the movie are depicted as being rude and lazy while the rich guys are kind and generous.

Made me sick.

Employmentvoice 5 years ago

Stephanie 5 years ago

If you all know of anyone who needs health insurance please pass this along to them. Oh by the way a friend of mine was out of work for 4 months (he used to make 65,000 year) and I told my general manager about him and now he is going to be hired in 2 weeks. It pays to network or ask someone you know who is employed that is how all of the jobs are being gotten now sad to say. If you want to stand out send resumes to companies who are not running ads they are not getting as many as those who are. God bless


Riaan - All Accounting Jobs 5 years ago

It's also important that you look in the right place, exclusive places where you'll have fewer competition as not not every chancer will be applying. I've used http://allaccountingjobs.co.za/ if you're interested.

for f sakes 5 years ago

I can no longer afford to drive. I have a degree and make $9 an hour. Nobody will hire me. Now I will have to spend 2 hours a day on a bus just to keep this idiot job so I can eat once in a while. Lifesuuuuuuucks!!!!!!!!!!!

exhibition furniture hire 5 years ago

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NrwegnGrl profile image

NrwegnGrl 5 years ago from Nevada

Hey everyone! I posted on here a few weeks ago, I haven't had any luck since then with getting a job! I live in one of the worst states in the US right now, Nevada with a unemployment rate of over 13 percent and thats only including those who actually qualify for unemployment benefits. We also rank at about 49th out of 50 states in the US in education, and there is talk about more cuts to education budget, it is pretty ridiculous. We are also one of the highest percentage of foreclosures on houses. I live in Las Vegas by the way...

I have a 4 year degree in Psychology with a 3.5 from UNLV, and I am 1/3 through my Master's program with a 4.0 and I am an honors student. I have eight years of customer service experience WITH excellent references, and MANY skills. Out of 100's resumes I put out,I have had 2 interviews, which obviously I didn't get because someone was more qualified apparently. You pretty much have to know "someone" here to get a job, rather than what you know. I am trying to remain optimistic as much as I can. Its hard sometimes though, I wish I could financially afford to move to Norway right now, seriously there economy is doing amazing and is so stable. But- in reality I am stuck here having to wait out this recession. I wish there was a way we could all figure out how to get outta this mess. This is just terrible. Thank god I am on unemployment, but I don't want to continue relying on it. Anyways, best of luck to everyone.

WHY? 5 years ago

I feel like in order to "stand out" in the crowd, I have to put on a damn clown suit when I am interviewing...smh. I have been out of full time work since 2009 and of course because of that, I have been forced to get on welfare and do these useless job training programs. I cant get a job ANYWHERE, I mean I have done over my resume 3000 times, networked, anything I can THINK of and still no cigar. I am beyond frustrated.

bleh 5 years ago

I'm scared this is as good as it gets for me. All of my years of work, tears, blood, sweat was for nothing. Nobody wants me anyways. I am miserable.

LadySeriously? 5 years ago

Even if you don't have a degree, it's really difficult. Try being me for a second: I have no degree in anything, because I'm still in high school. I'm 17, almost a senior in high school, and this will be my first job. I have no experience, and I'm stuck because I can't gain any! I applied to taco bell, walgreens, safeway, babies and toys r us, mcdonalds, dairy queen, and im about to apply to burger king. There's also the limitation of age. Some jobs, like barnes and noble, borders, joes crab shack, and applebees say im too young fir their positions. Im desperate. My mom is paying for my car and gas, but she is worried and might need a second job of I can't get one. This is terrible. And everyones applying to fast food and places that usually don't mind experience. Especially the people that have experience in the working force. It's really competitive for someone like me. I try out burger king and keep looking around for someone who's hiring. Best of luck to you all, too.

Frank 5 years ago

This job market is pretty much hopeless. I have a Bachelor's degree in business finance and my current job is doing home inspections for foreclosed properties, where I just drive 100+ miles every day around town and verify occupancy of homes. Sometimes I have to go into the house and see that the place is completely trashed and my job is to take photos of all the rooms and damages and then report the condition to the banks. I've been doing this job for about 2 years now as a temporary job so I can put food on the table, but it puts a LOT of wear and tear on the car and you get paid by inspection, not by the hour. So I feel all your frustration, this job market will NOT get better any time soon. I thought I would only be doing this for a few months while I look for something in my field but a few months has turned into 2 years :/

let down 5 years ago

First of all, this article is helpful for those not knowing some little steps to boost a job hunt.

But do these steps actually help?

I stopped believing that making yourself stand out, delivering knock-out interview performances or writing persuading cover letters are the ways to get you a job. I believe now that it's more the luck of the draw.

So long, I got 2 unsuccessful interviews, both provided the same answer; .

First I said, I understand, but then I thought, both of these jobs provided at least 1 month training no matter the candidate's experience in the field. What did that mean? Could it be because I am a foreigner, and my experience is at Greece so they can't rely to my references?

I applied for anything, from Customer Service positions to housekeeper, receptionist, administrator, nanny, home carer, kitchen porter, hotel room attendant, street cleaner. ALL of them said, you need to have the appropriate experience. For example I called in for a Kitchen Porter job, they said I said no and they respectfully hang up on me.

I want to remain objective, calm, but how can I when my parents are in debt of thousands of Euro, for which I feel responsible, as they paid for my education, rent and miscellaneous needs for 5 consecutive years.

I feel useless; the fast-food businesses don't want me because I didn't do well on their on-line assessments. Housekeeping jobs don't want me because I don't own a car. Customer service employers don't want me because I have only 2 years experience.

I want to keep my head high, and hope for the best; But I can't. This attitude in today's world is not optimism; it's mental masturbation.

unemployed WASP 5 years ago

I hate to say it but I just read that Obama wants to increase the number of foreign workers for white collar jobs into the U.S. and offer amnesty.

:((( 5 years ago

dont give up guys... /cry

Grrrrr...... 5 years ago

I never received a degree, I always wanted to, but money, time, work ect always got in the way. (I commend everyone who can do it all!!!) Instead, I began an entry level position at 19, (in 1998) grew with the company and eventually purchased the company in 2005. By 2007 I was making 1.2 million a year. (oh! The frivolous spending I will NEVER do again!) Then 2008-2009 crashed the whole thing. I still own the company, but barely keep it afloat- most of the income goes to business loans. My 1.2 million has dropped to 90K. That sounds like a lot, I know, and I am GRATEFUL to still be running at least a small portion of it- but 75K goes to loans and operational expenses. In a normal economy, one would review this and say it's time to close up shop...but some money is better than no money. So- I live with my mother in law right now. Even though I am a small business owner- I only MAKE 15K a year. I have attempted to get additional or part time jobs doing ANYTHING- and I have found, that despite what I had assumed, being in one place for over 10 years ISNT helping me. No one cares that I waited table at 18 years (16 years ago!)

I think I will teach my 3 year old the value of homesteading. When the world goes belly up, you CAN live with out electricity, you CAN grow and process your own food- make your own clothes ect. All you need is land. That, I think, is going to be more valuable than any degree.

Good luck all.


Stephanie  5 years ago

If you want to find a job be proud you got the degree but take it off of your resume if its hindering you. There are jobs online to work from home being a virtual assistant but sadly they only pay between 10-12.00 per hour. The high paying jobs are being eliminated or gotten through referral only. If you can get in the govt somehow its a good place to be.

f it 5 years ago

I used to work for this woman, she was just terrible. People would apply for positions there and she would laugh at their resumes and then bring them around to show everyone else. How unprofessional can you get. She also gossiped about everyone who worked there as well as people who worked there in the past. Well she had held a top position there for over 20 years. WTF is wrong with the world?

yep 5 years ago

We can only hope it will come back around. It probably will happen to everyone at some point. In that case we have nowhere to go but up, and all those idiots at the top have nowhere to go but come crashing down, hahahaha

Frustrated 5 years ago

It has been nearly two years since I graduated from college and I still have no job. I am half tempted to mail my degrees back to my old college with a note saying, "please erase my loan debt and here is your useless degrees back." I been applying for jobs all over the place and no one seems interested in hiring me. I get a few job interviews every now and then but the result is always the same, "no job offer." It is extremely frustrating, I need to work becuase I have all these student loans to pay back and I'm on the verge of defaulting on one of them because they won't grant me a deferrment anymore.

Yes, in the working world it's not what you know, it's who you know that can get you the job. I mean God forbid employers give you a job base on qualifications, education, or merit. They have to give the job to that unmotivated high school student who just happens to have a family member working for the same company. The majority of the employers don't even want to give you a chance anymore and they don't want to take five minutes out of their time to train you. Employers are awful but there is going to be a time when one of them is going to be on the other side of the table, desperately looking for a job, thinking that the interview went well, and not receiving a call for a job offer. As the John Lennon song said, "Instant Karma's gonna get you," maybe then they'll know what, we the unemployed or underemployed, feels day in and day out searching for a job in a bleak job market.

argggg 5 years ago

Applying to job postings online is horribly frustrating! Spending hours trying to fill in all the boxes and then your formatting goes all haywire and you finally think you're done and then you get the error something went wrong pop up box and have to start again. What a waste of time! Worst thing is that you have no idea most of the time if it was even received or if some idiot on the other end just deleted it. I don't see how this benefits anyone at all!

northern belle 5 years ago

Dark indeed. I now feel that it is a waste of time to apply for jobs, or even to include my education on my resume for most things I have been applying for. I feel like I should burn my degree as I graduated in 2007 and it has since been useless. Employers don't even think I am good enough to file their paperwork. All that time I spent trying to get somewhere and I am still nowhere. If people would stop lying to themselves they would realize that education is useless for most people these days when it comes to getting a job. Employers are like the cat that got the canary because they can hire the guy with the masters and pay him half what he is worth. Until such time that employers no longer have us over a barrel, we are so totally screwed. People act all confused as to why crime and gang involvement are on the rise, but think about it. Why go into huge debt and not to mention the stress of university when you could lie cheat and steal your way through life. We all did what we were "supposed" to do, and now look at us-barely scraping by, if at all. Meanwhile prices of everything keep climbing. There is nothing wrong with your cover letter or your resume or your chosen degree. The problem is that employers will do whatever they can get away with. And they do. The only thing that could save us is retiring workers that may open up some positions. Of course, these jobs will probably still be paying us much less than we are worth. Vicious circle.

West Coast Guy 5 years ago

I have a university degree from a good school, lots of experience, I'm personable and have a great resume, yet I've been looking for work for literally a year. I have applied to dozens of jobs, everything from low-end minimum wage jobs all the way up to career jobs that would utilize my degree.

However, I'm starting to realize how competitive the job market has become with the sky high unemployment rate. I had a stage 2 job interview about a week ago but didn't make the final cut. When I called to ask why, they told me that the final applicant was more qualified and possessed a master's degree... this was for a $30K/year entry level position.

I've been an optimist for the past year but I'm really beginning to see the dark reality of the current situation in the world.

screw it 5 years ago

Nobody wants to give anyone a chance anymore. Why would employers do this when they have a large pool of unemployed yet experienced workers they can take advantage of? People willing to work for less than they are worth just so they have a job. Employers hire these people and probably pay them an entry level wage. BECAUSE THEY CAN. So really, there is no hope for the rest of us who are trying to find our way in the world. And by the way, point to someone who can afford to work for free, because I don't know any. We have families to take care of, for example. Employers can go f--- themselves as far as I'm concerned.

Oscar 5 years ago

I have been following this page for quite some time and wanted to add my 5 cents. Im actually from Sweden but got my education and work experience in the US (MBA, Bachl, 2 years work exp). Long story short I lost my job with a large global organization in the US back in april 2009 and was forced to move back to Sweden due to job visa issues. Sweden is currently in good shape. Theres lots of domestic manufacturing, high level of savings, low level debt, positive employment outlook, however Ive struggled over the past year and half finding a job. Im happy to be in a "healthy" country, from macro indicator standpoint but there are large barriers to getting a job here. People who have jobs are often in some kind of union, yes even white collar! Jobs dont come and go either like in the US. People who have jobs, have to do serious wrong before they can get fired, on the other side of that coin, theres a tax that on top of income tax, which makes it pricey to hire people. Im not completely unemployed, I work part time 4-7 hours as a tennis instructor depending on how much Im needed and string tennis racquets as a side business. Its not enough to survive though and Im fortunate enough to stay with my parents. Mind you Im on the board of directors with the tennis club and do tons of work. I even spent 700 plus hours one spring building outdoor tennis courts for our club. I thought my "volunteering" and displayed work ethic would count for something and Id be able to network and meet people in the tennis club, who could lead me to potential jobs, nothing. Ive had about 10 interviews with various companies and Ive come close but Im starting to feel more and more hopeless. Many foreigners living here have told me they wont consider you if you have foreign experience. It seems true since you have many educated people doing less than qualified jobs, e.g. Iraqi doctors driving cabs etc. To all those people in the US, I really feel for you. Greed and banking has really destroyed your country. I hope America will one day find its way back to what it once was. To those who consider moving to Sweden in search of jobs I strongly dont recommend it!

George 5 years ago

I am a professional of my field. In a short period was unemployed until I have been called by several big businesses for an interview I was taken to work because I was the nonprofessional for a certain unpopular field in rare sector there required.

outta luck 5 years ago

The worst part is knowing that all it would take to make everything okay again is for someone to call and give me a fair shot at a job. Well, I can't make someone hire me. I'm doing the best I can.

NrwegnGrl profile image

NrwegnGrl 5 years ago from Nevada

I can completely relate with you, please DO NOT think that you are alone, because you are not. I just got a email notification from Lowes the other day regarding a sales specialist position that I applied for, and it said that I wasn't qualified and that they were going to seek someone else for the position, SERIOUSLY?... even though I have 8 years in customer service/sales and 4 years working at home depot in flooring in windows/walls, some graduate coursework with 4.0 and excellent work history and references AND they didn't even meet me for an interview. They just sent me some stupid email, they probably didnt even look at my resume or application. I was so mad the other day because how can THEY say that I DONT have these qualifications when I have far for than someone needs to work in retail GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK. So....I TOTALLY RELATE... we all have to get through this, THIS CR*** IS UNFAIR.

If you don't mind me asking, have you thought about going back to school and pursuing a career that is in demand right now? A couple weeks ago I made the hard decision of discontinuing my masters in counseling with a 4.0 to pursue a Bachelors in Nursing (BSN). I cannot live like this forever, working some stupid job because I picked the wrong degree. And whats sad is that these degrees are NOT worthless, but that they undervalued in this kind of economy and there is much more competition. Retail companies, such as Lowes, are taking advantage of the state of the economy and paying people MUCH LESS than what they were paying a couple years ago, because they are blaming the economy even though they ARE making a profit, and NOT obviously paying attention to WHO IS APPLYING. I am assuming that they are only hiring people THEY know and not hiring those who are actually qualified. Hang in there!!! It cant be like this forever even though it seems like it just get worse and worse... ugh. I freakin wanna move to Sweden.

