Why Can’t I Find A Job? Make Sure You’ve Done These Things

I live in a part of the country where competition for jobs is fierce. There's a large number of people here who are looking for jobs at all times because this is a transient urban location which always has new people moving in and joining the local workforce. Additionally, the people who move here seem to be more qualified, generally speaking, than the average employee pool of many other cities. Because of this, it can be really difficult to get a job here, even for a qualified individual. However, having been at the side of numerous friends and colleagues going through the job search process here, I've learned a few things that increase the likelihood of getting a job. And if they work here, they should work almost anywhere!

#1. Basic Job Stuff

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure you've covered all of the basics that should be common sense in terms of getting a job but which sometimes get overlooked. This means that you have updated your resume - and yes, that means having a colleague or friend take a look at it, give you feedback, point out typos and fix everything. It means preparing a fresh cover letter and buying stationary to print it out. It means setting up a professional email name if you don't already have one because it's not appropriate to contact potential employers from your whose_ur_daddy@freemail.com account. And it means that you have at least one professional outfit to wear to any interviews that you get which you'll go to freshly showered and with a clean cut haircut. Arrive at them on time. Your future employers will almost all consider these things to be basic, obvious, common sense things that you should be doing so your failure to do them could be what's preventing you from getting a job.

#2. Actively Looking For Work

This should technically fall under the first category but it is ignored a surprising amount of the time, so it belongs on its own to give it the attention it needs. You can not get a job if you aren't looking. This means that you are not merely browsing the latest newspaper ads every few days. You are online, looking up available jobs on every classified site available. You are identifying places that you would like to work and actually going to take your resume and cover letter to them, even if they aren't advertising that they are hiring. You are putting out the word among all of your friends that you are seeking work and letting them know that they should tip you off to anything that sounds like it might be right for you. And then you're going back online and seeing what else is available. You'd be surprised how many people put in a minimum amount of effort to get work and then complain that they don't have a job. Don't be a whiner; look for the jobs and you'll probably get them.

#3 Make Yourself Memorable

You don't have to pull any crazy stunts, but you should make sure that you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. If you have a particular skill or part job experience that really applies to a particular job, make a special note of it in your cover letter. If you have a website that's particularly visually appealing, a witty way of presenting yourself in email or a business card that usually captures attention, make use of this to get the eye of the person you are trying to have hire you. People hire those that they remember after the first introduction is complete. Figure out what "your thing" is and use it.

#4 Make It Easy To Hire You

The person that is trying to hire you is probably trying to fill an empty position and that means that he or she is probably completely frazzled. The easier you make that person's job, the more likely it is that you are going to get the position that you want. This starts with your application. Make sure that you complete all of the requested application materials, following any special instructions made available to you. If an ad says to send your resume in the body of an email, don't send it as an attachment or forward links to your online portfolio. Also, be sure that you provide all methods of contacting you (IM, email address, phone number, address) in a clear and concise manner so that if the hiring individual wants to contact you, the information to do so is right at their fingertips.

When you go to job interviews, bring a fresh copy of your resume with your contact information. Attach your business card. Sure, the employer already has these things but putting them right in his or her hand makes it easier for that person and that's your goal. Bring an organized list of questions that you would like to ask and be sure to ask them in a timely fashion. Bring your own pen and notebook. In other words, ask as little as possible from your potential employer and do as much as you can for him or her. It will be appreciated and that appreciation could land you the job.

#5 Network

The job search can be a frustrating one and if it isn't going well, you might start to get a bit depressed. You don't want to leave the house as much as you used to because you don't have the money to spend on going out and you don't feel like you have anything to contribute to the conversation anyway since everyone else is talking about their work. But very few people get offered a new job when they are just sitting in their homes. You can probably afford a cup of coffee or you can at least do your online job searching from the local library. Putting yourself out around people puts you in the path of those who might be hiring. Introduce yourself to people (appropriately), bring up what you do in conversation and hand out your business card liberally. You never know when the guy from the coffee shop might know someone who needs you as an employee.

Keeping a positive attitude about getting a new job is important. Making sure that you've covered all of your professional basis is crucial. And when things aren't going right, update your approach can be just the thing to making sure you get a job.

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Job Nigeria 8 years ago

This is some great advice. Very useful information, thanks for sharing! i hope you have another good advice like this.


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Dave 8 years ago


I've never thought about putting my resume in the email body itself... I've applied to maybe sixty jobs in the past month and have only been contacted back a dozen times.

From now on, though, I shall plop that resume directly into the email AND attach it. Thank you for that tip. :)

tech for geek 8 years ago

wow....i need this right now......i'm jobless...

MasonsMom profile image

MasonsMom 8 years ago from U.S.A.

I have an interview tomorrow, so this one caught my eye!

I have the interview simply because I ran into a former co-worker the other day and mentioned that I was looking to move on to something different. She told me she'd check into it, and presto--job interview at a place I'd love to work! Moral of the story (like you said) you've got to be proactive & make it known that you're looking.

Great hub--wish me luck!

Lisa McGrimmon 8 years ago

Great tips. I've helped a lot of people job search, and unfortunately, very few people follow through with all of the suggestions you've made; those who do usually find work fast. All of your tips are very easy and effective ways to stand out by going the extra mile in your job search.

jay 8 years ago

good suggestions. people tend to forget that jobs are becoming scarce due to a weak economy. therefore employers are picky as hell. times are more than tough and you have to fight for your right to party.

Niceguy 8 years ago

This is not too helpful, because I HAVE done all of this, if not more. These are the basics, which are good to know, but the real problem seems to be that too many people are qualified and employers end up choosing on little insignificant things. Like where a person's from (their alma-mater) or how they look or whether their personality is compatable with them.

Tracy 8 years ago

I agree with Niceguy. I can't even find a simple waitressing job because I'm competing with girls who are either prettier or have a college degree. Times are tough and there simply aren't enough jobs to go around which leads over qualified people to push "regular folk" from even the less desireable jobs.

lauren 7 years ago

so don't settle to be regular folk. get qualified.

indrani 7 years ago

Well, I have an Ivy League degree and a Master's degree, and I still can't find work anywhere, doing anything. Sometimes being overqualified is the problem.

7 years ago

I agree. Having a degree with strong work experience is making things more difficult. There are not any professional jobs avalible in my area so I have been trying to get into blue-collar positions that don't really match up with my education and experience. I don't even get call backs. The thing is I don't care if it is just a desk job I will do a good job no matter what I am doing. Why doesn't somebody take a chance on me???

Nathalie 7 years ago

I have since changed careers over the past year and a half, received a degree, and been interviewing for the past 3 months. Now that the job market is flooded with more unemployed prospects, my nerves are even more on edge and I am terrified that I won't find anything for another three months. Luckily I am in the third phase of the interview process with one company, but have since become discouraged when I saw new advertisments for the same position, I could just be paranoid, probably am, but it doesn't make for a warm and fuzzy feeling in such a rough and tumble time.

Oh Boy 7 years ago

WEll it has been 45 days. Last job paid between 120-180K per year for 6 years. No I have no income, and few prospects. This is a very difficult environment to find employment in. I'm considering trying to get work at a call center.

Erik 19 yrs old bay area 7 years ago

i'v applied to about 70 places over 3 months. only had 5 interviews. iv gotten a part-time late night job working at longs drugs at $8.00/hr. its a job and its better than nothing but i basically can't drive anymore or eat out and i'm stuck at home in my off time. it sucks. i don't know if its just me but when i was younger i would get jobs like nothing, i would walk in talk to the manager and they would hire me on the spot. ( that happened for my last 3 jobs i had). My mom and her boyfriend are constantly threatening to kick me out and i don't no what to do. looks like i'm gunna be a part of the crime statistic if things don't turn around.

No friends 7 years ago

I am seeing signs that i might be getting layed off soon. I have decided to start my job search before the anouncement is made. All the jobs search advice says you should contact friends and family. I have no friends or family to help me so, networking is out of the picture for me.

I feel so alone.

hard enough life 7 years ago

I graduated from college with a MS in engineering and it has been tough for me as well. I guess I figured that people with experience had it good compared to me; but, from what I am reading here, that may not necessarily be the case!

I have been getting interviews, but no one seems to want to hire me. I think I am going to talk to one of the companies that interviewed me to find out why I was rejected....Perhaps I am not interviewing well.

Money is starting to run out and I am worrying about this holiday season. I am not sure I will be able to buy presents for my friends or family! I have already cut what I spend on food...Ramon noodles, toast, and other extremely cheap meals!

To everyone who is having a hard time finding a job, it is tough out there! The horrible economy makes things even worse...I heard on the radio the other day that the unemployment rate in NC is 7 percent....7 PERCENT!!!! THAT IS CRAZY!!!

Dean 7 years ago

Amazing how many of these people commented about not being able to find a job. Maybe it's because many of them can't spell !

Angry Floridian 7 years ago

The advice given is good, but for the majority of people, and in the current economic conditions, it's not enough. I am in college and I have been without a job since january of 2008, when I got laid off. I have extensive experience in fast food places, and they won't even hire me anymore. I can't get a job at McDonalds even. I can't find a minimum wage job. I have no family and no friends, nowhere to live or go. I have a cheap car ready to die any moment, I can't afford to take care of it. I'm flat broke and there ARE NO JOBS. I live in Florida, and it's hell here. I don't know what to do. I have to move from where I live in 2 months, and I will be homeless. Thanks America. Thanks for everything. I'm just going to have to go back to being a drug dealer. Sorry, but I have to eat and have a home too.

keeat 7 years ago

I used to be able to get jobs easily. I never had a problem getting jobs. If I left a job, I'd be able to find one easily the next day. I don't understand it, lucky for me, my GF has a good job that pays the bills, but if anything ever happened to us, I'd be SOL. It's very depressing, very very very depressing. It's not like I don't want to work, and it's not like I haven't been out there every day, this town is small, only about 150K people in the greater area. I don't have a car so that makes it harder. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one going through this. Sometimes I wished I'd never moved here. I think I'm going to try to get into fastfood or back to waitressing...Maybe if I lie on my app and say that I got food stamps recently they'll hire me since they'll get a tax break...hmm...I'm just desparate right now.

Tanya 7 years ago

There is one very important thing I would like to add to this article, and that is SEND THANK YOU LETTERS! Get business cards from and send a thank you letter to everyone you interviewed with. By email and then followed up with a signed hard copy sent my mail. Most of it can be generic, but make sure you add at least a sentence pertaining to some unique connection you had with each person. And make sure you reiterate that you are interested in the position. I'm telling you, it works wonders.

When I was still in school, after searching for 3 months for an internship, I landed one at the agency of my dreams and the one thing that made me stand out from the hundreds that applied was that I sent thank you letters to all six people I interviewed with.

And now that I've graduated and am looking for full-time employment, thank you letters are a staple in job hunting arsenal! In fact, I was recently called in for a second interview by a potential employer 5 MINUTES after emailing thank you letters.

It can be bit of a chore, but do it! It works. :)

maria 7 years ago

I agree it is extremely difficult to find a job these days. There have been so many jobs that have been lost recently and it just looks as if the situation is getting worse. I'm in college and I work at a supermarket and even the most overqualified people for those jobs have no choice but to work their because they got laid off and can't find any work. Its really tough right now.

Judy 7 years ago

I am going through a divorce and got laid off from a job I took after relocating eight months ago. To stay afloat I have rented my two extra bedrooms in my townhouse. It has worked out fantasticly and it pays almost all the mortgage except about $138 and we share all the utilities three ways. I also sold things I didn't need, and in thinking of others, I donated things to charity to help them (they're suffering as well) out. It has been since November 19, 2008, and so far my bills are paid, I've made good friends and have lost weight because I exercise at least an hour a day (walking is good for the mind!) and eat healthy. I do get "search burnout", but just try to treat my job search like a job and keep networking. The economy is a mess, but I am determined not to be! As a side note, when I get depressed (and I do), I just DO something (anything!) to keep busy instead of jumping under the covers and crying my eyes out.

Anonymous Female 7 years ago

I have been unemployed since November when I was laid off, actively job hunting with no leads. I've applied to probably over 200 places including jobs that are quite beneath my skill set, i.e. McDonalds and Burger King, etc. Nowhere seems to be hiring. I really don't know what to do at this point since my savings are drained. I've begun to turn to shadow economy methods of income such as porn, sex work and drug dealing and I never thought I would find myself in such a position since I am ivy league educated. Its pretty terrible actually and I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. I'm just about to join the services or hang myself.

out of work and to the brink 7 years ago

I read someone say 7% unemployment rate well that maybe high but grand rapids michigan where i live is 12% and that's before Gm closes it's plants down in a couple weeks. It's estimated after that blow we'll reach 17% 0r 18% . I have recently just made plans to move to springfield Mo, and can't find anything there either. I have been doing everything that is listed and very qualified at what i do as an Auto mechanic with 65,000 in tools alone and certifications and great references. I get all sorts of interest but no job at which every job i have ever got has been walk in do on the spot interview and a hand shake and a job offer! I am really getting upset because i'm about to lose everything i own and willing to take an oil change job which i have more certs then the manager of the store has and turned down. It's getting really pathetic that a person who lives with there mom and dad and has no official training can get this job and a person who could basicialy build you a car who is willing to take minimum wage they won't hire. I just don't get it!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Hager 7 years ago


Out of work and to the brink

I just want to respond to you. I work in the auto insurance industry, as of August I ill not have a job. I am lucky to have a job at this point and know my situation could be alot worse. I have 18 years in the insurance industry but due to relocation of my posistion I will not have a job. Sure I could move from the Baltimore area and move to Ohio or Des Moines but there is no guarantee of job security. My husband works in DC and has a secure job he has held for over 30 years. Today's businesses in the US do not want qualified labor. The auto field is suffering as many insurance companies are choosing to total loss cars as opposed to repairing them. This has put a pinch on many body shops and mechanical shops. One dealer in my area sold 1 car in the month of November. Really bad. Try to stay positive (easy for me to say at this time). I know you owe your soul to the snap on man. Try the USA Government jobs there may be a job that parallels your skill set. If you have to pay a person to prepare your resume (format can be different from your normal resume) some websites offer resume builder and you can do it yourself.

Wishing you luck

I am also looking for a job. Have been for a month and no luck for me either but I am trying to stay positive. I make jewelry and am trying to sell that and applying for part time jobs now to supplement my income and get ahead on my house payment and trying to cut things I do not need.

Take care

Tom 7 years ago

Useful advice. But not as relevant in this market. Employers are awash in applications, and get to pick from the very top of the crop, creme da la creme when it comes to filling positions. Mediocre/average/good/very good applicants - good luck. On top of that salary/compensation is not a strong arguing point even if you are a very qualified applicant because of how the economy can be cited as a hindrance, executive salaries argument notwithstanding. You get what you get, if you're lucky to get something. It's very hard to not be cynical right now but there are so many jobless individuals who worked in positions or sectors that were themselves only possible in a boom economy, or an overextended-on-credit economy. The economy will grow eventually, but will never reach pre-recession levels. Simply too many people, and those people all have high school degrees, 1st four-year college degrees, MBA's..America now has alot of overeducated people who don't know how to do anything because no one's giving them any work experience (Re: me).

Dani 7 years ago

I've been out of work since November 2008. Actually, my business went under due to the state of the economy and I lost everything. Can't even get hired at Albertsons or fast food places. I am becoming so depressed and feel like a failure. I've been self employed and pretty successful for over 7 years...now this. The one job I really want/need, the job that will allow me to pay ALL my bills and support my children, told me they had 89 applicants apply for that position. Good Lord! I have 89 people to compete with. The above advice is great but does not really do much today because all applicants are trying to stand out. When I walk through a business and hear the employees complain about their job I just want to yell "give it to me!!!" At Christmas I did manage to land some seasonal work which made it possible to be able to have some sort of Christmas for my kids. (Kudos to the "Big Guy" upstairs) When I asked for a letter of recommendation from the manager, I was informed that this company is not allowed to give out recommendations for seasonal employees. I was so let down- I needed that letter to help my application stand out. (((hugs))) to everyone looking for work - our turn will come.

Kayman 7 years ago

Hello everybody,

I have a question. My resume is decent but I never even get as far as getting called for an interview. A friend of mine said that he believes that my name might have something to do with it. I have a foreign sounding name that's difficult for some to pronouce at first. First I dismissed it because I didn't what to use that as an excuse. Then I recently saw the 20/20 experiment where ethnic sounding names with the same exact resume got only 30 percent as many call backs as those with English names. I'm wondering if anybody else has experience with this and what your opinions are.

sara 7 years ago

Grr in my town there is mostly only retail places to work...thought I was going to uni in February, but you need 8 English credits and 14 maths. I have like 50 English and 13 maths, so they won't let me in because of one maths credit, and the course I wanted to take was communications and I was the top business student, got the highest percentage in a Cambridge University business exam, was the communications director...took required subjects like English and computers for all 5 years of my high school education...passed all level 1,2, and 3. I hate this town, this country...with its legal inconsistencies. One of the cities is like 40 mins away, so I guess I should just get a job there, even though I have no car, no licence. (In NZ you do a test to get your learners, drive around with your parents for 6 months, get your restricted by doing a practical test with a AA person, have to be home by 10pm, not allowed passengers, for 18 months. Then, you can sit your full. During high school I was so boggled down with work I just didn’t have time. Now I'm stuck in a boring town with nothing going for it. So since feb, when I found out I wasn't going to uni, I applied for a job at the local Chronicle, sent them my CV and cover letter. Then a few days ago I applied for a job at the district counsel. Sent them my CV and cover letter, the employee said it was one of the best letters he had ever read (my god...I hate to think what everyone else writes) but said there was no jobs going (go figure) He did however say that he would circulate my CV around the office, so any exposure is good exposure.It's going to be difficult to find work during this recession. Generation Y just comes out of high school and comes into a global recession, no one's employing. :\ And those who went straight to uni are getting student loans, putting the economy in even more strain, and they're not even sure they will be able to pay it off. You find that no ones really advertising, and in most cases people employ those they know, or word of mouth. So hopefully the fact that he's going to circulate my cv around will prove to be good exposure.It's so annoying because when I was still in school, mum was telling me all the time about jobs being advertised. A case manager, a dental assistant. Haven't heard of anything since I've graduated. Well, keep sending your cvs and letters, persevere. Persistence paralyses resistance.

Joe 7 years ago

Wow, I'm not alone! Ive been looking for work for almost two years! I've had a few gigs. But the real problem is getting people to respond. I've only had about 7 or 8 interviews. I don't have much to add. Just don't give up!!!

my pride 7 years ago

I have done everything that i can to get a job, i have applied at 60 places and only 2 interviews, i wish someone would just give me the opportunity, it really hurts your pride, what can you do, but keep on looking.

retired young 7 years ago

The economic banking system is evaporating unemployment will sky rocket. The crooks don't care!

Fred Says 7 years ago

I've been 4-1/2 month searching. I have done everything recommended in the article and more. I have have read 50 or more "how to find a job" articles and they all say the same thing. I presume everyone already knows all these points so doing them no-longer provides you and advantage.

I have more then 30 years expeirence working and the job searching paundits now tell me that is too much and I should try and hide about 15 years of it when doing a resume. I should not put dates on my degrees etc.. If I do get an interveiw I will have to die the grey from my hair.

I have responded to more then 200 inquires, nad heard back from about 6 with 2 interveiws 3 months apart. I have dug up over a 100 people networking who are "circulating my resume" and it all seems to be a waste like getting water from stone.

I used to hear from atleast 2 recruiters each month when I was working, though I had never listed with any. Now I am listed with about 25 in about 10 different states and never hear from a one.

It is nice to have company and I guess I just keep trying and if I ever do get a job and need to hire some I promise to go back to this site and try and contact one of you.

Jay says 7 years ago

Kathern, If you read these comments I think you will conclude that many people have tried all of your 5 suggestions and have yet to have any luck. It seems like many are ready to move on the the "new approach" you refer at the end of your suggestion number 5.

Could you provide a sampling of some new approaches beside the 5 suggestions in your artilcle.

Kathryn Vercillo profile image

Kathryn Vercillo 7 years ago from San Francisco Author

Hi everyone - thanks for all of the comments! I've noticed a lot of people saying that they've done these things and still can't get a job. It's definitely tough times out there. When this article was written (over one year ago) things were quite as difficult and these tips worked for a lot of people. I'll have to work on a new article for the current situation that we are facing! Best of luck to everyone - and keep hanging in there! It's bound to get better eventually.

Endless Searcher 7 years ago

I've been out of a job since the end of August when I left my temp job. I was promised a real job but they never came through, and I moved and gave up that job. Now I can't get anything. I have had 4 interviews over that time. I am way overqualified but try to get office work. I have 2 degrees. My husband demands I get a job but says do not hide your skills. I am depressed all the time and feel sick. I do not need lecturing how to get a job. I used to get jobs pretty quickly but now I am older, trying to get back in the work force, and pretty much a zombii from all the stress. Recruiters and 'experts' are 90% full of themselves and 'piggyback' on the same old advice.

Endless searcher II 7 years ago

Endless Searcher

I loved your posting esp. the last sentence.

I liken the present recruiter advise to one who would advice "how to run a fast marathon" by saying don't wear heavy steel toed boots.

I suggest that no-one should be allowed to post "how to find a job" blog until they accomplish the following.

Pose themselves as a BS/MS degreed professional that is between 50 and 64 years old. A professional who has had a distinguished career in fields such as Engineering, Production Management, etc. ,but, has been laid off in the last year. Then go land a job.

No cheating is allowed such as asking a connected person that is not accessible to most other people.

When you land such a job then you receive a license to advise.

m_michaelm profile image

m_michaelm 7 years ago from Merritt Island, Florida

New member here!  I can say I’ve done everything above like so many other I see on this post.  I’ve even gone as far as posting video resumes of myself to places like Lockheed Martin, and other government employers around the country. If you are web savvy, go to my site michael marks dot net (all one word) and place /lockheedmartin.html at the end.  I have posted countless videos of myself trying to get noticed…heck with paper; I’m thinking way outside the box.  Soon, I’ll be on the street corner like so many others. MBA/BA/50yearsBS.. it’s tough for everyone and it’s looks like it’s going to get even worse!

I hope everyone here will find something, thanks for all your posts!  At least I’m not the only one beating down the bushes trying their best to find employment!

Fred 7 years ago

m_michaelm, my heart goes out to you. The video resume is something I had not thought of yet I will add that to my list of a 100 or more ways to get heard.

I am beginning to think that getting heard is really not the issue. I think people including our leaders do not want to hear us. Like the Hoovervilles of the 1930s it is hard not to know we are there and begging for work but pretty easy to ignore us and consider us an annoyance.

We are being a bit rough on those giving out advice as they are very likely just trying to be helpful. However, it does get sort of insulting as many of those professionals subtlely suggest you are not trying hard enough and just sit around waiting for some-one to knock on your door. They suggest your difficulty is that you simply did not run spell check before sending out your resume. I do not understand why they would reach such off base conclusions and continue to dwell on them.

Sara 7 years ago

I've actually received a bit of hope from this. I'm not hopeful about the economy, but I'm feeling a bit better knowing I'm not the only one (misery loves company, I guess).

I was feeling like a total loser and wondering why no one will hire me after 100 PLUS resumes. It's humiliating. I have a master's degree and much experience. Now I know I'm not alone. Sure, I had heard all of the statistics, but this is the first time I've seen the "human" side of unemployment.

Thank you for your stories. No, I will not sell drugs or go on welfare. I will keep trying. I will also try to think of totally NEW ways to market myself or maybe even a different angle for my work. The Great Depression was much worse than this, and my grandparents lived through it. If they can live off pennies, then I can find a damn job in 2009. Best wishes to you all.

Moving Forward 7 years ago

It never ceases to amaze me at the profound guidance offered by the arrogantly "employed". Yes the article has it's merits. However, assuming that the masses are ignorant of the obvious is insulting. Many of us (unemployed) are light years ahead of these simplistic generalities and find ourselves competing for positions that are being filled by the displaced individuals who aspired from them. Business is business, the best qualified for the lowest price, period. Faith and hope will carry you forward, though you may go hungry and homeless in the meantime. Rather than post my personal experience as I too, like most who have written, await an opportunity.....any opportunity to work, I'll simply state that the only person that can assist you is you. Keep trying...don't give up...and definitely ignore advice from those who have never walked a mile in your shoes.

whatever 7 years ago

This is so much bull...America sucks, screw you Uncle Sam.

anna 7 years ago

it's comforting to know that others are in the same boat. i'm pretty upbeat and positive about the future though. yes, things are tough right now but it's not going to be like this forever. for anyone that is interested, this article expands on networking a little bit more: http://www.top-colleges.com/blog/2009/01/18/learni... as a recent college grad, i can say that networking is my priority right now - i obviously haven't built up a network yet since i've never had a "real" job in my industry. doing all i can to build my brand online!

christysol 7 years ago

Hello guys!!

Well, it is just like the others have said in this web... i guess it is a little comporting to know that it is not only me i feel upset regarding about the job hunting..

I have been unemploy for over 5 months almost 6 months already.. i've been in so many interviews that is not even funny anymore... i have driven miles and miles away from home trying to look for jobs and for interviews... i feel really upset and frustrated about this situation... another issues that the job market is having is the pay rate......... Oh my God guys sometimes is ridiculous the pay that offer.... I have an associate degree in medical administration but i haven't be able to practice my fiel since i had a job in a bank and i was making good money.... Now that i'm trying to get into my field all i get is not enough experience and banks are doing really bad now..

I don't know for another issue is the unemployment benefits i don't know for how long i will be getting it... i'm so scared to get to the point to i would not have any income at all...

It is really frustrating situation!!

Recent College Graduate 7 years ago

This economy is horrible. I graduated with my mechanical engineering degree from a top public university and I can't find any place that's hiring. I busted my a$$ off for 5 years for this degree. This was without a doubt the hardest thing I ever worked for. Now it seems I can't do $h!t with it. I see all my high school friends that DIDN'T go to college making good money and supporting their own family. I can barely support myself!

I've been thinking whether college was even worth all of this effort. There's plenty of jobs that seem to really take care of their employees without a college education. I've conidered looking there. I pretty much wasted 5 years of my life busting my rear end for nothing.

jay 7 years ago

Recent Grad,

I feel your frustration. It is hard to imagine a country that at one time had pride in their innovation and science now cannot offer a job to a mechanical engineer.

Job hunter 7 years ago

Yup I can identify with people here. I have both a bachelor's and master's in materials engineering and now have 3 years of experience since finishing my schooling. I have been laid off in February and at the time I definitely thought that 2 months max and I would get a job. It's now a little over 4 months and nothing yet. A couple of interviews but no offers. I have done everything possible including being open to relocation but this economy sux big time.I am not hopeless though as deep down inside I know God has it all planned for me and will give me the right job at the right time.

People that are not in our shoes can't understand the challenge. I hate it when people call me a slacker or pose ignorant questions like " you still haven't found anything?"

oh does it suck 7 years ago

Same situation and I do not feel as optimistic as some. I should have never went to college and used the 4 years looking for a job and probably would have had one now. Of course today's generation of college grads are no longer looking for careers but any employment ANY. Frustrated I am. Depressed, sure. Alone? yes. I feel for all of you. good luck to everyone.

Tyler Durden 7 years ago

Man we are in deep shit! Been unemployed since July 2008, just had a few temp jobs in between then and now. I don't have much hope for any sort of recovery, a 70% consumer economy is not sustainable. Even if someone creates or saves 600,000 jobs, we have been losing an average of 1-3 million jobs a month steadily since January of 2008.This is according to the REAL numbers, and not the bullcrap they feed you on the corporate interest news propagandist, and theres really no signs of this being stemmed. This year people say your lucky to have a job, next year you'll be lucky to have a meal once a day and a comfy mattress under a bridge. Although, I'm sure we'll have to get a 6 month permit for the mattress at the tune of something like $10000. Godspeed to everyone and their families, the American spirit will never fade.

7 years ago

Umm yep pretty much same here I recently graduated with an AAS in Industrial engineering , made the dean's list and have a manufacturing backround. The only reply to the 60 plus resumes I have sent out have single line "nothing now" type messages! I made 55k a year at a mill job with no education till I got laid off now I cant even find general labor job. my wife went to get a certification that took two weeks and landed a 30k job the next week that was last year now we 1 income and college debt isn't school great.

Brendito 7 years ago

Wow, I'm not the only one that has tried everything and done whatever the job sites and books tell you to do. I worked for many years in boring jobs getting nowhere then I went back to school to get a degree in graphic design. I graduated with 4.0 GPA and worked very hard. It's gotten me nowhere. I've worked a couple of print shop jobs, both of which laid me off.

People that never have been laid off just don't understand how hard it is. I've been laid off from 4 different jobs since 2002 after almost 20 years of solid jobs. My husband had suffered job 4 job lay offs in his lifetime as well. This seems to be a throw away society and employers kick you to the curb fast as they can.

Trying to the networking thing on Twitter and LinkedIn since others have found jobs there. So far nothing happened for me. I guess what they say about building your network before you need it is true.

Still Out of Work 7 years ago

Just the same old, tired advice. Everybody does this stuff. The problem is the lousy economy. There are dozens of applicants for every job. I've been out of work for nine months with no end in sight, and have done everything possible to get a job.

Unemployed 7 years ago

This recession is also effecting white collared workers so having a degree or two doesn't seem to make a difference sadly

7 years ago

Been out of work 7 months now. This follows 32 straight years of working.. Excellent Education, Excellent reputation with those who I have worked, great company loyalty. I network closely with at least 6 people every week and send about the 10-12 resumes.

Problem is the jobs do not exist and the very few that do exist seem to get filled buy people who were spending their work hours networking (instead of working) to be in the ideal situation to jump ship,

Do others like me see the irony in a work place society that seems to give hiring preference to those who show the greatest disloyalty to the companies they work for? Like the Parkinson’s Law of business where we promote people to their level of incompetence then leave them there. We now seem to have a law where we prefer to hire people with a reputation for leaving once they reach their level of competency.


Shannon 7 years ago

Can I add one? GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR PAJAMAS. Sweatpants & fleece pants are NOT what to look for a job in. Even jeans is better then that. Also, look like you actually care about your appearance.

recent grad 7 years ago

i'm on the same boat as everybody else on here. i remember going through college with high hopes of finding employment and making a good living when i graduated. i graduated in december and still haven't found a steady job. i work at a community college part-time doing IT work. it pays my bills but leaves me with no money for food, gas, entertainment, or anything else. i feel for all of you. just keep trying and know that the negative experiences you are going through now will help you someday. good luck to everyone.