@!#$%^&*() 5 years ago

It's pretty difficult to get pepped up about applying for work when you never even get a call back. I just can't understand what the hell is going on out there in the world. If I am fully qualified for something I should at least get a call some of the time.

I did what I was supposed to do, getting a degree and now everyone is looking at me like I am an idiot because I can't find a decent job and have been forced to go back to retail just to pay (some) of my bills.

I feel totally alone and like nobody gets it. When I apply for jobs I spend hours putting together a stand out application and it gets me nowhere. So it feels like it is all a waste of time. I have to slave away at a boring job that pays in peanuts and then when I have a day off I have to spend it trying to find other work so the heat doesn't get shut off. I hate this. I am miserable and sick of being treated like crap by the world. I really think the world is going to hell. Take a look around. The people that are well off are the gangsters, porn stars, other people that exploit themselves and others, corrupt people, exc, exc. Then the rest of us who are trying to lead honest respectable lives get the shit end all the time. What's the point.

Hang in there... 5 years ago

I was in this same position until a week ago. I know this is a very tough and depressing situation...hang in there and keep praying....good things will happen...

NrwegnGrl profile image

NrwegnGrl 5 years ago from Nevada

Hi everyone, I am 26 years old and I live in one of the worst states in the US for education ("ranked 49th, with more education cuts")and the highest unemployment at over 14.2%, so I can relate with each and every one of you who are having trouble finding a job.

I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology with a decent GPA 3.5 in May 2009, knowing that we were in a recession I still felt very optimistic about my job search. In school I had a part-time job I left (I kick myself now because I was making 14.50 an hour at a fun job) because although I heard how competitive it was searching for new jobs, I was a little ignorant and somehow thought I would not have any problems getting a job making $40,000 starting out. Then- reality set in, I put out 100's of resumes and didn't get even a call until 6 months later. I was hired at a law from with no prior experience, by luck I guess, but was laid off 8 months later because they did not provide me with training as they had promised and a trial was approaching in which case they needed to replace me with a tentured paralegal. So, here we go again. I was laid off in August 2010, and again after 100's of resumes later I have had ONE company call me back and I am interviewing next week but I am not getting my hopes up. While I was at the law firm, I had thought it was smart to further my education and pursue my Master's in Counseling. Six months later, reality again set in and I decided it would be best to put those plans on hold due to the state of the economy. It would cost me $40,000 to complete my Master's and I am scared to death to be in this position upon graduating and stuck with a loan that excessive. Now, I am changing paths and looking into pursuing a B.S. in Nursing ("BSN"), and somehow manage to get a part-time job somewhere making like $10.00 if I am lucky. This is depressing, I agree.

My advice to anyone currently pursuing a degree, there is nothing wrong about getting a degree, but make sure that you do your homework first and chose one that is in a high demand, provides benefits, and stability, such as health care professions. I was really suprised however to find individuals who possess Master degrees in engineering and PhDs on here who are having as hard of a time as everyone else. Its sad really, I am recalling in one of my undergraduate classes one of my professors facing the class and saying, "look around you, you ("being the educated and degree holders") will become faces of the future and leaders of the world one day." At the time I believed it and that resonated with me. Now as someone who is typically very optimistic, I have my pity moments where I feel betrayed for growing up believing in the "American Dream" to feel let down and betrayed. I can't seem to understand how leaders of TODAY are not doing thier part to think of "new" ways that WILL work to strengthen America's economy so that tomorrow we can all have a better standard of living and actually provide for ourselves. Call me selfish, but after years of investing time and money into recieving an education, being a responsible and driven individual with strong work ethic, I get upset now and then that no one is giving me the time of day to even interview, even if I EXCEED the qualifications of the job.

Today was one of the first days I cried after six months of being unemployed. Anyways, I feel a little bit better now. Thank you for taking the time to read this and letting me vent.

I wish each and every one of you guys the best of luck in your future endouvers.

disgusted 5 years ago

i have been searching since january of 2009. no luck about 10 interviews. ive done follow-ups. ive been lied to and made to feel like crap because ive called to follow up. My very last interview was at the the airport at a charter jet company and i was told that they wanted to go through a few more resumes from corporate first and if they felt i was a good fit they would call. This is very depressing. Not to mention, you can hang it up if you have any kind of criminal record. Sometimes i just want to kill myself. This is so hard. Unemplyment is supposed to be available for the jobless but after a certain point youre toss overboard. Ive been overboard for about a year now and honestly im at wits end. I dont know where to apply anymore and i do not know what to do. I have applied practically everywhere i can and I just cant take this. The above article is nice but more appropriate for an economy operating in full employment and stable inflation pricing. This is sad people. America is the country where people escape to but it looks like afterwhile people will be running in another direction. Opportunity is scarce.

AJM 5 years ago

I had FOUR interviews two weeks ago at a restaurant for a hostess job, which basically means I probably wouldn't be making more than $8 or $9 an hour. But for some reason, I had to meet the trainer, two assistant managers, and a general manager. They had me fill out a form to agree to a background check, and I was so excited, thinking that while obviously this wasn't my ideal job, I would finally be getting work.

Instead, I have yet to get a call back from them. I vented about it to some of my friends, and they all told me I should call to "show I'm interested" and to "show enthusiasm". Seriously?? After the company put me through four interviews and had me agree to a background check, I should still be the one calling to show interest? Give me a break.

That's just another example of how some people always think the job seeker is the problem and that the employer can't be doing anything wrong.

I'm not convinced following up works anyway. I have tried it a few times myself. The most recent time I tried was when the employer wouldn't give me an interview b/c I had a previous engagement the day she wanted me to come in..of course the day I had my committment, she e-mailed me two hours in advance on the day of when it was too late for me to change my plans. I was then out of luck for the job because they had already picked the top three candidates. Not to mention she took two days to respond to my follow-up.

I have also followed up after interviews. Either I never hear from the employer again or I get a rejection letter. So much for everyone who dispenses advice that following up helps you "stand out" and will impress employers. If a follow up call really impressed them, everyone who did it would be employed and maybe we wouldn't have such a problem!

name 5 years ago

I have the same problem. Don't know what the hell is wrong with people, you would think it would be some kind of asset to be alumni for crying out loud.

Another problem with applying for work is when you have been stuck working for idiots in the past and don't really want to rely on them for references. I don't know what to do either.

Maurice 5 years ago

Man this is really frustrating me. It's been well over eight months and I haven't had a single call. I'm always looking for work but there never seems to be anything, plus when there is I'm never called. I even applied to work at my own school and they rejected me! lol

Seriously though, I'm really losing it. Don't know what to do except pray.

Uhh.. 5 years ago

The stars will not come crashing down, come on now. If anything, trying to reach for the stars is an unattainable goal that will never ever happen. Sure, they tell you to shoot for the moon and all that mumbo-jumbo, when in reality it will never happen. I wish I could say I reached for the stars and at least one star came tumbling down - that way I at least touched the star.

btw 5 years ago

Reach for the stars...just nobody tells you about how it will all come crashing down soon after

bsbsbsbsbsbs 5 years ago

It's very easy for people to say oh go volunteer or whatever but that isn't so easy when you are a single parent and have can't afford to work for free. I have to wonder what the hell goes on at the other end, is everyone laughing at my resume before chucking it in the bin or what? There is something wrong when I am fully qualified for something, have a degree and experience and don't even get a call.

One time I was given feedback as to why I wasn't chosen and all I was told was that they hired someone with more years experience than me. That's great. How can we ever get more experience at anything when employers just want to take the easy way so they don't have to spend 5 seconds showing someone how to do something.

I agree that colleges and universities are only in it for the money. Nobody really cares about anyone else anymore. It has all become a series of bs. Prices of everything keep getting jacked and yet we are expected to live being paid in peanuts, or not paid at all.

Pretty hard not to feel miserable when this is the state of the world today.

.,., 5 years ago

What is really frustrating is that throughout our lives at school, we were told that we can be doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on if we work hard. But what they do not teach you at school is that only a small minority will be able to reach their chosen professions and the majority will struggle.

Someone I know applied for a job at a billion dollar corporation. When she attended the assessment centre, for the 1 position she applied for, she was competing against 59 candidates. What makes it worse, is that the recruiters at the assessment centre mentioned that they receive over 7000 cvs a month from graduates. Where is the benefit in this?

Colleges and universities are the greatest cons of the century. They are money making businesses and do not care about job opportunities for graduates. All they want is your money. While they are making money, you are falling into heavy debt.

Think about it. The problem is that the world is overpopulated. There are too many people, too many graduates and too little number of jobs. Yet, despite the harshness of reality, people will continue to breed like rabbits and make babies, even though the world does not need more people. More people equals more competition and overpopulation.

annoyed haha 5 years ago

and as for the guy going on about volunteering its not that simple either. i wanted to volunteer at schools so i can apply for my teaching degree and i cant even get that because the schools are not willing to do CRB checks and go through the loopholes that will let me volunteer.

plus its a lot of effort. working for nothing. since i need all the time i get to work and look for something that can pay my bills.

fucking annoyed, mate 5 years ago

i'm a uni graduate and cant even get a simple job waitressing at weather-spoons. And i really did make a daddy job of the application. Maybe i'm too qualified but i dont want to dumb myself down to get a job. My boyfriend even told me to miss my degree out of my CV so i can get a 40 hour a week job at burgerking. (i did hand my CV in there and didnt even get a call back)

I was so close to getting a cleaning job but he turned me down claiming i was over qualified.

Now iam really annoyed.

AM in PA 5 years ago

Well, I have seen it all this week. I saw an ad for a customer service job that REQUIRES a Bachelor's degree. Although I have a Bachelor's myself, it seems totally silly to require one to be a customer service rep. The job duties, according to the ad, are pretty standard for a typical customer service job. So why demand a degree?

And then on Friday, I got an e-mail from a potential employer asking if I could meet with them in two hours time to discuss the position. I was heading out of town for the day and was already going to be on the road at that time, so there was no way I was available. I was polite to the hiring manager in my response and said that I appreciated her offer, but unfortunately, I was going to be out of town. I also asked if she had any time available on Monday to discuss the position.

Her response, which came three hours later, was one of those automated out-of-office e-mails! So no personal phone call, no email, no nothing...just a generic e-mail! It took everything I had to not call her and start flipping out.

I swear one of these days I am going to flip on an employer, and I could care less if it affects my chances of getting hired. They can do everything they want, and us potential employees are expected to cater to them at the drop of a hat. Well, even though I'm unemployed, I do want to have a life, and I don't think I should have to sit inside my house and look at the four walls 24/7 waiting for a job call that may never come!

fbliangcha profile image

fbliangcha 5 years ago from Guangxi-Zhuang, China

get on twitter and facebook and network with other people. I know someone who lost their job and they got on twitter and played around with it and started networking and landed themselves the CEO of their own social media company that promotes other people's businesses as a social media manager... how cool is that?

Kathryn Vercillo profile image

Kathryn Vercillo 5 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi all,

I have been watching the comments on this post closely over the past two years. I have chosen to stay out of the conversation because I feel like all of the various comments from you guys have provided a balanced view of the employment situation without me having to add anything.

However, I have taken a lot of flak from people who think that these tips are too basic as well as from people who think that I don't know what I'm talking about because I am employed. So here are a few things I'll share:

- I am self-employed, not employed. I have been self-employed for ten years and have worked hard to stay employed in spite of the changes in the economy.

- When I wrote this article, there weren't nearly as many articles online about this same topic as there are today. Although the tips are basic, they are based on things that some people I knew at the time weren't doing because they really didn't know that they needed to. I think these tips remain important today although I am very glad that most people who are looking for a job now know that they need to be done and taken them for granted.

- I very much do know people who have been unemployed in the past two years. They come from diverse fields, are both young and old, live in different parts of the nation, were unemployed for varying amounts of time and are otherwise almost all different from one another. I am happy to say that every single one of them was able to find a job. I realize that it's not easy for everyone - it's really not too easy for anyone - but finding a job today is possible based on what I've seen.

- I've created a new article with additional resume-boosting actions that you can take to help you stay busy during unemployment while also increasing the likelihood of getting a job. I'd love it if you'd check it out. http://hubpages.com/hub/10-Resume-Boosting-Actions...

- I try to moderate the comments on this post although I miss a few here and there. I leave most of them published although I erase the ones that have lots of foul language, have comments that I find to be racist / sexist/ offensive or are just plain mean without adding any value to the conversation. I'm happy to say that most of the comments are not like this.

I do appreciate all of your feedback on this post and wish everyone who is having employment troubles the best of luck during these tough times.

- Kathryn (the author of this article)

Work IS hard! 5 years ago

In the meanwhile, are you working and volunteering? Are you doing something other than work to build up your resume? I think the problem lies in the fact that we are a nation that values instant gratification and don't want to bother to put the work in. I'm not saying everyone is like that, but the majority of people do a little but don't put the full effort. Life is tough, but with the way things are, the toughness has magnified.

Having a negative mentality will just make things worse with these hard times. Right now, we should not focus so much on the future, but more on whats there for us now. Surround yourself with the family you do have and/or friends. Help each other out.

@when the tunnel never ends: You don't necessarily have to be single. You can find a partner and if you want a child - you'll just have to prioritize the way you spend your money. It can be done. But, that is if having a family is that important to you.

Having that single mentality and dying alone isn't going to get you anywhere NOW. Live one day at a time. Try not to see the big picture and give up so early in the game.

when the tunnel never ends 5 years ago


I'm sorry that I must echo the same emotionally corrosive cynicism as Simon Says but in more ways than I'd care to admit he's telling the truth. I graduated with my BA in 2008 and in between the seemingly never ending parade of underpaid part time work I have worked as hard as many of the people commenting here. The net result was two only two interviews for professional well paid work. Two interviews in two years that is insane! I'm 27 and I'm terrified that like most of my friends we have simply been cast off by society. Its bad enough for those older workers who need to support a family however i have news for them. $11 dollars an hour part time will NEVER enable me to have a family. I'm told to go back to school - well I can't service the debt I built up getting my first degree how the hell does getting another degree help me out?

going coming up on my 3rd anniversary of graduation I'm really thinking that its just not worth it anymore. I think maybe I should just give up on the whole job-family-productiveness thing I've worked for my whole life. Perhaps just scraping by with whatever job I can get and living bohemian and single until I invariably die in my late 50's destitute and alone.

I'm 27 years old and my greatest dream is to make more than 30 000 dollars in one year. That shouldn't be unattainable.

guests 5 years ago

Hi, I'm worried about life. Simon says, please consider your options before doing anything drastic. You are worth more than that. Don't ever think negative. I am in a hole, currently, but would never EVER think of "ending it." You might think that things will never look up, but they will. You just have to do your part and actualize the job search. Don't just say you're going to do it. Do it. Words sound awesome, but the action speaks volumes. :)

nameless 5 years ago

Tell you what, I am going to make sure my kid doesn't have to go through this hell. Seems trying to make a decent living in Canada or the U.S. is a total waste of time. Maybe the answer is to move to the other side of the world where we aren't taxed to death on the minimal amount of money we make.

Simon Says 5 years ago

For anyone considering going to college, don't do it. Higher education is a scam, way overpriced. Even the most affordable universities are going to run you 35k+. You'd be better off sticking that money in your pocket or staying out of debt. Like everyone I was suckered into believing that "college is the key to a better life." That mentality has pushed so many people in to university that now every asshole has a degree and therefore degrees have become totally meaningless. Anyway they don't teach you anything practical just a bunch of useless theory. And just as I graduate the economy goes to pot, the only jobs available require all this experience that I don't have. I filled out countless applications without receiving so much as a callback. And I have a limited network, I come from a humble background so I can't rely on my friends or family to hook me up. Very depressing. I fear the most productive years of my life are slipping away and I will never be able to support a family. This has made me very cynical, I resent my friends that have good jobs and I resent the older generation for turning this country into a social democracy and ruining the productive economy. We all know the economy isn't going to improve, even a cursory knowledge of economics will tell you that. Sure the recession is technically over but who cares if the GDP is rising if the debt is rising faster. We aren't producing more goods, all we're doing is going further in debt. The only good news is I'm not in debt but my savings is running out. I'm sick of living with my parents but I won't go back to delivering pizzas. I worked in that toxic environment for 5+ years and I can't take it any more. I fantasize everyday about ending it. Help!

profile image

ErvingGoffman 5 years ago

I am actually saddened by the state our country is in. It's not fair to have to live in despair when it seems as if happiness is a job away. But, with how things are going, landing jobs is becoming increasingly hard every day and so happiness is a dream and not a reality anymore. It's interesting how a job is all that we want to make our lives whole, but if we get a degrading job, it does not help the situation. Example, currently I HAVE to work as a cashier, me..., I went to college and this is where I end up. While doing what I do as an occupation, I have been putting applications out there, but to no avail. I guess, what I'm trying to say is that sometimes we have to search for jobs that might seem degrading but it will pay the bills. At least that way you'll have some income coming your way while still being hopeful that someday you will achieve true happiness and find that job that will tie everything you've worked so hard for.

Good luck to all of us...

never enough 5 years ago

Incase you needed more evidence that the world has gone mad, this blog is it. The employed tell themselves that there is something wrong with us unemployed because that is how they delude themselves into thinking this could never happen to them. The truth is, everyone is just one crisis away from being on the street. I remember when the world went to hell. I was in my 4th year of University. The whole time I was in school I would be excited at all the job postings online. Over 100 on one of the government sites alone. Then I graduated and there have been less than 10 postings on that same site ever since. They all require years and years of experience.

Over the past 10 years, the cost of education has increased considerably. In 2001 I took 3 college classes for about $500. Now the cost is about $500 per class.

Student loans, credit cards and lines of credit are never going to be paid back. We were lied to and people continue to be lied to that an education is the only way to get anywhere in life. If you can get any kind of job, even a bad one, might as well just stay there and try to work your way up. Either that or learn a trade and go into business for yourself. There is no work happiness anymore. There is only survival.

Employers have used the recession as an excuse. They know people have been living in fear of losing their crap jobs so they use that fear to squeeze every last bit out of people. I don't particularly like the world most of the time. There is a good chance it is just going to spontaneously combust one day, and I will be glad I spent my last few bucks on a good meal or time with family and friends rather than towards paying my useless education debt.

Sick & Tired Construction Labourer 5 years ago

I saw the writing on the wall and quit university and my civil engineering construction degree after my second year in to try and avoid being landed with more loans I couldn't pay and to start work to get the much needed 'experience' that companies will not look at you unless you have.

So I came out and managed to get the debts off my back and a job on a site but as everyone else here already knows the world went to shit even more than any of us actually expected would happen. Same story as everyone here being trying for two years now and can't catch a full time break only temp jobs to keep the roof over my head.

I used to lie awake at night and my decision off leaving University and not finished my degree used to haunt me and eat me up and I used to think thats why no one wanted me but friends I know who finished theres are in the same boat and reading on here the vastly more qualified people out there in the same boat.

The whole west can't compete any more with the rest of the world, I can't compete with slave labour working for peanuts. The highly qualified people can't compete with immigrants with the same degrees who will work for 10k-15k+ less than you. I can't hate these people though because if the shoe was on the other foot I would be doing the same.

The majority of us have been sold out and the nepotists and leaders from every political spectrum are all occupying the life rafts while the rest of us are trapped on the sinking ship. Also another problem is overpopulation I think is there is just too many people and mouths to feed in the world today and not enough jobs and resources to do it with.

But anyway thats just another tired unemployed guys take on the matter.

profile image

ckuhes 5 years ago

I am a 45 years old scientist with MSc and PhD degree, I have been looking for a job for the last seven months and so far I had only one unsuccessful interview. Nevertheless although the market is very competitive but there are always hope that something would come up for you. It is very important to stay positive, try to do some exercise and look for other options. Good luck

Spetznaz 5 years ago

Am just tired.

Hopp 5 years ago

I was feeling angry at my husband for being out of work for one and a half years, even though he says he sends out resumes every week and applies to every job opening he can find. When I couldn't sleep because I was so worried about our future, I found this website. I read every single one of your stories and now I have a lot of compassion for him and for all of you out there doing everything possible to find work. I am so sorry for what has happened in this economy. Now I feel very grateful for every little thing we still have. Perhaps thankfulness and prayers can at least make us feel better so that we can have hope. The other thing is, instead of waiting for a company to hire, maybe turn one of your hobbies in to a potential business. Start out small. Try to do something that makes you happy whether that's petcare, making basketball jersies, writing a blog, cooking, etc....etc and see if that's something you could make money doing. Good luck. Thank you for helping me to see the light.

Nox 5 years ago

I've been out of work for 13 months now, living on my wits and leading a third world lifestyle. I've got the experience, qualification, my resume is in order and applications well over 1700 mark now. World going to shit.

Sidney Frazier 6 years ago

I have been looking for a job. No matter how much I look the available job is always filled. What knowledge can anyone give me to snag a job?

Bill J R 6 years ago

For the last few years now the trend has been employers want blood out of you and in return they will let you keep your job. Do something slightly wrong and oh you will be made to pay for it. As someone who has worked for many years (25+) I’ve seen the workplace change from a time when there was a healthy relationship between employer and employee to one now where an employee is seen as an annoying cost if not working at 150%. It's crazy for older people that they are not valued for the experience they have gained over the years. It's crazy for young people in masses of debt because they were told getting a degree was the way to go. It's unfair to those who have little experience and no degree as what the hell are they supposed to do now...

You can do all the points suggested in finding a job but they will not help much in reality. If the interviewer does not think they can control you in some way then forget.

I wish all of you the best of luck; seriously in world we live in today you are going to need it.

hopeless ian 6 years ago

it really sickens me to read all of these comments,i cant believe there are so many people unemployed,i am only 18 years old and a high school drop out as well, iv applied for countless jobs for about a year now and cant land anything, i had high hopes of headed towards college, but now i feel as if that would make my situation even worse as i see so many people have degrees and still cant land a job, is this really what life was meant to be like? im barely out of the nest and im terrified and i believe things are broken beyond repair, im seriously considering less legal methods of obtaining money, i know my situation is far less worse than others on here, and im not here to look for sympathy, just here to learn to make the right decisions so i dont end up screwed in the long run, good luck to all those out there, dont give up!! and if anyone has any tips for me feel free to share your thoughts

Colleen 6 years ago

I have been reading this blog for several months now and I have come to the conclusion that the most intelligent people are the ones having the hardest time finding a job.

This tells me something. Are corporations experiencing the dumbing down of who they are hiring? Companies cant be this dumb! I refuse to believe that we have a majority of idiots running America but it seems like we do. Why is is that these companies ask for experience and then hire someone who cant speak english and how do they make it through the interview? Im really afraid of what is going on in America right now and although I have hope and I try not to be cynical when I see people on a blog making more intelligent statements than the companies that are hiring them it is a little frightening.

Still out of hope in PA 6 years ago

And why is it that us unemployed are always blamed for being jobless? It's never the fact that employers are too picky and discriminate you over any little thing. It's never the fact that there are not enough jobs to go around for everyone looking for work. Oh no, it has to be OUR fault. We obviously can't figure out to go to a useless staffing agency or go to a job fair or take extra classes. People like this writer who think the unemployed are to blame just rehash the same advice over and over like we are stupid! Guess what? I have gone to a job fair. It was a waste of time. Staffing agencies where I live are a joke. One promised me an interview and then never followed through, so I guess that is my problem? The PA Career Link office is an even bigger joke staffed by lazy state employees who are probably there thanks to nepotism. I went to a seminar that I supposedly needed to go to in order to keep my unemployment, and I kid you not, they let us leave after they showed us how to fill out our profiles. How is that useful? But I suppose that's our fault that they are no help when we go to them.

And these comments usually come from people who are working. Those of us that are unemployed actually understand that doing everything you can sometimes isn't enough.

Canadian Skipper 6 years ago

MBA-IT-CMA, 20 years in business, Director level....2 years in the hunt....worked for 4 companies that all restructured, now no-one will hire me....next step...sell the house

Love those HR people! 'we can't hire you despite your experience because you are not working now'.....

Aman 6 years ago

Everyones' got the paper but nobodys' got the experience.

If you've never worked for peanuts, struggled, and have gotten dirty for very little

you ain't worth the money your degrees' written on!

Slapped In The Face 6 years ago

Listen up: this job market is all about what you can DO for a company NOW. Certifications, tech shcools, that's the ONLY way to go now. Since companies got turned on to people willing to work for less, there's no NEED to hire someone with a degree. I have a B.A., and I'm taking online courses (w3.com) for website design. I couldn't even FIND a gig in my "college" field. Yup, the tables were turned on a generation of Americans.

We didn't get the American Dream, we got the American Nightmare.

Lily Smith 6 years ago

I have been working in the IT field for 11 years and lost the job three months ago. Searching job has been my current full time job and up to now, I still found myself being no where. Many agents called me but asking me for my prior manager reference for any potential openings. Searching job to me is a frustration process. It's good to know that I am not alone. Reading others comments really give me the strength.

wd 6 years ago

so i'm not the only one with bad luck?

i'm considering ditching the resume all together, going up to managers, and just offering to buy them a beer after their shift. has anyone tried this? if i was a girl i'd sleep with someone, doesn't work the same being a guy...or i could volunteer?

Erica 6 years ago

'Kris' I agree with you on certain points, that being it pays to look on the bright side. I try to do so every day and it has helped me through some horrible times.

That being said, saying 'depression is just you being silly' is total utter bull and insulting to those in the throes of it. It's hard not being depressed when you can see your life falling apart because you can't find work.

It's not so bad being stuck living at home, far away from your friends. It's horrible and depressing when you have to sleep on the sidewalk because you were evicted for not being able to pay rent, or watching the bank foreclose on your home, and you don't have anyone capable of helping you.

"Kris" 6 years ago

I graduated from college last year and haven't found a job either. Stuck living at home, far away from my friends. Am I depressed? No.

What's the point of being depressed, anyway? I liken it to life. In this HUGE universe, everything everyone does is meaningless. So is our planet. The sun will engulf and destroy it eventually (star life cycle). With the demise of our tiny planet a certainty, how can we live? What a crappy existence it'd be thinking about that all day!

What I'm saying is, with our short, meaningless lives, we should make them genuinely happy ones. Remember self-consciousness in grade school? Don't you wish you weren't. Life would have been great! Well, substitute whatever age you are and depression. Same thing. Make the most of your short, meaningless lives. Don't waste any time being unnecessarily unhappy. Depression is just you being silly. Enjoy life.

Bob 6 years ago

Jamie, you are right in saying that you have done all that is expected of you and it is not your fault that so far you could not secure a job. Western economy was sold out to the cheaper countries in the name of bigger profit. Our leaders in the corporate world running this system do not give a damn. They are not the ones who go to bed hungry. But one thing I can tell you is be positive and keep at it as you are.One thing you have is your youth, and today it counts far more then degrees or experience. Good luck, Bob.

Jamie 6 years ago

Same old tired advice I hear every time I come across this type of article.

I'm 24 years old, confident, willing, able, educated to Masters Degree level, and have 2 years experience in full time work. I have been up early applying for jobs ALL day, EVERY day, for near on 3 months, and previous to that I was job searching in what would be considered a perfectly reasonable manner for around 2 months.

I currently go to bed hungry around 2 nights a week because I cannot afford enough food.

To pay the rent for last month I started selling my things. All I have is clothes, a computer, and my one luxury item from my days in work is a TV. That's the next thing that I'm going to sell, and then I'm out.

This is not normal. I am not lazy. I have done everything expected of me since I was a child, and in return I expect to be allowed a life. If the state cannot support it's people, which clearly it cannot, then I have no compassion for it, and no guilt of that.

What happens when the people are wrung of money and no longer supplied with food?

Nick 6 years ago

I have not had a full time job since Nov 2009 and now unemployable due to bad credit. I have several Charge Offs and a Paid Tax Lien being reported incorrectly by the credit bureaus. This ruins the chance of any type of employment in my industry Accounting/Finance. Even temp jobs require full background checks and several were cancelled once my credit was run with nothing more but 'You failed the background check'. I am 35 years old and unable to start another career due to age. I have 2 degrees and can't even get a $10 a job. Even retailers do full background/credit checks now

Out of hope in PA 6 years ago

I have not had a full time job in a year and a half. I was let go from my last job for so-called poor performance even though I only had trouble doing ONE thing. I guess I just didn't fit into the work environment.

I have had two part time jobs since. The first job I had a crazy boss who I was never good enough for, and I liked the second job, but it was just seasonal and I am not currently working.

I have tried many different ways to land a job. I have filled out online applications. I have asked friends if I can use their name on applications to apply at places where they work. But then one of my friends even got mad at me when I asked how I can get a job where she works and she decided that was enough to no longer speak to me. I have cold called places, but either I get told they are not hiring or that I can come in and fill out an application. Sometimes the person on the phone doesn't know if they are hiring and won't find out from someone who could get the answer.

And yes, I have gone in places in person and filled out applications, but once a manager or another employee takes the application, I never get a call back.

These places are too damn picky, and they won't get over the fact that I got fired well over a year ago now. Are they just going to hold it against me forever?