Sir Thizznick 7 years ago

Yep. I graduated two years ago from a top twenty university with highest honors and have had only a couple very low wage jobs. Now I'm unemployed and broke as a joke. (Sorry I like saying that). I advise anyone that can't find a job straight out of college to do Americorps. You can defer your student loans, work for a cause, improve your resume, network and wait out the recession for a year. Other than that, get your ass into grad/business/law/med school. But remember, you'll get over this. You'll find something. Keep a sense of humor and try to get out of your house and enjoy yourself. Where I live in California the unemployment rate, if you count illegal labor, is probably about %20. Those are Grapes of Wrath numbers. One day I can tell my grandchildren how I survived the Great Recession of 2009. Stay positive.

Fred 7 years ago

Lets keep supporting each other it certainly helps to know you are not alone and people are rooting for you.

Philly Innovator 7 years ago

Also, don't forget if you are frustrated with your job search to network with others like yourself at joblessyou.

baker 7 years ago

I live in buffalo, ny. I make $12.45 per hour and my family's health insurance is fully paid for by my company. My wife makes $13.00 per hour. My question is " are we lucky?" It dont seem that way because my wife use to make $15 per hour before her pay cut. Are we fortunate??

Tracy2 7 years ago

Wow... it feels so good to see that I'm not in this alone. I recently did something, perhaps stupid... but oh the things we do for love. In June, I quit my job and moved out of state to be with my boyfriend. I have two B.S. degrees and 10 years of solid work history. I have multiple letters of recommendation. I have applied for over 100 jobs and so far.. 1 interview.

That interview was a job. The guy took one look at me, the proceeded to give me the most unprofessional interview of my life. He talked so fast you could barely follow him then he didn't once comment on anything I said. It was a joke. I literally walked out of it laughing.

Anyway.. it's good to see others in the same situation as me. This is tough, and money is tight. It's hard to stay positive but I'm struggling. And today, you guys helped me do that.

a to z 7 years ago

Great Tips! However, with the job market is flooded with unemployed people and not enough jobs to go around, especially for anyone over 50.

rawan 7 years ago

Hello everyone!

Well it seems I'm not alone in this...I recently got my MS and been looking for a job since November 2008! I have applied to over 40 places using all the possible techniques and I have used up all my connections. Like many here out of the 40 I was called back by only 7 companies!!! I go to interviews and they tell me my CV is impressive! and that I am highly qualified but then they never call back!!! and I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong! I follow through but nothing then then send me apology emails without any specific reason!... I'm tired of this just want a job that meets my qualifications and I'm sure I'll be good at it all I need is a chance!

Unemployed 7 years ago

Rawan,well that's at least better than me. I've been unemployed over 6 months now and in total probably applied top over 250 jobs and only had 3 interviews. I did get an offer from one of those companies but apparently it was a seasonal job from April-October and then I would be without work from October-March and so there was no way I was going to accept it. It was also too far. So yeah, you're not doing that bad.

HOPLESS 7 years ago

HI Everyone,

I've been unemployed over 8 months now and i have received 5 interviews in over 200 companies I have applied. I even moved to a bigger city thinking it will give me better opportunity. Its hard to look for job and come home everyday to be asked "how did it go" If only they will give me one chance.

I have my BA in accounting.

All the best to everyone and I hope each one of you get your dream job.


Alyona 7 years ago

Same ol' song here. I almost thought about joining the military but I am sure I am too skinny for them to even take, lol. I was a professional photographer that made pretty good money just 2 years ago. My husband lost his job and we had to basically sell all of my equipment to help make ends meet. I have been searching for regular employment for the past year and no luck. Not even any call backs, and I will take anything! I can't even get a job at the fast food joints (they seem to have been taken over by older foreign ladies) I feel horrible not being able to assist my husband in this troubling time. His salary was 75k per year, and now we live off beans. Thoughts of cashing out the 401k have crossed our minds but that has even taken a hint in this economy, so if we DO take it out..the taxes on that money will eat it completely up. We've already downgraded..we moved into a small apartment and rent out our home. Boy, these are really trying times. We are late 30s, both college educated (though mine is through the arts) Many places won't even call me in for an interview because the only experience i have is entreprenuerial and art! I'm very personable so I know if I can just GET an interview, I can bag the job. This has just been a very very horrible time and I honestly don't see it getting any better. As for going back to school, with what money???? Basically putting ourselves in student loan debt?

sad 7 years ago

i am facing the same situation in Asia too, but i am a fresh graduate. I've tried all the above methods from tailoring my cv to sending thank you letters. Applied to over 50 companies directly via company website and recruitment portals, attended 7 interviews, 3 towards the 2nd round and i am still jobless after 4months.. really disappointing. Just can't get a callback from the company that matches my qualifications and experience.

I hope everybody who commented above will get a job eventually. Best of LUCK

Groundhog Day 7 years ago

To the fresh mechanical engineering graduate.....

I graduated in the early 80's with one and couldn't

get a job at McDonald's in that recession. I moved

to California and didn't find one there either....ever.

Went back to school. Twice. Two different short careers.

The first went to technological improvement. The second went to outsourcing. So I am going blue collar. Graduated from a tech school after being unemployed for 8 months, but now the economy is so bad, I can't get a job in that either.

So how does this resemble my subject line? It refers to the movie where the main character wakes up day after day to the same thing. Life repeats itself. Eventually the character went whole hog about changing/improving himself and finally broke out of the loop. Am I offering a simple prescription here? No. Just maybe something to think about.

Sir Thizznick 7 years ago

Rent parties. I throw them all the time and have paid many a months rent with them. Invite a ton of people over, buy some cheap booze and ask for $10 donations for rent. It never fails to work. It's also a great way of telling your social circle "Hey look at me, I'm unemployed and desperate! Get me a job!"

Medical studies. You can make some good emergency cash this way. I made $500 off my last study. Of course I'm probably infertile now, but c'est la vie.

Tutoring. If you have a college degree you can probably tutor something. Post an ad on Craigslist, charge $20 and brush up on the subject. It's worth it.

Volunteer. People are more willing to help you when you devote some free labor. I've gotten work this way.

Learn a language. You got all that free time, right? You'll enhance your hiring potential and show potential employers you haven't wasted your time unemployed in complete misery and despair.

I firmly believe people can be happy and find meaning in life even in the most dire of circumstances. Being broke,suffocating under a mountain of debt, suffering health problems and close to homeless, I'm still in a relatively good mood. It's because I've decided to use this time to improve myself, gain some wisdom and enhance my relationships with people. This has kept me from feeling the full gravity of my financial situation

sweet guy 7 years ago

This economy is horrible. I graduated with an engineering degree from a top public university and THERE'S NOTHING. It's stupid when you try to apply to entry-level positions and they require so many years experience! You can't get a job without any experience, but how can you get experience if you can't get a job?

I myself am looking into other areas not even closely related to my major.

underemployed 7 years ago

This is encouraging and depressing at the same time. I'm encouraged because I'm not alone in my misery. I'm depressed because I have my bachelors and have had plenty of professional experience but can't find a job. I was laid off in September of last year and was unemployed for two months when I was hired as part-time seasonal help at Target. They asked me to stay on which is great but does not pay the bills. I'm still working there for barely over minimum wage and don't qualify for any benefits. I've applied to countless jobs, redone my resume several times and have the rest of the suggestions from this article "down pat". I've only had one interview and it was promising but they elected to not fill the position. I had to give up my apartment in April and now live in my parent's motor home in a hick town where there are less jobs, but thankfully is less than an hour away from a metro area, to help keep my head above water but now I'm drowning again. I've had to depend on credit way too much and those bastards have shot my interest rate sky high so that I can barely pay the minimum. I've started going back to school for another degree but I have a huge, and probably not irrational, fear that I'm making a mistake. This is ridiculous.

Pathetic 7 years ago

I've been unemployed since May 2008. I quit a job I hated. Yeah, terrible timing- had I known how bad it would get I probably wouldn't have done it.

It's been a nightmare. I've averaged about 1 interview a month since then. I simply can't get an offer. I no longer have a clue how to get someone to hire me. I have an Ivy League education and some great credentials, but it doesn't make a difference.

This country is too competitive - we have 10% unemployment, and had a decade of essentially no private sector job growth (Google it), and yet 1.5 million people continue to enter the country every year, most of whom are working age.

Capitalism 7 years ago

Ok,I've read the article and I can say.It's good.Although many things missing.

Also,I've read most of the replies.I am amazed(most with E.

I knew it was kind of shit in America,but,I didn't know it was so shit.

Capitalism 7 years ago

Shit are here too in Greece.For example:When there is an announcement,offering jobs for public services(public insurance,Phone Company,Police Officers etc.),there is,lets say 1500 positions,applicants are 10000 or more.I know because I was one of the applicants.

Anyway,that was just a small example of how things are.

In a few words,we have capitalism.Many work like dogs and few collect much money.

So that leads me to the most revealed point,that USA is the capitalism's capital.

I mean,you wanted that,you were proud of that.Didn't you know that it is going to be a boomerang?You think that this aggressive politic to other countries as well ,that usa has, is for your own good? USA is paradise for capitalists.

And now new world order.Don't try to think a lot..it is simple.Money to the few and the rest of the people hang yourself.

USA fucked all the world.But now the big ball of making profit turns back and hits usa.

I'm looking for a job too.And I really,really,really hope that you are going to make it.Just risk!Honestly risk!

There are also good jobs in Europe that need people with good use of english.

As I said,I was amazed with replies.But the thing that made me very sad and angry is that reply of "Erik 19 yrs old".

Really?Your mom and...boyfriend are going to kick you out??

That is sick.That is no family.

Erik,no man.Don't deal with crime.Hold on and you gonna make it.Mark my words buddy.And I believe you are a good kid.Just hold on.There is some unseen justice,that comes around when you don't realize it.I've seen it,I've realized it afterwards.And I know that most families there treat to their kid that way,when they reach 18.So,I am talking to these kids too.Hold on damn it.

I wish you all the best and good luck.And risk!As you say there:Think outside the box.Right?So,do that!Risk,you have only one chance,it is called life.So,risk.Don't be afraid!

When I sometimes feel depressed,I put a "heavy" song(zeimpekiko) and I dance.This is to pray to God and to forget myself.So,do that...put a song with a meaning and dance until tired.

Goodluck all people.We are all signed up in the Unemployment Club.I'll buy you drinks..waiting for you there...hahaahhaa

laloesch 7 years ago

Folks, I absolutely feel your pain. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University in 2004. I took my first job in DC and worked there until the summer of 2007. I then decided I wanted to move to a location where I could do more planning work and eventually afford a house (DC is unbelievably expensive). Anyhow, I worked for an Engineering firm in Nashville for 10 months. The economy started to really sour towards then end of 2007 going into the new year. In February 2008 I got laid off, along with 30 other people who represented about a 1/3 of the companies staff (They've had 3 more rounds of layoffs since). This all was a result of the recession and collapse of the new housing market throughout the midwest. I then decided to move back to Washington DC to try and ride this bad wave out, figuring this area would be stable enough to find work and wait for everywhere else to recover. Boy was I wrong. I managed to find a new job rather quickly (July 2008) and started working for another Engineering firm in Annadale, VA. I really liked the job and was performing well. My boss was awesome, my fellow employees were cool and everyone seemed to like me. But once again the economy took a dump on me. New job contracts plumetted in late August / early September and my companies execs ordered every dept. to lay off people. Based on seniority, I was the first one to receive a pink slip in November of 2008. There have been two more rounds of layoffs, that I know of.


Since then I have sent out hundreds and hundreds of cover letters, resumes, and portfolios to design firms all over; regardless of whether or not they were hiring, with hopes of building a network and attracting some attention. I have sent packages to the: District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and New York State. I have had owww...6 in- person interviews and 3 telephone interviews over the past 9 months. A lot of the people who respond to my inquiries say I have fine work, great qualifications and a good looking resume, but are simply not hiring. I have been considered for several positions and made it through to the final cuts, but competition is so fierce right now. Several positons I put in for literally had 100's of applicants for a relatively rare career field. It seems getting a job in today's market is like winning the lottery. I have tried temp agencies, but they want applicants with administrative experience (my bachleors degree is considered techical). I tried to get a job at Home Depot in August 09, I've applied to federal gov. jobs too, but the government rarely hires outsiders unless you know people.


I am very close to giving up. I am simply dissillusioned. I have terrible unemployment benefits and can't afford to do anything. I'm just rotting away.

Anonymous 7 years ago

What the hell is going on? Is it still the same situation?

JJ 7 years ago

Read the comments- sad time in America.

Try being over 50 and a Technology Attorney; I am often told during screening interviews, "We think you are too senior", which is the new and legal way to tell me I am too old to be hired.

pete 7 years ago

Don't worry everyone, i'm 23 and have struggled for 4 years only having 2 jobs in that time that were both Temp. I have not had an interview for 16 months and I am skilled in many computer design programmes plus a professional diploma in Advertising & Marketing.

It's weird because I get on a bmx and 2 years later i'm show jumping dirt trails.

I pick up a guitar then start a band.

See a piece of paper i'll draw a picture.

Pick up a pool cue then become No1 in the area.

But when it comes to relying on someone to pick my CV out of a pile of 100's and get an interview, they never do !!!! - I'm fine when its me doing it because I know my potenial is limitless but for someone to overlook everything i've achieved in life so far (only 23) and to send me a message saying, ''We do not consider you to have enough experience, sorry'', they should take a look around and notice that maybe just maybe I have a little talent here where I teach myself everything wayyyy faster then 99% of most.

So, I give up, re-written my already perfectly written CV so many time's I just can't be bothered anymore, I am broke, in debt, no car as of today, no motivation to even do the things I love. fuk england.

jobless not hopeless 7 years ago

pete, you're still young dude. Yes I know you already have a diploma but have you considered going back to school for a degree? Maybe in a high demand field? I mean I am basing my opinion on the fact that you couldn't get a job even when this global recession didn't hit the world yet. You should def consider it and maybe your parents can help you with tuition.

overqualified 7 years ago

I'm finding that my years of corporate experience means nothing except a warning sign. Employers think that I am just looking for a job until something better comes along because I went from being paid very very well to applying for $10, $11 per hour jobs. I interviewed at a temp agency for a general administrative job and the recruiter told me that the day she posted the job she received 700 resumes(for a $10/hour job). For those that have never been in this situation, I know it's hard to believe it is this difficult finding a job but that is the case. For instance out of those 700 resumes received (and that was just for one day...she only sent 5 people to interview). Maybe that helps to paint a much clearer picture. As someone previously mentioned, it is not rocket since we are at a time when there are just not enough jobs for everyone that needs one.

Employers can be very selective and therefore begin looking for any reason to weed potential candidates out. My corporate profession was as a recruiter so I know what goes on behind the scenes. While the advice in this article is probably helpful for individuals just graduating and maybe without much work experience, the rest of us out here understand that there is much more going on and you can't make yourself memorable or easy to hire when your resume in many cases never even gets looked at because of the volume of resumes received.

Looking in Florida  7 years ago

Fascinating read, sobering economy. In same boat, have a job working from home, not enough to make ends meet by any means. Had a job in June last year, company shut down - 14 yr in sales (careerwise). Went from almost 80k to (dont laugh)- $400 a week; from 700 to below 300 all in charge offs,- spent 401k.gone. Unbelievable turn of events, looking back no way to prevent, except spend less, and save more, the old adage still applies, pennies look like gold to me now. Fascinating read: Only in terms of common threads filled in with variations of despair and turmoil, frustration etc. There is light somewhere, keeping digging brave cave dweller (at least, this is the Mantra I repeat to myself at night...).. There is a God and there is a plan, somewhere - I, for one would like to see the light show itself and illuminate this cold darkness. - Laugh, love, live free and sing, and when life is in discord- Praise ye the Lord! - Not flippant in closing, there is truth out there.

Valerie 7 years ago

I really enjoyed reading everyone's story.

Yes, it is very tough. I have two part time jobs, luckily I have full health benefits through one of them, but I barely make $1100 a month. I am 31, and living at home with my parents. I am so angry and frustrated. I have a BA in Communications

I use to have dreams and goals. But now, the only dream I have is being able to get my own little apartment.

I have student loans of $400 a month which will be in eternal forbearance.

I am working on a resume-writing website, but it seems that it's not the resume, it's the economy.

Car payments, credit cards, school loans, food, etc...

No jobs.

Jackie 7 years ago

WOW glad to know I'm not the only one. I too have been unemployed now since December 2008 great timing huh? I have applied to over 200 jobs. Most of these say 2-4 years experience I have 6, and all the other requirements and then some. HR reps are telling the same things they are getting 1000+ resumes within a WEEK!?!?!? HOW in the world are any of to get a job. So to say it's frustrating is an understatement. Especially corporate America where you have to have 2 phone screens, and then like 5 interviews, and then find out a month later you didn't get the job! I hear what all of you are saying it's the same way here in MN!

Michelle 6 years ago

This job market is so horrible. I have been out of work since June 2008 after only 1 temporary job that lasted only 2 months. I hadn't worked before that for 3 years!! If I didn't get back child support now I'd starve. Some society we live in when there isn't enough jobs to support the people!!!

judy 6 years ago

I am 44 and am glad to say I started a new career and am having a wonderful time in hotel sales. I never thought a sales job could be so much fun. The people are energetic, fun, we work in a great enivonment. I thought hotel sales would be tough to get into, I got started with aprinda.com and now earn great money and enjoy going to work each day.

I hope I can help more people get into a hotel sales career bbecause it sure changed my world for the better. Try aprinda.com ecornell.com or ahla.com to get started.....aprinda.com was the fastest and most affordable.

Also, after you get your certificate, make your resume sales oriented to get your foot in the door.

Richard 6 years ago

I feel like crap. I can't find a job whatever I try. I dress smart and speak well and definitely have the skills needed by companies in my country (South Africa). My last interview was yesterday and the initial feedback I received was positive. But a few minutes ago I got the final news that the other candidate got the job. That's the second interview I've been able to get that I haven't gotten. I've been unemployed since June 09. I have a B Degree in Finance from an international University and just over 5 years experience in my field. I'm fortunate that I have a lot saved and my parents are well off, but the legacy I was trying to create seems like a dream I will never accomplish.

I feel alone and like a failure, and it's a feeling that's growing!

Joe 6 years ago

I've walked into alot of places to apply, done many online profiles and applications, and had just one interview. I feel like a failure. I don't currently have any debt or many bills but that's about the only thing I have going for me. That's because I sacrifice not to have those things. I don't know what I'll do. I'm sad and starting to not care.

jobless not hopeless 6 years ago

Anyone have any new developments in their job search? I know I don't. I am still looking for work and yesterday sent out 15 resumes, that's the most I sent out in one day. I better hear something from at least one of them soon.

JoePilot 6 years ago

Its interesting to see so many people in the same boat as me, I feel like if any more people come on board well be over weight limit and sink, or mabye we should all start rocking it and roll it over, hopefully some of us will wash up on a deserted beach somewhere that way...

Im only 25 and I feel like I did everything I was supposed to in life only to get screwed in the long run. Study hard, did that, go to school, did that, get a GOOD career that you really like, did that, meet a girl, did that, get married and have kids, did that.

Lost my job, no big deal, got another one.

New company gos out of business before my hiring class finishes simulator training.

Out of work again, no problem, Ill just file for unemployment, "were sorry sir but since you weren't with the company for more than six months so you dont qualify for unemployment."

RIGHTeeo, Ill find another job, no big deal, Im a highly skilled qualified individual, Ive faced life or death emergencies and come out on top several times, Ive even saved other peoples lives and have several letters of strong commendation to prove it, I SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM, RIGHT?


Ive been trying to get another job for almost a year. Cant even get menial labor jobs like pool cleaner, or lawn maintenance. I send my resume out nightly to every job on Craigslist and dont even get called back for dishwasher or barback positions.

Lost my house, had to move my family in with my Mom (luckily for us or we'd be out in the street).

Now Im out of work with mounting student loan debt thats going into default, get daily threatening phone calls from attorneys that work for Wachovia and Sallie Mae(both companies that received bailout money) demanding money from me that I dont have. I try to explain "I dont have any money", "how do afford to pay for this phone then?" they reply, "this isn't my phone, its my moms, by the way, how did you get this number?", "not important how we got this number, why arent you paying your loans, how are you feeding your family?"

"wife got us foodstamps"

"why didn't you defer your payments?"

"I did, max allowable is six months deferement"

"why are you a deadbeat, you knew what you were getting into when you got these loans"

I bought into the American scheme (not dream, not by a long shot) hook line and sinker, I came from a poor family, every one said, "study hard, go to school" I got student loans and grants to do it, everyone said "good job! congratulation, you made something of your self!"

What, I ask?

I tried to join the military just recently, scored a 94 out of 99 possible points on the ASVAB test. They said "great job! you can have any job you want" I said, make me a helicopter pilot, Im already an airplane pilot.

I jump through all the hoops, then it comes down to the security clearance interveiw, "why haven't you paid your student loans?" "Ive been unemployed" "OH, OK".

I get the results back a week later "Interim Secret Security Clearance denied on the basis of bad credit and inability to handle finances" or something like that.

"Ok, what job can I get without a security clearance?"

"......."(long pause for effect)

"11Bravo...... infantryman"

I guess thats my destiny. Always thought I was an aviator....

S. H.  6 years ago

I have a college degree and still cant find a job. I probably applied to atleast 500 jobs in the past 3 months, maybe more than that. Im so tired of looking.

HalfthemanIused2b 6 years ago

wow!, I have to say part of me feels a little better realizing I am not the only one going through this dreaded situation. Believe though me I hope and pray we will all find jobs soon. If you posted here, thank you I do not feel so ALONE anymore, and if you took the time to post here it means you care and to me anyone who cares so much to succeed, deserves to get a job and should be able to live normal lives. I have a BA in sociology with no experience in that field, only construction experience. Construction was doing good now it has dried up like the sahara desert, I was making 25 an hour now I can't believe I am even contemplating a minimum wage job. My unemployment ran dry, I got rent due, truck payment, celly bill, damm I am wondering what the hell happened to America. I have gotten so depressed I am like in a little shell now and can barely hold a conversation because I am worrying so much about my future and everything is so unstable. I don't know how much longer I can take this shit.

joepilot 6 years ago

So it goes...

Hopeless in the West. 6 years ago

Well, I found this blog and decide to join the party. I’m, feeling especially depressed today after getting another rejection letter. Why do they always come on Friday?

The only job openings in my area are on the Navel Bases and State jobs and you have to know someone or be someone’s son, daughter or friend to get hired. Other than that there are no job openings in this area.

I lost my $22 an hour job in July 2008, and I have been unemployed ever since, except for one low paying temporary job at $13hr, that last 3 months and a part time, $8hr cashier/cleaning job. This is my second year of unemployment, and I have a college degree but I absolutely cannot find a job period, not even one that pays $13.

At this point, I am on food stamps, receiving unemployment and working as a cashier part-time. I have filed for bankruptcy, and I was so broke that I did my own bankruptcy. It was successful, and I was discharged last February. The only good thing about being unemployed and broke is I’m now debt free because of my bankruptcy.

I kissed $30,000 in debt good-bye. I feel hopeless; at this point being a prostitute would be better that being in the situation I am in today. Too bad it’s illegal.

Mr. Kevin 6 years ago

Same story. I got laid off in February and can't find work. I hold two degrees and can't find a job. I spent 29 years in my field, rising to the near-top. In my last job I had 35 people working for me. Now I can't get hired anywhere. I'm constantly being rejected for being too experienced and too old. They can't say that, but it has to be what it is.

I recently started a one year program to get a third degree in a completely different area. College is way more expensive than the last time I went, so there goes my savings.

I don't have high expectations based on my previous experience. I have applied for $9.00 an hour jobs, but never get a call back. I guess they feel someone who once made $90,000 per year is kidding about working for $9.00.

I'm fortunate to have a wife who works and was fairly wise with my money over the years. I am lucky compared to many on this board. I posted just to let people know that in our great country there is no way someone with 2 degrees and 30 years experience should be unable to find a job.

Lastly, our 3M distribution center was hiring for 7 positions last week. More than 300 people were in line when they came out to begin. They kept the first 100 and sent everyone else home. Over 300 people for 7 positions. Folks we are in trouble and it makes me sad. I'm so tired of not working.

Jon 6 years ago

Thank you for the obvious. I do realize that some people don't know these things, but that speaks more to their ignorance than it does to the value of this post.

fl1pp3r 6 years ago

Relieved to see its not only me, quite shocked to read some of the comments. been out of work (IT) since last july, 200 job apps only a single interview (waste of my time, filled internally), etc etc same deal. The only way to keep from going under is to set short term/medium term goals 24/7 to improve your employability in case you surmount the depression and keep punching. Brooding on the frankly mismanaged and decimated economy is a recipe for mental breakdown and will just pull you under. Don't give them the satisfaction. Don't ever quit.

Eric 6 years ago

Man oh man I live in Seattle where it is almost a requirement to have a degree to get ANY job. I apply about 8-10 times a day. Maybe get 1 interview every couple months. Plenty of volunteer opportunities, but no steady pay check. I've been doing under the table yard work and some carpentry for a few months now. Living with my mom is VERY embarrassing. On antidepressants for several months now after a suicide attempt. The problem is I see absolutely no possible light at the end of the tunnel. I mean if I had some idea or push in the right direction. The resume and CV go out everyday (I wonder sometimes if the companies I send it to sell my info to spam artists).

Anyways, i've been volunteering just for experience and have taken to selling pot and X to pay my bills (Pretty good for someone with 2 Bachelor degrees). Its that or starve.

For those who can't find work: Sell drugs, steal, do whatever you can. If the system won't give you work, then TAKE from the system.

Lindsay 6 years ago

Are you having difficulty finding the job you deserve? Or maybe you’ve been fired at no fault of your own? Are you constantly quitting because of an inadequate boss or a bad work environment? Or are you just over-qualified? If you or someone you know is having problems finding that job, while exhausting every means necessary, a major tv network is ready to help. A select few will have the opportunity to work with one of the most notable career-building experts in the business and provide you with the tools you need to get your career on track. If this is you or someone you know...Please email me at Lindsay.casting@yahoo.com and tell me your story!

King of Canada 6 years ago

I have my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from two highly regarded public universities, one in the U.S. , the other in Canada. I have been looking for full-time employment since the onset of the great recession in October 2008. I have worked on a temporary low-paying contract job in the engineering sector for 4 months out of the last 1 year and have been unable to find additional employment of any sort. I have had 3 engineering-related interviews locally but did not get the jobs. In the last 1 year, there have only been about 6 engineering job postings in my city of ~400,000, so I would consider my interview-obtaining abilities pretty good for a combined post-graduate industry experience of only 1 year.

During the past 1 year, I have applied to a counted 179 jobs within a 150 mile radius of my residence, including several dozen remedial, unskilled jobs such as a general unskilled construction laborer, data entry clerk, midnight crew warehouseman, courier truck driver, etc. I have not had any luck with these applications (yet?!). I have even completely tailored each cover letter for the specific unskilled job, receiving no reply. If it wasn’t for my wife’s job, I’d also be out on the streets dealing dope – where do I send my resume for such an opportunity?

The reason for students are having such difficulty finding employment might not be due only to the limited number of opportunities, but also due to the fact that universities are taking in way too many students in a specific field, i.e. engineering, to fill the industrial void. It is my belief that the number of new student openings in engineering, for example, be limited to a percentage (e.g. 10%) above what the industrial void is, or is projected to be. In this way the market should not saturate. Engineers are a dime a dozen right now. The number of Ph.D and Master’s electrical engineers without a job now, whom I know personally, is astonishing.

Do not think that applying everywhere in the country will help your odds much. I was turned down recently by a recruiter in a city that is only 100 miles from me because there were equally qualified people who are already local. I ensured the recruiter that moving would not be an issue and I would likely be moving there anyway in the near future – tough balls. There have been about 2 dozen jobs I’ve applied for of my 179 that fit me exactly, where I felt I could start the job immediately, work my way up, and become the CEO within a year (slight exaggeration); still no reply.

I love electrical engineering work, as tough as it can be, it is very rewarding when you finally get a system functioning properly, however I have considered changing fields recently to something that is more economically feasible. As per my late night online research, it seems that pharmacists and nurses are still in extremely high demand and are paid way more than your typical engineer, especially for those right out of school. There was a recent posting in my area for a pharmacist with little experience to be paid $90,000/annum immediately. The average engineer’s salary in my area receives $50,000-$60,000/annum for marginal experience with an M.S. Both degrees (M.S. engineer, and Pharm.D pharmacist) require 6 years of schooling, however the pharmacist receives 50-80% more salary with much less employment competition and higher demand.

I do not much fancy the thought of going to school for another 6 years (pharmacist), nor do I have the stomach for needles, blood, and defecation (nurse), so I will continue my search for the recession-proof career while continuing to send out a dozen resumes/day. I am still hopeful but have become exceptionally depressed and antisocial. If I only had a great new engineering idea: me and my millions of unemployed Ph.D buddies could start a company, get venture capital funding, sell it out to General Electric, and be filthy rich. Anyone out there have a brilliant idea you’d like my gang and I to build a prototype for?

Jobless now hopeless 6 years ago

King of Canada. You are a carbon copy of my situation, BSc and MSc in Materials engineering and also in Canada. I have sent over 500 resumes (eng and non eng jobs) to date and nothing to show for it. I also applied to positions in the US and Australia as they seem to have a little more but right now due to the recession, they are not open to having foreign workers work for them.

The dismal unemployment numbers from both the US and Canada earlier today are not helping either. You are right lots of engineers are long term unemployed right now. I already sent my application to a local college as I may consider going back to school in the new year. I had to move back home with my parents and I am single so at least that helps, otherwise I would be in trouble too.