I have not been able to make a student loan payment of more than $20 since I last worked full time. I applied for income based repayment two weeks ago, but they have not so much as acknowledged my application. My credit card company is after me because although I am paying them, they are not getting the amount they want. Why can't they just be happy with what I am sending? Something is better than nothing!

I have been out of college for three years and have not accomplished much. Several of my classmates, friends and family all have steady jobs. I feel like I am in the minority. They won't offer any help either. When I get upset, they just ignore me or let me talk while they just sit there in silence. There's something wrong when a 16-year-old gets a job at McDonald's no problem (because her mother is a manager, no less) and is all excited about having a job, but those of us who have actually been busting our butts trying to GET jobs are not getting hired. I am tired of being pushed aside for these clueless bimbos and bratty teenagers. I just want to work!

DJ2011 6 years ago

Hi All. I read every single one of these comments. I was genuinely moved by the sad stories here. I hope all of you do not lose hope.

In 2008, I went back to school to pursue my passion and graduated in May of 2010 with a second master's degree. That's degree number four. One AA and three humanities degrees. Call me stupid, whatever, but I was never really into buying a house, or other materialistic endeavors; I was more into developing my intellect.

When the economy crashed in '08, I went to my first week of classes and told myself the economy would get better. Surely it would improve after a year or two, right??

It's been 9 months since I graduated and I worked one temp job for a month, and did a little bit of freelance writing and not much else. I've been applying to jobs and I've gone to maybe a dozen interviews. I have an interview next week for a f%$^ing clerk job. I'll jump for joy if I get it.

I'm starting to wish I hadn't gotten that last degree because I went to a good but expensive private school and now I'm $40,000 in debt. Paid for some of it with the remainder of my GI Bill (I was a marine), but as you can see I have a big debt load, and the economy is still crap. I'm now in my late 30's with no job and looking for entry-level positions not in my field. I'm very depressed anymore.

My wife has a good job and just received a promotion. She is supportive, but I feel like a loser, and when she's gotten mad at me for not having a job yet, I basically felt I deserved it.

Despite my depression, I continue to look. Things feel very bad now, but I know I'm luckier than some. Somehow we still own our house and it's not underwater. Whatever extra money we have we donate to the local food bank. I'm hoping to volunteer at a homeless shelter soon. I'm going to attempt to learn Spanish. I've gotta keep busy or I'll fall apart.

I just want to say a few more things: Regardless of your religious views, killing yourself will not solve anything. Depending upon your religion or lack thereof, if you commit suicide, you'll either go to hell or you'll experience nothingness. Both options sound terrible. There is help out there: financial, emotional, spiritual. Seek it out, and seek out your friends and family. And keep fighting. Bombard the senators, the governors, the president with emails and letters and calls. Tell them to fix this damn mess, or at least help us out. Tell them they need to stop referring to us as lazy or unskilled or whatever. Keep pressing them to do something and force them to regulate the jerks in Wall Street who helped destroy our economy and possibly our country. Make them feel our pain. In the meantime, continue to improve yourself in any way you can, whether it's learning a new skill or exercising to maintain your health. Things will get better for us...

Erica 6 years ago

I hear you MM. I spent the last two years looking for a job.

I have degrees, work experience and was told that I 'wowed' at interviews and got jack for all of my efforts.

I finally got so tired of either not getting a call back or being jerked around by people who aren't going to hire me (just promises of interviews) that I applied at a local retailer for the 12th time.

I put just my high school education and two jobs and got a callback, interview and job the next day.

I'm working part time now as a cashier for minimum wage, because that's all businesses here are hiring for. I'm not too proud to not work, a job is a job and money coming in is money coming in.

It just burns that I worked so hard for all the qualifications I have, worked so hard to find a job I could earn living wages on and the only job I could find doesn't even give me that.

I'm looking for a second job and completing some extra certification work to hopefully make myself look better in other industries at the moment, but damn if it isn't frustrating beyond belief.

mm 6 years ago

sorry but this is the same bullcrap everyone feeds you everywhere you go. Employment agencies, govenment officials, Guidance councillers. It's all so damn easy and "quick" just to say these things. It's crap, and the people who eat it up are crap. Try being jobless for 5+ years, I've done all this BS mentioned and nothing falls through. I "WOW" the inverviews and Constantly have resume's updated (have about 13 different ones and several outlines for cover letters) AS WELL you need to remember people without jobs have 0 money, how are they getting to the interviews in the first place? public transportation takes an arm and a leg, gas prices are super high. How do you expect these people to do anything?

Most the advice comes from assholes who have the same job for 10+ years and have not had the pleasure of finding a job in the recent years of our economic downfall. I have at least 10 friends searching jobs for themselves to get out of the crappy work environment they have been in since highschool with no luck. NOT many people are hiring and those who are need things that COST COST COST. What do you do when you have No money, NO help for getting things like a drives license, forklift operator ticket or even to get back into school? It's fine and dandy to regugitate this "helpful" advice for the past 10 years but.. shit! words and comphorting dont do anything!

Lose your jobs, try finding one without your schooling and work experience, try just applying with highschool graduation + a few worked jobs. See how fast and many interviews you get. The world has changed and theres going to be alot of new homless people and families unless something is done. This crap can't go on, stop saying "it's alright" or "it's normal" get off your high horse lose your jobs and join us in the search that has been going on for more people for at least 2 years. Then how optimistic will you be? You will find the same rage with this website and its "tips" that I do. EVERYWHERE I go its the same garbage. Well guess what, it isn't working. It's like a rabbit foot, just because you got an interview after reading this doesn't mean this helped you in anyway. This is garbage sorry to say, and no one knows what "we're" feeling untill you acctually been here. So stop feeding us crap untill you know what your acctually saying.

Kassi 6 years ago

Hey fellow unemployees, I'm 19 years old, and have been unemployed for 6 months. I have applied everywhere in the 50 mile radius, surrounding my house. I've hed two interviews and more than 100+ no responses from other jobs. I can't even get a job at Mc Donalds. My dad is threatening to kick me out, saying it is my fault that I can't find work. I seriously doubt it. A place like Mc Donalds will hire anyone.. but noone is hiring.. ever. This really sucks. Maybe I will sign up to be a drug tester.. or something..

Good luck with the hunting guys


Bob 6 years ago

I have been watching these comments for a long time. It is hard to believe how hard it is for older people like me to get back into a workforce, but it is even more disheartening to see that young people are just as much facing those difficulties. It only enforces a feeling that some of us are never going to see the light at the end of this tunnel. I would like to encourage all to keep looking and keep keep trying. I would also like to encourage those who are not struggling and working, seeing these posts , add your happy stories. But please, do not say that there must be something wrong with one if one cant find a job. Only you will find out how hard it is today , when you find yourself in our shoes. And I hope you never will.


bitterly bitter 6 years ago

Life sucks. We keep being told that things are improving economically but they aren't. We are also told if we go get a degree we will be able to get a decent job, also not true. And finally, we are told the working population is aging and retiring which will open up jobs for us of the younger generation. No, that isn't true either. People are still working because many of them can't afford to retire.

Prices of everything keep going up, and we make the same, less, or no money. I live a simpleton lifestyle and even I can't afford to live off the $9 an hour I make. I will never be able to afford to pay back my student loans. I can't buy a new furnace if this one craps out. I can't afford to drive.

It makes a lot of sense why people turn to a life of crime when we have to struggle so much to live an honest lifestyle.

Life sucks.

Lowongan Kerja 6 years ago

the tips sounds good..thank you and I will try it

Given up hope 6 years ago

I also live in Canada and have been out of work for over a year. I have had interviews but its always some excuse to not hire me. Had an interview and was kept waiting almost 8 weeks to then be shot down, so annoyed. Had another interview entry level didnt get the job guessing cause of the math testing??!!! I dont know what these employers want, but i give up now!!!

My 2 cents - Country Boy 6 years ago

The print more money scheme has come due. We cannot reinvent the wheel for the world. I am just not buying it. We have been off the gold mark for too long. The world is just as smart as we are, and are in just as much need. What matters now is food, shelter, survival. A start over plan. We need farms back in America, lots of them! If a man runs out of money he will be poor, if a man runs out of food and water he will be starving or dead. An agrarian society was not a bad thing in America's past. Most people did it for survival long before monetary means. Think of why some of your grand parents had a farm big or small. They experienced food shortages more than once. The U.S. government should now apportion land for those who are unemployed and want to work in remote areas designated for smarter farm job creation. This should be priority number 1. Half the land in my state is owned by the state which they cannot now afford themselves because of the massive loss of tax revenue. It just makes sense to me to turn back the clock at this point. 30 acres and a mule scenario. It would be tough, but just think what you can accomplish for yourself, for your kids and grandkids. A place to call home, for your kids to call home. This is how trade and barter systems all began. Long before a U.S. currency and this materialistic society existed. When you have food and fuel to trade for other food and fuel, the opportunities are endless. Envoke your Congressman and Senator to push for farm acts, not welfare, not job creation in the sense that we need to be smarter. We are as smart as we will probably ever become. We are looking at the smartest generation in U.S. history which at the present can't support its system with millions of hungry people. An Ipod cannot feed you when you are hungry. We need to be self sustaining. All of the technology in the world can't beat that idea. I would sleep better at night knowing a herd of deer were munching and eating on a corn field behind my house vs. is there a container of rice coming next month from timbukto! The slogan " you don't work, you don't eat!" would apply at the most upheld level. If the banks were to take back all, what would they do with all of the land and empty houses at the end of the day? They are counting on someone buying it at a fraction of interest more than you paid for it. Pretty pointless isn't it, materialism has grown a weak spot in our society. We have been brainwashed that we need this or that and keeping up with the Jones'. I for one would take land tax free over unemployment. Self sustainability. Communities would prosper because you would help your neighbor with his crop just as you would want their help with yours.

Sara 6 years ago

yes, you can get a job. when i get on the internet there are tons of job opeinings for 7-elevens, starbucks, dollar tress, panda express..... go into snag a job. com and put in ur zip code, anyways there are many jobs that are opened you just need the requirements to be qualified and consider. i've been out of work for a month now coz of school, i was recently fired from where i worked. good thing to acquired is spanish. God i wished i know spanish. jobs such as a teller from the bank perfer spanish speaker. so don't give up so soon, look on the internet, many jobs opening.

Big J 6 years ago

This was written over 2 years ago and nothing has changed.If you are in the mid 40's and over age group,it doesn' matter if you have a million degrees or an 8th grade education. You can forget about working again.I have heard there is a market for older people in porn.And there is the drug dealers always need some mules.About the only choice some of us have left.

Michael Huff 6 years ago

What I'm about to say is going to sound sexist. But I'm a little fed up and I really don't care what people think. I used to but now I don't.

If you take a look at the positive, upbeat, "hey, I did it. You can too!" responses have been from attractive women. Why? Because companies like to hire people who are confident, mature and (let's be honest) make the place look nicer simply by being there.

I have a master of science information systems degree and I've been out of work for a year. I've done all the steps in this article. I've networked. I've had my resume professionally critiqued. I've handed out business cards. I'm not looking to start my own business. I need to be involved with a company.

Simply put, the reason the people who've had great success in this room sound like cheerleaders is probably because they either look like one or resemble one in some way. I know that's cynical and I sound a little bitter. But I'm sick of being qualified and unable to find a job. I deserve a chance.

Tired 6 years ago

I guess venting might make me feel better:

When I turned 17 my family moved to another state about 700 miles from where I grew up (born there, lived there my whole life) despite me begging them to help me find a way to stay.

I had a feeling it would mess things up and it did, the town had a very small population and no jobs, especially since I dropped out of school because I was told I would have to re-do my entire junior year of highschool because of the difference in scheduling from the move.

I looked for a job for 2 years, nonstop, never did anything else. Ended up with terrible depression and an anxiety disorder that makes me feel sick nonstop.

Anyway, I started dating a girl I knew in high school long-distance and moved back to my home town December of 2009 and started looking. The unemployment rate here has gotten worse and worse, 12% last I checked, and I look really depressed and worn for someone my age.

That and the fact that I look 15 or 16 makes it impossible to be taken seriously despite all of the skills I have from working temp jobs and landscaping under the table when I was younger.

Anyway, I spent about a year driving around in the southwest Florida heat with no ac and a car that used more of my money than I did and spent more time in the shop than on the road and lived from house to house until my girlfriend's mom took some pity on me and let me move in.

Now I really just hope she doesn't throw me out before I can find something, I have nowhere else to go.

Now I'm just tired all the time.

profile image

moving on out 6 years ago

WOW!! I just found this article and the comments. I simply searched what to do when you cant find a job. Its been 2 years or so I think since this originated.

Im at wits end too like so many of the others on here. I dont even know why Im writing since there is no answer and I am more of the same. I have the same story as many of you. I lost my job got meaningless work for minimal pay and took what I could get. Lost most of what I had in the process. How do you survive on a part time $10 an hour job. You dont. Not where I live, Gas is $3.40, oil is 3.30. taxes are high, insurance is high. food and heat are a luxury. The emplyment section of the local paper is a joke to read. Im not quailified for most of the jobs and the mindless ones have 100+ applicants. I applied in several restarants from cafe to fine dining to fast food. They want resumes now. Ok so I am over qualified. I have to include my last 6 years or what will they think I have been doing all those years. I applied at a deli. I was shocked when they asked for my resume?? really?? really?? Oh and if these places look for help online you need to subit recent photos of yourself... really?? really?? WTF is goin on? I have sold everything valuable. moved out of my home to rent it hoping not to lose that too, got myself no hope these days. I need pretty pictures with a happy shiny smile and a resume to work in a diner or deli. With 100 other people looking and they are half my age and have their pretty pictures available and resumes that say they worked in the local gym or drug store How will I ever compete?? Horrified at this job reality.

Sad Catholic 6 years ago

After being out of work and getting no interviews for even the most basic and disgusting jobs (such as cleaning cages and litter boxes for an animal shelter or a vet), I said "T'heck with it", and now I "turn tricks" and sell pot, which I had quit messing with decades ago. I don't even use the stuff (honest), but I sell it to those who want it. I'm ashamed that I've had to stoop to this sort of thing just to survive, but I'm at least able to pay the bills, keep my little home, and even build up some savings. Hey, a good beejay or a fat bag is worth the money apparently.

I talk with my pastor all the time about my situation, and while I'm grievously sinning-- I really have no choice, as it's a matter of sheer survival. I have to eat and survive, so I just confess to it, pray and "try really hard" to find a way out. That's all I can do.

But there is nothing for me so far, not even any shelter space. Even the shelters that do get openings charge for someone to stay there, not much-- but it's a fortune when one has no income at all other than an illicit one. Plus, the spaces go to those with small children or physical handicaps, which I understand. Still, that leaves able-bodied and willing workers without these qualifiers out in the cold... literally.