B. Mac 6 years ago

I agree with what Jon said 7 days ago. These are obvious things everybody should know by their first interview or application process. If you don't do these things consider yourself not even hireable. The problem is going the extra mile and falling over dead. There is just too much demand and diminishing supply...everyday. I hear stories where people applied 10 places in the last 6 or 7 months and are crying because they can't find a job. That is their problem, even in a booming economy. That might get you hired in say 1960. I've applied from 3000 to 4000 jobs in the last 16 months. I've had a few phone interviews and maybe 10-15 interviews in which several hired internally as a promotion. Not a good ratio! So I say, learn Mandarin and move to China. This country is dead. We have an administration that is essentially doing nothing. Car credits, housing credits,job benefit extensions....this does nothing. It does nothing for someone say 18 to their mid 30's and this is the age group that has a tough time regardless of what the economy is doing. We want jobs, not a $4500 credit towards a $20,000 car. Finally, the U3 unemployment rate was released today by the BLS. It went from 9.8% to 10.2%. Now I am going to educate you. This is NOT the REAL rate. The real rate is called U6. You see, U3 doesn't count the people who are off the unemployment rolls, people working part-time who want full-time, People who never got unemployment in order to finish school, like myself, and many other groups. This group is called U6. if you don't believe me, go to google and type in U6 unemployment rate Bureau of Labor Statistics. It went from 17%

B. mac 6 years ago

to 17.5% and is probably somewhere over 20%.

Matt 6 years ago

Hi guys. First of all, it is a blessing to hear from co-sufferers and knowing just how tough it is on the finances and the psyche. Small companies are not looking (to stay lean and survive) and big companies are hiring most within themselves and ironically, the fear of losing one's job activates even the most lazy employee to amazing performances. It seemed ironic, but I left a well paying job I was getting frustrated with in 2008 to go overseas and teach and develop myself. That was awesome and I was full of enthusiasm to do something amazing back here in the springtime of 2009. NOPE! Nada, nothing. I have international work experience, a BA and MA in communications and hear crickets after sending out resumes. WTF! I went through disbelief, various stages of frustration, anxiety and feelings of "I'm on the Titanic on D-Deck", so, whatever. Actually got a phone call last week from a major company doing a pre-interview on the phone. The guy asked me if I was willing to relocate 400Km away from my family and accept part time work for marginal pay. F...that, buddy, what are you smoking, anyway?

Would it be a good time to start a business on my own in the media field? Then cold calls would not be about selling myself to employers but to sell a service or product to them. It takes away the personal aspect and leaves just business. Hm. Enough rambling. Best of luck and success to all other occupants of MS Titanic. Can't believe some people on life boats complaining about the lack of amenities or the crowded space...I'd swap anytime.

Dave 6 years ago

I have a PhD from one of the top 10 universities in biochemistry and cannot find a job. I have 7 years of research experience and excellent grades. I've applied to about 300 jobs in the last 6 months. Not much of anything. A few calls back, but never pan out. The last interview I had there were 11,000 applicants. I didn't get the job, but maybe that says something. I don't feel so bad and I realize there is massive unemployment in the sciences. I think the PhD makes them think that I will cost too much. I have started stating in my cover letters that I am willing to relocate without relocation expenses. I think that is one of the biggest problems in the sciences. They don't want to spend anything extra on someone if they don't have too. All that propaganda from the government about we need more scientists and engineers seems to be hoopla. It is unfortunate that the government changes how they calculate unemployment in the 90s. Real unemployment is really at least two times the stated government statistic. It seems that it could easily be between 20 and 35% even though they state 10.2%.

Nick 6 years ago

I am now unemployable due to my bad work history. I have degrees in accounting & finance. Lost my job last Nov 2008 due to the company cutting staff. Got another job in March that was temporary that just ended.

With 2 jobs for less than 1 year in a period of a year plus unemployment I don't have a chance

Jen 6 years ago

Ditto Ditto

I have been unemployed since Jan 09, I have to college degrees and have sent out numerous resumes and applications without any luck. i live in a small town and Iam sure every job has numerous applicants, but I deserve a chance too. I am so depressed I dont know what to do for money. I also feel that my degrees were a waste of time. I am also unable to collect unemployment because I went back for my second degree for two years which made me ineligible to collect it. I am about to just give up, I fear I will lose everything.

Nick  6 years ago

If you are not a white, studly 20 something recent college grad with great credit, who can wear $4,000 suits to the interview and can afford $1,000 for teeth whitening you don't have a chance.

I have come to grips that I am unemployable. I have 2 degrees & a CPA and cannot even find a $12 an hour temp job.

It sucks that for the first time in my life I need to consider getting food stamps & rental assistance

Tman 6 years ago

Man I hear all of you. I have been out of the military for about 3 1/2 years now. I' have been in and out of school trying to get my education and our great government pays little to none for our education. Besides that I was laid off last Dec, 2009 and still can't find a "joby" went from $4000 every to weeks to nothing. Unemploment is burned up and have to years left on my car payment. Behind on that too. Having to live with a friend just to live. Man what happened to our country. I think this s**ks. You guys with degrees its great but seriously my binifits that our owed to me from our government that was in the contract that I signed our not there. Where is my bail out. Again veterans getting the shaft again.


tbro010 6 years ago

Been out of work since 12/08. A single dad with now horrible credit. I had an offer in my field, commercial finance, but because of my credit situation I was deemed "unemployable". Yes, I did tell EVERYONE throughout the process about my credit and the reason I am in this situation; a 5-year long custody battle and no job for a year. I am in jeopardy of losing my home and my car. 650,000 new jobs??? Where?!?!?!

Jason 6 years ago

I agree with all of her checklists. I do, however think its rather difficult to network with people. Its also difficult to make yourself memorable without looking like an unhirable. So my suggestion would be, search search search and get those resumes out there.

Jason 6 years ago

I agree with all of her checklists. I do, however think its rather difficult to network with people. Its also difficult to make yourself memorable without looking like an unhirable. So my suggestion would be, search search search and get those resumes out there.

If you need help searching feel free to contact us. I don't want to spam, but http://jsjobsearching.weebly.com can help you in your searching.

Kevin M. Metcalf, MS 6 years ago

Good Morning Fellow Casualties.

It's amazing how much the current chapter of our story is so much the same. Do you want to learn what happens next...? Read on.

I have a BA 2007 and MS 2009. Massive school debt. Sent out 100+ tailored resumes/CLs and only a handful of $10 temp jobs returned. That does not BEGIN to cover basic cost of living coupled with student loan repayment.

How disturbing it is when I hear government officials say to us, "Now is the time to continue your education! Time to GO BACK TO SCHOOL."

Considering our circumstances on this board, can we agree that borrowing ANOTHER $50K for ANOTHER college degree in order to land that job is... a hoodwink??

The Next Chapter...

We all buy into it. I borrow another fifty grand from the bank. You borrow another fifty grand from the bank. Geez, this is gonna add up fast...

Then, we all hand those millions over to our local universities...

I ask you! WHO is this structure designed to benefit...?!

Live From the Sinking Ship

Louisville Kentucky

NL 6 years ago

Spending 50K to go back to school isn't all that bad if you do it in the right field. I know in the Boston area, employers are ALL OVER college grads with zero experience but someone like myself with just under 10 years experience can't even buy an interview for temp job. I was told by one recruiter that the best I can do is $20 an hour for temp job that requires an interview process and reference checking (for a temp job) but I kids who are graduating have multiple offers and can't decide on $80,000 or $90,000 and complain about the high cost of living on 'only' $90,000 a year .

Yes, it would be nice to go back to school and get a third degree. If you are unemployed though you don't exactly have hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around and it isn't easy to get a loan without a job

Fred 6 years ago

I would love to hear from the original author of this Blog. What a change from the intent of the simple solutions to finding a job. I have an MBA degree and 30+ years expeirence in my field. I have over 100 people I networked with. I have had professsionals do my resume. I sent out about 1000 applications in a year.

Result was about 20 interveiws and no offers.

Can some-one tell me the next "new appoach"

ai lihai 6 years ago

I'm really sad reading these posts. I'm also job searching and have been unemployed for several months. But there are stories here that sound far worse than mine.

I've just come back from working abroad for two years. I was living very comfortably abroad before I came back to the States. I was happy there. For those with college degrees, you should think of teaching English abroad. And even for those who without, I knew of a kid who didn't have a degree, but he was an English teacher and making more money than me (I was making $21). This was in Taiwan.

Just an idea, for those of you who are really at the edge. I, myself, am considering going back if this remains as seemingly hopeless as it is. If you want some more info about working abroad in Taiwan, you can email me at ai.lihai at yahoo dot com.

Kate 6 years ago

I am also quite saddened by these posts our country is obviously struggling!

I am a 22 year old with a psychology degree however, I can't find a job. My Student loans are going to need to be payed back soon and my parents are also a mess because of the economy and cannot help. I am depressed, and beginning to lose hope. Teaching abroad would be a wonderful opportunity how did you get involved with that al lihal? I'll do anything at this point! I'm down to 140$ in my checking!

Somewhere out there 6 years ago

What about those of us that don't have $30,000 available to 'go back to school' & retrain??

Maybe this isn't as bad as some here but I got laid off from a job I relocated for after only 5 months. Couldn't find another perm job so took a temp job paying $40 an hour. There are NO benefits, doesn't even begin to cover cost of living for one person, all my credit cards are chargedoff.

Somewhere out there 6 years ago

What about those of us that don't have $30,000 available to 'go back to school' & retrain??

Maybe this isn't as bad as some here but I got laid off from a job I relocated for after only 5 months. Couldn't find another perm job so took a temp job paying $40 an hour. There are NO benefits, doesn't even begin to cover cost of living for one person, all my credit cards are chargedoff.

toobadsosad 6 years ago

It is amazing to read these posts. So many qualified people, no jobs.

I too am on the "unemployed" bandwagon. My company was purchased by another company in 2007. I received a severance package that ran out a very long time ago. Fast forward almost 3 years and I can proudly say that I have a part time job that pays me $9.00/hour; I have been working this job for more than a year (I was in the healthcare industry making 6 figures) and unfortunately, I feel like this is where I will be for the rest of my life.

I have sent out countless resumes, attended multiple seminars, joined networking groups, you name it I have done it, and continue to do it. At this point in my life, I am worn out. I am so tired of the "thank you, but no thank you" line. I am either overqualified or under-qualified, or I simply do not hear back from anyone. Its so painful to know that I worked so hard for 8+ years in my industry, and now I cannot even so much as get a glance - from anyone!

My part time job offers benefits, however, there is NO money in it. Its thankless work. I still appreciate it, but hiring authorities look at me now like I am not hirable because I have been working this part time job for so long. Talk about a catch-22! I have a job, but its still considered "not a job." Go figure?

To everyone out there seeking employment, keep your head up! Stay strong and hold on to your faith. Things HAVE to get better.

sadly graduating 6 years ago

soo....i think i take the cake on this board with 5 degrees, all in social sciences (3 are graduate degrees). i don't believe i qualify yet as a professional student, because i earned dual degrees in undergrad (4.5 yrs) and 3 degrees in grad (2.5 yrs). now, while you guys are having problems AFTER applying, i'm having problems APPLYING. unfortunately, to practice in my field(s), i need either state certification or licensure. the catch is that i have to work to get the hours necessary for certification or licensure. it's a catch 22....i need certification/licensure to get a job, but i need a job to get licensure/certification. i'm 100k in debt now and feeling like the degrees aren't worth the paper they're printed on.....i don't even know what to do at this point.....

James Daniel 6 years ago

I am 18 years old, have my own LLC in website design, and even with owning my own business, I am not getting the clients to pay the bills so I am forced to go and get a 2nd job. I found the tips above to very useful, there's only 1 problem; Employers seemingly aren't looking for "workers" anymore, they are looking for the younger, dumber, and less experienced work that they can find now because it doesn't cost them as much. It doesn't make sense to me how someone could trade $1 worth of profit for $50 worth of satisfaction from a customer.

Sad in MI 6 years ago

I don't know even what to say but this is just crazy! Stay strong everyone and Employers should be ashamed.

jane 6 years ago

i graduated 4 years ago with a degree and the only work i could get was teaching english in asia. its catch 22-i can't get experience because no one wants to hire a person without experience. very depressing

tbro010 6 years ago

.....or with too much....

kickboxerbugsy 6 years ago

I feel for everyone on this post. I too, lost my job in May of '08 and got a short (3 months) job in between. I haven't worked since.

I was in a Director level BizDev Sales and Strategy position in Digital Media. A nice base and commission. I was doing well then the wall came crumbling down - mind you I had a nice chunk of changed saved up and have gone through every penny of it.

I live in LA and I have tried everything. Most of the sales jobs I get called in for are 100% commission.

I'm being evicted as of Jan 1 as I can't pay rent. It is beyond belief and I am truly scared that I am unemployable. And I'm getting to an age where I could be experiencing agism. Thank God I keep myself up or I'd be up a creek - that's still not enough.

When employer's ask my salary I get stumped - they can find out if I lie and the ole "I realize we are in a different economy and I am happy to negotiate a salary for the right position. What are you offering?" - it's b.s. and a way they weed you out.

Here is the one thing I can say that is at least getting me interviews - try it even if you aren't in sales.

1- Never go through HR - find out who your supervisor would be, get their name and call them.

2 - create a "pitch" a three sentence paragraph about why you are great -

"Hello Tom, I'm Mandy, I've been researching your co. and I'd really like to submit my resume. I am a skilled/dynamic/adjective here _________ and I have accomplished: (list three things you did that are QUANTIFIABLE and literal). I know I'd be an asset to your company and would love/like to talk to you soon."

3- follow up. Call back. Get their email address (be clever, ask assts, do detective work, use LinkedIn) and send your resume. Follow up.

They might not be hiring right now, but let's face it, they gotta hire at some point and you will stand out 'cause no one is doing this. I promise.

Go to the library, pick out 50 companies you'd like to work for and start dialing. That's what I do for a living (or, used to, eeks) and it does work.

It is so discouraging but it has to break.

I hope this helps someone!

me 6 years ago

I am glad I kept reading past the original post...it was pure rubbish, insulting to boot.

Greetings to my fellow human beings. Not a good time to be human. I wish I were a bird, a dog, anything, but human. I can say, though, I am becoming a better human being, by the day. Suffering has a way of fine tuning us beings, doesn't it? I can smell the color of the flowers and feel the surf when it pounds the rocks. The less I work, the more I feel alive. I am now smiling and laughter comes readily. I make time for my friends and have begun to think about my children, whom I abandoned because I was too busy working. What is disheartening to me is the employer types out there, today. I interviewed for a State job and had two females before me, with no expression on their faces. Not one smile or nicety came out of these women. There was a pause during the interview while they corrected a mistake I spotted on their interview sheet and not one word was said to me during the interlude. The scenario of these Nazi type employers (or just interviewers?) scares me more. Recently, I asked for a phone interview because I can no longer afford to travel to far away interviews and that was denied. There is now a huge disconnect between the people interviewing and the person interviewing for a job. Those who are power hungry are now taking advantage of the person who is down and out and looking for work. Last year, I willingly took a job as an assistant when I used to be the boss. The problem with that is that you are given no respect. You feel (and you are) as if you are starting over, when in my case, I had worked seventeen years in that field. So, the advice to bite the bullet and take what you can is unfair. Now, I am substituting and the people running this department are Nazis. One day, I didn't go in to work because the roads were frozen, there was a weather hazard alert. On top of that from worrying about having to drive to work I came down with a bad cold. They were so angry at me, they left me without work for two weeks. Also, if you are a woman who has had to be single because of rampant abuse, you will no longer be able to afford to live by yourself - $9.00 doesn't pay the rent. This is worse than reversing Roe v. Wade. And the landlord has the nerve to raise the rent? What are you thinking! And the local Food Bank oh, the food bank , it gets such generous contributions - yes, rotten vegetables and I got sick TWICE! from eating food that should have been kept frozen and wasn't! Where is the access to fresh food? I can't go on disability because I have one thousand dollars too much. Oh, my doctor's recommendations are not good enough. And Social Services only allows you to have two thousand dollars before you can apply for aide. How about giving you a hand before you fall flat on your face? These people at Social Services are working with antiquated rules that do not serve us today. But nothing changes with those people. It's almost like a them and us world. I can't relate to the mentality that is running through our world today. Someone wisely said: BRAKE THE SYSTEM BRAKE THE SYSTEM WHERE YOU CAN. I am about to read a post after I finish writing this about a girl, a recent graduate, who has sued her alma mater for the total of her tuition for not being able to find a job. WE NEED TO CREATE A REVOLUTION, MARCH TO WASHINGTON, DO SOMETHING RADICAL MY FRIENDS! HELP!

Ali1 6 years ago

It does crappy that ypu have "take what you can!" I have been on plenty of interviews and never got a call back! I did the whole "dress to the 9" thing put my best smile on, vamped up my resume,kissed ass and what did it get me? Nothing. I guess the general thesis is that the job market sucks and most of us are all victums of it! I cant even get a job at Dollar General b/c or retail stores b/c I was told each time "Well your too qualified,how do we know once everything picks up you will still be here?" What a bunch of bull nothing is going to pick up anytime soon!

Discouraged 6 years ago

I have been looking for work for three months after getting a layoff notice from the first job I had in 15 years after giving up my career to homeschool my children. It is so hard to compete with those who have more experience. I got one interview and discovered that I was one of 20 people picked for a job interview out of 250 applicants for an entry level job. Doesn't give me a lot of hope that I will find work soon.

In the know 6 years ago

Times are bad. Competition is huge. I cannot find work, even though I work in a field that not long ago cried "labor shortage."

I wondered how many others were applying for these positions also. Employers never really tell you that. So I posted a fake "Help Wanted" ad myself. I was surprised as to how many people applied, but what really surprised me was that many of them were actually overqualified for what the "position" required. People with college degrees were applying, even though the "position" required really no post secondary education.

I don't think it's that uncommon right now for people with a fresh degree to end up slinging coffee at Starbucks.

So now, more than ever, it seems to be "who you know" as opposed to "what you know." This is fine if you know the right people in the right places, but for the rest of us it doesn't make things easier.

Things will eventually improve when the economy improves, but I think it'll take some time yet before things are in full swing. I just hope the mistakes which brought the economy crashing down in the first place aren't repeated again in my lifetime, but I won't hold my breath.

Dave 6 years ago

After getting laid off, I cannot find work, and knowing that hundreds of people are applying for the same position also isn't very encouraging.

I've had to move back home after depleting my little bit of savings. Things aren't supposed to be this way.

I question why the government still permits a mass influx of new immigrants when there aren't any jobs here. Perhaps anything that says "Made in China" should have huge tariffs imposed on it. That's one way to create growth, start manufacturing things here again like we once used to.

One thing is for sure... If I didn't have my parents to come back to, I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't start dealing drugs or stealing to survive. Prison can't be much worse than living on welfare in a flea infested dump and eating rotten food from the food bank.

loosing confidenz 6 years ago

I don't feel so alone. I've been unemployed since September 2008 and only got 2 interviews. I'm 60 yrs. old and it just looks very bleak out there. My confidence level is low because of my age and look at all the competetion out there. I even applied for a data entry job and didn't even get a response. If there is someone out there my age and doing better than me please let me know so I can get some hope.

Frustrated Student 6 years ago

I'm 21 years old and I have only ever been able to land one job - a horrible one at a retail game store and they only gave me about 10 hours every 2 weeks, then fired me because I didn't know how to do any of the work. I wasn't given a fair chance.

That was in November of 2008. It is now 2010 and I have been looking everywhere for jobs. I've tried everything from janitorial work, to retail, fast food, school jobs - anything. I sometimes will get an interview but after the interview I never get a call back or the employer will show interested but won't be able to get back to me until "a few weeks".

I got a job as a pizza delivery driver, but then my car broke down for a week.

This is so frustrating, I feel so embarrassed and like a failure. My friends walk into any place and basically get hired and even offered positions as managers, yet I have yet to be able to land anything at all. I've done all the things mentioned in the article - sometimes I even lie on my resume or my application in order to get a single call back. I have so many health problems and car problems and school bills that even the smallest amount of money would help just to buy food with so I wouldn't have to only eat at school, yet I feel like these precious jobs are going to spoiled 16 year olds who rush out with their paychecks to Hot Topic.


Sad in Michigan 6 years ago

I can't beleive employers! Back in November I submitted an application for a job which I was truly qualifed for. I received a call and a e-mail asking to come in for an interview. The job descripition was very different its was contract job not permanent but had the possiblity of becoming permanent. OK no problem after receiving 3 calls and e-mails rescheduling the interview for this prospective employer I finally went on the interview. Finally I receive a call from them saying well were not hiring right now but if we were we would hire you. WHAT! And to make matters worse today I'm doing my job search and this same company has several new job posting listed several of which I'm more than qualified for! This employers and people with jobs have no idea how hard it is for us to keep going, they have no clue, no consideration. All I want is a job, I acutally want to work for a living it's not like I'm asking for the sea's to part no just a damn job!

Sorry for complaining I just had to get that out!

Loser in the Bay Area 6 years ago

I'm glad to see that I'm not alone here, but at the same time, it is also very pathetic to know there're so many of us on the same boat. To be honest, I seriously see no hope in landing a job in the near future.

Maybe I am too young to understand this, (it's still my first year out of college), I can't believe how mean the people in our society are. I was laid off when there's a new project coming in. Employers have no conscience! When I was at school, they thought I didn't have enough experience; now I have a year of experience and have been actively upgrading myself, they consider me overqualified! It is ridiculous! I am so fed up with this... Employers are hypocrites!

Lori 6 years ago

My husband and I had to close our 6 year business in October 2008 because of the economy. We have applied for work in five states and even sold our home and moved to another. We are 60 years old. No one will even interview us let alone give us a job. We have spent the little money we had left from our house sale. We are living on a credit card and food stamps. We used to make $150,000 a year. Now we have no income, no health insurance, no nothing. I've already run up $14,000 on my credit cards. We are scared to death. We will barely get by when we finally get social security at 66. My husband used to be a heavy equipment mechanic for interstate paving crews and made $90,000 a year, but he is out of the loop now and can't get back in. I am a bookkeeper. If I hadn't had a credit card with a large limit we would be living in a shelter or in our pick up truck. Employers don't care about anything except hiring for the lowest wages possible and now we have learned that they often will only hire people who will get them Federal welfare to work tax credits. Walgreens is even bold enough to mention on their website that you have a better chance of getting hired if you fill out the tax credit worksheet. Scammers are all over the internet. Employers won't talk to us in person, only want online applications. We don't know anyone where we moved to yet for networking. This job hunting is impossible.

SomeOne 6 years ago

there is no point of finding any job i have tray out every thing since 2 year i cant find any job inside my country or even out side my country ......

i start believe in changing my carer and start over the univercity for the next 100 year if that enough to work at this baaaaaaad time.......

Caroline 6 years ago

Hi, thanks for writing this articles- I'm finding it very helpful. I think my problem is not being consistent enough. It seems difficult to get a job in this city, too much competition and I feel like such a loser since it feels like no one wants me. However, to everyone and myself, I'd like to say "Think positive!" Even if you haven't got a job yet, I say to keep trying and appreciate everything you do have. It will make it a lot easier to survive until then and it might make a perceivable difference in your social life. Just my two cents. :)

Caroline 6 years ago

whoah-sorry for all the weird grammatical errors. I swear I usually don't write like that!

JOOB SEEKER 6 years ago

I was working in a well known company in one of the arabic countries. I was well-paid compared to the other companies, but the problem with this company was its very very very bad environment & the quality of its work was going backwards because of their bad environment. I couldn't withstand to stay anymore, especially that the bad environment started to affect me badly, so I decided to resign. This was at Jan 2009 & till now I'm looking for a job!!!! I submitted my resume to many work places, had many interviews, but most employers thought that I'm over-qualified to work with them, others can't pay a salary and they want to treat me as a fresh graduate although I have years of experience, while others think that I am fired from my previous work!!! It has been a year now, and I am still searching, time is passing by so quickly & I am not satisfied with any opportunity till now. I am feeling completely dissapointed & don't know what to do??????

JumboHeart 6 years ago

I agree jobs is hard to find. I just died and my leg hurts. I'm alone because of my dog jake left me. I can't even afford internet to send this message. I am sitting in the snow in my yard using wifi.

Brian 6 years ago

katherine, did you even have any idea, that this post would be so alive after two years???? Times are so bad right now, thank you. The biggest thing that I have found, is we are able to see that we are not alone, one of the former posts said "misery loves company" maybe true, I have found the most part, people that are working, just feel that I should go down to the job store and buy one, people are out of touch.

I feel the biggest problem this nation faces is the loss of the middle class. If Obama, or we as unemployed citizens could start a grass roots movement to Buy American as our Parents and Grand Parents had, our money would force the economy to be stimulated and would force jobs to be created in America for Americans. I would gladly pay 1$more for a head of lettuce or 4$more for a t-shirt if it was made in America.

We have the power if banded together to change this, but we are all so fragmented. Just think Obamas approval rating would be thru the roof and he would probably go down as one of the greatest presidents ever, for he would get credit invariably, who cares. I have no idea how to start this, but if someone would look at the jobs and industries that have left America since the late 60's early 70's we would see a steady decline, falling greatly in the 80's and less decline in the 90's since industry was already gone. Manufacture stimulated our economy and kept us working, now we have very very little.

sorry for the rant. The best idea so far was the video resume, yet I typed the link and it seems dead hope you got the job you needed Michael.

good luck to all

Genious Boy from A secret Place lol 6 years ago

IF you peeople are struggling to a find a job,first ask yourself why do i need a job, well you need everybody knows that, but you can go to casino and play cards and make a lot of money, or invest, rob a bank, form a group with 4 others and steal diamonds. By this article is great for people that got no clue what life is really about. Hope you listen to my advice.

Working toward a brighter future 6 years ago

I am in the same boat like so many of you. I have been unemployed since August 2008. I have a BS degree and am now working for both my MBA and going to Law School at the same time. I am lucky that I can work with my husband at his law office, but it takes all the money we have just to pay bills and his office so I don't get paid, but it does keep my skills active. I decided that the only person who would hire me is myself, so I'm going to Law School to become an Attorney. At least I can hire myself if no one else things I'm good enough to hire.

I used to make over 78K a year and now I make nothing. If I can just get through Law School I have a job. Maybe we should all find ways to hire ourselves. Its the only sure bet now that so-called companies in American send their jobs overseas with the blessings of our government.

Jim Lahey 6 years ago

Learn to live frugally. Find sources on the internet like clubs or blogs. Some of those guys out there are turning it into a lifestyle. They try to outdo each other on how many ways they can cut costs. They can also teach you to sharpen skills and find additional ways to make a little extra money.

Try www.livefrugallyordiebroke.com

tbro010 6 years ago

Here is something I have never run into before but unfortunately I think it may become common place. I found a posting on an internet job board that was a perfect match with my experience. I submitted my resume and later that afternoon received a call from the recruiter saying I was a perfect fit for the job, she wants to get me in front of her client right away but needs an updated copy of my resume. When I inform her that my resume is up to date she asks, "You haven't worked since December of 2008?" I respectfully replied, "No I have not. The commercial finance industry was one of the hardest hit in the recession." Being the professional recruiter that she is she then asked, "Why haven't you worked?" WHY HAVEN'T I WORKED?!?!?!?!? Over a half a million jobs nationally were eliminated in my industry and right now changing to an entry level position in another field would net me less than I get on unemployment. Being a single father I don't have the luxury of taking a job just to have a job. I have to think of what is best for my son and having less money isn't it. She then told me that her client, who has no presence in the territory I in which I live, only wants to interview people who are CURRENTLY EMPLOYED. Are you kidding me?!?! Who is going to leave a job with an established company to start a territory for a relatively unkown??? Pass the government cheese please.

On The Edge 6 years ago

I went from making 6 figures to being unemployed, overqualified, overlooked because of the number of years I've been in the work force, yada, yada, yada fucking yada.....For the record - DO NOT USE CRAIGSLIST when looking for work. Over 75% of all responses have been from bogus job posters scamming on people trying to get your credit information. It's not safe to inquire from Craigslist anymore....I know it might be redundant from prior post but can anyone please post some legitimate job sites for me to go to? I need all the assistance I can get. Thank you for any advice or information you can share.

Running out of time 6 years ago

I too have been looking for a job for 8 months. I have applied all over the place. Now I've lost my car and at 32 years old I have been force to live with my parents or live on the street. I'm running out of hope here. I can't even get a job at a fast food place that 2 years ago I wouldn't even believe of trying to find employment there. Thanks Obama!

An Inmate of the Unemployed 6 years ago

Dear _______,

I am an innocent incarcerated with no set trail date. The lack of options, opportunities, and poor odds are the bars I cannot seem to penetrate. Every day is the god damn same over and over again! Nothing changes as I mark the days until I get out of this hell!

I have decorated my cell with job postings I would be great at, post cards of places I could spend my allotted vacation time, physicians I need to see once I qualify for health-care, bills that I would love to pay, in the hope that the starkness of black and white print on paper will brighten up my cell and possibly my spirits.

The automated rejection responses to my appeals for a hearing that read "Due to the overwhelming response we receive, it is difficult to respond to each one individually. Therefore, only those individuals we feel meet our requirements will be contacted. We are in receipt of your case information and will contact you only if we want to follow up with an interview," only remind me that the system is still broken.

It was not premeditated that I would become an unproductive member of society. Yet here I am with all the evidence stacked against me and at the moment not many things I can do about it.

I do have ONE option that would liberate me from confinement. I can plead guilty to my crimes and be slapped with immediate probation in the military. Obama did just promise another 30,000 troops and they are dying for recruits. They'll take the convicted. This is the plea bargain I am considering; a sentencing of 4 years, mandatory probation for something I had no control over. I started out with so much potential! What happened? I love my country and the varied beliefs, ideals and peoples she keeps. She is my home, but I do not believe in her war. I am against the sacrifice of my life for her war.

The prosecutor I spoke to said if I take the deal I would be made an officer since I have earned a Bachelor's degree. He claims that I would not be on any front line in the Middle East. He seems sincere and assures that my 4 years of probation is hardly an execution. I am thankful that it is probation, not a life sentence. However it does not answer your "what are you doing with your life" concerns.

The members of the court are angry with me. You testify I don't try. Attest that I don't apply myself. Certify I do not care about my current situation. Your accusations come at a price and cost me the last shred of dignity of my already tattered self-worth. I fear that I am nothing more than an educated derelict by constantly asking what I am DOING with my life. The fact that I am 24 years-old and unable to support myself is damaging evidence in my case, but I am not guilty.

I do have a direction for when I get out of this prison. Marketing will be my compass. I am good at it, I am skilled in it and I earned my degree in it, but without experience in different industries using these skills I cannot easily narrow down if I would be happy marketing a pharmaceutical company or a local charity. I do know I want a Masters, a PhD; both worthless without experience and unattainable while locked up. I will not get to where I want to be if I cannot get my foot in the door. Which allegedly this is what my college education was for. So it is with great sadness that at this time I am unable to address the court with the plot of my life.

The reduced sentence is a way out. It's a start. And while you may hypothesize that doing nothing is on the top of my agenda along with hanging out and partying, let me give you a tiny insight. It's a vicious cycle that is holding me captive with all the other inmates. Isolated from the successful and "barely making it" employed, us inmates find a tiny solace during visiting hours with these lucky people and the hope that maybe, just maybe the attorney that represents those of us condemned, Lady Luck, will show up and plead our case to the judge that decides who gets an interview. No! Who gets a chance, a pass out of this prison! A judge who gives one of us a job!

Until then, I am an inmate of the unemployed.

So please write me once and a while, not because I am lonely, trust me there are plenty of us in here. No, please tell me of happier things, good things, fill my head of all the colors of the outside world! All I see is grey in here and I cannot remember what a rainbow looks like.

An Inmate of the Unemployed 6 years ago

I sent this letter to my father who told me I don't try hard enough, that I don't have any experience for the jobs I am applying for and the reason I can't get a job, a good paying one, is because I am lazy! Well I would like to thank you all for confirming that I am not insane. That it really is tough out there. I am considering sending this letter to the media, to Obama, or to job postings in the hopes that it might shed some light on us inmates. Please send me your comments and thoughts. I have not been Unemployed for almost a year and I doubt my abilities. Snramia@gmail.com thank you all and good luck!

Karen 6 years ago

Those suggestions are great in a decent economy however, I have been out of work for 15 months. I left one job after a few months for a better job in 2008 when I learned branch office was closing. Then, surprise got laid off from next job in 5 months. So, I look flighty which I am not. I have even tried to get grocery, 7-11 jobs and basically anything except for a prison guard. It usually takes me only 2-3 months to find a job. Even people that have jobs are job scared.

JLahey 6 years ago

I am sick of looking for a job, at this point I have about given up. I have a bachelors of science that is worthless. Now I am just trying to figure out how to live frugally and get used to that. So far I have been saving more, buying gold and silver, and getting out of debt. It sucks eating rice and beans, but hey it's not so bad. I am trying to get some more ideas for my blog http://www.livefrugallyordiebroke.com

Just learn to live on less bud it will be ok.

can't find a job turn to crime 6 years ago

To "An Inmate of the Unemployed": perhaps you can find work as a creative writer? It's most painful that your father is so unsupportive; I once wrote a soul-searching and heart-wrenching letter to my father, but didn't send it to him because it may have broken his frigid heart.

I found this site by googling the name I used above "can't find a job turn to crime". I'm fantasizing about becoming a criminal. Why? I tried to kill myself recently, but failed at THAT too. So, although it is against every fiber of my morality and being, I have to ask: "If I'm willing to kill myself, why don't I stop being a coward and steal from (and if need be, kill) others?"

That's what being out of work for too long after doing everything "right" does to somebody. I mean, as far as I can tell, the politicians who have destroyed our country are really just crooks and murderers -- and they're rewarded for such behavior.

I can barely get out of bed in the mornings, but the illegal alien landscapers dilgently wake me up with their leaf blowers. They get work, all under the table cash (so no taxes paid), but with my two degrees and 25 years of stellar performance/experience, I can't get that job.

The key is to try and become totally self-sufficient and self-employed, but it's really difficult without some new brilliant idea and financing.

Thanks all for sharing your pain; we really do need a good revolution or war ... best of luck!

Nleeds 6 years ago

I am at rockbottom -- my credit has been destroyed since I cannot pay credit card bills that are being charged off one by one. I make just enough to pay rent, pay for gas to & from work, some groceries & COBRA health insurance.

Have not had a stable job since spring of 2007. Since that time I have made bad choices --- companies that weren't the right fit or that closed/cut staff etc...

So now I am 'just a temp' -- a long term temp but still just a lowly temp who cannot get a full time job in my industry because I am 'temping' and the question is 'why can you not find perm work'

tvj 6 years ago

I'm not here to lay any extra negativity, (allthoughisurelycouldbecausemyhusbandandiarebothcollegegraduatesandbothunemployed)instead I'd like to offer an additional option, for the college graduates at least. Leave this country! I love this country, however at the moment it doesn't love me. My husband and I taught English for several years in both Taiwan and South Korea. As a couple we were able to save nearly $40,000 in one year, while traveling throughout Asia during our 10 weeks worth of vacation time. We came back to the states naively expecting to fall into careers using our wonderful educations. After months of searching, without even a restaurant returning our calls, we're getting back on the boat. Countries like South Korea love English and put all those that speak it on a pedastal. The hundreds of jobs that are posted daily at www.eslcafe.com usually offer round-trip airfare, paid housing, completion bonuses, health care and several weeks paid vacation. Most prefer a bachelor's degree (in any area), that you are a native English speaker, and that you can pass a criminal background check. America, I love you. I will be back one day when you've recovered. Good luck!

Jim 6 years ago

Everyone "THERE IS NO RECOVERY" we are going into a depression.

The vast majority of the talking heads on television are still speaking of the current economic collapse as if it is a temporary "recession" that will soon be over. So far, the vast majority of the American people seem to believe this as well, although for many Americans there is a very deep gnawing in the pit of their stomachs that is telling them that there is something very, very wrong this time around. The truth is that the foundations of the U.S. economy have been destroyed by an orgy of government, corporate and individual debt that has gone on for decades. It was the greatest party in the history of the world, but now the party is over. The following are 11 signs from just this past month that show that the U.S. economy is headed into the toilet and will not be recovering....

#1) When even Wal-Mart is closing stores you know things are bad. Wal-Mart announced on Monday that it will close 10 money-losing Sam's Club stores and will cut 1,500 jobs in order to reduce costs. So if even Wal-Mart has to shut down stores, what chance do other retailers have?

#2) Americans are going broke at a staggering pace. 1.41 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009 - a 32 percent increase over 2008.

#3) American workers are working harder than ever and yet making less. After adjusting for inflation, pay for production and non-supervisory workers (80 percent of the private workforce) is 9% lower than it was in 1973. But those Americans who do still have jobs are the fortunate ones.

#4) Unemployment is absolutely exploding all over the United States. Minority groups have been hit particularly hard. For example, unemployment on many U.S. Indian reservations is over 80 percent.

#5) Unfortunately the employment situation is showing no signs of turning around. December was actually the worst month for U.S. unemployment since the so-called "Great Recession" began.

#6) So just how bad are things when compared to past recessions? During the 2001 recession, the U.S. economy lost 2% of its jobs and it took four years to get them back. This time the U.S. economy has lost more than 5% of its jobs and there is no sign that the bleeding of jobs will stop any time soon.

#7) Can you imagine trying to get your first job in this economic climate? Our young men and women either can't get work or have given up on work altogether. The percentage of Americans 16 to 24 who have jobs is 13 percent lower than ten years ago.

#8) So where did all the jobs go? Over the past few decades we have allowed the corporate giants to ship mountains of American jobs overseas, and there are signs that this trend is only going to get worse. In fact, Princeton University economist Alan S. Blinder estimates that 22% to 29% of all current U.S. jobs will be offshorable within two decades. So get ready for even more of our jobs to be shipped off to Mexico, China and India.

#9) All of these job losses are leading to defaults on mortgages. Over the past couple of years we have seen the American Dream in reverse. According to a report that was just released, delinquent home loans at government-controlled mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac surged 20 percent from July through September.

#10) But that is nothing compared to what is coming. A massive "second wave" of mortgage defaults is getting ready to hit the U.S. economy starting in 2010. In fact, this "second wave" is so frightening that even 60 Minutes is reporting on it.

#11) Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve has announced that it made a record profit of $46.1 billion in 2009. Apparently during this economic crisis it is a very good time to be a bankster.

Jason  6 years ago

Yeah this is bullshit. You know what kills me right now is having my subway sandwich that i really can't even afford to be splurging on slapped together by a rude frown faced person who speaks no English and acts like putting a couple extra tomatoes on it is going to cause her arms to fall off. (And no I wasn't being rude.) I've been applying my ass off at places like that and much worse and would honestly be thrilled to be able to be on the other side of that counter. (Funny, actually my first job was at a Subway in high school 10 years ago. Never thought I'd look back and say man I wish I still worked there.)

Maybe a little off topic but... If you have a job right now, even if it blows, either BE GRATEFUL OR QUIT! No shame in throwing in the towel for those of us who actually need and want to work.

Especially those of you in the customer service industry - Clerks, Restaurants, Mickey D's included. If I can spend money I don't really even have at the place you get paid to work, (which I've likely applied at for a job btw,) I think you can afford a phony smile and a "have a good one" on my way out.

Screw it, you know what? From this moment until I find work, I'm gonna start reporting these jerks every time! Do your job and stop being a punk.

Job ad posted today on craigslist 6 years ago

This my Hail Mary. (mid Orange County)

I am not offering a job. I NEED one. I'm throwing a long pass into the endzone...hoping for a miracle.

It has been a very tough last 2 years. Divorce. Short-sale. Unemployment. Dwindling savings.

My unemployment has run out. And I have 2 wonderful kids half of the time.

I scour craigslist, monster, etc. daily, to no avail. I also attend networking events, job fairs, try to re-establish old contacts & make new ones, etc.

There are just too many jobseekers and not enough jobs.

I hate to even do this as I know it probably doesn't make me look very professional, but I just don't know what else to do.

I am swallowing my pride and just tossing a plea for work out into the universe.

I am a model employee and I will do just about anything. I just need to make enough to get by...about $16 an hour (40hrs a week). Granted, I have made much more than this, but I would simply be grateful to just be at a zero balance each month, not in the red. I also need to stay in Orange County. When I have my kids, I take them to school and pick them up.

I have the following experience:

Marketing Manager

Director of Marketing

Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing Assistant

Account Manager

Graphic Design

Accounts Payable

Writing (copy, business, creative, humor)

And I would accept anything in the above areas, but also the following:

Office Manager

Admin Assistant

Customer Service

Project Coordinator

Really, I would accept anything, if it paid at least $16/hr. Except outside sales - I just know I would be terrible at it.

I feel for everyone in my situation. And there are a lot of us. Let's all be strong and try to hang in there.

As for me, if anyone could help with a connection - or if you are a hiring person - I would be humbly and sincerely thankful for any assistance -- or a job!

I have never struggled like this before in my life. It is frightening beyond words. And I am swallowing my pride and using this forum to hopefully put some good vibes out.

I don't want pity -- just a job.

Again, if you can help with a referral or if you are in HR/Hiring -- please consider me for whatever you may have open. I am a good, dependable and dedicated worker. Also a nice person.

I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you SO much. Blessings to you.

shel 6 years ago

This is good advice. I am in SO MUCH need of a job right now! I am a college grad., the sad thing is so many people are going to school for my field of work thinking they will no doubt find a job after they graduate, but right now that's not true with the economy the way it is! Even people with degrees are having hard time finding work right now! There's so many looking, and not enough spaces for them to fill! I had a job in my field but was let go by no fault of my own, and have been searching for another job for almost a year now. It's good to see I'm not the only one having difficulty at least...good luck to everyone!

Mike 6 years ago

yeah... I do all this too! graduated engineering. Have had experience at an internship, was a teaching assistant for a engineering design class, and also had a part time job in construction. Still work construction after a year. I don't know what to do I'm really scared. I don't work many hours, can barely pay student loans. I don't know what to do. Why oh why! I'm a good guy and nice and work hard and have experience good grades. NO one was hiring when I graduated, and now its been a year. Everyone says 3-5 years engineering experience, and they don't count internships. How are you supposed to get experience if no one hires you after you graduate?!?!?! I don't know what to do. Even experienced people they are working for the same rate as new graduates, no one wants to give graduates a chance!

I guess hiring freezes is better than firing people? Good luck everyone

Loser in the Bay Area 6 years ago

We are on the same boat, Mike! I'm a junior engineer with only a year of experience and was laid off last year. I'm now having a very hard time in finding an engineering job, actually any job. How sad it is to realize that WE ARE JUST NOT NEEDED IN THE MARKET! Remember the whole 'not-enough-engineers' saying about 2 years ago? There's always a surplus of engineers; whoever made that stupid statement up seriously deserves a big punch in the face!

Kelly 6 years ago

I have been VERY actively looking for work for the past 11 months. I was a receptionist for 2 years, an Administrative assistant for 7 years, and a salon owner for 3. I recently had to close my salon because my employees could not afford to pay rent due to lack of clientele. We all tried so hard to discount prices, buy ad space, radio commercials, and even gave buy one get one free services. In the end we could not stay afloat. Really, who can afford to pop into the salon and get a $65 color job when they can buy a box or nice and easy, fill up their gas tank, and have a weeks worth of lunch money for the same price?

Long story short, I have applied EVERYWHERE! The situation got so bad that I called a few clients to ask if they had job leads. To make things worse I applied at Target and Krogers and was informed that my resume was received, but due to the overwhelming response there are no more positions available. Finally I got a call from a company that was really impressed with my resume. Come to find out it was for a company selling fake perfume door to door. You get paid a $1 for each bottle you sale...umm I would rather do Avon than that.

I am with 6 employment agencies, applied at every salon asking for only minimum wage (we don't pay wages in my state you have to pay a lease between $400- $700 a month), every internet job search, offered to watch kids, rented space to host $20 per person Zumba classes (would get like 6 people per week and have to pay $300 for rent), sold everything I can think of on Ebay, networked with everyone I can think of, went to unadvertised companies to drop off resume/ cover letter, and even tried to do clients hair out of my home...but the state sent me a letter stating they would take my license away for 5 years if I am caught again!

I don't qualify for state help even though my husband got laid off and the unemployment does not cover our expenses. I really am at the end of my rope!!!!

Drizzler 6 years ago

I graduated 2 years ago from a average university with a finance degree. Promised the world while i was in college. When I got out luckily i found a job within 2 weeks, but ever since that nothing. This whole economy is suffering because of greed. Greed from the dumb execs from these dumb banks who gave this dumb loans.........the execs get raises, the processors get laid off, and we suffer because of that. Bush that f'in idiot didn't do anything for the economy, he knew he was running away to his home in TX swimming in his millions. Now Obama wants to jump start the economy and those damn republicans are stuck up f'ers.....look at us, the future of this country.....we aren't going anywhere....the rich will get richer and the poor will keep struggling....i still have my job, but in the 2 years I've had it no raise, no 401K, and i went on 4 interviews in 2 years.....NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.....i hate this economy....we need to get past this....GOD give us all the power to get to that day....i feel for u all out there...remember.....when you cant survive any longer....write the local paper letters everyday.....this issue needs to be raised from below....and go to Obama.....Obama cant fight this from the top if theres no noise coming from the bottom.....

Sam 6 years ago

My husband has been out of work for almost 2 years now. He has a BA and is definitely the most intelligent person I have ever met. It breaks my heart to see him and so many others struggle through these awful times.

Sometimes I myself get discouraged with his situation and I end up saying things like "well are you doing everything you can?" and "did you call so and so..." etc, basically just nagging which I'm sure doesn't help. It's just a huge strain on relationships in general when somone loses a job. I try to be his personal cheer leader to keep his head up, but there's only so many ways you can say "it's going to be okay" especially when you're not sure that it really is going to be okay.

I'm not a religious person but I'm seriously thinking of joining a church just to get some type of spiritual strength.

Sad in Michigan 6 years ago

Well finally I got a interview and after waiting almost 2 weeks to here back I called to follow up the person who they hired answered the phone! No update from the employer no e-mail which takes two seconds no nothing! Honestly at this point I'm out of unemployment I'm hoping for emergency unemployment there really isn't any hope anymore...

Bill in Dallas, TX 6 years ago

I'm 48, MBA, looking for a Finance Manager/Analyst position. I have been unemployed now for 14.5 months(laid off Dec 08)-go figure. Nothing is happening. I send out resumes, try the networking, try LinkedIn, career groups - NOTHING. I have opened up my job search to Asia, Europe and the Middle East and Canada and again NOTHING. Am I depressed - YES. However, I am determined to make something happen. It's helpful to hear others stories and know that others are going through this painful time as well so that we know it's not just ME. But lets' remember something, keep trying and do your best-the economy will turn around..God bless Americans!!!

TMM 6 years ago

WELL , take it easy

and everything will be changed.

6 years ago

I live in Australia and I have a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource and I have tons of expereince in Administration. I have applied for at least 80 Admin or HR jobs and I had 0 call backs.

The problem is not my CV or cover letter, they have been professionally checked. The problem is too many people too little jobs, I am competing with hundreds of people like myself, so the managers are choosing someone who has ideal (Anglo Saxon) name or if they look pretty if they actually get to the interview.

"Capitalism Works" what a load of S!#t

LostNConfused 6 years ago

I know some people might consider this an "excuse," but when you have anxiety and other health problems that add on to the stress of trying to find a job, it makes things SO MUCH harder than even "regular folk" as some of you put it. Nevermind the people that have degrees or experience, or even people that are just like me who have no degree, I feel like I am at the bottom of the food chain in terms of landing a job. With anxiety, you can forget trying to impress your employer during a job interview - not going to happen. Nerves take over and even though I have the confidence in me to do the job, the employer doesn't see that because I choke everytime. It feels so unfair. I am a really, really hard-worker and just because I get nervous does not mean I cannot do an excellent job. I'm sorry, but... this advice is much easier written on paper than it is to actually do. Keep in mind, there are so many factors that go into a job search, and it's different for everyone.

Simone 6 years ago

Can't find a job. I am a computer programmer, with a Computer Science degree, 8 years of experience. I have not been working for 9 months, and looking for a job for 2 months now. I should have followed my mom's advice and become a DOCTOR instead... I never heard of unemployed doctors out there...

Narly 6 years ago

I disagree, with tracie, I have an Aerospace Engineer Degree and supposedly its rocket science right but I still cant land a regular job. even worst an engineering job...

Narly 6 years ago

Bill in Dallas I agree with you man, Im a college graduate and Ive been turning to networking now, since just applying doesnt cut it now days. So im barely looking into cities in the eastern side of the US. I hope everything gets better otherwise my degree didnt work for sh*t...

Renae Roux 6 years ago

Personal Statement of Renae A. Roux

I have carefully considered my career path while working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. The classes I took such as; Small Business, Financial 1 and 2, Cost and Managerial Accounting, Human Resources, Principles of Finance, Principles of Insurance, Supervisory Management, and Business Law just to name a few. These classes made me decide that the Training Field is where I want my career to go.

My strengths that I would bring to any position would be utilizing my life learned experiences, plus the knowledge I obtained through my college degrees, my strong verbal/communication skills, outgoing personality, team player, organizational skills and have the ability to work well individually, managing or with a team.

When the bell monopoly took place, I was at Radio Shack selling phone systems to large organizations and used cold calling to get my foot in the door. I have experience in the offer and negotiation process in hiring and negotiating salaries in the operation of three of my own businesses. I developed advertising and entertainment activities for the resort. In my ceramic store, I implemented the shop layout, window displays, and inventory. When Miller Brewing first started making mugs, they produced the mold and Roux Ceramics manufactured and designed them to be put on the market.

For my restaurant, I orchestrated the demolition and construction of the bar and restaurant, developed the blueprints for the business. I was the General Manager for “R” Place and was responsible for hiring, training, firing. I set up the dining room menu by design, cost, and to reap a profit for the business. I also did payroll, inventory, daily reports and advertisement to get new customers or repeat business.

As indicated earlier, I was employed for Radio Shack Corporation for eleven years. I became certified in all areas of the electronic world. After a year I received a promotion and became a manager trainee. In the training process I had my first store within eight months. After several awards for showing profits, I became a trouble shooter, taking over problem store(s) and making them profitable. In all these stores my job title was General Manager.

I feel the above mentioned strengths and qualities that I would be bringing to the position of Customer Service Training Manager would give me the opportunity to use my skills and prove my abilities as a team player. I really thrive in a challenging position and look forward to a career opportunity with your company.

Renae A. Roux 308 E. Sawyer Street

Rice Lake, WI 54868


Cell: 715-651-3930 renaeroux@chibardun.net

Objective: To obtain a long-term career with an organization which has a strong background where I can grow professionally and be rewarded financially in a challenging career as a Customer Service Training Manager.


Franklin University Columbus, OH

Bachelor's Degree- Business Administration 2005

• President’s List, Honor Role Student 4.0, winter of 2004, summer of 2005.

• Dean’s List, spring, fall, 2004, and 2005.

• Classes include; Motivational Strategies, Organizational Behavior, Compensation and Benefits, Principles of Finance, Global Culture, Popular Culture, Financial 1 & 2 Accounting, Cost & Managerial Accounting, Statistics, Market Research, Principles of Investment, Principles of Insurance, Business Law, Organizational Policy & Ethics, Business Administration and Human Resource Management.

• Graduated with honors.

WITC-Rice Lake Rice Lake, WI

Associate Degree-Marketing 2004

• Deans List, spring 2003 and 2004.

• Learned all aspects of Microsoft Office.

• Classes include; Marketing Research, Principles of Insurance, Economics, Sales Promotion, Advertising, Retail Management and Small Business Accounting.

• I am proficient with MS Word all versions, Excel, and PowerPoint.

• Graduated with honors.

WITC-Rice Lake Rice Lake, WI

Associate Degree-Supervisory Management 2004

• Supervision, Customer Service and Leadership Skills.

• Graduated with honors.

Stratford Career Institute-Online Degree Washington, DC

Associate Degree-Psychology/Social Work 2004

• Psychology, Sociology and Human Behavior.

Other Certifications:

• Food Service and Sanitation, Certified Nurses Assistant and Bartending.


Sunshine Productions Rice Lake, WI

Owner/Entertainer May 1999 to Present

• Selected phonograph and tape recording to be played based on program specialty.

• Used knowledge of the audience preferences and the listening audience requests.

• DJ/Karaoke/Entertainer

• Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, opening acts for bands etc.

• Vocal training

• Recording

Dollar Tree Rice Lake, WI

General Manager/ District Sales Trainer Sept. 2007 to Oct. 2008

• Orchestrated mass hires of 30 employees to set up new store layout.

• Payroll, Inventory, Scheduling, General Book keeping, Shipping, Ordering and Receiving.

• Succession management training for District Manager’s Position.

• Recorded delivery of merchandise, compared record with merchandise ordered and reported discrepancies to control costs and maintain correct inventory levels.

• Total Control of Sales and Sales per Employee Hour.

• Set up plan-o-grams and merchandising end caps to boost sales.

Dollar General Rice Lake, WI

General Manager/District Manager Trained Nov. 2005 to Aug.2007

• Orchestrated 7 mass hires of 30 employees through out Wisconsin to set up new store layout.

• Succession management training for District Manager’s Position.

• 10 Stores report their weekly sales directly to me.

• Payroll, Inventory, General Book keeping, Shipping and Receiving.

• Supervised and trained all 30 + employees in job specifications.

• Prepare new hire orientation packets.

• Maintain personnel files.

• Notify employees of benefits eligibility.

• Orchestrated all types of HRIS administration procedures.

Wal-Mart Rice Lake, WI

Associate May 2003 to July 2005

• Floater in various departments, electronics, jewelry, garden Center, front /exit greeter, service desk, layaway and Customer Service Manager.

• Cashed checks for customers and monitored checkout stations in self-service store.

• Provided information to customers.

• Received customers' complaints and resolved complaints when possible.

• Trained new hires and achieved significant improvements in their productivity.

• Monitored checkout stations to reduce customer delays.

"R" Place Bar & Restaurant Edgewater, WI

General Manager April 1998 to Jan. 2001

• Orchestrated demolition and rebuilding of supper club.

• Designed blueprints for business layout.

• Created and implemented employee handbook.

• Constructed job requirements and job descriptions for all areas of bar and restaurant.

• Conducted business inventory makeovers.

• Completed orders and inventory control.

• Introduced company and products by designing advertising.

• Maintained payroll and organized computer programs.

Radio Shack Milwaukee, WI

General Manager

Sad in Michigan  6 years ago

I know Bill is right we just have to remain strong I hope that the unemployment extension goes through! I hope that everyone on this blog and the 5 million plus unemployed in this country survive this crisis. I hope the governement begains to concern it's self with JOBS and not HEALTHCARE right now. Let's get people employed and retrained and than worry about healthcare.

Angel 6 years ago

Three years ago, I voluntarily left a dead end (with okay pay) job in the Insurance industry and went back to school for a career in the medical field (this was my dream). I had my finances in order for the time I would be in school (I also had to move back in with my parents), and was completely confident that I would be able to get a job in my chosen field once I graduated. They're constantly saying there's a shortage in the medical field. Wrong. There are NO jobs in my new field. I wish now that I never left my prior job, but I didn't see this coming. Hindsight is 20/20. There's no chance of getting my prior job back because the company isn't hiring, and probably won't be for a long time. I haven't been working or laid off so I don't qualify for unemployment. I now have a THREE YEAR gap on my resume that I don't know how to explain (I'm trying to get back into my prior field because of lack of work in my new field). If I tell them I was in school for my new field, they'll think that I will leave as soon as that field starts hiring again. I think that those of us with huge gaps on our resume have it the hardest!! In the meantime, I'm stuck living with my parents!!!! It is humiliating, and my 13 year old son shouldn't have to live with his grandparents. Embarrassing. I wish I could turn back time, but alas, simply have to try to move forward. :(

Nick 6 years ago

I have a BA in Accounting & MS in Finance who has been laid off since Nov 2008. Since then I have had two temp jobs lasting 3 months each. I am unemployable due to 'no references' and bad credit. at this point I am as employable as a convicted felon. I am 33 years old and 'kids' with just a BA in accounting talk about the 20 interviews they are getting and their menu of job offers.

If you have bad credit for whatever reason for any job and don't have glowing supervisory references you are unemployable. I cannot pay credit cards and for the first time since I was 19 looking at having to move back home with parents.

BCPonkin 6 years ago

And another clown joins the sad sack parade...

B.A.? Check.

Various licenses and certificates? Check.

Several years of experience in my chosen field? Check.

Numerous job skills that can apply laterally to any number of jobs? You betcha.

Job offers? Hmmmm...

It seems that my work experience of the last few years is a sad chronicle of a long backslide into the kind of work I did to make a few extra bucks in high school. Former BGC Unit Director cum Very Part Time Housekeeper. I make less money at my current job than I did on unemployment a few months back, and unemployment was no picnic. People that haven't been laid off tend to think of unemployed and underemployed people as a) lazy, b) on extended vacation, or c) Someone They'll Never Be.

Not. True. Hombre.

It's more like a trial by fire. At this point, I don't know how much further I can cut back on expenses. My clothes are turning into rags, so I sew them back together and hope they last a few more months. My car needs work (and without the car, HOW would I get to work?).

I cried myself to sleep for months. I sent out hundreds of applications, emails, phone calls for a handful of dead-end interviews for jobs I was overqualified for. Now I just don't care enough. My resume output has slowed to a crawl. I mean, why keep throwing yourself in front of the bus? The last real interview I had (for a job I was perfect for), the interviewer, without reason or warning, walked out of the room in the middle of the interview. Had I been insulting? Did she not like my answers? No. She needed to "stretch her legs". The lack of respect on her part was absolutely appalling.

Anyway, the once never-considered life of crime is now a genuine consideration. I could never hurt anybody, but rob one of those soulless "too big to fail" banks that put us in this position to start with? It would hardly make me blink.

employmentking 6 years ago

A great article; many people fail who are highly employable fail to gain job offers-crazy I know! So how do you gain job offers? The secret to employment is to know what your potential employer is looking for. Read the job specification, job profile and the company’s webpage, from this you will know what skills and qualities the employer requires, this is often recorded as essential on the job specification. You need to sell yourself to the employer, many job hunters will talk about one of their strengths that has nothing or very little to do with the job they are applying for, instead you should answer every question with a story highlighting one of the essential skills needed for the role.

We see this everyday in advertising, an advert for a chocolate bar will tell you they give you energy, how tasty they are, even that chocolate is sexy. They never mention anything about how much sugar is in the chocolate bar, how it rots your teeth and makes you put weight on. We all have strengths and areas of development; the trick is to sell our strengths, the strengths the employers needs for the job role you are applying for.

Smart Beyond Compare 6 years ago

I hope American consumers are happy, now that the consequences of unrestricted importing of goods from other countries has finally broken the employment system in this country.

Until government and consumers wake up, and started charging the shit out of imported goods to make them non competitive, rebuild the manufacturing infratsructure this country used to be known for, then I am afraid all will be lost, eventually culmulating in another flag flying over our soil.

Still looking 6 years ago

Mailed out 177 resumes and applied to numerous online openings in the past 6 days alone. All this school/certifications havent helped a bit.

Annoyed 6 years ago

I've been searching for a job since august and I've not even gotten ONE call back. I've shown my resume to several professional friends, who in turn showed it to people they worked with that did not know me and they thought my resume was great (unfortunately: not hiring atm). I check craigslist religiously, snagajob, monster, yahoo! hotjobs... I check the paper too. I apply to everything that I could reasonably be considered for. Nothing. Not even a curtesy "sorry we filled this position." Talk about depressing. I'm living with my dad, and already suffering from PTSD (this does not come through in my resume nor would it in an interview: i'm not crazy). I'm bored, my friends are all 3hrs away and I have no car (couldnt afford it anyway). all the money i had saved up is gone in a previous failed venture. I don't know what more I can do.

I even submitted my resume to appleone. They did not even call me back. I called THEM, and they said we'll get back to you. that was 2 months ago.

Is there something wrong with me? I'm seriously considering turning to less... legal... methods of earning a living because I cannot continue this way. If i don't have a job by the end of the month I dont know what i'll do.

tbro010 6 years ago

My search for employment is becoming harder and more desperate each and every day. I have been unemployed since December of 2008 as the commercial finance industry, in which I was employed, came tumbling down. My entire savings is wiped out, in part by simply being unemployed for so long and in part by being involved in a custody battle for my son's safety and well being. As a single father I am terrified of what I will face each and everyday.

I filed bankruptcy in August of 2009 which basically made me "ineligible for employment" in the industry in whihc I had worked for 30 years. Even though it is illegal for a company to deny employment based on a bankruptcy filing it provides a catalyst for citing any other reason. I had an offer in November of 2009, was given a start date and was waiting for clearnace of my background check. I was told I was "ineligible" because I had a public record on my credit report. That public record was my bankruptcy. I was honest and upfront with each of the 4 people I interviewed with, at various levels in the company, and each said it was not an issue.