Please, pray for me and for all those in the same position, that we find something honest and stable.

Tired and Worn Out 6 years ago

I am officially a 99er as of today. I have been looking for work for over 2 years. I have had about 23 interviews for varying jobs (crab jobs and otherwise) and nothing. Actually had another Job interview today, a sad part time work that may keep a roof over my head. I too went to a University, got my B.A., and cant get a job in my field. Now I cant even get crap jobs at local stores, restaurants, or otherwise. I am officailly out of unemployment and unless this job comes through, I will be homeless in less than a month. I hope you all have better luck than I do....

louisa 6 years ago

one thing that gets to me, is when people say "why dont you just go out and get a job, there are loads out there?". all you can do is apply for one, whether or not you get an interview is totally out of your hands. and even if you do get an interview, that doesnt mean youre going to get it. i cant stand those ignorant people who genuinely believe that all these companies are just sitting there saying "here you go louisa, would you like this job?" i apply for hundreds, i do my bit, but what comes after that, i have no control over. it sucks but im trying

kory 6 years ago

truth of the matter is that theres just not enough jobs, i say when ur going into an interview just try your best to break the other applicants legs or hands and make it look like an accident, thats the american way now. But on another note screw all you people sitting there with jobs calling all these other people without jobs losers and saying that theyre not doing anything right, because if there trying anywhere as hard as I am, then they dont deserve that, if anything why dont yall help them get a job, or better yet lol, since ur so good at finding jobs, let somebody have urs and go get another one tommorrow because its just that easy.

Mav 6 years ago

I'm 20 years old and have been unemployed for about 6 months. I have probably applied to at least 50 bottom of the food chain jobs such as McDonalds, BK and local grocery stores. My whole life has pretty much been put on hold because I can't get a job at a fast food restaurant. I can't even try to get a degree in anything because I don't even have enough money for my car insurance. They have wrecked this U.S. economy so bad it is ridiculous. Good job FEDS!

Pigbitin Mad 6 years ago

Is it me or is Linkedin jut total garbage. I hate the fact that you have to put your entire resume there because you cannot customomize it for each job. I mean, if some employer at a sweatshop sees that you have a graduate degree you are done. I usually take advanced degrees off of my resume when it is just going to make me seem overqualified. It is a pain to do this on Linkedin. Plus all the comments are just from people who love to hear themselves talk and by extension see their names in print.... All they do is congratulate/critique one another using the most specialized jargon they can think of along with as many of the the usual corporatespeak buzzwords they can stuff in there. Words like like "multitask", "leverage", "Value Add"; "Skill Set"; "Pushback"; "metrics" etc. As far as I am concerned there is no interesting discussion at all. But these blow hards are the ones that get rewarded with big jobs.

I don't think any of these people really have any good ideas. I truly think they sound like moron sheep. But what do I know.

Frustrated in Canada 6 years ago

Dear'Can't even get a part time job,'

It can certainly be tough but we cannot and must not give up hope. We did not come this far and work this hard just to struggle later on. Things will look up for us--they just have to!(that goes for everyone else on here as well).

Take care everyone & all the best.

Can't even get a part time job 6 years ago

I agree with frustrated in canada. I am 28 years old, have a BA as a special education teacher, and a M.Ed. as a Reading Specialist. I've been out of work for 4 months, and to be honest, when I read these tips I laughed. I've done it all and still can't find a job. No one will hire me because I cost too much to pay (due to Master's). I have applied to literally 100 places...don't lose hope? Kind of hard when the bills keep coming in...good luck everyone.

Frustrated in Canada 6 years ago

@25yrs, I agree with you completely. I am from Canada and also have a degree in psychology; however, a BA or BS can only get you so far...(and by "far" I mean struggling to find a job that will likely not match up to your education or work/volunteer experience, while in threat of becoming in debt due to student loans). The Universities do not give you any direction at all. If you do not plan to pursue graduate studies, then you have no where to go and the University does not care because they've already got their money off of you. Even attending graduate school may not secure you a job position, unless you are going into the medical field or something along those lines. It seems like your best bet to get a job, even remotely related to the field you graduated in, is to volunteer and hope that the volunteer organization will eventually hire you (that is -- if you can survive long enough without a full-time job and wait for them to go down their mile long seniority list of volunteers --before they consider hiring you).

If I could do it all again, I would scrap University, and go to a college and take courses or certifications in an area where you are guaranteed a job position.

I've been actively looking for a job every day since I graduated (without success). I have also tried the suggestions on the list. It's quite frustrating that a University degree does not mean you are guaranteed a job. Sure, going to University may look good to a potential employer...when you can manage to get hired.

25yrs 6 years ago

i have a psychology degree, 3 years working my ass of in care homes support working doing every kind of voluntary work possible, earning shit money,got so depressed working in care work i had to give it up now working for agency who have no work.Can't support myself worried i wont be able to pay my rent every month.

I just wish parents and teachers were more honest in school. They give no direction.Do what you want to do they say wander aimlessly into a job you hate. I studied psychology because i'm interested in people. Only to find out that you can do nothing with a honours degree in psychology unless you have thousands of pounds to do further study.How unfair is that?? what does that tell the poor families of today.Don't send your kids to university. Apprenticeships.God i wish i had done that.

Mark 6 years ago

I am a married 49 year old man who cannot find a job. I read some of your comments and I can identify with them. The job market is horrible, and jobs are few. These are horrible times for all of us. May God bless you all!

Kim 6 years ago

B.A. from a pretty well-known and respected school...about five years working experience both during and after. Went overseas and worked for two years, should have stayed there...but my visa ran out (trying to do the right thing...unlike illegal immigrants who feel like they aren't subject to our laws.)

Came back to the states three years ago. Couldn't find work. I tried everything. Internships? Done 'em. Temping? Yup. Networking events, open calls, dept. of labor...Yes, yes, and yes. I worked for free just to keep my skills up. Went back to vocational school to change my career. In my final semester, I ran out of money. Now my school is holding my degree. Can't get a private loan because--guess what?--I don't have a job.

Now I'm looking to start yet ANOTHER unpaid internship, while still on unemployment. Also looking to enlist, but I'll probably be disqualified from service because I'm in therapy. I wouldn't be depressed if I was working. A guy at my school jumped off of a bridge. I'm thinking he had the right idea. This world isn't designed for people who actually want to work towards a better life.

still pissed off 6 years ago


I have now applied for 500 jobs. I honestly think I tapped out everything in entire states! Keep in mind I don't randomly aply to things, and that I only apply to jobs I am qualified for. In thoses cases, I meet every one of the demanded criteria.

I have 2 degree, a significant amount of work experience, though not in my field, and ludicrous enthusiam that weigns everyday.

I want to go punch nepotism and favoritism in the face. Why do you have to know someone to be given a chance? I am not an entiltement seeking douche, I just want a chance like every joe to get into his designated field.

I guess I have to face facts and abadon any chance of getting a job in my field. Truth be told though, I have too much pride to work minimum wage or some low pay job anymore. I'm currently trying to become a published author, as Ido have some talent, if I may say without siding prideful, and that is it. if that fails I am just going to get into crime. I have no knowledge of it, but I will apply myself and MAKE IT WORK!!!

Stephanie 6 years ago

The only problem I have with people not finding work and the comments that are being made here is people (may think) that its not important to get a college education. Mark my word even though I have not had a problem getting a job that is the ONE thing I regret. I have 2 years of college but I dont have that 4 year degree and if I had to do it all over again I would. Dont get me wrong I agree that it has been a detriment for some people when looking for a job because they appear to be overqualified even when they will take what they can get but dont underestimate the power of a degree. It may not land you the job you are looking for but at least you can say you accomplished something. I remember when people used to laugh at those who were going to trade schools and now they are the ones in demand. It never hurts to get any type of schooling whether it be trade, university, online or certificate. Keep looking the grass will get greener.

Scotty 6 years ago

Looks like there are more than just a few of us here are having a tough time. I have 5 years post college experience, industry certifications a B.S, and M.S. in desirable fields and brand name schools. Right now I'm unemployed and can't find any work. Able to get an interview here and there, but no offers and the jobs interviewed were either contract or non-benefited. This is seriously an employers market as my recruiters were saying there are getting literally hundreds of applications per position, many of whom are foreign born and will accept lower wages. What happened to 'the change we believe in' promised by our new administration? I was doing much better in the Bush years and never had problems finding employment. Now its hard to find any kind of employment, let alone a career level job.

JodiVee profile image

JodiVee 6 years ago

My heart goes out to those looking for work. I've been fortunate enough to have work throughout the recession -- I think it may have something to do with Canada's economy being more stable than the US's. Good luck to everyone looking for work!

Just plain sad 6 years ago

Hi Angry,

I feel you. Right now I am working this crummy retail job part time and that is all I can get despite a degree in Criminology. People are rude and even my own co-workers throw each other under the bus and blame each other when there are problems at work.

I say do whatever you have to do. The world is not a kind place right now. It's everyone for oneself!

Myndee 6 years ago

Merry Christmas all keep your chin up!~

Angry Psychology Student 6 years ago

I'm 19 years old. I'm a college sophomore. I'm looking for work and there is NOTHING. I can't even get hired at McDonald's. I'm wondering if pursuing a college degree is worth it. I have seriously considered joining the military, and to anyone out there that tries to talk me out of that: I am also at risk dying at home from homelessness for not being able to find work! Think about that.

Finally! 6 years ago

Well, since 2009 I have been doing menial labor...everything from mowing lawns, shoveling snow, mopping floors! I was ready to jump! Many interviews were insulting, demeaning, rude, immature, and I have mental notes on how I would treat any of them in the future.

In western Canada we get 40 weeks of unemployment insurance and when that ran out I lost everything including 3 yrs of car pmts ($20k). With a degree and 7 I.T. certifications I finally landed a good corporate job. Yes I will be playing catch-up for a few years but at least it is possible as I also felt there was no hope of ever getting back into my field.

Persistence and luck!

Wishing everyone here a Christmas present of a good job.

garbage 6 years ago

Pay attention to who gets some of these jobs. There is something wrong when you have a degree and don't get any interviews for jobs in your field. This city isn't that big. Look around and notice that some greasy looking teehage kid got the job you applied for-clearly this kid has a job because his mom/dad/aunt/uncle/ exc exc got it for him. Don't waste time getting a degree. Instead spend 4 years making friends with every person you meet and someone will just give you a good job. So much for earning things. I'll I've earned is $40,000 in debt, and many years off my life from stress.

Daniel 6 years ago

Yea I've worked for the Casino industry for over 25+ years ! I have actually trained 2 apprentices in the field of wood finishing but in the last 2 years cannot find ANYTHING over $9 an hour! I can't survive on this and also see where stupid, ignorant, talentless,relative take the spots of qualified people in the industry! There is a guy who can't sand, spray, stain working right now at a place where I exceeded just because he's 'buddies' with the owner!!??

Completely Hopeless 6 years ago

9 months after being laid off, I've applied over 600 places with only 8 interviews...fml Companies don't take the time to realize the potential in candidates. The US is a complete shit hole when it comes to employment. Maybe a swift end will come to it all...

Without in Cincinnati 6 years ago

Unemployed, Lost the love of my life to Heart failure, went through foreclosure within a 2 year span. My friends do not understand how it feels. "Snap out of it" or "Things will get better." They have been Fortunated to have parents who left them a small fortunate or marry into money. I know money is not everything, but right now, it would sure help.

Depressed broke and jobless 6 years ago

Science degree, 3 post graduate degrees and 15 months of unemployment. I have sent out over 100 resumes. The result: only 14 interviews and not a single job offer. I have been told several times that they received over a hundred applications. Hmmmm.

6 years ago

Have anyone tried to apply as a customs broker as a new career?

Julian 6 years ago

Great tips. If anyone else looking for jobs still, please hit up http://www.careerDaddy.com. Its a free career place for all.

Angry man 6 years ago

I am so f'ing tired of looking for a job. I have 15 years of technology experience and am 40 years old. Not old by any means, and prime for a managerial director job. I havent been able to get a call back from anyone over the past 5 months. I have sent out hundreds of resumes and called and emailed all types of recruiters. I have a great resume. WTF? I live near NYC where there are jobs. Why doesn't anyone ever fucking call me!!!!

still looking 6 years ago

I feel for everyone who's posted that can't find a job. I'm in the same boat and worry constantly; it's even affected my health; I'm in my early 30's and found out my blood pressure is high when I finally went to the doctor because I was very sick, they had to give me a steroid injection because I waited so long. Right now I'm working part-time (on call, variable hours, some weeks no hours) with no benefits. I can't make it and broke down and applied for public assistance; this is something I'm not proud of, but don't know what I'd do if that wasn't an option. My son will not have a christmas. I feel so bad, because he's earned straight A's this year and really deserves it. It doesn't matter what your background is the jobs aren't there. I'm a college graduate with work experience, but can't find anything. All I can do is keep applying and hope things get better SOON!

Giles Forrester 6 years ago

Well here's the good news ...another story just like the rest ... I have 3 degrees; two in biosciences, one in usability engineering, with top experience working for a large corporate, and guess what, for the last four years i can only find minimum wage moronic work_ im so glad i did my research doctorate so i could end up cutting the F**kin grass... _ my girlfriend is a qualified teacher and guess what ? shes packing boxes for a living _ now im bankrupt not a penny to my name absolute zero, no benefits, nothing ... I have posted to approx 70 jobs and got NO REPLY , i sit at home and search endlessly, ring any bells anyone ?

WOW 6 years ago

There are a lot of comments. I didn't read em all. Lookin' for work. Maybe go to combat if I can't find it.

Stephanie  6 years ago

Young and Dumb which Im sure you are not! You can get a job doing sales from home. Go to craigslist you can even type in virtual worker on google and find something making minimum 10-14.00 an hour taking incoming calls or making outgoing calls. Good luck!

Young and dumb 6 years ago

hey guys, I've been reading your blogs and sympathize with each and everyone of you. I'm a recent high school graduate and looking to go to an online college )which I'm am starting to second guess now)for criminal justice to become a police officer. I foolishly gave up a military career and am looking for a job in this crappy job market. I'm young and don't have any work experience and have sent in close to thirty online and paper applications. Rethinking the military. Good luck to you all.

1337j00 6 years ago

good advice, though if the employers are sneaky underhanded bastards it can kinda screw you. its not what you know its who you know.

unfortunately, i still dont have a job. i have a lack of business references as the last half dozen crap jobs i've had i've either been fired from for questioning management (IE: why arent all my hours on my paycheck, and why are you guys letting employees smoke meth in the walk-in?)

best thing I can say is be a tool and let them use you...