Presently I am looking outside of the banking industry but I I am running into the road block of "you are a banker". My reply is always "...even though I spent 30 years in banking the last 12 was in outside sales..." but it doesn't matter. My search is becoming more difficult as my car is being repossessed any day now and my house is in foreclosure. I am trying to find an apartment within the school district my son attends but who is going to rent to someone without a job?? How do I even look for a job without a vehicle??

To get through I am hanging on to the fact that my son is now safe and God will provide just as he did with my son.

Thanks for listening.

AngryMan 6 years ago

After reading these posts, I am very concerned. The reason why I am concerned is that, I am 41 years old and in my junior year of college. Things are just not looking good after graduation at all. Going for my masters would just get me further into debt and would only be a waste of my time. I tried going for internships, but always get turned down for someone younger. To make matters worse, my son turns 18 on April 20 this year and my ex-wife claims he will still be in high school until he is 19!!! On top of all this that B---- wants to double my monthly payment from 297 per month to 600 per month. Yes, the B---- knows that I am unemployed, but she does not give a S---. Now, the reason that I went back to school is because I was hired for a state agency based on an employers lie. They told me that the job was permanent, but that was not true and 11 months later, I was called into my bosses office and was told my temp position was ending. Can you believe that crap? I am unable to get even a part time job at McDonald's! This just plain old sucks and I wish Obama would get off his lazy butt and do something about this mess, or there will be a bunch of angry people demanding revolution. Hell, I even changed my political affiliation to socialist, because this country is broken beyond repair. I just do not have any hope for the foreseeable future.

Todd 6 years ago

I agree with niceguy. Too much common sense with these tips. Bottom line is not enough jobs & ones which do exist are given to friends or friends of friends. Education & certifications are overrated & have turned into a huge business. I'm beginning to wonder if some folks should even mention some things on resumes.

Todd 6 years ago

Also, no question Washington needs to do more. Obama administration should be ashamed of itself. No way is healthcare reform top issue in the United States. Also shame on the media for not discussing this more!

gootings 6 years ago

thank george w bush

Sara 6 years ago

I sympathize with everyone on this board. I landed a job in April 2009, right after college graduation. It was pure luck. Only problem was the job was 40 miles away from my home and it was dead end. One setback, such as needing new tires, made me turn to family for money. I was constantly walking on eggshells.

I left that job in January to work on my Master's degree and realized that spending 30k on more education was not going to work for me. I already have student loan debt and the payoff is not worth it. So, I left my program.

Now I have been searching for a job aggressively. Without employment, I will be homeless. I have over five years of clerical and administrative experience. I graduated with my B.A. - Cum Laude. I received numerous awards and scholarships. And I have not received one job offer.

Some days I get really upset and feel hopeless. Other days are better. What am I to do? Youth is working against me. Those that are older and more experience are filling the entry-level positions I qualify for. This leaves me with a dream job in fast food, or waitressing.

All I can do is keep trying, hoping, and praying. I hope that we all find something to help us stay afloat.

Lifesucks 6 years ago

I've been searching for a job for several months to no avail. I graduated from college in the top 3% of my class and it hasn't made a bit of difference. I check job boards and classifieds everyday, attend job fairs, network through people I know and I haven't landed anything. While persisting in staying positive despite the dismal outlook of this job search is recommended, those are just pretty words. Hope won't put money in my pocket or pay the bills. Apparently, having a college education (overrated) and endlessly job-hunting won't do that either. I'm going to be the most highly qualified resident at the local homeless shelter. Why did I even try?

Doug 6 years ago

I graduated in may 2009 and have landed a couple jobs but they are all BS outside sales jobs. I am no good at them, but cannot find anything else. Most jobs on craigslist are scams, never get callbacks on career builder or monster. My resume is decent but I just cannot find any jobs that are willing to give me a chance. Luckily I have no debt and my rent is cheap. But what gives, this is horrible!

revolt! revolt! 6 years ago

I have actually taken the time to read ALL of these posts. (I guess misery really does love company) I was laid off from my manufacturing job of 7 years in Jan '09. The severance I was promised & depended on was not paid because the company filed for bankruptcy protection before they paid it out. Several workers didn't even get their last paycheck. Now they get to plead their case in Germany (WTF) your facility was here you bastards! 401K is spent....savings-HA....unemployment-ends this week. Filed for bankruptcy, owe the IRS, owe medical bills....owe my soul soon I guess. I am a 31 year old single mother who has taken care of herself since 18 years old. Now my child & I live with family. I wake up every day knowing that I am a drain on them, I am a drain on society. No one wants to hire someone with no education, but why the hell would I go back to school now! So I can give the banks MORE money? & still have no job....bitching does no good, but no one can keep this in all the time. I just keep telling myself change will come....I will get a job. I don't even want a good job anymore. I just want something. I don't want to have to take advantage of the generosity of my family forever. I don't want my daughter to grow up with a failure for a mother. But I am not a failure. None of us are failures. Educated or not, I have not failed!!!! I have to tell myself this every day...just to get through. I love this country, but it is not the place it pretends to be. Every one is waiting for things to turn around, for the economy to pick up....for industry to come back to our home land.....Not me! I am waiting for people to unite. For people who once thought themselves strangers from each other realize: this is not about race, age, education, experience, ethics, morality, humanity....THIS ABOUT POWER! Those who have the money, have the power. They will never give up that power. They do not care if you are jobless, homeless, starving.....they want you to starve....they want the middle class gone....more for them. The power has consumed them. & the greedy leaders, bankers, & corporate executives will choke on it. I will never commit a crime. I have to be here for my child! But it will happen. Pleads of help have fallen on the deaf ears of our leaders & they are doing no more than uniting & fueling a revolution that I see is inevitable. God help us all for when that day comes....I will no longer recognize my home!

Sorry for all the pessimism, but I am not lazy, nor do I think most of the unemployed are. But what else is to be assumed. People will do drastic things when you take away their pride. And I see a lot of people missing that when I leave my house lately.

David 6 years ago


Well at least it's somewhat comforting to know that I am not the only person going through this...long stretch of unemployment.I am a former business owner, CEO if you will, and for several years was working with crude oil traders in Geneva, and making killer money. My main customer accepted a job with our principle which forced me to close my business. This happened in June 2009, and now, it is almost April 2010, and still haven't landed a job. If any of you would consider building a company, based on my business model, working with clients around the world in the oil business, please do contact me. Let's chat and see what comes of it. After all, the only way that any of us might escape these unemployment hardships, is to work for ourselves.



me 6 years ago

this helped

Jen 6 years ago

I totally sympathize with everybody here who posted a comment about looking for a job. I have been unemployed since May 2008. I was employed at a job that absolutely loathed! It was the worst job I ever had and I had to leave. I've been applying everywhere and have been getting interviews, but no job yet, to no avail. The market is picking up, though. For those who don't know some very good job sites are: indeed.com, simplyhired.com, and linkedup.com. I would also consider checking out Good Morning America's website. They have really good tips on job hunting, etc.

bcc 6 years ago

Yep, I'm one of the recently unemployed (since December 2009). I have a BA tons of sales, marketing and admin experience. When I was laid off back in 08 from my sales job I took a job as an admin assistant. They wanted to cut my salary to an hourly wage because the company was not doing well so I thought to quit (dumb move, but I've never had a problem finding a job) and look for a job full time. I had a savings of 4 months and been living off my savings and since I quit, I don't qualify for unemployment. I am really scared now and will go look for a job washing dishes at a local restaurant. I hope I can get a job otherwise, I don't know what's going to happen. I've sent out 107 resumes and I've had 4 interviews and no offers. I will work for food and housing at this point...

Nattiebruin 6 years ago

I am in same situation as all of you guys. Last June, I graduated from a masters program and have not found employment since then. I have a lot of work experience in both the insurance field, education and even speak multiple languages. Reading everyone's comments has made me realized that I am not alone. I have remained very optimistic however it has finally caught up to me. I am discouraged but I have kept a schedule in order to maintain my sanity. I agree, I feel that is useless for me to keep applying for jobs however I feel worse when I don't do it at all. I am very fortunate to have family that supports all the way but as a young professional I feel useless. Let's not give up. Things will get better unfortunately maybe later than sooner.

Emily 6 years ago

This website is unsettling and comforting all at once. I never realized that there were THIS many people out there whose situation is similar to my own. However, I count myself incredibly fortunate because my family loves me, provides for me and would never allow me to do without food, shelter and other basics. In fact, I suppose that my family is counted in the minority of families in American culture who believe that family sticks together and doesn't kick the kids out at 18. My Mom and Dad tell me on a daily basis that they would be happy if I lived at home forever.

However, I still wish that I could be more independent and take care of the people around me instead of the other way around, but that just hasn't happened yet. Maybe it's because I graduated with a B.A. in English. Oh, the horror. I feel like the system lied to me; I was told that this was a useful degree. I constantly feel like a disappointment. My student loan payments are due and I can't get hired without experience; it's pretty tough to get experience if no one will take a chance and hire you in the first place, though.

All I really want to say is that we should all stick with our families and friends if we are fortunate enough to be able to share resources. Making payments and paying bills is a little easier when there are a lot of people under one roof who can add even a tiny amount of money to the pool.

In times like this, when everything seems hopeless, our families--and friends who are like family--will nourish our souls and lick our wounds. Good luck to you all; my heart goes out to you.

Emily 6 years ago

This website is unsettling and comforting all at once. I never realized that there were THIS many people out there whose situation is similar to my own. However, I count myself incredibly fortunate because my family loves me, provides for me and would never allow me to do without food, shelter and other basics. In fact, I suppose that my family is counted in the minority of families in American culture who believe that family sticks together and doesn't kick the kids out at 18. My Mom and Dad tell me on a daily basis that they would be happy if I lived at home forever.

However, I still wish that I could be more independent and take care of the people around me instead of the other way around, but that just hasn't happened yet. Maybe it's because I graduated with a B.A. in English. Oh, the horror. I feel like the system lied to me; I was told that this was a useful degree. I constantly feel like a disappointment. My student loan payments are due and I can't get hired without experience; it's pretty tough to get experience if no one will take a chance and hire you in the first place, though.

All I really want to say is that we should all stick with our families and friends if we are fortunate enough to be able to share resources. Making payments and paying bills is a little easier when there are a lot of people under one roof who can add even a tiny amount of money to the pool.

In times like this, when everything seems hopeless, our families--and friends who are like family--will nourish our souls and lick our wounds. Good luck to you all; my heart goes out to you.

diana 6 years ago

bull shit!!!!!!!!!!! Pardon me but I have done all those and more. I have been out of work for 10 months and am almost out of money. I hav enough money for maybe 2 months and then that is it. I will be homeless. So if you think your tips work - again I say bullshit.

Joe 6 years ago

I've been unemployed for a year now with a college degree from a top ranked university. Not even one interview.....GRRRRR

Man, both the Democrats and Republicans are messing this country up. They don't care about the homeless who used to be in the middle class. D & R are helping their wallstreet friends.



This movie Exposes both parties.

Matthew 6 years ago

My main problem that I am experiencing is a general lack of industry experience. I received a B.S. in biochemistry, and had three years of academic research experience while I earned my M.S. but the few interviews I have had are hinting at my lack of industry experience. I was forced to move back in with my parents which is hard on the soul after many months. However, I have also taken up a rigorous exercise program to ease the mind. I have found that even if I can't find work, I can have ample time to work on myself.

M_D 6 years ago

I've been looking for a job for 8 months now. I finished my degree almost a year ago and didn't start looking for a job untill after the summer. So far I've been to 2 interviews, and after applying to 400+ positions I recieved less than a handful of calls back.

What I hate the most about websites like these is the "Network" part. Yeah it's easy to say that most people get hired through people they know. But what am I supposed to do when all my friends work entry level jobs in their field or ones they had since high school. And my parents, they don't know anyone who would hire me, all their friends and acquaintances are lower middle class working people. SO WHO THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO NETWORK WITH? No one wants to hear out a new grad with little job experience. Especially the people who would get me a job, they have way too many things to worry about.

Ohio Boy 6 years ago

I was laid off three days before Christmas last year. Nice, huh? It was a $27 an hour job in communications technology, and I have looked exhaustedly for a similar job since then.

NOTHING is available in this part of the country right now.

Some of you have commented about employers being unscrupulous, and I agree. The problem is the whole "at will" thing that exists in almost every state, Ohio included. I realize that the economy is still bad, but employers hold too much power. Many companies lay people off "just because they can" during a recession. If they need to have layoffs to stay in business, that's one thing. But, if they have layoffs just so the CEO can still afford the payments on his/her vacation house, that's BS. And that's what is happening in many cases.

Looks like we have come full circle. The unions rose up after the Depression, became corrupt, and the power was returned to the employer. Now the employers have screwed things up, and the unions will rise again.

Keep the Faith. Thanks for letting me vent.

Dee 6 years ago

Moving to Grand Rapids, MI was probably the worst mistake I ever made in my life. Trying to get a job over here is like trying to fit a camel in the eye of a needle. Anyways, I have a B.A. degree, years of experience and even a Medical Assistant certification and I still can't get a job. Have not been working since last year. Been on about 10-20 interviews but they hired some internally. wtf? well, I have had 2 temp positions that has helped me out some bit but couldn't keep up with my car payments so it was taken by the bank. no car. no job. no job cause I have no car. Not to mention that my school loans are about to default. Thinking about going to a community college to get a degree in nursing since there are jobs in that field. but first I might have to volunteer my time at the many local strip clubs to get the money to afford another college education. I have bad credit, no job, so I can't get a loan. can't buy a car. Thankfully I have a husband who has a job so I am able to eat everyday or I wouldn't have food either. see what happens next.

lost in LALA 6 years ago

I have never wanted to participate in one of these forums before. I have always considered them to be unhelpful and negative. For whatever reason I decided to read this one. Maybe I am in the middle of a pity party today. Who knows! This forum however, simply broke my heart. You people are actually normal, run-of-the-mill people with families and educations. If it is any consolation, I am in the same boat. I was a merchandiser who got laid off. I relocated to Los Angeles to be near family. After months of applying I did land a job only to get laid off again. My husband keeps us afloat and I can't complain too much because we do have family. But gosh, it is so hard out there right now. Education, family, friends...all of it seems to be just a bunch of blah, blah, blah. All the social networking, job boards, resume articles...again, just a bunch of blah, blah, blah. All I can say, is that bad luck is an equal opportunist. It does not discriminate against anyone. I am truly sorry I can offer no advice and I am truly sorry I really haven't received any. Tons of resumes and interviews later, here I am. I refuse to believe that my education was a waste of time. I refuse to believe I am worthless. I encourage anyone who reads my post to refuse to sell themselves short or to buy into these fallacies. The truth is, I believe that a job search is nothing more than a numbers game. Almost like playing a game of darts. You have to throw a certain amount of darts to hit a bull's eye. Too, keep in mind, it all boils down to the overwhelmed idiot reading your resume. Resumes are highly subjective. One person could read it and think it is absolutely terrible. On the other hand, someone can read it and see potential. I know it does not help, but I also know this is no one's fault. Let's face it, most recruiters don't know how to truly read people. Beyond dealing with burned out, goofy recruiters, many of our resumes end up in a database or rather a bottomless abyss. The odds are just tough right now and I offer nothing more than my own understanding and sympathy. Frankly, most articles on resume building and job searching are patronizing. I patronize no one here. I simply share your discouragement.

Battlefield 6 years ago

Expensive suits, rental cars and experience. What else do we need? Our knowledge and backgrounds are being challenged only because we are not trained in the call center, food, medical or hospitality fields. The educated today are trained in ROI, business efficiency, stakeholder improvement, global business expansion, information technologies and project planning. Knowing the difference between cooking a burger with a thermometer and manufacturing a thermometer to make a profit, is where the gap of education has gotten up thus far.

WhenWillItEnd 6 years ago

well, I graduated in may of 09, Ive had 3 jobs since then, the first one was in food, not even getting paid double digits per hour, the second, outside sales bs where they hire 25 people and train them only to let go about 23 of them, now im back in food working at a sub shop, again not getting paid double digits per hour.

I guess I should be thankful that I even have some income, but this is definitely not what i expected upon graduation.

I was reading the first post that said it had been posted 2 years ago and I said damn, this was going on 2 years ago? then it hit me, its already been a year for me, so its not that far back lol

I have a plan, we all go to vegas, max out all credit cards and bank accounts and put it all on black on roulette. If we win we pay back what we took and we can have some cash. If we lose, we blow the rest on a wild time and kill ourselves.

Peter 6 years ago

I worked for a billion dollar company, as a Seiner technical advisor. I was told in a corporate meeting, that they couldn't even buy the steel for what china could make the finished product for. They said that if the employees paid the company they still couldn't compete "its no longer about wages." The next three years I spent shutting down factory after factory and moving them to china.The factory they owned in china used political prisoners (you know the guys that want democracy) and paid them nothing. Now it was my turn to get let go, and in the last 2 and half years I cant find anything. The best I could find was a part time minimum wage job weekends for 12 hours. I now live with my parents broke and with creditors calling me for my student loan i couldn't finish paying. I cant even declare bankruptcy that would require money I don't have. "The problem is not with capitalism, Its that capitalism no longer exists."

Peter 6 years ago

On a lighter note, here is what I found helps getting employed.I have worked for some of the best companies but keep in mind I'm unemployed.

1) Resumes are over rated

I went to a company once and scribbled garbage on a piece of paper. The manager came out and said what the heck is this a joke?.I explained to him I've been to a lot of places, and never got the opportunity to talk to anyone. After talking a bit he said he would of hired me.They just hired someone, and it wouldn't be fair, he said he would of liked me better.


Government programs and people make the same mistake, they network with unemployed workers. Think about it if they knew anything they have a job. Network with the employed they are in the loop and know where the jobs are. Also they wont be depressing you with stories on how bad they have it.

3)Online stuff

For the most part its like sending your resume into a black whole. One company I worked for got over 800 resumes a day. We had a full time staff just deleting them, so the computers wouldn't crash. Faxes are better at least someone picks them up and maybe looks at it. The best is to walk in on the company and talk to them direct at least they can see your not a drug addict (dress all business like, riped up jeans hip-hop crap says i don't care)

4) look for trends

People need to follow the money, forget what you were told get an education be somebody. Would you rather sit with you PHD unemployed complaining, or drive a transport truck and make a few dollars.

5)Take anything

Most important of all, the longer you are unemployed the greater chance you will never be employed. A Mc job doesn't have to be for life and you will meet new people and network, Unemployment checks do run out.

kimberly 6 years ago

i like every one comment but an from a carribbean island an it very hard to get a jod

Lookingforwork 6 years ago

Wow – two years and this article is still generating posts. That is so sad. I agree with the posts that the tips are suited to a different economy and time.

The economy will probably improve, I just hope we live long enough to see that day. It’s doubtful, however, that the “American Dream” will ever be realized by the vast majority of people. The jobs created following past recessions have trended downward in their pay and benefits. Therefore, I think the article is overdue for an update and I humbly submit the following tips for staying employed, and/or finding work, in the New America.

1. Learn to lie. Your CV should not reflect your actual experience and education; rather, you must tailor your CV to each specific job posting. Human Resource people do not understand the jobs they are trying to fill. Therefore, HR professionals scan hundreds or thousands of CVs for the precise phrase or qualifications they have listed in the job posting – often electronically. For instance, HR does not know the difference between a CPA and an accountant, they do not know if these are equivalent positions and will not select a CPA if they have advertised for an accountant. If you feel uncomfortable about lying – well you are at a severe disadvantage – but the following tip may help. Rewrite you CV to conform exactly to the job description adding the word “equivalent” after each fabricated fact (i.e. MBA from Harvard Business School, equivalent). HR will probably never catch this little trick, and technically you have not lied.

2. Do not have children. Admittedly they are the joie de vie, but only if you can afford to care for a child. In the New America, children are an economic anchor – beginning at the moment of conception – when many parents-to-be will discover they are either under-insured or not insured at all. After the birth of the child the parents (or sometimes parent) will need to find reliable and affordable day-care for the child in order to return to work. Surprise – there is no such thing. It also turns out that children are the scourge of the corporate beast – employers HATE children because employers want you to have undivided loyalty to the corporate beast. It’s an absolute guarantee that once your employer discovers you are (or about to become) a parent your performance evaluations will plummet. Your employer will remind you at every available opportunity about the “sacrifices” they are making to allow you to spend time with your children. In addition, if your employer ever actually has to make a sacrifice because of your parenthood, you will be fired.

3. It’s who you know, not what you know (euphemistically called “networking” by hiring professionals). This has always been true – and even more now when jobs are scarce and positions guarded jealously by hiring professionals for the well connected. Face it, your PhD, Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude and 10 years of experience will NEVER trump the college drop-out nephew of the CEO’s golf buddy. So if you are not connected to the real power in the corporate beast, save your time and money and don’t apply. You are better off buying a lotto ticket. At this point you may disagree and think to yourself: “those jobs have to be filled by someone, why not me?” I remind you that most people find their jobs through their network. Thus, no network, no job. Well, we need to keep the classes separated somehow.

4. Do no go to college. For those of you struggling in this job market without the degree, congratulate yourself that you did not fall for the “American Scheme,” as so aptly coined above by the pilot. You have saved perhaps $50,000, ($150,000 or more for a graduate degree), plus 10 or more years of interest. There’s no bail out for the fools who bought into the American Scheme – just debt collector calls and bad credit. If the fools manage to find a job the banks will take the lion’s share of their pay to service the debt. In the end, even those with networks will be nothing more than an educated indentured servant of the corporate beast.

5. Do not buy a house – they are economic anchors that will suck your savings away. I know economists will say that home ownership is the way most people accumulate wealth – but let’s think about that for a minute. If you home is your wealth, then at some point you will need to spend your “wealth.” To do so you will need to sell your home, or borrow money from the bank by pledging your home as collateral. Thus your “wealth” will be reduced by the cost to sell your home or the carrying costs of the loan. Those of us not tied down by a 30 year mortgage to one community are free to move with the jobs – wherever they may go. As an added benefit, having no ties a community will make it easier to ignore the desecration of the community brought on by the boom and bust economic cycles of the New America.

6. Keep your passport current. In the New America jobs are fluid, oozing across borders always seeking the lowest point. You must be prepared at a moments notice to move where the jobs flow. Perhaps your job will move to India – then you should too. Of course India does not want you to take a job away from one of their citizens, so you must be clever. Apply for a student visa and then overstay your welcome – become an illegal alien abroad. You will only be making 1/10th of your previous wage – but you were smart and have no children, home, or community binding you to the U.S. wage.

7. Begin taking anti-depressants. In the New American it is imperative that you never become depressed, discouraged, deflated or any other de + emotional state. This is difficult to do if you actually have a brain. You can try to stay positive by avoiding news and contact with people – but that makes the job search even more difficult. Many hiring professionals claim that if you are depressed prospective employers will know and not hire you. It’s somewhat of a mystery how a prospective employer can pick up depression from a CV (probably written at the most optimistic time of the job hunt). There must be some sort of depression enzyme in the saliva – when you lick the envelope your secret is revealed. Best to be safe, and use healthy, happy puppies to lick the envelopes.

If you still have difficulty finding work after trying out these tips update your approach again. You might start off by asking yourself, “What would Goldman Sachs do?” That’s all folks – good luck!

Billy 6 years ago

Here's a good MOVIE to watch about the state of our economy and country.

Fall of the Republic


Where is the change??? It seemS like both parties like helping the rich banking elite.

Catpad 6 years ago

So discouraging to see all these posts, but my misery does enjoy the company. As so many of you have posted, it is hard to not feel like a failure or loser when no one wants you or your skills. My husband and I were both laid off (him commercial construction and me...multiple industries). I have tried all of the tips in this article...and more. Nothing is working. I have also gone thru all our savings and now have a few more months of unemployment. We have had to move out of our rental home, default on all loans and most payments (about to declare bankruptcy), still have our cars thank goodness. But there does seem to be an age bias in my job search. Have over 20 years experience and education, but am told repeatedly that they hired someone with more educaction or find they have hired internally and almost always someone younger. I have omitted education dates from my resume and removed jobs that were too dating. Just had an interview for a job making half what I used to make, but need to take something...but, oh yeah, I have to pass a background/credit/criminal/drug check. Will pass all, but my credit is now a joke. So will not get the job since I can't pass a credit check, but can't pay my bills because I can't get a job. Makes total sense if you ask me.

Oh, one other little thing...the company that let me go said they were going out of business and even the CEO and CFO would be out of jobs. Well guess what! the CEO and CFO

are still there, but not all the lower employees they let go.

I am sick of the politicians who don't care (both Rep and

Dem). I am sick of the CEOs who don't care and lie. I am sick of a system that doesn't want to help out the middle

class person at all. So what do we do? I say vote everyone out and and start over. Cant be worse than what we have now.

godislove 6 years ago

Billy thanks for the link for the "fall of the republic" movie. GREAT MOVIE.....It exposes the banking elite. I'll probably buy the DVD and show it to my friends...

I voted for Obama....I thought he was goig to bring real change...So far nothing has really changed....Its the same old stuff...I don't trust any party anymore. Both parties are a bunch of liars.

john broke 6 years ago

well i have almost no experience doing anything with no education. was all i could do to graduate highschool, get over my depression, and survive.

with no money and no car my options are very limited, i've applied to everywhere i could but most places around here wont even accept or give out applications so all i can do is sit down at my computer and be bored all day just hoping for an email or a phone call while i lurk on job sites. been 4 months now since my last job and it didn't last long and i had been looking for a year before that.

if my mother wasn't one of the sweetest hard working people i've ever met i dont know what might of become of me.

it's hell out there for a lot of people and i havent seen any good news on the horizon, good luck to everyone.

what happened to my country? 6 years ago

Just another one.....degree, 10 years experience, went to Central America and taught for a few years and became fluent in Spanish. I have been back for about 4 months. Same story, 100's of resumes sent out with 2 interviews. The part that bothers me is that I don't even think they are checking my references! I agree with an earlier post, I may have to leave my own country again just to find work. Let's all keep our heads up....I know it's tough.

Hopeless 6 years ago

It's been a year of employment and I really have no hope left. I just went on two more interviews one the interviewer has filled the position but refused to let the other candiates know (This was a famous University mind you). Another job I thought everything went really well phone iwer passed assessment face to face iwer. Just found out I won't be considered. I really can't take anymore I've lost my apartment have to leave in my younger Sister living room. I'm on my last few weeks of extended unemployment and I'm to loss my car if I don't find some source of income. I can't take anymore I have ton's of experience good work record but I live in a state with the worse unemployment rate Michigan. People here are so ignorant regarding their hiring practices, they hire friends and family members not qualified people. I'm at my end I've changed my resume I follow all the advice but I think it's over me. For the first time in my life I really don't think there any hope for me. What I'm doing here why do I need to be here for this... I just don't think I can go on anymore nothing I do changes anything it just get's worse all I want is a job.

Hopeless 6 years ago

Unemployment btw sorry.

Off Too Long 6 years ago

I agree. Been off from my permanent position since August of 2008. Was hired back in the company working for a very bad boss and was forced to leave at 8 weeks, last year. Never thought 10 months later I would regret that. This guy was nuts and having an affair with one of my employee's and manipulating my staff giving his girlfriend a reprieve from assignments and dumping on the others, he was a screamer and would go off on everyone on a daily bases. So I open doored him and when he went nuts I left. I was granted unemployment, but when that is 80% less then your pay, does not cover much. It runs out in 3 weeks and not sure I get an extension. Point is at 49, I am jobless and very qualified. Had an exemplery work history and ratings on reviews and can't get a job to save my life. Had a few interviews but because of my age, I think, I can't progress.

Too many people out of work. Forced to sell my house in next two weeks, but now hearing I can't get a rental even if I pay for a year in advance unless I produce a paycheck with $5800 in earnings. Half of my old pay. Go figure... So I guess homeless with $150,000. There is something wrong with that!

So CA, out of work.

One Term President 6 years ago

Hang in there until 2012 so you can vote for real change. Vote the bum out and save our economy.

mover 6 years ago

I moved to a new town and stopped school to be with my girl friend. I found a job after 3 months of searching and was only lucky enough to work part time. Then come january they let all the new people go. So I was out of work again in a new town. I know almost no one, can't network, most of my family is worse off than I am. I'm running low on money. I have applied to at least 60 jobs alone this past month and a half and only gotten 3 replies saying they had hundreds of people applying to the job and they chose someone more qualified. I can't get a job to get qualified if they only want people with solid experience. Most jobs I come across want 2 years plus experience. It seems no one is willing to take a chance on someone new. I took one year of college and I've worked construction. I can't even get the hard labor jobs or cashier jobs at fast food places. Now I'm nearly homeless and paying off a student loan. No one will hire me because I am new in town and dont have the experience they desire. To make matters worse my girlfriends family is trying to alienate me because they feel I'm a failure. Its so depressing that I have walked in resumes, emailed people, made calls, and done this each and every day scouring online ads, job sites, and newspapers and find nothing. Maybe thats why her family feels I've lost motivation. If all of you college graduates can't get work how can a low talent person like me achieve anything? I'm praying for answers here.

VJ2010 6 years ago

OMG... I have been searching for somewhere that I can vent about this because it seems like venting to someone in person, they look at you like you are crazy or lazy!

Anyway... I was laid off from an Financial Business Analyst in October of 2008. And I must say... that at first I was happy because I hated the company and people that I worked for and with. But after a year and a half, I still can't find a job. I had to move to a new state to stay with family where the economy is even worse. Right now I have an Associate's degree in accounting, and I am working on my Bachelor's in Marketing. But I even tried to switch industries and went to Audio Recording School. My plan was to get a job in the finance/accounting industry that I was already in and then network and work my way into the new industry. This was going good for a little while because I landed an internship at a recording studio (even though I was still looking for real work at the same time) and a month later they offered me a job as a Production Assistant... Life was good or so I thought... anyway... they NEVER paid me! They kept promising that they were going to but I think the studio just didn't have enough money to pay people. They also owed other employees too. Anyhow... that all fell by the wayside and I ended up back in square one. So I started interning at a music marketing company (perfect since I am obtaining a degree in marketing and it is in the industry I love)... Yeah... that was a dead-end also because the company is also struggling with money and there are countless interns there (younger than me)looking to get employed as well. Once my boss told me that she was leaving, I thought it was time for me to leave as well. Because when I asked her why she was leaving she said that the job just 'wasn't a good fit' and she didn't even have another job lined up. That was a red flag to me. So now again, back to square one in which I am applying for jobs in both fields with no responses or interviews. One job interview that I did get in the entertainment industry, I thought was great even though it was part-time, but I haven't heard back from them. They even told me that my resume was at the top of their list compared to all the other resume's. And yes... I have been networking... with that... currently... a lady that I met last year... called me out of the blue and asked me if I was still looking for work and I said yes and she set me up with the person looking for someone. I started to jump up and down with excitement because a 'recommendation' is like getting walked in... right? Anyway... so the employer called me and set up an interview for a Wednesday at a trendy wine bar. I was dressed to impress, arrived early, and had to even pay for valet parking because there's no parking Downtown... I didn't want to be late. Anyhow... 20 min after the the interview time... Still no a no show... I even called her to tell her that I was there (early)... wouldn't you know that she didn't call me back... but sent me an EMAIL... AN EMAIL... 20 minutes later stating that the interview was moved to Friday... so I was like ok... I'll stay calm... maybe they were just busy... I really want and NEED this job... so I emailed her back and said... That was fine just let me know what time and where. No Response. The next day... I emailed her again to confirm the interview... No Response... until almost midnight when she emailed me back stating the interview had to be cancelled due to a hectic schedule. I can't even get respect! The curtousy of a phone call. What if I didn't have email on my phone (which I can barely afford)???

Now back to square one where I am still applying for jobs in both industries. My sister got a job at a bank and has no banking or finance experience and no degree. I can't even get a call back or an interview. What gives??

I am starting to think that I am going to never find a job! I don't even mind being poor... I just want to pay my bills!!

mover 6 years ago

update: Got a job, something simple and part time but it works. It is a start anyways, I make coffee. I found the job after applying for months. Turns out my resume was well done and the fact I could even spell put me to the top of the guys list. On top of that, after getting the job I got two more calls for work interviews. Even if my current part time job doesn't pan out I may be ok after I go check out the other two jobs. I like many of you had nearly given up hope, but don't! You can and will find a job if you truly want one. I'm a believer in that now. Good luck to all. I just recommend a good resume, be friendly, and don t hesitate. If someone wants you to take an interview do it that day as soon as they can see you because trust me there are plenty of people to fill your shoes!

Jason 6 years ago

I'll jump on the pile too! I have a dual major degree in Physics and Mathematics. I was in grad school but left after a year (physics) because I wasn't doing well and I also didn't like what I would be doing afterward. I moved back to the East coast and have been looking for a job for about 6-7 months.

What aggravates me the most is the lie I was told my whole life, that science and mathematics backgrounds were needed and a good way to get a job. My ass! Don't let your children fall for the lie.

Ashley 6 years ago

Wow just hearing all the comments makes me feel at least like I'm not alone in this! I too am currently going to school for a BA in art history, and I cannot find a job anywhere in my city - even the cashier jobs. People either tell me they aren't hiring because of the recession, or they aren't hiring until the end of the summer. I have put my resume out to every store around my area (and elsewhere) more than twice this year (last year I did as well) and no one will take a chance on me! It makes me wonder who they are hiring and why they are choosing them over me. I used to always think I had an impressive resume and I've done volunteer work, so what the hell!? I went to the library and had them help me fix up my resume, and I went and applied to a few jobs online. I feel so useless and incapable of doing anything for myself. I just want a job - any job.

RON 6 years ago

Tried all these very basic ideas and more, these are really not anything new, nor or they any help in todays job market. There are not enough jobs to go around. Also, there is no such thing anymore as "getting more qualified, or furthering your education." This because the market is flooded with qualified job seekers. A college degree now-a-days is worthless because it is no longer considered entry-level skills. You will not get hired without further skills and job experience, and a simple college degree will not get you close to getting your foot in any door, unless you know someone. Everyone out there going to college, you may want to think twice about it. No one is going to hire someone with no job experience and things are going to get tougher.

Messanger 6 years ago

I know everyone out their is feeling the crunch of our downsizing economy. D'ont give up. My believe come from putting all my trust in God. I have been out of work for over 4 years with no income and 4 little mouths to feed. I have total faith that my God will provide for all my needs. I am still going strong up to this day. Everyhing will be alright, if you have faith in God. Will keep all of you in my prayers.

Matt 6 years ago

Ron, you are most definitly right about that going to college is a waste of time. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's and everywhere I apply wants someone with at least 2 years of experience. I have some connections with people in different companies and even with that I still can not seem to get hired. There are just to many people out there with the same college degrees in the same situation as me. Might have better luck playing the lottery than actually finding a job.

collegesenior- Detroit, Michigan 6 years ago

Its all who you know! I lost my job about a year and a half ago, unemployment is gone, Im a senior in engineering and I have a lot of great experience in manufacturing with major companies and a good GPA. I've been applying left and right, everyday, and everyone tells me my resume looks good, I dont get it. I even applied for like assistant lab tech jobs which I am qualified for and they say Im not being considered because Im not among top competitors! I also got rejected from several administrative secretary jobs, and Im not stupid, I tweaked my resume wording to highlight my office abilities! What engineer cant multi task and type!? This constant rejection has taken a huge toll on me, even my health.. sometimes I just put my head down and cry because I dont know what else to do, I guess I just have to leave my state and my family who lives here :( ....

mark 6 years ago

Ok. I have roughly a 120K BA... in Philosophy. So I'm the stereotype with the unmarketable degree. But I should be able to find SOMETHING right? I mean it seems like I'm qualified to file papers or answer phones. Hey guys, you know what's really frustrating? These F**KED up job postings... How did THESE people get THEIR jobs? The HR people that mix up "pretend" and "portend" trying to I gueess sound sophisticated. And the ones that say things like "biannually" when they mean F**CKING SEMIANNUALLY?!? How did THEY get THEIR jobs!? Retards with good jobs is not a rare thing. Go to the city of Houston or HISD jobsites and read the job ads. I mean, come on. I think god hates me. I feel like shooting up a burger king.

cathy774 6 years ago

Not that griping here is going to get me a job, but I feel just as hopeless as some of the above posters, and need to do some venting. I have worked in the graphics industry for 30+ years, plus recently added photography and web design to my list of skills, and so far it has all been worthless. I feel like my whole career was an extreme waste of time. I'm not even getting interviews. Yes, I read through the article. Yes, I have done every one of those things. Networking? I left my home state of Ohio because everything is severely depressed there to move in with family in SC, where there is more industry. Still can't get a job, and know 2 people here. Who exactly am I supposed to network with? My family had connections to a printing business. Went to an interview...couldn't talk directly to the connection, was passed down to the plant manager and was told there was no way they would pay me what I was asking because the person that worked there already had worked there for 9 years and only made $14 something an hour. Where did I get off asking for more money than that? I have applied to fast food restaurants, and even a new theater opening up in town. They had over 500 people apply for about 30 positions. They narrowed the search down to 100 and I got an interview. Guess what, I'm not even qualified for a job selling tickets or popcorn! And yet I see tons of screw-ups, working full-time jobs and getting a decent salary! I have done something really wrong in my life, at 57 it sucks finding out.

Mike 6 years ago

Yup - I'm hopeless too. Face it we're all ...well you know

Josh 6 years ago

you guys are lazy people. Can't find job???

Check out my video: We are not in a recession


tbr010 6 years ago

Josh, First you obviously do not have a grasp of the real world as it looks like you are recording in your bedromm, which appears to be in mommy's basement. You are entitled to your opinion kid but don't you dare say anyone posting on here is lazy. You are correct that people are not paying their bills but I can tell you it is because they are not working. I am not proud of the situation I am in but I am proud of the fact that I am fighting, scratching and clawing so that my son is provided for and has yet to feel the pain that so many children have felt throughout these troubling times. I suggest you take off your Dolce & Gabbana knock-off hat and adopt a family to provide for. Go find a job that can provide them or since you have all of the answers go teach them how to make it through the "imaginary" recession you think we are in. I am glad that your parents have not been touched by the fantasy world you say we live in.

VJ2010 6 years ago

OMG Josh! Really??? Really?? Lazy??? I have been interning and networking AND looking for jobs.... and you call THAT lazy??? You must have a job! Because until you experience what other people on here have experienced, you have no right to call someone lazy! Get a clue... better yet... don't post no more because your comments are ridiculous!!

VJ2010 6 years ago

Now I am even more in the dumps about not being able to get a job. I just feel like maybe I am unhirable. A position where I got a recommendation, worked a test run (to see how I'd perform) and was told that I got really good reviews, and I still think that I didn't get the job because I haven't heard back from them. I even set my thankyou letters and everything and it has been almost 2 weeks and I haven't heard 1 thing. I really really wanted this job because it was my last hope because my unemployment will be running out really soon! I JUST WANT A JOB!!!! I feel like I don't ask for much in life... I just want to pay my bills!!!

VJ2010 6 years ago

Typo: Sent my thank you letters.

OrganizeAndOverthrow 6 years ago

I guess all can say is ... Me Too. I wish everyone here all the best. Unless of course you apply to the same job I do.

Gayer MCgayersen 6 years ago

I had been unemplyed for six months. Luckily, I hooked up with a pimp who showed me how to put my body out there.

JD 6 years ago

Well I don't feel as suicidal any more after reading these comments. I have been looking for work for over a year. I have a skill set that not many people can match and still have no chance. I was even turned down for a gas station job. I guess the only thing left is going to a trucking company and training to be a over the road truck driver. But I've been told even they are getting picky now.

some random dude out of nowhere 6 years ago

Bless you all. Hang in there. One thing you might want to look into is a job in India. (not for the money of course). Based on an American college education, fluency in English, and skill sets ranging from IT, Science, management, business, all of you could gain a great experience over there. So what if the job you apply for pays 10k / year. Over there on 10k you live like a king. Not to mention you fill the gap in your resume with a bad ass bullet point/ experience. I'm currently employed and have survived this great recession, but still, the potential opportunity to gain management experience over there even if its only for 1 year or 2 (no longer as that will really put my contributions to my retirement behind) is an amazing resume highlight. Think international monster.co.in.

Jill 6 years ago

Some random guy,

I think you may be right. Since the United States is outsourcing a lot of jobs to India, I probably should just move to India in order to get a job from America. What kind of messed up world do we live in?

I've done everything on that list. I have a Bachelor's in biology and there are no relevant jobs in my area. I either need to have a PhD, which I can't afford, or I'm overqualified. I think it would have been better if I had never even attended college. When I have kids, I'm just going to encourage them to attend a trade school. Unless you want to become a doctor or something, college is a huge waste of time.

Leland 6 years ago

Same story. Graduated college in 2008 with Political Science degree, wanted to get into local government, didn't know anyone in local government, so I headed to construction. Laid off in Nov. of 2009 and left the small town for Seattle hoping to find more opportunity. Months later here I sit, finding solace in online company. Keep on keepin on. Happy memorial day.

armphilly 6 years ago

Hey people, I have a BSEE. I thought to myself, I have this $12.00 Comcast job in the bag. They talked to me for a few seconds, They handed me my resume back, and told me You will get a call, its been three months. right. we were sold out, Back in 2005 I bought a new car, I said i going to buy

a Ford Mustang (aka american built). I start repairing the car because it is getting old, the wheels,shocks, radio, dash, everything has made in "Japan".Pick up a can of oranges in a super market that even says made in china. they sold us out. nothing is made in the USA. What jobs? keep sending your resumes into the abyss.

someone without a job 6 years ago

I am so helpless, hopeless and clueless after lost job for over 9 minths

AngryMan 6 years ago

It seems that the standard employees in the great recession is the sick,lame,lazy, and incompetent. These ****tards have not even been affected by these hard times. I have tried everything for 3 years and to no avail. This include strying to enlist in the military and just about everything else. In addition, I am sick and tired of these retards who call us losers and lowlifes. It is time that everyone bands together and installs an other than a democratic government since it seems our present form of government does not work.

Lets face it the system only works for the privileged and connected and the rest of us are left out in the cold. Don't you just love democracy!! To the dumb***** who think we are not in a recession or either rich or people who kiss some major behind to get ahead, you need to look around and observe what is happening. It is plain obvious that you haters want to judge people who are going through hard times. Just remember this these kinds of people are what revolutions are based on. Think about that. Sorry about the rant, but I had to get this off of my chest.

Mike 6 years ago

I am overqualified, too old and just told I was too agressive (by a woman at Kelly Services not even half my age). Too agressive? I have been unemployed for 18 months,applied to more jobs than I can remember, about to sell my house if it doesn't get taken away from me by the bank and trying to support a wife and five kids. Too agressive? Are you serious?

I was sent on a job interview by Kelly to a large insurance company where they were hiring 10-15 new people. The on-site Kelly rep told me that she would call me as soon as she heard something. Well, after not hearing anything from her for a week I called. She said she hadn't heard anything but that she would call when she did. Another week goes by and still no call so I called her again and she said she still hadn't heard from the hiring manager but that she would call as soon as she hears something. The following monday she calls me and says I didn't get the job and they didn't give her any feedback as to why. So I stewed for a couple of days and decided to call Kelly and I told her that I thought the reason that I didn't get the job was because of my age. She says, "no it's because you were too aggressive" because I called her twice when she told me she would call me!!

I have had similar experiences with other young female recruiters/HR manager/reps. I don't connect with these younger women. If they are anything like my oldest daughter who is 23, they are overly sensitive and rather emotional and obviously have limited life experiences. I love my daughter dearly but if I even hint at anything that is contrary to her thinking she gets very defensive. Must be the gender studies courses kicking in!! I can only guess that these younger female recruiters have similar emo(as my kids say) issues. If this wasn't such a serious situation I guess you would have to laugh at what the business world has come to but unfortunately this is no laughing matter :(

santosh 6 years ago

wow!!!!!!!!!simple tips

Recent grad 6 years ago

Yea, I've applied for over 100 jobs and only got calls back for an interview from less than 5 jobs. I have a bs in psychology. America sucks. I want a real government!

Alex  6 years ago

I seriously cant believe this. I have goals and dreams and because of the economy my dreams might just get shattered but i am not giving up! I WILL GET A JOB!

economy sucks 6 years ago

Wow.. 2 years plus and this place is still rocking the posts. Amazing. Well its been since Jan for me. Moved to a new place (Calif.. where unemployment is at a nasty 11%). The demand for IT is fierce out here (as it is anywhere else). I've contemplated changing careers all together (might well be the thing to do). I have 10 yrs experience and i've had 3 (can count em on one hand) interviews in 5 months.

We will get through this. All we have to thank is corporate america itself. Just look at BP. Who is going to get FIRED for the oil spill?? probably NOBODY until about 2-3 yrs from now. Amazing that people like that can sit and hang in their jobs, and simple people like you all posting get the ax.. I feel for ya all..

Take care and keep your heads up!

JohnBoy 6 years ago

I have been out of work since March 2009 and I would like to vent about a few things.

First, outside recruiters absolutely SUCK. The are the used car sales people of the employment industry. They promise you everything, yet deliver very little or nothing at all. They are completely in it for themselves.

Second, you, as a company, are only looking to hire people who are currently employed. REALLY?? This just came out a few days ago that companies were making this a policy. I guarantee many other companies have been doing this for some time. The balls of corporate America to institute such a policy in these times.

Third, you as a company have had the job I am interviewing for posted since January. That was six months ago. Do you think you are being a bit too picky? In this economy, you can afford to be picky, but six months, come on. Hire someone already.

Fourth, I think all members of congress should have to work for free until they figure this shit out. How fast would America get back on it's feet if the assholes had to go out and look for an honest job. I swear being a politician is the ONLY job in the world where you lie during the interview, get the job, then spend it not doing the job, and then are dumbfounded when people actually expect you to be accountable for your actions.

And lastly, because I want to end it on a positive note, at least in the Boston area it seems to be getting better. I am at least getting phone calls from companies now and am interviewing. Even if I am not getting the position. You just have to try and hang on, take what you can get for the time being and hope for the best.

Good luck everyone and thanks for letting me bitch.

Kat 6 years ago


This is ageism. Overqualified or Agressive is the easiest answer to give a job seeker when an employer rejects a 45 year old candidate. It is the politically correct reason and the safest way to get the candidate to go away. Mostly It is rarely the real reason. Employers and staffing agencies who reject baby boomers don't want to handle the questions and emotions that result from refusal; they want to move on to the next candidate and make their $. Same goes for recruiters as well. Let us analyze how we can rotate the table here. The asset you have is your experience, make use of that. You would have gained experience in some skills, market your skill. Start a blog, give free advice, write articles. become popular and famous in your area. Be createive and unique. Start your own gig and offer 2 weeks of free work and prove your new startup, This way you will make more in the long run. This way you do not need to work for others. my 2 cents. Think about starting your own consulting and see will that work for you. May be you can help all the people outthere who are > 45. if you need help email me kat@shootresume.com I also see that baby boomers are not active in linkedin. Recently I invited someone. he replied I am too old to join these kids sites, blah blah blah.. your online branding is important in this tech age. company does not want ordinary people any more. From your email I see that you have enormous experience. start your own thing and explore you will succeed.




Everett 6 years ago

I agree with the suggestions in this article, but i have tried everything written and it has not helped. This article was written 2 years ago and no one knew the situation would be like this now. I have tried finding work in SW Florida for over a year and am now ready to give up. I am posting to let people now there are lots of people in the same crappy situation and I feel for you.

I also must comment that Josh from above that feels we are not in ar ecession is a stupid idiot that deserves to starve to death because of his idiot comment. I hope your parents throw you out of the basement soon, you clueless loser.

richie 6 years ago

Agreed everett

Winning  6 years ago

There are a lot of practical posts on this site demonstrating that higher education and other skills will not prove to be sufficient in finding a job. I agree. I have a B.A. in English, an M.A. in Education, and an M.A.in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and ten years experience. I have sent out numerous resumes and have networked with all the right people; however, this has proven to be a vain enterprise. Now, with my unemployment about to run out, I must consider what other options are available: Relocating overseas, taking any job, or selling out. I firmly believe we must never compromise our morals; it is a spiritual challenge to maintain our integrity and honesty in an economy that is slipping away. Depression, frustration, feelings of apathy, and anger are only side-effects of a down-driven economy. The real question emerges: Who will rise above? Who will prevail? It is tempting to get lost in philosophical musings claiming that fate, karma, greed, and other forces have brought us to our current situation. This type of thinking will only prove to be an exercise in futility. Indeed, Mexico, India, China and other countries went through horrible economic conditions. Did we ever consider, and I am guilty too, about their sufferings? Were we concerned about launching campaigns to end poverty or suffering in any third world country? Granted, we had various organizations dedicated to these causes, but they were really self-seeking enterprises providing jobs for their own infrastructure. What becomes an important question is this: When do we become solution oriented? We need to evolve and learn to think outside the box. Obviously, online resumes, networking, interviewing, and playing the numbers game are not viable solutions. I am not an economist, a law professor, businessman, or an accountant. I am a future rabbi. What rabbi shall ever go hungry? He is a person of honor and welcomed in many homes. He is a teacher and practioner of love and compassion. What man of love and compassion shall be denied a portion of blessings in this life and the world to come? A rabbi is a person who will not walk behind you, nor in front of you, but right beside you - he is your friend. We must rethink our philosophy. Let us learn to love with all of our hearts. We are all in the same boat here. How is that for a metaphor?

Paul 6 years ago

I graduated from a top ranked university in May 2009. I have a Business and a Accounting degree. I've been unemployed for over a year. I must have applied to thousands of job positions. I only got 2 interviews so far and I never heard back from them.

Guys, I don't think things are getting any better. I really think we are headed for a Depression. Our government is out of control. Both the Democrats and Republicans need to be thrown out of this country. Right now how government is printing massive amounts of money just to cover their bills. Anytime a government starts to print massive amount of money, the currency always collapes. We will experience high inflation or hyperinflation in the years ahead. The dollar will become worthless in a few years.

Watch these movies:

Peter Schiff Was Right (2002 - 2009)


Hyperinflation Nation


The Dollar Bubble




Jessica 6 years ago

I just recently got laid off from my job. I live paycheck to paycheck. How am I going to pay my rent and other expenses. Man, I feel like crying right now.

Everyone in the media keeps saying we're in a recovery. WHAT RECOVERY????? I don't see it yet!!!!!It seems like our economy keeps getting worse. I personally don't see a recovery coming. I see a DEPRESSION coming.

VJ2010 6 years ago

I agree with everything JohnBoy said.

I was with 3 recruiting agencies and now 2 because one of them kept trying to get me to work at McDonalds when I have an accounting degree and finance background. So I dropped them. The other two are useless because they haven't been able to get me any more interviews than I have been able to get myself... in all actuality I am getting MORE interviews on my own then with the recruiting agencies.

Funny thing is that even with the handful of interviews that came after sending like a million resume's I fear that I might just have to go and work for McDonalds because I am not getting the job. LOL... all I can do is laugh at that because I am so depressed about my situation that it's laughable!

I am starting to think that maybe it's me but I've been doing everything I can to get a job. And to be quite honest... lately I've been treated like dirt. My last interview was completely unprofessional as they kept me waiting in the lobby for nearly an hour and then blamed it on the receptionist. Then... when I DID get in the interview with HR... she said that she was going to get the Director that I'd be working for and somehow... the Director couldn't interview me at that time... WELL WHY THE F**K DID YOU CALL ME IN FOR AN INTERVIEW IF YOU COULDN'T INTERVIEW ME????? Then they was like... we'll call you to come in for another interview... yep... no call! Might I mention, I was dressed in a suit, had my resume handy, notepad and pen, and I was qualified for the job, all those things, etc... I wasn't chewing gum or anything like that... so why treat me like a f**king animal???

I actually feel like an animal because I am desperate now. Now I feel like I am going to lose my car (which I need to get to interviews)!!!

What gives! So depressing!

VJ2010 6 years ago

Oh yea... and I want to add that even though I am depressed... in no way shape or form am I giving off this impression in the interview. I am always happy and energetic...

I just hope that performs some sort of miracle and gets all of us a job!

Thanks... for letting me vent again!

VJ2010 6 years ago

God... I mean.. I hope God performs some miracle.

Same Here 6 years ago

I graduated in December of 2009 with my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. I was told that having a BSW in this economy was a good thing because the worse off everyone else is becoming, the more job opportunities there will be for me as a social worker. However, I have applied to countless places and have had only 3 interviews, with no results. I have student loans that I can't pay back. I am starting Grad School in August, which will only add to my student loan total. I'm getting very pessimistic and disillusioned!

Gotakeepgoin 6 years ago

You guys are strong an we will make it am a new dad . An just lost my job it hard evaryday lookin for work been like this for 5 mo so far just gota stay strong an have faith. The goverment can take are money but can't take are harts.

AngryMan 6 years ago

I have applied to every temp agency known to man and you guessed it no jobs are available. Every time I go into that temp agency inquiring about any work, I get snotty replies from the 400 lb pig wearing a tent for a dress, such as "Well we are not a jobs program." Individuals like these people have no clue about our situations. This is why we should remove that fool Obama from office in 2012, because people like that have no clue at all. I guess panhandling is becoming more possible as each day passes me by. Hey anything is better than nothing and people do what they have to do to survive in today's world. A call to revolution is in order to clean up the mess that our so called government has made.

Caliguy952 6 years ago

Yea I appleyed to a temp agencie .an the stupid lady in the front said these words. ""why in the passed two years you haven't found stable work"" . I was like do you wach tv do you read a news . How dare they make us look lazy am stupid cause they had good luck. Live in my shoes or too any off the ppl on here . An ask that qustion let face it guys an girls. There is no help out there or hope. We get treated like forgoten souls. But wat we goin do about sit here an write a blog for another two years. When are we goin stand up for wat is wrong. We are more trustey for work. Then any of thos ppl we built this country. No I say we take it back!!!

Alisha 6 years ago

has anybody working from home making $5000/month without experience? There are so many such ads on the web, they all sounds too good to be true.

If anyone tried and actually made some money, please share with us.

Sad in Michigan NOT ANYMORE!  6 years ago

Ok I have been unemployed in Michigan for over a year finally I was offered a job today. The pay is low but that's ok I just need to survive until I finish school. Also I'm very close to getting another job that pays better. I have posted on here a couple of times over the year, and I had very little hope that I would find anything. I thought I would lose my car and all of my things. I did have to move in with my Sister but that saves me rent thankfully. My whole point is please don't give up keep going, keep applying hang in there! People please help your unemployed relatives many won't make it without your support. Finally thank you to my Sister I don't know how I will ever repay her...

VJ2010 6 years ago

LOL AngryMan... LOL! '400 lb pig wearing a tent'???? LMFAO!!! That's mean but funny! And I need a good laugh right now cause I am near suicide over my situation!!! Thanks!

VJ2010 6 years ago

You know what.... all my friends think I'm crazy or something cause they don't know what it's like to be in our shoes. So they actually sit there and start making comments suggesting that it's my fault or something!.... Yea goodbye to you cause I don't need friends like that in my life!!!! Friends are supposed to support one another in a time of crisis. When they needed me I was there! So now I have no job and very little friends cause most people are sooo unsupportive until they've walked a mile in your shoes!

VJ2010 6 years ago

Furthermore... I think I am probably going crazy right about now!

Lee 6 years ago

Unreal. I have the usual years of experience under my belt, been a top performer, and now find myself unemplyable....er, i mean overqualified. Its a joke out here. Cant even get a job at the local grocer as a sacker....yet mr. pimple on my nose has the job. you know you could run circles around him and yet he has the job. i feel like a hunter after game out here. shhhhh...what was that? oh, the paperboy is driving by on his bike....GET HIM! I have to laugh because all the tears are gone, just like my money. Im sure my wife will leave me soon with my two kids. It just sucks.....oh well.

AngryMan 6 years ago

@VJ2010 That 400 lb pig was the one who was being a bitch and making those derogatory comments to me. I only give what I get from people. They are mean to me, I will be meaner back, and if they are nice to me, then I am nice back to them. I have been taking this crap from people for over three years and this just flipped a switch for me. Please...listen to me don't harm yourself or do anything stupid that would have an impact on your family. The one thing that has helped me over the past three years is the sport of powerlifting and I can say it really helps me out. I am not telling you what to do, just throwing an idea out there that could possibly help you out in the long run. I will continue my rants on this post and hopefully make everyone's day. Hang in there.

VJ2010 6 years ago

@Angryman... yes...I know she was being mean. It was just funny how you described her. LOL! Don't worry, I'm not going to harm myself. Although sometimes I feel so hopeless that I think of ways to do it that would be less painful. In the end... all of them are painful so the thought usually passes. Also, I do workout and I feel good until either something sh*tty happens like not getting a call back after an interview or when I have downtime and start thinking about my situation. I wake up every morning and get to searching for a job. After awhile you can only apply for so many jobs until there aren't anymore that you can apply for that day... Then later on in the day... when I am doing nothing... I feel like I am not doing enough! Plus I've been driving 30 miles to an internship 2 days a week and I don't even think they are going to have any jobs for me. I can only intern for so long and driving 30 miles when I am not getting paid. I simply can't afford the gas. Although I am thankful that I have been strengthening my skills. Which is good for my resume. I just need a job already!!!

gutto786 6 years ago

I am a recent University Electrical Engineering graduate. Almost over 50% or so of my classmates are now employed. Some of them were far more lazy, stupid, biger losers then me!!

I dont know what the heck I am doing wrong but I cant find a job. The most stressing thing is that I live at my elder brother place. My younger sister whose a university graduate in business administration cant find a job from last year or so now. My elder brother is getting sick of us now and I am under immense pressure.....

I went to see my friends yesterday only to know that two others found a job......and all of them have these miraculous stories of how they found a job by a miracle. I am losing it slowly but I am sure I wont just commit suicide......If it has to be like this I will take many with me

tbro010 6 years ago

I just received my last unemployment deposit today. Thank you to everyone in Congress. This morning I am going to meet with Citimortgage and a mediator to discuss my home. Let's see how this might go, "Good Morning. I haven't worked in 16 months, my unemployment ran out and although I have had a few interviews over the last few weeks no one is ready to pull the trigger and fill vacancies. Can my 8 year old son and I stay in our home?"

Things are not looking good. I had an interview 3 weeks ago and was told I havethe job....just have to wait for the incumbent to resign. This was supposed to happen on the 21st but was delayed until the 28th....not really holding my breath. I had another interview yesterday and there were 40 applicants for 3 jobs. Friday this will be narrowed down to 5. Not holding my breath here either. I was told that the others I am up against have jobs and can bring portfolios with them plus I had to file bankruptcy and everyone is treating me like I have the plague. Don't care that I haven't been working and that I had to fight a bloody custody battle to save my son from his mother who can only see him one hour a week in a facility.

Going to the welfare office tomorrow!!!

Hopeless and Directionless 6 years ago

Well, I am curious now about how all the stories ended up. I have a writer's soul and a reader's habit. Especially Joe Pilot. (Psst. Joe Pilot, consider offering your resume to specialty plane companies for contract piloting)

For my part, I lost my job in 2008. I have only held contract positions since then. I've worked with staffing companies and even still only manage to get positions every 2-4 months. My resume was looking ridiculous, so I have altered it with a 2 part Experience (Full Time Positions, Contract Positions) to highlight what matters to them most.

I can't afford most things, but at least I still have my family. I am afraid that I have become overenthusiastic at my contract positions, just being excited to work at all.

Yes, its hard. Yes, it is easier if you have family. Family will put up with your struggles, even if they think you are not struggling enough.

As the writer of this post mentioned, there is always more you can do. I am not a natural born networker. I am better on paper than I am verbally or face-to-face. I like to write and I like to read. I am a good researcher, thereby and a good problem solver.

I recently started looking for contests to attempt to win via the writing method. Its funny, but there are a lot of them. Very few of them are free to enter.

I have my own foibles, but I am earnest and a very hard-worker. I am faithful, as well, to a fault.

So, yes, I could be doing more, if I were naturally a gifted speaker or able to joke with people or engage in regular small talk. I just can't. I am not that person.

I am willing to work, but I like to feel engaged in my work. I want it to be worthwhile. I doubt I will find anything like that now.

My suggestion is simply this: Try, Try again.