Myndee 6 years ago

So I am confused about how today is going to work. All the people currently receiving their unemployment checks every week. Are they all just going to no longer get a check? If so when I lose my job, because it is only a seasonal job am I able to claim again or no since I was on my extension? We live in NH so as of right now there hasn't been too much posted anywhere about it. I think I’m screwd. I don't know what we will do when this job is over after the holiday season has come and gone. What are people supposed to do? I don’t mean to be a drag here, but I’m extremely worried. There is nothing for help here. If someone could please elaborate on what people are to do when the money is all gone and nothing is coming in or going out I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you

AngryMan 6 years ago

Hey Dust, ever hear of the old adage "F*** up move up?" This is the kind of crap that goes on everywhere today. Hang in there, because I am feeling the same exact thing.

Sharon 6 years ago

I have been reading all of the comments from this blog for a while and I truly sympathize with each and everyone. I myself after 15 months of unemployment got hired recently. I encourage everyone to keep plugging on. It helped that I found part time employment for the last couple months. Stay frugal to get by the lean times. Wishing everyone the best of luck.

Dust 6 years ago

I've covered all these things, but i have a non "clean-cut" hair cut and it kinda pisses me off when i dont get hired for my appearances.

In the town i live in, there are many kids that do drugs, pot and drink alot and it pisses me off when i see them getting jobs over me.

They barely passed High School and im a college student. How the hell do they get a job and i dont?! It's so confusing!

Seeing stuff like that makes me wanna just give up, but i cant. Everyone needs some sort of income to survive in this world.

nobody 6 years ago

I'm the invisible man, who can't stop staring at the mirror

Surviving 6 years ago

Moka- Your English is very good, maybe not perfect but above average for ESL people in general. Good job and all the best luck in your search.

Drew- I agree with everything you posted and yes the fear of becoming homeless has become very real and hit many of us right in the face. The world as we knew it has suddenly changed overnight, hopefully temporarily. I for one feel changed by this whole situation and have found myself helping more people with resumes and job searches (voluntarily) in addition to my part-time job ($500/mth). If it were not for family assisting me, I would be under a bridge...either hanging or sleeping in a box.

drew 6 years ago

Hey Moka, you are absolutely right, I myself was looking for volunteer programs in my own town that I could participate in to at least have something on my resume that shows that I have been doing something, and possibly gain some good references.But I could not even find something like that. Another option, even if you are not very religous, would be to go to church, there are many good people you could meet at church that enjoy helping people out, and could possibly be some business owners or employers that could offer you a job. I finally just got a job after 8 months of applying at hundreds of places, and the place I got hired at was a call center that is hiring people for the holidays, and wasnt really a hard job to get :/ But hey, its a job, and if I dont take it, I could've quite possibly been homeless on the street. So things could be worse, I could be working fast food, and this job will probably have lots of overtime. I would suggest that if anybody gets any type of work to hold onto it, stuff as much money as you can into an envelope and be looking for your next, better paying job the day you start working, and dont sto, because getting a job is only the beginning, especially if you are living at a family members house who does not want you there and you are walking on egg shells to try not to piss them off. Anyways good luck to everybody, I hope things change in this country for the better, really soon, I really dont like seeing good people with lots of potential being forced to live out on the street.

Lisalisa 6 years ago

I hear you and thanks for the advice above, but if you live in my town where gas is high and public transportation sucks, volunteer is a no no since how come you will end up in that place? The little money that I have can't ended up being in those places. I try to keep activate educating myself at home and sometimes doing odd jobs with family members. Nevertheless, the advice above is great and if you do have the time and money do volunteer, plz. PS: Remember Katrina? I did wanna volunteer there but you got pay almost $600 in equipment and stuff... What a racket. Also I discover this link ( I know lame and corny for some members here) but for me is funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGYAhiMwd5E Always in my mind all of you. Lisalisa

Moka 6 years ago

Hello everyone. I'm not form the USA but it is interesting to read you all. I heard before how hard things are right now over there.

I'm unemployed myself, but I quit my job. I know it's not what must people would do nowadays, but I didn't enjoyed my job and it made me feel stressed (I can deal with stress, but that's IF I enjoy my job, wich was not the case).

I've been searching for almost a month, but I see that some peopple have been seacrhing for months or even years!

I wonder.. what if you had used that time to make some social service activities? Or to participate in projects, that might not have given you money, but might have given you experience and contacts?

That's what I just started doing. And it's also good to study advanced computing and/or a second or third language (English is not my native language, as you might have already noticed).

I'll tell you later if this way of looking for contacts, experience and job opportunities worked.

Just don't give up. Contact with people who might help you. Sadly or not, studies and experience are not always enough.. let's not stop just because we don't have a job, we need to keep working hard, learning and getting to know people who might know of a job opportunity.


P.S. Feel free to correct my grammar mistakes, I'd be pleased.

Stephanie 6 years ago

Please people please! Dont get hooked up on that degree! Having those letters behind your name does not guarantee you more money it just shows you went to school and got an accomplishment. More money is not the objective when getting a degree and that is what has been spoonfed to people. Im not saying dont go to college it only teaches you critical thinking. If you want to make more money go sell something, if you are employed find out what to do to get a promotion and like most of the people on this board who are not employed find something in your search that is industry specific.

Degrees are great but they dont make you more money.

bill 6 years ago

Make it happen ha been there done that thanks to bush AND OBAMANATION! in a few years America will under control of the Chinese government America is falling apart with no end in sight, keep buying into outsourced goods, cars, foods time to take off the blinders America or suffer the Communism of the third world America. Dumb sheeple wake up!

What a Croc 6 years ago

Everyone is getting screwed over today. New grads are looked at like they are inexperienced and people with years of work experience are still not valued as they should be. The only reason I have the crummy job that I do is because I had to resort to taking my education off my resume. There is something VERY wrong about that. And it isn't likely to change anytime soon.

Trying to find an employer that doesn't treat youu like crap is a full time job all on its own.

Kougs 6 years ago

I agree... not only are companies asking for the world (MBA, PHD...), it seems that experience even with an AS+ (24yrs worth) means nothing compared to a kid right out of school who has a piece of paper and a c+ grade average.

On top of it, foreigners come to this country with higher education (because its free for them) and take our jobs. Our country can’t even helps its self, and we are putting our own people out of a job….

This has nothing to do with how your resume looks, the industry has gone full circle on that story several times. It’s a mentality here in the US, get rich quick, and take advantage of everything to get ahead. What happened to being a rewarded for doing a great job and being a hard worker for your company?

Demand better for yourself, make a resume, and sell the heck out of yourself, follow up 3-4 times, phone calls, emails, make a personal one page webpage to host your resume/portfolio… email all your friends and social/professional contact and let them know you are looking for a job. Go to professional social events…. It’s brutal, and with companies who don’t care and that are looking for the best for the cheapest you need to push back, because no one is out there to help you…! Make it happen.

Mike L 6 years ago

As real as it seems the American Dream

Ain't nothing but another calculated schemes

To get us locked up shot up back in chains

To deny us of the future rob our names

Kept my history of mystery but now I see

The American Dream wasn't meant for me

Cause lady liberty is a hypocrite she lied to me

Promised me freedom, education, equality

Never gave me nothing but slavery

And now look at how dangerous you made me

Calling me a mad man cause I'm strong and bold

With this dump full of knowledge of the lies you told

Promise me emancipation indispute nation

All you gave my people was our patience

Fathers of our country never cared for me

They kept my answer shackled up in slavery

And Uncle Sam never did a dam thing for me

Except lie about the facts in my history

So now I'm sitting hear mad cause I'm unemployed

But the government's glad cause they enjoyed

When my people are down so they can screw us around

Time to change the government now panther power

Another one 6 years ago

I'm 24 going on 2. I graduated 3 month's ago with a MSC in Criminal Justice and a BA in English. and though I know 3 months isn't a particually longitme, I already feel like searching online for something in my field is pointless. I simply don't have the experience required for the positions that seem decent, and I get the feeling that the jobs that I am qualified for in my field have a swell of candiates with better resumes then me. Honestly, what was the point of putting in all that work getting an education? It seems like either you know someone to get you in, or you wait to get lucky! Disgusting. The internet has really messed with the job market, I think. In any case, I'll of course keep on pushing out resumes. Better that then going back to school fo a P.H.D. I don't even want to probably not even have job security if I get. I swear, If I didn't have a supported mother, I would simply give up on the honest and straight path in a few month's if I am still looking,and opt for something entirely illegal. I have no experience in that area, but I'm sure if I put my mind to it I could be good at that!

dreams dashed 6 years ago

Does anyone else notice how ridiculous this all is? Everything is about sucking the life out of people and over-credentialing. An office assistant or bank teller doesn't need a University degree, yet some of these positions ask for that. And yet, people with a degree (me) apparently aren't good enough to file paperwork at the police station.

Can't win no matter what I do. What happened to the old days when job stuff was simpler?? I hate the working world today!!!

In-Shock 6 years ago

So many people with so many stories in common! This blog should be on CNN, CBS, CBC! Considering stats that we change careers and/or re-train many times in a lifetime, how much are the banks and education system profiting from this!

hope floats 6 years ago

You know what? You can't put a price on self respect.

I now work for $5 less per hour than I did previously (and no benefits) and I feel much better. At my last job the boss was the worst, she made me miserable and the harder I worked the more she demanded. I ended up having to work many of my days off because I value getting work done right. I would come home and cry and then have to go back to the office in the evening.

When I was the sickest I have ever been with H1N1 I STILL had to work because I carried that entire place on my back. I stuck it out for a whole year there before I quit. Then I was unemployed for several months.

Even with the stress of unemployment I was still happier than I ever was at that job. At this new (part time) job there is an adequate number of staff and I can get a day off when I need one and nobody even blinks.

I guess I would be considered poor now but I don't even care. I agree with fellow job seeker-there has to be jobs at some point. Some days we just get through, and sometimes we all just have to live for better days.

Fellow Job Seeker 6 years ago

Bella: Holy freakin jesus, that's what happened to me! I'm a science person, was in grad school with a nasty, NASTY, AWFUL boss-like the worst boss I've ever had- but I was going to stay just to finish my PhD. But, long story short, I stood up for myself when Dr. Horrible Boss denied me 2 days vacation (after no vacation for 11 months) and he just fired me. Said that I was making too many mistakes and wasting reagents.

So now I'm attempting to finish a paper so that I can at least get my masters (biomedical science). I've been looking for a job just so that we can pay bills and nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. I've been reading this blog for moral support. Luckily my husband has a decent research job. But the whole job search thing is utterly demeaning and demoralizing. I got the idea to look at craigslist from some forum I read, but I got bombarded by scams. *sigh* So I've decided to focus on getting a "real" job.... a science job, one that I really want. My attitude about it is similar to what I was told when my child was a baby - "At some point they WILL go to sleep, even if it's like 2am." Meaning, at some point we WILL have jobs, even if it's like 2 years from now. I'm fortunate because I have a husband to support me and our one child and we took out some massive student loans before I was thrown out of grad school. My heart goes out to those that don't have that support. God, I feel so sorry for you. I really do. I'm in a pretty bad depression and apparently from reading this blog, I don't have it nearly as bad as some out there. I'm truly sorry and feel so much compassion for you.

For those looking for science jobs, I recently bought the book "Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development" by Toby Freeman and it's great. (Purchases these days are so hard to do, but I figured it would be worth it if it could get me a good job.) Also, www.biospace.com is a great place to look for science jobs.

Good luck to everybody.

blah blah blah 6 years ago

Finally got a job, only $9/hour and part time, but at least it means we won't lose our trailer. I had to take my education off my resume to get it. It was a sad day for me, but the only thing that worked.

The job I was lucky enough to get likely hired me not for my extensive customer service experience, but because I fit in well with the other people who work there. Many of them have kids as well. So, I think it is true that sometimes (probably a lot of the time) people have similar work experience but are hired for other reasons. When that is the case there will be so many jobs we all apply for that we will never get.

And meanwhile, many of the interviewers for jobs have no clue how to even interview people. I was badgered by a Sears manager for a position selling ladies clothing. He kept saying my answers were "textbook" and laughing. How unprofessional can you get?? Like I was supposed to apologize for saying I enjoy working as part of a team?

Good grief.

Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to. It was such a false sense of security to think that years and years spent trying to better oneself with a University degree would get me anywhere. Now, 9 years and 2 degrees later, I am right back where I started, working a retail job for a poor wage. Actually, I am worse off because now I owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

If I could just make enough to pay my bills I would be happy. I have an old trailer, an old car, a cheap phone, we cook at home, my kid and I live a simple lifestyle and we don't have expensive things. I think it is pretty pathetic that the economy is supposedly so bad that qualified people like me and you can't get a decent or even just a full time position.

Thanks Canada! 6 years ago

Yup thanks to the Canadian Govt for turning their backs on us! Thanks for letting me serve in your Army and then ignoring me when I am jobless and near homeless! Hope they appreciate our Xmas present of increased welfare and UIC debt.

Both US and Canadian governments say its not up to them to create jobs but the private sector! The private sector says "Meh, why would I hire a Canadian they want so much and you aren't allowed to abuse them like immigrant workers and temp Visas...". Seems many people are angry about seeing temp Visas all working wherever you go and citizens of the country can't get hired.

TLC 6 years ago

I feel you, AngryMan... Last summer I went to Dublin, Ireland and it was very interesting... The goverment allowed unemployed people like us to panhandle in the streets by writing on the corner of a specified X street what we did: sending resumes (we could even post the job applications in our 'art corner') and hope that some tourist took pity on (us) the panhandler ppl. OMG is that what the UK goverment has 'cook up' as the solution? Who or what is next?

AngryMan 6 years ago

All of these stories about nepotism are definitely true and are not morally right at all. I put in for a part time job at a youth correctional facility and the open positions were withdrawn, because of a lack of funding. A friend of mine who works there told me yesterday that the friends of supervisors and managers got some of these positions. This really ticks me off since I can't even find a job at McDonalds or Wal-Mart. Things are getting desperate around here. Also, the holidays are fast approaching and will be bleak indeed. I tried everything to find work, but it seems to be of no use. Heck, I have several folders of completed job applications and resumes and this amounts to at least 4,000 of them. All of these were dead end leads, and I don't know where to turn to. I guess I am going to have to resort to panhandling for any type of income now.