Its frustrating, its annoying, its tiring. I know. Two years of non-work is just ... blah.

But keep at it. See if there are head-hunters in your area (*headhunter - a business designed to seek a specific kind of candidate). See if there are temporary agencies in your area. If you can type your woes here, there's nothing stopping you from trying for a Customer Service Position. (Listening to other people's frustrations for 8-10 hours).

Retail may be hard to break into, so go for broke and try something you weren't expecting to be able to do.

If nothing else works, go to the nearest busy Highway on-ramp, take a marker and a piece of cardboard and immitate the nearest bum. "Will Work for Food" is one sign. "Please Help!" Is just ambiguous enough that it might work.

I've thought about it myself several times. Sitting at home isn't getting you anywhere.

Do something. Say something. Try Something!

I created the website www.desperationresumes.weebly.com just so I could utilize the resources myself. If it helped others, great!

Good Luck! (Wish me the same)

kat636 6 years ago

Well, I've been unemployed for 14 mos due to a layoff; My unemployed claim ran out 2 mos ago and I've gone from getting a couple a calls one week, a couple of interviews one week, to nothing the next. The calls would always say that they would talk to the hiring manager and would get back in touch, but I never hear from them again. Or after the interview they would choose someone else. Claim that I was a strong candidate but went with someone else, or better yet, not receive a call or email at all. I would call to check on the status of the position and they would never return my calls or would send them an email and no response. I'm about to lose everything, and I'm at a point where if my family could afford to bury me I would just kill myself. I feel useless and I can't live without being able to pay for shelter or food. What's the use of living without basic necessities?

Sean 6 years ago

I graduated in December of 2008. I then did an internship for five months. After the internship, I was unemployed for four months and finally got a retail job paying $7.50. I then found another low-paying part-time job. I am going on two years from graduation with a horrible resume filled with part-time, low skill jobs. I can't afford to go back to school. I also live in MI. In two months, I am selling everything I have and moving to Chicago to attempt to find a job. If my expenses run out, my suicidal thoughts will most likely come back full swing, and I seriously will consider doing it. Hoping for the best.

kelly 6 years ago

For anyone who is feeling alone in searching for a job, I completely understand. It's easy to get down or feel hopeless, but you will work again! Consider other options such as taking out a loan to go back to school or to start a new business. Even if you volunteer you are networking and getting out of the house. Best of luck to everyone!

Et 6 years ago

Easier said than done lol. Been out of a job for 5 months, going absolutely nuts... I even got 'refused' a payless job.

Robin 6 years ago

I'm in the same boat. I have 3 bachelors in finance, and I still work at the same fast food place I've been working at for the last 7 years. I'm pretty depressed. I have been to at least fifty interviews in the last few months which makes me even more depressed because I spend all my free time applying to jobs and going to the interviews, but never actually getting a job. I hate my degrees because they haven't done me any favors and I'm paying $300 a month in loans. I wish I hadn't taken out loans took my time and gotten experience before I graduated. At least I have some income though sorry to all who don't. I just wish we had something to show for our hard work. On the plus side most of the jobs you don't get probably have nothing to do with you, most people hire someone they know or were referred to. So try to make friends they are what gets me my interviews, also do callbacks after about a week because I personally think it seems pushy but it works if you want an interview. Also don't bad talk previous jobs they hate that always seem beyond optimistic at interviews sometimes they hire people they can see themselves enjoying working with personality often overshadows qualifications in interviews so be polite and if youre funny use it to your advantage. I get nervous and I suck at interviews but I can get them and thats how i do it! Good luck to you all I feel better already!

George Harnett 6 years ago

2yrs now i've been out of work. I have sent out 1000 CV's (resumes) a month. And later chased up my application by phone. What do i get? Its been filed for 3 months in case something else comes available.

More like thrown in the bin.

I have a family to look after, and it came to ahead when i finally lowered myself to apply for McD's. And i got a rejection from there! I used be be able to fly about jobs like a plane.

wheretogofromhere 6 years ago

In the same boat! Sent out tons of resumes in the past six months since graduating with my BSEE. I've only been on one interview and have only gotten about 3 rejection replies. Thank goodness that I have my waitressing career that put me through college. I am a single mom of two young boys and it sucks being in the same place I was when I decided to go back to school. I am completely discouraged and I hate people asking me how my job search is going! The search is going great, it's the actually getting hired somewhere that I'm having a problem with! I go through spurts of being discouraged to being motivated. I feel like a failure. I've thought about going back for my masters, but why? So that I can be in even more debt and still not be able to find work as an engineer!

Jake 6 years ago

Man, I can't believe this post is still generating comments. I'm still in high school and I've been looking for a job for month now. My parents can't afford to send me to college because they both got cuts in pay when the recession hit, so I'll be on my own. It's sad, really. I remember when I was eight, I always dreamed of going to college, and now that might not come true. I'm seeing an army recruiter next week. If I sign early, I get more pay. Sure, I'll be selling my soul to the government, but at least I get food, clothes, and a place to sleep, right?

tbro010 6 years ago

Jake, thank you for considering joining the armed forces. Your service, as well as that of all the others who serve or have served, allows us to the liberty to express or opinions in a place like this. Please understand that your parents are doing their utmost best and I am sure they would want nothing more than to pay 100% of your college tuition, just like all of us would like to do for our kids. I am all for military service but you are probably eligible for a lot of aid. God bless you and your family and remember to give your parents a hug and tell them you love them. They need it and will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Heartman 6 years ago

Try being 61 with a recent heart transplant after 23 years of teaching, bachelor's degree, master's degree, experience up the ying yang. No such thing as age discrimination? Ha!!!

Gerardo 6 years ago

Wow this place is filled with deppressing stories.... And would you guys believe I read them all? Yep all of them took me hours so I guess I'll share my story it's not the saddest not so close to brink, but its still a story.... So I'm 16 years old about to go to my junior year but my school raised its tuition again we barley made it this year my parents had to ask for a month extension. My father the other day came to my room with one of the most deppressed face I've ever seen. I have never seen the man cry in my life ever, and that day he was holding back tears he told me he felt like he failed me and the family and that I should start looking for another school or that we should consider relocating to a crampped apartment even though we are half-way to owning the house. It was a sad night that night. Would you guys believe that on my 16th birthday my wish was for a job? Well it was I want to help my family but I've applied to a good 100 places in or near my community and I've gotten 0 interviews and 2 rejection letters. The other day I went to the movie theater with my friends and I saw my other friend their working the concession stand, I greeted him and he was telling me how he hated his job and how it was his first day... The theater was the first place I applied to and I gave it to the manager himself and he looked at me and told me that there wasn't any open positions for the rest of the year. My friend alex told me he applied like 2 weeks ago and that it was his only application. It saddens me because of my height and looks I was rejected a job I always hear people complaining about their job and how much I wish they would appreciate it more or IDK gift it to me. If I dont get a job soon I will be kicked outta of my school, I want to help my family I really do but not one hiring manager out their has even considered giving me a chance.

Good Luck to everybody God Bless America

Nick 6 years ago

I am 35 and cannot get hired anywhere due to bad credit and the fact that my last company went out of business so no company can obtain references from this employer.

I have a BA in Accounting & MS in Finance and just had yet another job offer (this was a temp job) rescinded due to 'adverse credit' and 'failing the background check'.

Not sad in Michigan 6 years ago

Nick try private firms their less likely to care about your bad credit. Try to address the issue with propspective employers when you can...Don't waste time with employers who you know will run credit checks. Most importantly don't give up! Also try Universities because you have degrees they would be dying to get you! Again don't give up!

Happy instead of Hopeless in the West. 6 years ago

8 months ago, I left a comment on this page under the name, "Hopeless in the West".

Well a week ago, I got a job and a very good one.

So, hope is out there!!! Keep searching. I did update my skills through a program offered at the employment office and the local community college. It was completely free however that was months ago.

What I really think is happening is that things are getting better. Fingers crossed. When I was hired on, 10 other people were also hired on.

So, keep trying and don't give up.

MayorAdamWest 6 years ago

May as well throw my story in here...although it's quite boneheaded on my part.

Worked as a Help Desk guy at a small IT firm here in Ohio starting Sept. 2009. Enjoyed the work but I can't begin to tell you how many hairs I lost working with those people! Big boss was a total arsehole who of course hated Obama and all Democrats because his fat arse needed tax breaks and yada yada. Of course I could never say anything when he was talking like that so...

Anyways, ended up quitting at the end of April because I was just SO fed up and couldn't take it anymore. AWFUL decision, I know. I've had ONE interview since then and it was a darn good one, called me back for a second interview but they picked "the other guy" of course. My bank account is dwindling fast and I haven't told my family...screwed myself royally. I hope I am the last post this page sees and all of us find work. It was mighty sad to see all the suicidal thoughts up above. Keep chugging guys, somebody wants you.

Julian 6 years ago

I have done every thing, even re-train in other area's of work and still can't get a job, maybe I'm just to old now, age 43 but then saying that people want me to work for nothing, they are very happy with that

Vicky 6 years ago

Hey everyone. I found this page by googleing 'Why can't i find a job' and there are hundreds of pages like this. I like over the pond in Scotland (UK)and the situation is just as bad over here. I've been unemployed for 7 months now. I have a degree and i'm smart, hard working but it just doesn't seem to matter. :( I've become exactly what's described in rule 5, depressed and alone at home. My parents and family just don't understand, they think i'm not trying to find a job when in reality i'm even applying to stack shelves and still not being hired. I came across this news article too and it shocked me and made me really sad, but determinded to not end up the same. She even has the same name which is scary. If you're feeling suicidal check it out cos it helps.


guest 6 years ago

I done this and more and still can't find a job employers smile at you at the interview and say sounds good and never call you back.

Tolane 6 years ago

I seem to be somewhat overqualified and found that by "dumbing down" my resume, I have gotten more calls for interviews. Also, this shortened my resume to only one page instead of two. Seems like prospective employers have too many resumes to shuffle through so keeping it shorter has helped. Haven't landed a job yet...but not giving up.

Sam 6 years ago

These tips are so basic that they have no bearing on your ability to get a job. Although I just out of High School and have no work experience I have quite a good resume. I continue to wake up every morning and bike for mile through the summer heat trying desperately to find a job. I have even on more than one occasion aided the manager in a store that I was applying to out of good intentions alone. Yet despite following every bit of advice force fed down my throat and thrown at me from the internet I haven't even gotten a single f*cking callback. I haven't even landed a single interview. I am beyond disgruntled and I am tired of looking for advice, just to hear that "The best way to find a job is to do all the things that you are doing already". I guess I have to soldier on with my pathetic attempts at finding a job or become a damn bum.

blondy57 6 years ago

I agree with Heartman, even in Canada its hard to find a job when your older. Especially when your single in the in the NEW HOMES industry. Dec.2007 when the recession started to show it's ugly face Banks in Canada were afraid to lend anymore money for new projects. Companies would keep sales people that would be paid commission only. If you did'nt make a sale you weren't paid. So I went to work for a major Bank as a mortgage specialist, base salary + commission + benefits. Three months later, the Bank decided to change their policies to commission only and no benefits. We get an education, we work hard all are life, and we preach to our children to get a degree to get a good job, and we look like liars. I am still sending resume's daily, have worked part time at low paying jobs with many others my age and is very depressing. I have spent all my savings to survive and now that my credit is bad, have a problem getting a good paying job in my feel. Good Luck my American friends

Eric from Shoreline 6 years ago

Well its been a couple years of seasonal and semi-part time work from RGIS... I went to college, got the degree, but instead of looking into my passion of archaeology I should have just majored in the medical field >SIGH

out of time 6 years ago

Good advise but it will not work. I have done everything in the article. I have been out of work for 9 months after spending 32 years in the Insurance industry. Bottomline is companies do not care anymore about the American Family. It is now a global world and all companies care about is if they are making m-o-n-e-y. Forget about all that garbage about how your company is concerned about their employees and ask for your loyalty. It is all a bunch of BS. All they want to do is use you and when get to be about 50 year old you can forget it because you will be old, looking sick and burned out and very expensive. Then prepare for the end because you will never retire at the age of 65 or 70. They will not want you around. The best strategy in todays world is to be a fake as they are. It will not matter if you work hard everyday. Just kissup to the right people up the ladder and you may survive a while but you better look after yourself and keep you and your family as number one in your life. The companies today are destroying the American family unit one by one with greed and selfishness. The government does nothing to stop it and all we hear is that they are doing the best they can. Note, after I was laid off the CEO of the company where I worked was given a raise of 25,000 per year and so were the other people in the ivory tower. Get real if you think they really care. It is all lip service to make themselves look like nice people. They are all the same.... don't be fooled by there smiles and white teeth. I am not bitter just speaking the truth unlike all of them. At least when I die, I will know I was honest and not a rich lier.

VJ2010 6 years ago

Hi all. Still haven't found a job yet but somehow being SO depressed for the past couple of months have subsided. For some reason, I got Deja'Vu and felt that everything will be ok. Ever since the Deja Vu moment, I've been in a somewhat happy place and feel hopeful that I will get a job soon. I've begun pounding the pavement even more and my confidence levels are increasing. Also, I sent cold letters on Linked In to professionals in my field for an informational interview and I got a response back. So I get to meet with someone at my dream company next week. I guess it's Networking 101 right? Even though it won't guarantee a job, it has helped me see that life isn't so bad and I will find a job. I just need to stay positive and keep working hard.

I still fear that I am going to lose my unemployment soon but I think God will bless me with a job... I have to believe that because I've been in such a bottomless pit for so long that there's nowhere to go but up... Right??

Stay positive guys!

VJ2010 6 years ago

Oh yea... To Nick.... if the job you applied for specifically stated that you wouldn't get hired for 'bad credit'... you have a case because they can't do that. I mean technically they can... they just can say that they did because it's supposed to be illegal for them to turn you down for that reason. Key word 'supposed'. I know they do it all the time, but it they stated on paper or in print that it was the reason why.... I would talk to a lawyer.

enaid 6 years ago

I hear all these comments, i can't find a job i try every single day i do everything i can to get one.I am almost done school but have nothing to show for it except a crap load of student debt and not a penny to my name, i was working somewhere for eight plus years they let me go for some stupid reason(tried to fight it but didn't have the $ to take it further) and now i have nothing, i can't pay back my loan.... i will most likely end up on the streets.This sucks i'm completely alone and completely hopeless

Stephanie 6 years ago

Hi All:

I am from MA and I was laid off in March. I have done these things as well and I have been getting some bites but in the end I don't get the job. I have been on interviews but still no offer. I am going to go back to the Career Center I periodically attend to sign up for an interviewing skills workshop. Time to start taking a critical look at myself and see what I am missing. I have worked all my life and have developed what I THOUGHT was an impressive set of skills but unfortunately either I was wrong or there is just so much competition in the market that I keep getting passed over. I am very frightened and anxious most of the time. I have to honestly say I have nothing to look forward to except anxiety and fear every day. I feel like my life and usefulness is coming to an end and I am only 44. What the hell am I going to do? I have always been a loyal, hard-working employee, not a clock watcher, always willing to learn, never going home until the job was done. I feel like I have always tried to do the right thing and I see people doing the wrong thing and getting away with it and THIS is my reward.

Sorry all, just frustrated and needed to vent - I feel so bad always having to dump this on my partner who has been nothing but supportive. At least I have her in my life. But how long will her patience with me persist and when is she going to start to think of me as a loser? I feel like I am losing my grip on everything.

Colleen Campbell 6 years ago

I have NEVER been out of work and if anyone is interested I will be doing a show on blog talk radio next week on how to get employed and stay employed even in this market. If you want me to email the tips to you (dont worry this is not an ebook and Im not selling anything) my email is stephanie_20904@yahoo.com I have methods that have worked for me and I have yet to see one person post these methods or teach them in any seminar. Yes Im working now but I was at a point 10 years ago where I had an accident and couldnt walk and found work from home with these methods and it does not matter what industry it is. When I tape the show I will tape the link here and you can listen. Until next week here is a link to my other shows if you want to see how I am. I normally interview people who are in the music industry from the 60s and 70s but Im going to do a show on how to find jobs because I had a health crisis and was able to find a job. I can walk again now and I have still found jobs for my friends in this bad economy I will do the show next week and put the link up for you to listen.


jobless in seattle 6 years ago

I have been looking for a job for almost a year now, and nothing seems to be working out. I have the exact qualifications for those jobs that I applied for but I could not even land an interview. The only thing I could think of is maybe because I have a bad credit, but how am I going to fix my credit if I do not have a job? I tried everything that people said, wrote, and blogged about the "Ways to Land a Job" but all I have been getting is the auto-reply. What is most discouraging for us too is the fact that most employers do not want you to follow up on your application. They simply do not want to get bothered. Another bad sign that the job market is in the shitter is because most of these jobs are contractual. Meaning not the job you could keep and be proud of. No health or dental, shorter work hours, and non-permanent. Say goodbye to the "American Dream."

Mike 6 years ago

I graduated from a top ranked university in May 2009. Everyday I spend about 5 to 7 hours a day applying for jobs. So far ZERO interviews. I'm about quit looking cuz this is crazy. ZERO interviews???? I can't even get an interview for an internship which doesn't pay you anything.

I talked to my economics professor about the economy. He said America is about to enter into the early stages of the Depression. He said America's debt problem is really huge and there is no way America will ever be able to pay the money.

Mike 6 years ago

“We are now, I fear, in the early stages of a third depression,” the Nobel Peace Prize Economist wrote in a NY Times Op-Ed Sunday.


Stephanie Campbell 6 years ago

Here is the link to the show about how to get a job and keep it.


Steven 6 years ago

Mike, your professor maybe right. I've been out of a job for about 1.5 years. Things don't look like they are getting any better. You should listen to Gerald Celente on youtube, he is the top trends forcaster in America, he is also saying the same thing, America will be entering the early stages of a depression in the up coming months. Gerald Celente gets about 90% of his stuff right. You should check out his track record.

Here is Gerald Celente's website:


To listen to his Radio interviews:

Go on youtube and search for Gerald Celente

Stephanie Campbell 6 years ago

All this is well and good but stop listening to the doom and gloom it just depresses you. I heard this same thing years ago and things turned aroun.

Nicole A. 6 years ago

I just can't beleive this! it's crazy sad to me. I haven't been working for almost a year and a half. I can't begin to tell you how low I feel. I was starting to wonder what was wrong with me, untill I came to this page. I see i am NOT alone by any means.

Unemployment ran out, can't find any work, really starting to stress and worry. Worst part, living in Los Angeles, plus I DON"t speak spanish.

Hoping for the best, good luck everyone, and try to stay positive.

Bobius 6 years ago

Medical isn't a much better field. I have a friend with a M.S. in nursing from a top school who can't find work. He's tending bar - he got the job through a friend.

I just started looking but am running into similar problems. Ruthlessness and cunning are necessary now. Call in all your favors. Start working people hard and after gaining influence over a long period of time use them for what you can. This is no time for morality or playing nice - you have to eat. You have to fucking eat.

Bobius 6 years ago

Also, these tips are trivial. Nothing about appearance or working people one on one. No mention of body language, no suggestions on dress, nothing beyond the obvious.

Make sure we've done these things? We're not retarded. I'm hitting all my cylinders of scheming here and this post hardly compares. You can't just say network. You forgot the whole part about doing favors for others and earning their trust and waiting for them to bring up the jobs. You sell yourself by working them hard enough to offer it without saying a word.

No one dates the desperate. The key to networking is making them their office would work so much better with someone like you before you even ask.

Johnny 6 years ago

I did everything you mentioned and still nobody called me for an interview.I am fast physically and intellectually with a college degree in electrical engineering and even a technician position or entry level engineering position I couldn`t find.

tbro010 6 years ago

On Monday, August 2nd, 20 months to the day from when I lost my job, I will be starting a new job. I am going back into the field,actually the same job, that I was downsized from but with a different company. I did absolutely everything mentioned but in the end it all came down to who I knew. Everyone please stay strong and keep the faith. Stay in touch with those that you know are in the field you want to be in, even if they can not hire you today. The person I will be working for was not in a management position until 3 months ago. When a position was becoming available he contacted me and told me to get ready. God Bless everyone and please stay strong.

tbrown010 6 years ago

Thanks for the well wishes but it is true. I have posted on here before. I just got lucky....FINALLY

Stephanie Campbell 6 years ago

Congratulations TBrown! Listen to the broadcast and comment if you wish.


I've done everything they said 6 years ago

I don't know how much more I can take. In 2002, I lost my job of 17 years. For more than a year I looked for work, any work and I could not find anything anywhere. I hit rock bottom when I was told I was not even qualified to pick up trash for the local GDS company. The ESC office advised me to seek higher education in a field that was interesting to me as well as secure. I have spent the last 6 years getting a 4 year degree in teaching. I begged borrowed and did every thing I could including giving up my home and moving in with family to survive and pay for my education. Earlier this year, I graduated with Honors near the top of my class. I received numerous other honors and was recognized for my academic achievements. I am now licensed as a Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. I am classified as Highly Qualified by the state in which I live and I still cannot find work. I don,t know how much more I can take. I am nearing my wits end.

frustrated guy 6 years ago

I am a college student, who trained as an emergency medical technician, and I am trying to land a job as an ER technician or an ambulance driver. No one wants to hire me. I need a job in order to be able to go through college. I am growing frustrated. My parents came to America in order to have a better future. Back home in Mexico, family is living really wealthy due to illegal business. It was always a dream of mine to graduate from a good college. I am becoming really frustrated and I am seriously considering taking part in illegal business. I will continue to do my job search, but if I cant find a job to put me through college I will have to do something shameful. I feel like a failure and as if I am walking through a boulevard of broken dreams, and I have become frustrated. Well if i can't find a job, I will have to resort to those activities. When you have to eat, you have to eat. I hope I get lucky and find a job, or else I will have to do whatever I have to do in order to get money and live good. I am waving the American Dream good bye. I feel so sad because I am considering these activities. I am going to be a senior in my university, and I might have to stop attending due to money problems. Goodbye American Dream. This economy is horrible. I thought America was the land of opportunities. I am a qualified USA citizen, who attends college and works really hard, and I feel like all the doors have been shut in my face. No wonder crime goes up with every depression. And the employers are really mean, they don't even want to be bothered with a call. For all those reasons, fuck you america, i will do what I have to do to get rich. Bye.

Nattiebruin 6 years ago

hello, I posted a message a few months ago. After over a year of being unemployed I finally got a job. Do not give up and hang in there!

Stephanie Campbell 6 years ago

Congratulations Nattie I knew you could do it. The jobs are out there they are just not as plentiful as they once were. Good luck you are an inspiration to people on this thread. Dont give up gang and remember its not your fault its the corporate morons!

Chris Taylor 6 years ago

For anyone with computer support skills, I can show you how to start your own home & small business computer services business. If you cannot find work then try and go out and make money on your own.

VJ2010 6 years ago

I think my unemployment is about to run out for good. They just sent me a letter stating that it was but I am not sure they will extend me. I really need that extension or my life will go down the drain. If I can't even pay my car note, how will I get to interviews??? My life sucks right now. I am single and unemployed and living with mom. I just want a job in the field that I am experienced in and have a degree in. Is that too much to ask??? I mean I am not praying to be a millionaire or famous or any of that... all I want to do is work so that I can live. Maybe I should move to a country where everyone is poor that way I will fit right in. For a moment I had hope. But it is SO hard to stay hopeful when you apply for job after job, knock on door after door, go on interview after interview, and network with person after person with no job offers. I should look up loser in the dictionary and see if my picture is there because that is the way I feel right now! Like a f*ckin loser!

Kel 6 years ago

I just graduated from college and I can't find a job. At first I thought I'd aim high and not settle for something I'm over-qualified for but that obviously hasn't worked out for me. I'm living with my mom and loathing my life right now. Everyone in my family is doing well except for me and it hurts that they're disappointed and that I'll most likely end up flipping burgers or something.

AmbivalentInSF 6 years ago

Hi all,

I don't know whether I should commiserate here or feel even more depressed about my own situation. Admittedly, I'm not on the edge of losing everything in my life (I live at home, so no rent, and no kids), but I have a bachelor's and a master's degree in engineering from ivy league schools and I can't get a job in the Silicon Valley, tech capital of the world. I was laid off from a top-tier management consulting firm last November, have added 3 professional certifications to my resume, and yet there is very little interest. Everyone wants more experience, yet no one is willing to give the have-nots a chance to gain that experience. More and more I feel like lying your face off or moving abroad (I speak Chinese) are my only options.

AmbivalentInSF 6 years ago

Oh, and I am confused because while applying to the same type/level of jobs, I've been told I'm overqualified, a strong candidate, as well as there are others with better fit. For jobs essentially identical in nature. In any case, I loved reading everyone's stories here. I'm not alone.

Bobbie 6 years ago

I've been unemployed since 2008 and I've exhausted my unemployment. I've applied, and applied and nothing. Prior to being laid off I've never had to find a job. The jobs have always come to me, even when I wasn't looking. A week ago I thought I pretty much had a job. I interviewed three times with this company. And I found out that I didn't get the job. So I'm feeling crushed now. I'm actively looking ALOT, but no luck. I've done alot of what's on this list and I still don't have any hits. I'm even applying for jobs that I'm way over qualified for and still hearing nothing back. Hell I can't even get Wal-Mart to call me back... What to do, I'm broke and soon to loose everything. I’ve never been this bad off in my life!!

Another Statistic 6 years ago

Just received another rejection e-mail and it tells me they found someone else to stuff envelopes and take registrations as I am apparently incapable and not a "good fit". Suicidal once again, after 3 good interviews, 2 of them with the above referenced position.

Take heart those of you who are young, things will get better for you! For people my age, 50, my only option is to kill myself.

Mumof1 6 years ago

Been in the job market now for almost 2 months and trying to keep my chin up. A part of me almost wishes I would have stayed in my dead end engagement with my 4 year old instead of moving across country with my family to "start over". At least I had a job working for my ex fiance and money in my pocket.

I'm just crushed because the job market is horrible.


I tried the food service industry route for a month, with no callbacks aside from one interview. I know I'd do great on tips, no one gives you a chance if you don't have tons of experience.

I figured I'd go back to what I know (mortgages) and it's not looking so good there either.

I just "competed" for a loan processor position, only 3 openings and 50 people interviewed. I got a call back for a 2nd interview (I was one of the 9 they called back). I thought I wow'ed them but I guess not. I got an email in response to my thank you letter sent yesterday saying "Thanks but we chose someone else".

Now I want to crawl in a hole and die. I went through hell to get to both interviews and showed up 20 minutes early. I have another interview with a different company tomorrow and I'm TRYING to stay positive but this week just isn't my week.

I'm not collecting unemployment (my ex will deny the claim), I'm living with family but I can see how this will turn bleak. Zero money, my car is broken, can't put kiddo in daycare...hard times.

My only option, in another few weeks will be to work at WalMart as a slave and live with roommates or go swing on a stripper pole.

This is not good and I'm very discouraged.

Stephnie Campbell 6 years ago

If you want to start working from home immediately check this out


SCF 6 years ago

I've been looking for work for four years just trying to get a menial part time job. I've done pretty much everything on this list and in the four years I've looked for work I've never received a response from a place I've applied at. The frustration has gotten so bad I've started having seizures. The only way I've been able to pay for college is selling off my possessions and gambling.

Christina  6 years ago

Oh my god, this is my life in a nutshell. I graduated from University in 09, and live in Michigan, and I haven't even been able to land an office job. thankfully I still have my high school/ college retail job that doesn't even make ends meet, even though my husband also works (also minimum wage). I am desperately trying to find a second job so I can pay off all my bills, put a dent in student loans, and move out of my in laws house. I am getting so discouraged, I dont know what to do, and my plans for furthering my education have to wait until I can get some financial stability. This economy sucks, and its really hard to keep going day in and day out.

Stephanie 6 years ago

If you want to find a job dumb down the resume and get rid of all of the degrees. Have you noticed that a lot of people getting jobs now are not as intelligent as you are. I hate to say it but its the people with the trade skills now who are dominating the market! A lot of the high paying jobs are bilingual or so specific the individuals dont exist. Here listen to this and be industry specific when job hunting.

email me for feedback



TragicalyAmbitious 6 years ago

I get that we should be lucky that we have a job. (I am) But, what about those of us that are ambitious and have dreams? I have a 4 year Mass Media degree. But my job is in the DD (mental/physical dissabilty) field. And the money...it's enough to keep you alive. Everyday I want to better my life and make great money...but I then realize that I CAN'T do any better. At least not until the economy picks up. The problem for people like me is that, yes, we are blessed to have jobs. But at the same time, when we want to aim higher...we aren't able to. (Hence, my name). Basicaly, in 2010, it pays to have NO goals. You have to pretty much kill your dreams.

On a bright note, the ONE sector in this country that never stops looking for "talent" is the entertainment industry. If you can get on a reality TV show, or start a Rap group, you may be alright.

Can anybody here rap?

VJ2010 6 years ago

@TragicalyAmbitious... I hear ya! However, must tell you that the Entertainment Industry is suffering just as much hardship as any other Industry. My contact at Sony who has been in the industry for 30 years told me recently that he may be looking for a job soon and that many music industry jobs don't have entry level positions anymore like they used to.

Anyway... I feel your pain! I have ambitions as well and can't find a job in my degree field or in my dream field (where I have interned and recieved training in the area of my interest). Looking in both and can't catch a break. Keep your head up! I'm trying to.

some dude 6 years ago

Lol That was pretty awesome to read Susannah, I thought about doing the same thing with those rejection emails. After I drove to another city a couple hours a way from where I live to a recruitment even for an airline job, I made the cut in the elimination process for the first interview, and while I was talking to the lady who interviewed me I also felt that I already lost, that for some reason this lady already decided she didnt like me and decided my fate just by looking at me. I got 3 rejection emails about 2 weeks later. I have been unemployed for almost 2 years now, and actually missed a couple job offers in my hometown when I moved to South Carolina, and then things werent working out in SC so I decided to move back to my hometown, and missed about 5 calls for interviews when I left. Now I have been back for about 4 or 5 months doing all the things this article said to do, because it is common sense, and I havent gotten anything!! I have been losing my damn mind, being 24 years old living at my moms house still. Its been pretty hard, its taken its toll on my mind,and faith, especially when a great woman comes into your life, who you want to have a future with, and possibly family, but you cant make it happen being a broke ass with no money, and it doesnt matter what you tell other people, they just think your not trying hard enough, and you want to strangle everyone who tries to give you advice, because you already know what you have to do, and have tried and made a sincere effort, but the rest is out of your control. I am also in fear of ending up on the street, and I know that I dont deserve it, and alot of you people probably dont deserve it either, so god bless all of you and good luck,or maybe I will run into one of you at a bustop somewhere begging people for change or fighting eachother over some leftover food in a dumpster.