Just need one job 6 years ago

I have been job searching for two months. you might said only two months; but it's starting to scary me.....I've moved to a different states (Florida) because my husband finally got a job in an university, but hey...he was searching for a year and he has a PhD...Thank God, I had a great job when he was looking for the job. However, because of moving here...now it's my turn to unemployed.. and I have never experienced this before, better yet, Florida is a worst place to find a job. I told my husband, I might will not have a job for a very longtime; he is very supporting. I hate not to have a job....I don't want to have two jobs, I just need one job.

profile image

mel2629 6 years ago

Yes, "Burned" is right about nepotizism and cronyism in the job market today. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending which side of the nept. coin you fall on) that is where our economic society has gone more so than ever and it may stay that way. But, Stephanie you are also correct in that there are ways to make money and living at home working from the internet. All internet offers are not all junk and worthless, you just have to do your due diligence to find out if these offers of work are legit. Also, here may be some ideas that some of you could possble try to see if you can make a go of dong some work at home off the internet yourself. Possibly learning to process bankruptcies from home. I'm talking about filling out the paperwork for clients for a fee. Many people are filing these days and many of those same people do not want to fill in the pages themselves. You can download the forms for free at www.uscourts.gov, go to bankruptcies, then to forms and then it will walk you through how to fillout the forms necessary for your clients to then file the bankruptcy. Advertising is necessary of course but, you can advertise on craigslist for free as far as internet advertising is concerned, try and advertise in diffeent states with local print ads. I know that this will cost some money but if you got a little to spare then try and inquire to different newspapers to see what kind of deal you can get. Another idea maybe to try and do some process serving as an independent server. Google "learn process serving" to see what you need to learn and then maybe go to a few lawyer offices, see if you can get them to set up a situation where you can just deliver court papers to the court house to begin with and with a little luck it might grow from there. These are just some ideas that I might throw out there for some of you to mull over while you still go about looking for regular work. These things I know wont pay for much in the beginning but it could help bridge the gap between now and then. I know I plan to use them once I get on my feet and try to make some kind of litle cottage home industry to many sources of income to continue to come in. I just wanted to help others on here who are going through the same thing I did when looking for work. It is a rough thing to go through and having people around you seemingly looking their nose down at you does not help at all. I hope my suggestions don't rub anyone the wrong way. These things are just food for thought as a way to possibly help get someone going if the personal resources will allow it to be done. Good luck to all in your continued job search.

Nept 6 years ago

Definitely employers are preferring to take a risk on "friends" and extended family through referrals rather than take chances no qualified individuals.

I have also worked for a variety of large corporations from 1000-100,000 employees and they all post jobs as part of their policy even when the ideal candidate is already chosen (just to ensure they have proof they extended the opportunity to the public). Having applied for 100s of positions and contracts, I am getting the same answers- "filled internally", "client has withdrawn the position", or no feedback or answers. Interestingly if you investigate further to find out who filled the position, it is usually someone with a connection to an employee or church group or relative! I can only imagine the mass exodus in 12-18 mths of people leaving these jobs. I find many of the successful ones are job-hoppers whose resumes indicate they never stay at a job longer than 1 year and have limited experience but are very proficient at securing short-term permanent and contract work!

Stephanie 6 years ago

Burned you are right! Where I work there was an opening and I suggested a friend of mine and they hired him. We had two openings for a driver and the two guys who got the jobs were friends of the people who do the same task!

I beg to differ with the online comment though I got my job where I have been for three years online and the job i had before that I found online. I try to tell people this but they dont believe me there are a lot of jobs working from home and in the field that are not scams! I am living proof of that. Its just good to see that there are some people out there getting something though and I agree with the other poster who stated some of these companies are not hiring to just hold on to money or to see who is going to get elected.

Burned 6 years ago

I have noticed there is a heavy degree of nepotism today, such that people I know who have decent jobs were hooked up through family or a friend, or they were pretty much given a job.

For example, I have several friends who are working in teaching, and they were just put on a list and given jobs. Meanwhile the rest of us toil and don't get a fair chance at anything despite our many years of education.

Everything is working against us these days. I too hate applying for things online, seems like a waste of time to me. Positions are probably posted out of formality and filled internally. I know this because I used to work in a place that did it years ago. Posting it was an HR formality and postings didn't always say there was an identified internal candidate.

If lucky enough to find work, employers say "the economy" is the reason they can't pay a fair wage. Such a bunch of bull.

The worst part of being unemployed is that people that haven't been through it have NO idea what it feels like. I have been out pavement pounding all day and come home and there is 0 flashing on the answering machine again, like it is telling me I am a big zero. Then the people who were simply given jobs have this judgmental tone, like "oh, you haven't found a job yet? Do you write cover letters?"

Um, ya actually, and I use resume paper and I sign the cover letter in ink, deliver it in person, ask to see the manager, introduce myself, dress very professionally, exc exc. I have a writing degree, I know how to write resumes and cover letters. Geez.

What people don't seem to understand is that it is not a kind place out there for those of us who have no nepotism or luck to benefit from. I've stopped talking to these judgmental "friends" and suggest others do the same.

Good luck to all.

profile image

mel2629 6 years ago

I blogged a comment on here 11 days ago under the name Steve and I was saying that I have not gotten bite of a job in 5 months. The very day I wrote on here Wal-mart called me and gave me an interview and I landed a part-time job with them. I have also got 3 other interviews set up in the next few days. I still sympathize with all that are still going through this jobless hardship. I do beleive in what Random Worker is saying about employers 100%. Also, as I said in my earlier blog that a lot of employers are looking not at experience when hiring but, who they can lock up and keep for low wages and not have to go through the hiring phases as often. I was right on the edge like you Jobless and Desperate, it's a damn shame what business owners are doing to good hardworking people by using "the economy is tough" line so they can continue thier greedy "financial serial killing" role in society like many of the "Wall Street and CEO" scum S*** that helped put the economic woes in place where they are now. Again, I got lucky, finally, to find at least something to put a little money in my pocket to at least eat. As far as doing anything special to get myself notice, I did nothing but continue to plow resume' after resume' to anyone I could think of. Just try to keep working in volume is maybe the one way to hopefully anyone on this blog can get at least a look see from an employer. I don't think there is anything new or special formula to increase your cance of getting an interview or getting hired. All on here, just keep trying and try your very best to stay positive. And please try not to let others who have not had the misfortune of going through this job trough tell you or imply that you are dogging it or not trying hard enough because I know first hand it's not true. Each and everyone of us just need that 1 job to take a chance on us. I recently was fortunate enough to get that with Wal-mart, so I hope each and everyone else can get that same chance as I have gotten. I to also have a mountain of debt that a part time gig can't cover, such as child support, back taxes, past due credit debts in collections, but dammit, it is a start and it feels nice. Good luck to all out there and just keep pluging away, your time will come.

Random Worker 6 years ago

To Jobless and Desperate - If only in the great depression did they have blogs, it would be hundreds of millions of people saying the exact thing. I 100% sympathize with you, although I have no kids, I had to move back home with the parents, and growing up I lived with my grandparents along with my mother. My advice would to be just not give up hope, make the best choices for you and your family. I would move into your parents sooner before that bullet gets closer. It's a great notion to fight for your home, but this economy doesn't allow it. The pride and embarrassment will hurt, but not as much as it is a relief to begone of some financial burdens that realistically you cannot bear.

Jobless and Desperate 6 years ago

Hi all,

Its nice to read I'm not alone. I lost my job in November 2008 and since then have done two crappy self-employed contract jobs that often payed nothing, a good 3 month temp role and a two day contract.

Like others have said, I've never had a problem landing a job before, but the last two years have been awful. I've a mortgage and two kids and, while my wife works, her income doesn't cover all the bills. This means I've been borrowing money every month from our parents just to pay the bills - let alone get food or petrol.

Today I've been told that December is the last month I can get any financial help - so if I don't have a job after Christmas I'll probably have to sell my house and move in with parents.

I'm terrified that I'm going to lose my house, wife and kids.

Welling up just typing this.

Why can't someone offer me a lifeline?!

Agreeing 6 years ago

I agree with RandomWorker as there is evidence of this in the news citing companies are recording record profits and cost-savings in this recession (+44.7%). Doubling-up work duties, cutting benefits, reducing staff, eliminating training budgets, hiring freezes, salary cuts, cutting free coffee-juice-pop-tea, etc.

Apple: http://www.cultofmac.com/apple-laughs-at-recession...

Working harder for less pay: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32374533/

Profits and unemployment rise: http://politicalleft.blog-city.com/the_recovery__c...

Big hiring freeze: http://www.newsweek.com/2010/07/23/the-big-hiring-...

Random Worker 6 years ago

I have something I feel I would like to share with everyone here. I'm sure to many viewing this that it's not new news, but to others it may provide some sense of reason. Or just drive you insane depending on how you look at it.

Many of the employers are not hiring on PURPOSE. That's right, on purpose. Businesses that vary from the small business to corporate powerhouses are all taking advantage of the economic plight that many of us are going through, simply because they can. Now, I'm not denying the fact that our recession is due to most circumstances that was being blasted through the news on television at night, how Wall Street blew up the housing market, etc. I'm personally ATTACKING these "presidents", "business owners", and "managerial staff" through this blog.

This is how and why they do it.

Scare Tactics!

For many of you who are still employed, especially in small private businesses, might recognize some of these methods of “squeezing the lemon”. The business owner will have to downsize due to economic restraints, and just like all of us who are financially suffering will begin a “lean” diet, IE getting better mileage (work) out of your worker with less energy (money). For instance, a work force in the office/shop/store has a theoretical average of 30 people in a stable economy. Now due to downsizing, the owner loses 10% of his/her workforce bringing the amount of workers down to 27. Understandable right? No. The employer now realizes the way out, make them work more for it! Knowing full well that no-one will complain, because they are too scared to lose their jobs. The employer drops 7 more people knowing that it takes 3 people to effectively do a job at a normal pace, he/she can make 2 people work harder for it, thus saving money on both insurance and pay.

Now 20 people work for the company instead of 30, and getting 30 people’s worth of effort and only paying 20! Now, a person like any machine that over-works, will wear down so what do you do to push them harder? Psychologically attack them. Scare them into putting even more effort into their job, make them know that they are under your thumb. Let them know if they are constantly being watched, judged and monitored.

Why? Selfish, unsympathetic greed. Many people I know have told me some of the horrible things their company is doing to their employees, but this one I’m about to write stood out most:

My friend Tim works for a construction company. He’s a hard worker, college educated, can’t get a break like everyone else. He works for one of NUMEROUS THEIVES. Tim also has other friends in the construction business and being in construction is like being in a small town; Everyone knows everyone, so word gets around fast. Tim just went into his bosses office inquiring about a yearly review that never happened, in fact, all his workers haven’t had a 90 day or yearly review in over 3 years. Long story short, Tim asked for a 50 cent raise, and was told, “Sorry, I can’t, times are tough.” And as understanding as Tim is, he said okay to his boss, thinking that it did make sense not to give raises during this time. Two months later, Tim ran into his friend Randy, who does In-ground pools/ Landscaping; various home improvements. Randy told Tim that he just did Tim’s Boss’ house. Randy also disclosed some information about the estimate and actual price of the job. Randy did 105,000 dollars worth of work on Tim’s Boss’ house (In-ground pool, Cabana, Stone wall outlaying property, 10,000 dollars worth of French doors). When Randy asked Tim’s boss if he was sure he could afford all this work, Tim’s boss said, “Yeah, I’ll just tell the guys at the shop that TIMES ARE TOUGH.”

Did I also mention Tim and his co-workers do 10-12 hours of work and only get paid 8 hours? Yep. Why? Because no-one wants to lose their job. This company has slid under the radar like many other small businesses. One of Tim’s co-workers was so fed up they went to the labor board and complained that they were doing 10 hours a day and only paid 8. So the boss was forced to pay them for 10 hours a day, and you know what the boss did? Cut their pay so the 10 hours overtime equaled out to their normal 40 hour/wk pay!!

This poor excuse of a person is complaining about paying for supplies for the workers to do THEIR JOBS for HIS/HER MONEY, and he/she is driving around a RANGE ROVER! This is sad. These are the people who are hiring you. These are the people who are cutting down the workforce and grinding their workers to the bone so they can have a big house and comfy heated leather seats.

So if you are wondering where your job is, it’s in this person’s wallet. Thank you for your attention, and keep fighting!

Random Woker.

Venting 6 years ago

Welcome all venting and stressing! We all take some solace in knowing we are not alone especially since there is a stigma to being jobless and hidden like some taboo secret. Share how bad things are for you as you may find others who are in the same situation. I for one have realized there are many in the same boat as me and it helps to know what each situation is as all require different solutions.

We all know there is no simple "How To Get a Job in THIS Economy" book, article, seminar, or speech- bunk! Same old money-grabber baiting to take advantage of people who are already desperate and need to keep every penny to survive. We all know there are a lot of people out there who cant find jobs but are preaching about how to help others find work...

Stephanie 6 years ago

Lisa were you talking to me? If you mean my blogtalk radio show on how to find a job I didnt repost it because I dont want to offend the owner of this blog or seem like I am promoting myself because I am not. What did you find annoying? Just curious. By the way you are entitled to your opinion.

AngryMan 6 years ago

Yep, it is that time of year again to vote these incompetent fools out of office. Yes, you heard it, I voted for all republicans and voted for I-1098. It is time that the rich pay their fair share, so that the economy can be able to get going again. Therefore, get out there and vote and send a message to our dysfunctional government. I just marked three years of solid unemployment and still counting! This holiday season is going to be a joke for my family and I don't even want to think about it anymore because it is so damned depressing. I only have 3 months before I complete my Bachelors degree, but I am not counting on anything anymore. I even tried re-applying to my old employer, but I have not heard anything back. I guess that they don't want a broken down old man such as myself. I suppose they are hiring young punks instead and that is what I don't get. I guess young people are easily led astray and easily controlled. Me being an independent free spirit isn't going to cut it with them. From now on I am going to take one day at a time and continue to do positive things for myself. All my spare time is spent at the barbell club training in powerlifting, and if anything, the economy is making me get stronger. At least I am not doing self destructive things. Anyway, I got to get going and feed those muscles.

unemployedpsugrad 6 years ago

I received a 3.5 GPA at Penn State in Business Management. I'm 26 and already been laid off from two jobs. Literally have had to hop from city to city, putting friends' addresses on my resume. It's ridiculous. I'm from the Pittsburgh area (don't believe the most livable city hype), outside of health care, there really isn't much out there in Pittsburgh. Younger people aren't faring any better. Most of my college grad friends are living with their parents. Nobody can pay their student loans. I hope today whoever gets elected in PA actually does something in this state. I'm a democrat and Governor Spendell further drove this state into the ground.

Seriouslyfunny 6 years ago

Lisa thanx u made me laugh!

NL- Just to compare 35+ Canada, 15 yrs IT experience, IS degree, 7 certifications...interviews, no offers!

Losing the job - $80k

Losing the SUV - $30k

Defaulting on credit cards - Priceless!

Lisalisa 6 years ago

Stephanie your business consultant thingy is annoying. TY!

Stephanie 6 years ago

Im so glad to hear some positive news on this successful blog! Think outside of the box and you WILL get a job in your field or to tide you over until things change.

NL 6 years ago

I finally got a job offer after 8 months but it is only a 2-3 month temp job with the responsibilities of a perm job. No benefits either. I have to move back to the city I moved out from, stay with my parents and pay rent on an empty apartment. Essentially I make nothing from this job but 'I will be working'!

I have found that my two degrees in 'in demand fields' and 10 years experience mean nothing if I don't have 110% of the listed requirements for that position.

I am also age 35, cannot afford to even consider returning to school. I have 10 credit cards in default and couldn't even get a loan for a stick of gum at this point

Hooped 6 years ago

What a bunch of crap. I feel for all of you. I left a job because I was doing the work of 2 or 3 people, no overtime pay, and the boss was a lunatic and made my life miserable. I was promoted with a new job title for all my extra work but received less than a dollar an hour raise as the company cited "the economy" as the reason for our crap wages and skeleton staff. F that. As someone with 2 degrees I thought I would be able to find work in a new city. Ya right. Been almost 3 months now and my savings are dwindling. My advice to everyone is, apply everywhere. That is what I am going to have to do. I guess you can have pride or you can pay your bills. Thanks a lot for the kick in the gut, British Columbia. Maybe I should go back to school for another degree since the Canadian government doesn't seem to care that I can't make payments on my $40,000 useless education. It is a sad state of affairs when someone who would prefer to work and pay back one's loans can't do so. What the hell is happening to the world. Maybe I should be on antidepressants, but guess what everyone, I wouldn't be able to afford them.

Scott 6 years ago


Thank you! I wish you the best too! Still waiting to find the right girl, but I'm being optimisitc and I think you have to be in tough times.

But, I'm certainly no expert. I realize others are struggling due to how much they made and need more than part time wages. In my circumstances, anything is better than nothing. But, I realize it's not like that for everyone.

I will say that it is easier to get a job when you have a job. And, in this economy working for me even with low wages is better than being unemployed. It keeps me sane and helps me be productive. Hopefully it will lead to something else in the future.

But, I say this with the mindset that I'm not satisfied with where I'm at. Bills don't care how you pay them just as long as they get paid. And, while I'm trying to find opportunities in my field, I'm paying the bills and replinishing my savings. That's what these jobs are and I'm working them the best I can to survive and move up in the future.

I wish I had all the answers for myself and others b/c I certainly don't. All I can say is I didn't even expect to get these low wages jobs and I did. So, good things can happen even when it doesn't seem like it. I was very depressed and while to an extent I may be a little now until I get to the right job, I'm in a better state than I was. That's improvement. I pray that all on looking and on this board can do the same.


2jobs 6 years ago

Agree, are those two "part-time/temp" jobs at $10/hr or less? Meh...most of us cant survive on those type of jobs unless we live with our parents or in someones basement. Some of us are coming from career jobs over $70k/yr and have bills to pay(credit cards, loans, mortgages).

Lisalisa 6 years ago

Scott, I am so happy that you got two part time jobs, but in all honesty that barely can cover the costs of student loans and professional preparation that some of us do here. I wish you well and I hope that you even got the time to find a gf after working so much. Thanks!

Scott 6 years ago

I was able to get 2 part time jobs recently. They are not in my field or what I went to school for, but I wanted to share how I got them, because maybe it will help someone on here.

For 2 years, I had been mostly applying online hoping for anything, but mostly applying to stuff within my field/major from college (what I am qualified for).

But, this year I thought about doing something new. So, I went door to door. I met people, put myself out there, talked to many people, and tried to become something more than a faceless resume.

Some places worked. Some places didn't. But, it's gotten me 2 jobs now and 2 paychecks rather than nothing, 0, or gooseegg.

So, all that to say, if you want anything in this world, you have to go out and get it. I know I was in the same place as many of you, and you can find my comment on here from when I was hopeless.

But, I suggest really trying this. It worked for me. It's given me some confidence in other areas of my life like trying to get a girlfriend now.

Lisa 6 years ago

I'm sorry but I do all of these things and still haven't gotten hired.

Lets me realistic here. EOE is a joke.

If you are over 35 good look getting hire with minumal experience. (And even with experience if you are pushing 40).

Most of these jobs online now only want to hire "qualified" or experienced people. If you dont have that experience then your out of luck. (That is unless you know someone).

Good luck if your a Mother who's been out of work for a while looking for job who is older than 35 with experience only working in one field and cannot afford to go back to school.

If your caucasian (and over 30 or even 25), you can't even get a job at a fast food place!

How are people supposed to support their families with these jack*ss companies so unwilling to train people now?

Chris 6 years ago

It made me feel better to read these comments. I know that its not just me now. I live in New Castle, PA and out unemployment rate is near 10%. I have been looking for work for 11 months and have received one call. ONE! It's horrible. I'm really on edge because every time I turn around someone else is telling me I need to get a job and I'm lazy and they dont have a clue that I am looking on a daily bases... If anyone here is hiring, call me.

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Jai2010 6 years ago

I graduated from college a year and a half ago and since then I have been searching for a job. I have applied for hundreds of jobs and out of all those jobs I applied for I only got five interviews. No one seems interested in hiring me despite having good grades, a great work ethic that I take pride in, and graduating in the top 15% of my class.

I have applied for all sorts of jobs with the Veterans Affairs, the Social Security office, the Department of State, the National Archives, and the Library of Congress, and all I got were letters saying that I qualified for the jobs I put in for but they decided to hire someone else. I decided maybe my standards were too high so I searched for jobs working at a local museuem or the town newspaper, still I get rejected despite my education and achievements. I am now applying to places like walmart, intelos, toys r us, target, best buy and I can't even land a job with them because they say that I am overqualified. What's the point of having an education if I can't find a job?

I feel like that I have wasted my time in school because no one is willing to hire me. In high school, we were told to go to college in order to contribute to society and to have a great job. I now know that was a lie and now I have college loans that I can not even pay back because of having no job. It's depressing because I want to work and I hate staying at home all of the time because of not having the money to go anywhere. America, to me, is now the land of loss jobs and broken dreams.

Options 6 years ago

#1 Tell people you know don't hide the fact that you were laid-off, packaged, let-go, or whatever, just get the word out there that you need work and expand your social network (and no not facebooking all day).

#2 Pursue temporary assistance either from friends, family or welfare to survive and ease the stress of basic needs like rent, food, etc.

#3 Check into gov't funding for courses or re-training programs as being in school is an option to pursuing the limited number of jobs out there.

Dont know anymore 6 years ago

Im pregnant and cant get a damn job anywhere.

i filled out so many applications, and i never get a call back.

Im starting to stress out because i NEED this job, for my babys sake.


What am i going to do :(

I dont want to fall into depression mode.

Myndee 6 years ago

I am so glad to say I finally found a job, and I LOVE IT! It is only seasonal but I was told there is a slight possibility to become a full-time employee after the holiday season is over.

I count myself extremely lucky since I was looking for over a year, and I have had no exp in the type of work I'm doing now. The woman in the interview said, “I figured I would try some new people this year." Well it has worked for all involved me, my family, and the company.

If there is anything I have learned in this entire process is that sometimes there is a possibility an employer will sometimes with a slight chance go out on a limb. And that the holiday season deff. opens up jobs even for a short period of time.

So I know more than less of everyone here has heard it all. But there is a chance. This job, I had applied to it about 5 months ago and out of the blue she sent me an e-mail, I had an interview, and got the job right away.

So all of you maybe just try for some seasonal work, who knows it could work out. Or I could be out of a job after the season... I hope not!

Take care all of you out there!~!~

Steve 6 years ago

I have been trying to find a job now for 5 months and it is fustrating. I have 21 years of experience in the banking industry but all is not going well on tht front in finding something. I had my own business fro 2 yrs. but it went under. It is re-assuriing to know I am not the only one going through this process in that some people that you may know who are working may think you are dogging it and not really trying and that is just not true. On the other hand, to know so many are going through this for such a long period of time in some ways does not bode well for one's confidence in finding something very soon. If anyone is like me, with no money at all and on the very real verge of having to stay in a shelter, you start grasping at straws for anything, even many junk offers on the internet that promise riches start sounding good. There are many obstacles that so many job hunters face today that people who have been blessed not to have to go though this just don't understand fully. I am sure many of you have been given suggestions to apply at the local fast food joint or convenience store, but it not about how simple the job is, it has become about if you are going to stay for any period of time so they don't have to go through the hiring process again or how many black marks you may have when a background check is done. Many fast food spots here in my city hire primarily Mexican nationals, particularly women because the don't complain about wages, work conditions and they aren't likely to go anywhere soon. I do feel that any and all of us who have commented on this will find something soon but it can't never be fast enough. Good luck to all of us in the job hunting jungle. By the way, there are a lot of good points made in the above article that may really help (even if thay have been tried and it still didn't get us what we were after keep trying).

GivemeLight 6 years ago

Amazing, informative, and reassuring to find others in the same situation! Never in my life have I been underemployed like this past 18 mths! With a BSc + 7 certifications + 12yrs corporate experience, I am finding myself chasing rainbows!

Recruiters and headhunters for IT are misleading and misrepresenting and not even landing us contracts. Its like the old saying- "If you cant do...Teach!", applied to jobs- "If you cant find work...become a recruiter!" In this saturated environment recruiters are chasing all the same jobs but I have not seen a good track record of recruiters closing the deal. I believe companies are avoiding them or using them as a last resort due to fees.

As we all know when times get tough we need to try new tactics. What is not working for us all now needs a different approach. Do we act, lie, manipulate, misrepresent ourselves?

Tia  6 years ago

I have been on the job search for seven months now. I have exhausted all resources it feels like. I go online to all the job searches almost daily, I look in the paper. I have applied to places and a ton I might say. I have even applied three times to some places who hire then arent hiring and then a month later they are hiring again. I am working with a job coach and I am doing volunteer work. I have tried my heart out and I am going nuts and feeling depressed and feeling like I will never find a job.

-A- 6 years ago

I read one comment about possibly not getting hired because of what your name is. I have a unique name that most people can't say and have thought that it could be some of the reason people don't even call. Maybe I should start putting a different preferred name with something much easier to pronounce.

It's interesting to read all of the comments. Sara mentioned people don't want to hire people that have life/personality. Although not sad, I'm one of those dull, boring people. I'm an introverted person, my interests aren't the same as most people and I prefer to just focus on my work without a lot of unnecessary conversation filled with jokes and whatnot. Employers definitely do not want dull people either. I had an interview awhile back where the person made a point to mention at the end that the store has high standards and they are looking for someone who is very easy to talk to and is comfortable interacting with customers.

It's disappointing people have such a misconception of introverted people. It's like they think I wont talk to the customers or I'll go, "Oh my! A customer is talking to me... RUN AWAY!!!" I may not get drunk at a company party hang off a chandelier and talk to everyone around me, but that doesn't mean I can't do the same job and if I had to talk to customers then that is what I would do. After time it becomes routine, it wouldn't be all that apparent that I'm a quiet person in my personal life.

Also having no experience is just as bad as being overqualified apparently, because I run into the problem of not having enough experience and this is with jobs that are normally considered good first jobs to have.

ttcatt 6 years ago

iam 57 years old ,cant find job because they want people with exp.not like some of you.

Stephanie  6 years ago

The best place to get a job right now is working from home if you are interested email me at stephanie_20904@yahoo.com and I will send you some sites.

Happy job hunting. These are legitimate!

nate, 21 6 years ago

wow, after reading these posts I feel like staying in college really is a bad idea. I had to quit one job earlier in 2010 because of joining college, and have regretted it ever since. I did have a job in warehouse - for two weeks. In my two week review, the owner said he no longer wanted a permanent warehouse worker.

sam,37 6 years ago

been searching for jobs for 5 months now ,lost my self confidence,i keep pushing my self up lots of interviews and the people who interview me say im good ,wish they tell me where is the ERROR in my interview instead of saying im good! the last thing im doing is the staffing agency and they are optimistic,i am waiting now ! kinda frustrated ...have a kid and my savings are getting less day by day ,,it is hard over there

Bella 6 years ago

I want to tell my story, right now I am unemployed because I got fired from my first job a week after my b-day. I am 24 yrs old. It was not fair. I got fired because they did not liked the way I was working. I was making "too many mistakes" in the lab, and I was not working in the speed they wanted.

How are you going to force a person with no work experience to work fast and not make any mistakes? That is ridiculous.

They were making my life impossible because of my qualifications. I am too overqualified to do this job in my country. Everybody is trained on the job and has more experience than me. I did not knew that I did not had to get a degree outside my country to do this job, someone advised me to do so and made me think that to be able to get a job in that field I needed a degree. I had to borrow a 30,000 loan to study that career.

They were jealous because I had a diploma and they though I was going to get payed more than them, or steal their jobs, so they were being hard on me.

Now I am screwed because I have few choices of places to get jobs where I can work in my specialization. While I was working for this company I got called by other labs but I rejected their offers because they pay less, (one pays 10 an hour, the other $8.00). I was getting payed 12 an hour. There is one that called me few weeks before getting fired but I don't want to call that company back because a doctor who used to work in the place I got fired got a job there. He is MEAN. Nobody likes him and I know he will make my life miserable there. He is the new manager of that lab. I cant even imagine working there. If he wasn't there I would have called them.

These private labs pay so little for a career that demands so much of yourself. There are the laboratories of the government and federal hospitals but is hard to get a job there, these are the ones that pay good salaries. The ones I deserve for my hard work at college.

I don't know what to do. I will receive employment benefits soon, but I don't want to depend on this. I am young and I need work experience.

Mom tells me to accept any salary but I think 8 dollars is too humiliating for the type of work you have to do. I rather work as a secretary and get payed 10 an hour.

Anne 6 years ago

Grrrrrrrr indeed

I'm in this no-job-people club. I hate it. I'm a competent individual in many areas- as others are probably thinking, why on earth won't employers out there give educated individuals a shot? Like me! I'm hard-working. I'm keen to work hard to please THE BOSS whoeever that may be and just work my guts off yet we can't exactly phrase it like that in a CV but yeah why don't employers out there actually employ good people that apply instead of someone just cos theyre older or whatever

I hate this. I've applied to about 200 jobs in bulks - after the first 30 I applied to and only getting one call back and one interview I then did another bulking job application to another 100 and I guess I'll just have to sit back and wait but i honestly doubt, despite applying to hundreds, I won't get ONE back. Not even ONE. I't very disheartening and you jjust think, what the heck? especially when the parents start pressuring you to get off your arse and live a life i.e. get a job/stop sleeping all day/doing nothing. Don't they understand it's not my fault, I am applying it's just no one's replying! very upseting...only cos you apply to hundreds but don't get one , not even one in return. now THATis bonkers.

Hate it. but glad i'm not alone, i assure you.

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