Mumof1 6 years ago

Happy days! I scored a job. I felt a lot better after "venting" on here and I thought hard about how to beat this jobless mess.

If you have skills in your preferred industry this might work for you.

This is what I did, I spent ALL day, looking up mortgage companies in my town and surrounding suburbs. Came up with about 50. Yesterday I systematically started calling and speaking with the owners of these companies or leaving messages if I couldn't get ahold of anyone. I received a few callbacks. Just my luck, one company was looking for a Loan Processor but they didn't yet put an ad out. I told them about my skills, sent my resume and gave a follow up call back. I got in the office that same day and they gave me a job offer. I start tomorrow!

So it's worth a try to directly call companies to cut out the competition if you are qualified, they may not look any further than what is in front of them.

Sickofit 6 years ago

I'm an unemployed veteran. I graduated last year into the bad economy and didn't find a job right away. I didn't stress and kept busy with other things. This summer my unemployment money will run out and I've hit up every job fair in a 250 mi radius, sent out resumes, posted on Monster, etc.

I went to a good university, got good grades, have a perfect military record, and no criminal charges of any kind besides an old speeding ticket. I always figured I would be an easy shoein when looking for an entry level job. Intelligent, good record, perfectly stable, with military experience to boot.

Instead I find both the public and private sector care little for the military experience, and instead of explaining the skills I learned I find myself explaining why I enlisted versus taking out student loans and work at an internship somewhere.

All I want is any kind of chance to show my skills. I could care less if they fire me in 2 weeks, but can't I atleast get the f**cking chance? It's pretty pathetic that this has been going on for about a year now, not even a single 20K+ position seems to be available to me.

Stephanie Campbell 6 years ago

Mum of 1 Congratulations! You did what I said to do in my broadcast you were INDUDSTRY specific and you didnt stop. Im so glad to see that there is evidence of someone doing this. Good luck to you and everyone else on the board.

Brokeforver 6 years ago

Hi everyone. I'm in the same boat. I have been unemployed for almost a year now and since I graduated college in 07 I have worked the lowest of low jobs. My degree is only an associates but should have been enough to pull my self out of the low brow jobs. But it hasn't been. I only stopped going to college because I was planning on getting a decent job maybe make 30k a year being a manager somewhere or something like that and pay for college on my own and go part-time because my student loans were getting way too high. But surprise that didn't work out so now I work the same low level jobs I did before college and had to pay out more money in bills each month towards my college loans. Well I have an answer to most of the peoples problems here. Stop paying off your debt like credit cards, student loans. I haven't been able to pay in a year. I get a few phone calls that my answering machine receives but that's it. There are so many people not paying because they cant, that they are extremely overloaded the (courts/collections). The whole system is gonna crash everyone can see it. So why pay? Use that money to have a roof over your head for a few extra months and money to feed yourself longer. They say unemployment claims are dropping. Lies! It's not because people are getting jobs its because their unemployment benefits are now over they don't qualify for anymore. And that doesn't even include all the people who are underemployed who have part-time jobs who don't make enough to cover their bills. They don't consider them at all. And can you recall for years and years before the economy totally tanked that there were only part-time positions? The only full-time employees were management and only they got the decent benefits. It gets worse and worse every month more and more people lose their jobs. Think of your own safety and survival. It's all crashing don't get crushed by it good luck everyone. Oh if you want to hear some truth about why we are in this position check out the movie Fall of The Republic on youtube. Or check out Alex Jones at Infowars.com

VJ2010 6 years ago

Dear Brokeforver:

I completely agree! Although I am annoyed with the amount of times my student loan company calls me each day! They call about 10 times a day! But what can I do??? I don't have a job. And do you think they give a rats ass if you answer the call and tell them you don't have a job and can't pay??? Hell No! They don't give a f*ck. They just want their money! Well guess what....I want a f*ckin job that the American Dream promised me when going to College! Job placement agencys treat me like I just graduated from High School!

Sorry All... I'm so annoyed right now because the only opportunity that has come my way in the last 2 months is from 1 of the 4 Job Placement agencies that I am signed up with, is a job that a high school student could do with their eyes closed. And this is in addition to me 'pounding the pavement' and looking for jobs on my own and networking.

none of your business 6 years ago

The american dream is all in your head, a figment of your imagination... a fairy tale... To keep you down!.... Things are definitely not what they used to be say a decade ago... it's like day and night with today.

I've done everything the article states... from networking, to researching and cold calling, to editing my resume numerous times to perfection... but the REAL reason I or any of you cant find employment is purely because there aren't any opportunities...

Employers post minimal jobs with ridiculous requirements and idiotic acronyms as if people reading their posts are supposed to know off bat what they mean... In addition you have endless groups of qualified and overqualified candidates all vying for a single crumb...



We are like hamsters running endlessly on a wheel with no end in sight in pursuit of an unrealistic idea because we as americans have allowed ourselves to be deceived by endless propaganda from the media/entertainment industries, and special interest groups with bokoo capital that consistently tear at the fabric of a society that once had values...

We used to be smart, we used to have morals, we used to have respect, we used to have humility, and we used to have values & principles... What the hell is happening to this country????

People have become totally disconnected without a voice... wasting time being unproductive human beings glued to their tv sets and ipod players like zombies in la la land being subliminally fed and taught backwards ideology!!!

Time to wake up people, nice and easy shut off your high definition flat screen tv sets and step away from your ipods and fancy cellphones that become yesterdays news the following month.... and stop being led to shit like sheep... SNAP OUT OF IT, WIPE THE DROOL FROM YOUR MOUTHS, OPEN YOUR EYES AND THINK... Instead of being passive idiots that encourage and unknowingly support their own degradation and demise...

Anyhow, good luck to everyone, stay sane, keep your spirits and chins high, fight the good fight in this bullsh*t game we call the job market, and this hustle we call life....


None of your business

Steve 6 years ago

"Mr. Positive" Famous Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins talks about the economy.

Here is his video:

Part 1


Part 2


Ben  6 years ago

Hello there people, I know how you all feel iv been jobless for about 6 monthes, my goal in life is to become a plumber but it seems near to impossible because the plumbing companies are just not hiring. Im a qualified plumber because i done a city & guilds training course witch cost £4000 witch i got from a loan, they keep going on about me paying it back but how can I!? We are like drones in this world and its just a dog eat dog world out there.. I have sent out countless covering letters and C.Vs and had no replys... Im close to breaking point and dont know how much longer I can life my life like this.. Its a horrible feeling being jobless when your friends are all working and living life. Because when you are jobless you have no money togo out and do anything and become depressed sitting indoors all day. My luck goes out to all of you looking for work. Thanks for reading.

Jackie 6 years ago

I just got a rejection from a place that I interviewed 3 times. They told me that I qualified for the duties but felt no personal connection. This crushed me since they expressed that they wanted to have me to be part of the team after the second interview but just wanted to have me come in and explain the duty for the last time.

Jim 6 years ago

I graduated in 2009, I still can't find a job. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

This really getting depressing. I think this country is sinking really slowly into a DEPRESSION.

You know what, I'm not going to pay my student loans or credit card bills anymore, I don't care anymore.

VJ2010 6 years ago

I'm thinking of starting my own business. That seems to be the only way to get out of this rut. Since noone wants to hire me, I will hire myself! So think about it.... if you are an accountant looking for a job at a great accounting firm... why not just start your own accounting firm right out of home?? Start a website and get all these spineless companies to come to you instead of you coming to them. Or... if you majored in marketing... why not start your own marketing company... you see where I am going with this???

This seems to be the only way... these corporations and businesses are making us feel like we are nothing... lowering our self-esteem. When in reality... we can do the job better than their best person... RIGHT???

So lets do it???

I apologize people... I am desperate! Thinking of anyway I can to make a living without lowering my standards and doing anything illegal!

Sara 6 years ago

Lol at a few of you. Because i am loling at myself aswell. Some of your comments touch me and some make me laugh because you still keep a great additude towards it all. I am a female, qualified mechanic and have been in the industry for over 7 years. At the moment, im tring to get the hell ouf of this rut considering the environment is taking its toll on my health and well being. I have always believed, if i can be and succeed at being a mechanic, then i can do anything. Thinking i had the power over what job id ever want, it all ended up turning upon me. I have been looking to be off the tools for over 2 years. I get confused as a model, office person but when people look at my hands they know what i do for a living. So whats the problem? I have customer experience for over 10 years, i dont give a damn about getting dirty or working my ass off to make good money.

So i have had countless interview with big companies that are looking for anyone to fill in a position. I gain the interviews, i have friendly chats with them, and i worked it out. People these days cant be stuffed taking risks! They prefer hiring a dull, sad, boring "experienced" person over someone that has life, can bring life to work, make people happy and WANT TO LEARN AND LEARN IT FAST!

Those idiots dont realise that you CANT train PERSONALITY! But you CAN train a person into the right JOB.

seriously, what in the shit is wrong with those morons? In fact i finally recieved a fone call from this company this afternoon to let me know i wasnt successful. I felt like letting HIM know that his nose hair needs a trim as it almost touches his upper lip. And that his face needed a wash because it was oily, and his stupid breath was potent!! And if i had to say the same for other interviewers, id be more than happy to mention THEIR failure at impressing the person they are interviewing for the job! OF course they will hire someone that is so much like them selves.

stupid idiots.

But all in all, i know theres something out there. good luck to you all i hope you all get the job you desire in your hearts. And TAKE RISKS!!!! GO for that job you think you might be underq-ualified for. Consider it as an experience even getting the interview ;)

Colleen 6 years ago

It breaks my heart to read all of these comments! I commend all of you out there who are trying very hard to find a job. Its tough out there and for those of you who are employed and calling people lazy losers shame on you!

Keep up the good work guys and gals.

joshua from arlington, WA 6 years ago

I have a problem obtaining a job because i have been convicted of a domestic violence charge and bad credit. My occupation is preferably aerospace manufacturing and i have all that in my back experiance of employment on my apps. and resumes, but no matter how much i bug that sertain employer i don't get any kind of feedback. for ex. I turn in the same app. and resume sevural times and show my face and talk to a manager or serpervisor at the same workplace. nothing makes a differance. but i'm not giving up and i am upping my strat. and incuragement in the workforce although it is very depressing. so good luck for those that are in the same boat as i. just keep your eyes pealed and your ears open and something is bound to come your way. piece everyone, im outy!

manny 6 years ago

It is no different in Canada. Graduated in late 08, still looking. will prob take a part time retail job...but im prob overqualified.

phil 6 years ago

I live in a high unemployment area and moving isn't an option for me or I would have left this jobless wasteland a long time ago. Employers are milking the lousy economy and offering wages you can't survive on but what's worse is the way they hire when there actually IS a job to be found...cousins,good old boy connections, friend of a friend...it's not at all about WHAT YOU KNOW..it's only WHO YOU KNOW. Unfortunately, ALL of the people I know ARE OUT OF WORK TOO. I'm intelligent, focused, driven, and TRYING. Something's got to give and soon. Not just for me, but for all the job seekers who are really struggling out there. People who find jobs FAST FAST FAST these days are just LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY...bottom line.

Timmy 6 years ago

Look at all the economic data, the economy is getting worse. There is nothing being done to solve this problem.

We need to throw out all the Democrats and Republicans out of office. Both of these parties are corrupt.

Watch these movies:

The Obama Deception:


Fall of the Republic:


Mike 6 years ago

I have two college diplomas (marketing and social work). I have experience, MANY skills (computers, communication, creativity, graphic design, counseling, ETC ETC ETC)...I am more than willing to work. I have even gotten that second education. NOTHING. I am turning 30 next year and have yet to have gainful employment. I live in Canada. This problem is horrible and has haunted me since leaving high-school and graduating from college the first time. I'm sick of it. I've done everything I was supposed to do and WAY MORE. I've MORE than paid my dues. I WANT A JOB NOW. I WANT TO WORK. I can't even get a lower paying job because I'm over-qualified. How will it look on society if someone with TWO college diplomas is on 'welfare'? Hmm? Exactly. There needs to be some sort of change and it needs to be soon. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.

jobless 6 years ago

I just graduated and I can't get a job anywhere!!! I don't know what i'm gonna do life sucks right now!

looking for a job 6 years ago

WHERE ARE THE DAM JOBS??? 2 years without an income!!!!!...I got a massive credit card debit piling each month....I pay my rent and food on credit cards. I pay the minimum monthly credit credit bills with other credit credit cards.

Of course I'm not going to pay the money back. I'm just trying to survive. I have to agree with some of you on here this is a depression and things are only going to get worse. Most of my son's friends who graduated from college can't find jobs....They feel like giving up....After 2 years of looking for job, I finally quit. I may fly out of this country in the upcoming months and look for better opportunities in Asia.

Naruto23 6 years ago

I recently became a certified massage therapist and can NOT find a job in my field. I've been searching for over 5 months and still I havent found a job. Although im working two jobs. Its still not enough. I cant even pay my student loans. There talking about garnishing my checks. All i want to do is live a better life but I cant find a damn job in my field to pay those loans back yet alone the debt that im already in with other bill collectors. The fucked up part is that they know that the economy is fucked up and they're still trying to take money from me that I just dont have. I've gone to job interviews clean,competitive, and I sold myself really well. I've changed my resume countless times. Im always on craigslist every damn day. I get discriminated because ima a male therapist. I thought once i finished school and got my massage license which took me four times before(a damn year) i passed the test that life would be easier and that life would be better. I never thought that it would be so hard. I can see that im not the only one that feels this way. Sometimes I just wanna quit, but Im not gonna give up. Im gonna accomplish my goals no matter what. I didnt come this far to give up we gotta keep our heads up and maintain our sanity. That life i want to have im gonna get it because I have faith. Better days are coming...BELIEVE IT!

Sean 6 years ago

I am in the same boat. I was laid off from work 6 months ago because of company downsizing, where they go thru each department and clean house. The company has gone from 1900 employees to under 800 in 2 years. Fortunatly I received a severance package that has got me by for 6 months, but I still cant find work. I've applied for over 100 jobs and the only offers I've had are for customer service paying $9 - $10 an hour, which is less than half of what I was making. I worked my way up over 13 years with my previous employer and had landed a good technical job with well educated people. Unfortunatly I only have a high school diploma, so I'm having no luck in finding a job that pertains to what I've been doing for the past 10 years or so. I'm over qualified for most of the customer service jobs (I'm told this often after interviews) because of the work I had been doing. My severance package is running out in September, and my unemployment benefits are running out in 2 weeks, with only the possibility of an extention in benefits. At this point I just dont know what to do anymore.

My options:

1) go back to school. (at age 40 with no income? ya right!)

2) be a truck driver (never get to be with my family)

3) open my own business (my wife and I are looking into selling costume jewelry and purses at craft shows and local businesses)

4) start applying at places like Walmart or a fast food restaurant (again, I'm over qualified. I have a professional resume and cover letter. I hope to god this doesnt happen to me)

5) stop looking and suck up as much unemployment benefits as I can, then when that runs out I can collect aluminum cans for recycling and live in my car (at least the car is paid for)

These sure are trying times.... I'll continue to keep a positive attitude and keep trying. When life knocks ya down its important to get back up and keep going. I'm giving #3 a shot.

Patrick 6 years ago

This advice is crap. I've been doin these things and trust me after a while they dont make a difference. People don't hire whos best for their company. They hire who THEY want to see working with THEM. That means an attractive person, or a particular race, or someone who just looks the part.

B~TownFL profile image

B~TownFL 6 years ago

Iv tried everything i can think of iv been to every fast food place i can think of even nursing homes looking for dish washing jobs i didn't finish school so that makes it even harder everyone thats Hiring is looking for people who have been to collage and have some sort of Degree iv even filled out everything online all i get is calls from people wanting me to go to their collage which can'teven aford. I thought it was going to be easy to just go out there get a job so i could pay to get my C.N.A. Lic renewed and everything would be great. sure isn't working that way. i don't even mind the walks trying to find the job its the 90 degree and up whether thats killing me..

Im not even a picky person i will take the first job offered

Jacob Salmon 6 years ago

Those were all great tactics, I've utilized probably half of those myself. One thing I think she forgot to mention though was a job application sending service. I used a company called http://gadzoog.com and have 2 interviews in less then a week. Basically I just filled out one application and they sent it to all the employers in my area. It cost me about 30 bucks though, but I'm kind of lazy so I guess it was worth it.

Hope that helps!

scott 6 years ago

hate to say this, but there is very little hope. we've been in trouble since the start of the decade.

I am literally living off my credit cards.

You keep hearing people say: "You should be happy just to have a job in this economy."

America has turned into a wasteland.

VJ2010 6 years ago

After almost 2 years of looking for a job, I think I finally got one. It's through a staffing agency and it pays very little. It's also a temp job. Anyway, my unemployment will only last until the begining of November and I don't know if they will extend it. I hate living on the edge of my seat not knowing if I will be able to pay my bills when my unemployment ends. I am on my second extension so I think I am going to take this job. They are making me do a trial run for one day and if they like me, I basically got a job. I guess it's better than nothing. It sucks that I had to give up going to a conference in two weeks that would have allowed me to meet and network with people in my dream field that I paid $250 to go to because I won't be able to take time off.

Anyway, although I hate having to work a job that I don't love for little pay, I'd rather do this than feel like a lowlife living off government assistance.... Not that I am but that's just how I feel. I sure hope that I don't have to kiss my dreams goodbye. I just have to roll with the punches for now.

Olivier 6 years ago

I blame alot of this nonsense on the internet and Human resources. Yes the internet has been around for a long time, but it's ruined the job application world. Remember 10 years ago when we used to just walk into a human resources building and ask if there were jobs available and if there were, we'd fill out a simple application and it was pretty much 50/50 we'd get a call a few hours later asking when we could interview for the job.

Now why the eff do they force us to apply online for everything? Yeah you could phone people, but it's certainly not the preferred method of application. Now getting an interview is a celebration. Getting interview invites from places like McDonalds, Hardees, or Wendys is like getting an interview at Harvard Medical School. With the internet used for practically every job posting, applications have skyrocketed through the roof...500 apps probably for every Mcdonald's position. Applying online is free and it is so easy to click, click, click. With paper mail several years ago used as the main source of applying, people were too lazy to send paper mail, thus leading to lower application numbers and more higher interest applicants. These days EVERYONE is applying to Mcdonalds because all it takes is a simple click, copy, and paste. Ivy leaguers, engineers, lawyers, bankers are all applying for "pocket cash" side jobs and are competing with the uneducated folks whose lives depend on getting a burger flipper position.

Today's world of applying, there is no driving to a stupid mail box, sealing an envelope and putting it in an expensive stamp on the envelope. I am so lazy to use paper mail, I had a parking ticket violation for 15 dollars today, but I was so lazy to go to the post office, I chose to pay online which was 3.50 more expensive.

Ok now that I have finished with the I-net part, let's go to human resources. These buffoons could be the main culprit in all of this. Are these idiots actually printing out 400 applications they receive? I highly doubt that. They are overworked yes...but they are too lazy to evaluate every candidate, probably even 25% of the applications they receive. If you worked in HR, would you have the motivation to print out all that crap? I surely wouldn't. I am a hard working individual, but I wouldn't want to waste all that ink and paper if I already see a great fit candidate with the 8th resume I just printed out.

Myndee 6 years ago

Well with the comment on applying for job positions on the Internet is so very true, there is a trick to those on-line apps. They have an algorithm. They scan for specific words, so if you knew what those words are then you have a better shot for the interviewer/HR personal to check out your app.

Now with that said... ): I have been out of work for over a year. Before that I was laid off. I was laid off, went back after about a year worked about nine months, then the temp agency got rid of me. When I was there the first time I was a full time worker. I have called companies, walked-in, and done the whole on-line application process. My resume has been revised multiple times, I have even had my resume looked over by teachers and professors. I'm signed up with all of the local temp agencies as well. I have learned something about those tricky little temp offices... They post positions they don't have. Can you believe that! Reason being is they have 'rolling' accounts with specific employers (most in my area). So what they do is post a position in 'hopes' that something will open up. I have learned this is the same for all these job openings that are posted on-line as well. I have had about three to four interviews out of my over two hundred applications. Now that is utilizing all possible means of getting a job; Networking, Internet, walk-ins, and even harassing employers. I called one company so many times I was told not to call back. I am respectable to everyone I come in contact with, dress in a respectable manner, no tattoos or piercing(aside from my tongue and ears, the tongue you can't see due to my specific job style ring), and I have my specific interview outfit.

I am unsure of what to do. My mother in law and I have been thinking about starting our own clothing line for children, but this requires money or loans and neither of us could get a loan without some sort of job. I do have my own house with plenty of equity, but the lack of a job is a huge pit fall to the dreams of starting any form of a company. I wish something would break for me. I received a scholarship to get me going with one of the local community colleges in the area. I will go as long as I can with the funds from that and grants, but if it ever comes time to take out a loan I refuse.

My husband and I were smart when we bought our house. We bought an extremely cheap house, did all the work needed ourselves (aside from plumbing and electrical) and even with those two things we utilized the licensed people we knew that would do it for a cheaper price than everyone else. We have one credit card with a limit of three hundred dollars, a cheap track phone (buy time cards, no contract), and we only have one car and it was a gift from a family member, so there is no monthly payment for that either. We chose our debt carefully, we even went with a local bank as to support our community and nothing is working. We don’t qualify for any help without monthly house payments because the loan is only for seventy thousand dollars. Those of us who were smart are getting is put right up our rear ends. We started out as a nice working middle class family with the house, perfect yard, and smart chosen credit and we got screwed.

We do our best to keep looking on the bright side, saying something will work out, but it has yet to work out. We are blessed to have what we have and I’m not saying I want much, just a job, any kind of job. I would flip burgers for crying out loud but there are no positions for that even. Maybe I should have some sort of disability and then employers would be more app’d to hire me. I’m at a lost here. Okay sorry this has been so long, I have been reading these for some time know and decided it’s about time I say something; even if no one is reading. But if you are still reading thank you and as my husband and I tell each other don’t give up. I know it’s easier said than done, I think I give up about once a week and then keep on trucking through. Be blessed ladies and gentlemen keep looking to that silver lining, or at least pretend there is one.

Olivier 6 years ago


You seem to be a seasoned vet with the resume process--hiring professionals to look at your resume is certainly going the extra mile.

Could you tell us more about these so called buzzwords that HR looks for? We have all heard they look for buzzwords but not many know EXACTLY what they are. Are they looking for specific phrases, words, action verbs? For instance, what key words would I need to include on my resume for say........a retail position at Banana Republic or a team member position at Whole Foods? Is it wise to leave out a college degree and just include a bunch of volunteer experiences that show you work well with people? It seems like a 2 day soup kitchen you volunteered for over a Thanksgiving break may be more valuable on a resume than a 4 year degree--pathetic but possibly true.

To all of you....you know what else is annoying? When online apps at the end ask you what race you are. They have this long paragraph saying they don't choose someone based on their race, gender, or ethnicity. But then right after that long paragraph they include a check mark box asking you: NOT LATINO or LATINO. Why should I check this if you already stated race isn't involved with decision making??!! I'm gonna check Latino one of these days to see if it makes a difference.

Myndee 6 years ago

I'm sorry to say, Olivier, that I am unsure of what these buzz words are. My husband and I were thinking if it were at all possible to figure these words out maybe we could make a website and possibly help other job seekers. The issue is I doubt anyone is going to give this information out, and I’m sure it’s an ever changing list of words or phrases. I know one word that I have learned to incorporate in every application as of last month after not getting a job is Transferable Skills. This is a big thing to employers I learned.

I think you're right, maybe we should all say we have no schooling what so ever. Dumb down the apps, be a mediocre person. Sounds crazy, I did that on Friday; I applied to a pizza shop and made the app so simple they will think I'm just like them! I think saying you have done volunteer work might be beneficial rather than saying you have education. Saying you have a four year degree scares employers, they think you are expecting to get the BIG BUCKS, I'm pretty sure all of us here understand the big bucks are not in our near future and any type of job will suffice, most of us just want to pay the bills!

I love the applications that ask your race/gender and under race there is everything under the sun to check, and then just OTHER, what is that. I agree maybe I should say I'm something other than a twenty four year old white female lol.

Thank you so much for actually reading that post, I was afraid it was too long and everyone would pass right over it. Take care everyone!~

MrsMetal 6 years ago

I graduated in December 2009 with a dual degree in English/History. At that time I lost the awesome job I had because it was reserved for college students. Because it was a conditional position I was not eligible for unemployment. I have $25,000 in student loan debt and just applied for forbearance, it kills me that I can't start paying this debt but I guess paying the utilities is more important.

I have been applying everywhere short of fast food and retail. I can't really do those jobs anymore because of physical limitations. I go through spells of intense pain in my hands and shoulders - not sure what that is, I have no health insurance to see a doctor. My husband makes "to much money" for me to get medical aid. No one seems to understand this. Not only that but, my husband works 2nd shift and I have a 12 yr old daughter. She can not be lift home alone every night! I know she can take care of herself but it would really leave her vulnerable to becoming a pregnant or drug addicted teenager. Not to mention simply lonley and feeling unloved. I've worked to hard to put her on the right path to turn away from her now.

Thank God my husband has a good job but he is in the manufacturing industry and last winter they put them on a 32 hr/wk schedule. It was very hard to squeak by. Over the summer he was put on a 6day shift where he worked 12hrs a shift. We were really about to catch up on bills but it about killed his soul I think. I'm worried with the economy in a down turn again they will decrease his hours again. I love him so much and he is so frustrated with me right now, he threatened to leave once because I'm not contributing. Even he doesn't understand why I can work 2-midnight sloppin french fries. I can't even imagine going into an interview at McDonald's and putting on a happy face as if I'd love to work there.

I have been out of work for so long I feel like my brain is turning to mush. Whatever communication skills I learned are going to the wayside. Not to mention how isolated I feel sitting in my house every day. I can't afford to do anything except volunteer teaching an older man to read, that doesn't provide much mental stimulation.

At this point I'm starting to feel like killing myself is the best option. At least if I were dead my husband would get a social security check, like $658 a month and my daughter would get the same. Does anyone know if he would be held responsible for my student loan bills? If not then I'm definitley worth more dead.

99% of the time there isn't even anything to apply for. I always send in a resume for clerical, receptionist, call center, retail managment all of which I have experience in. A job counselor actually told me to take my degrees off my resume so I seem more interesting, wtf.

Myndee 6 years ago


Don't do it! If you don't like the thought of leaving your daughter at home at night why would you ever want to leave her forever? Yes, your husband would be responsible for any and all debts that are/were in your name, so there is another reason not to do it.

If you graduated with an English/History major, maybe you could utilize that. I'm unsure of where you may live but I know here in New Hampshire we have a thing called "Teach North" and in the cities they have these sorts of programs as well. There is a better possibility of receiving a teaching job with these schools simply because people don't like to live way up north or deep in a urban city. I'm just giving ideas that are popping into my head, but maybe you could check with all of the schools within so many miles and see if they need teachers for night schooling or if you could sign up with them to be a substitute teacher.

I could be way off base here, maybe with your English/History major you weren't even going for the whole teacher thing. It is one of your possibilities I think. Well I hope that helped you. I know I get into those supppper depressed modes and I just think of my son. And for your husband, tell him to f' himself. Maybe he doesn't know what it's like to not be able to find work. Take care, MrsMetal!

Ohh one more thought, if you can't find work you can do, and the jobs you can find you can't do. Apply for disability, if there is really some wrong like a physical ailment while working certain jobs; apply for temporary disability or something. That's it from me I hope that put a little up in your chin and hope in your heart. Be blessed everyone and take care!~

VJ2010 6 years ago

Hello people!

I am back! Unfortunantly I didn't get a job like I thought! The stupid temp agency said that I would start on Wednesday of this week and if they liked me, I would go back the next day. So I went to work yesterday and then now I have to wait to be called back to see if I actually got the job. I have never encountered this before. I thought with a temp agency, they get you a job and you go in and work. Not go in and work and if we like you, you come back! This to me is more insulting than getting rejected by email. Atleast I didn't have to waste my time. I mean I gave them my best. I got along with everyone and put my best foot forward. How can they not hire me???

I told all my friends and family that I got a job and now I feel like a complete idiot!!! Now I am more depressed than I was before!!!!

A person can only take so much rejection before they start thinking that THEY are the problem!

I just don't know what to do anymore. I've done everything I can to get a job, network, fill out online applications, apply in person, etc...

This is bulls*it!!

wiseyoungguy 6 years ago


That's the way temp agencies work your temporary. It's day to day work. It's very rare that you show up and you have a job until they are done with you. You go to work if they like you they tell the temp agency to send you back tomorrow if not you don't come back. If your looking to get a permanent job through temp agencies its really only gonna happen if you go to work in a plant or manufacturing of some sort. If you want some advice go to the big plants and manufacturing places in your city and ask them what temp agency they use for hiring believe it or not most of these places use temp agencies to hire their workers because its cheaper for them to do that then to employ Human Resources people at all of their locations. They usually hire you and your on a three month probation if they like you will be hired on permanently. Personally I wouldn't bother with temp agencies unless those companies use them for hiring and they offer you a job at one of those places that you went to. The only thing your going to get out of temp agencies is losing your unemployment then having to reapply again. We need to face the fact that there just isn't enough jobs to go around. We are facing a time of culling. And either we jobless people fade away or we put our foot down. The choice is yours.

VJ2010 6 years ago


You are right! I hate temp agencies. But I am trying to use all my resources to find work. I've been REALLY trying hard. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am at my wits end. I am with 4 temp agencies and I haven't gotten anymore interviews then I've been able to get on my own. And this job that the temp agency was getting me... you don't even need a college degree! I am college educated and this is what I have to deal with!!!

I guess I need to get off my high horse and go try waiting tables like I did when I was a teenager. Somehow I don't even think THEY will hire me. I haven't done a customer service job in over 10 years.

Trucker Dan 6 years ago

Have any of you people thought about being a truck driver? Most trucking companies are hiring like crazy. You can travel the country at your employer's expense, gas is paid for by the company, etc.

Christina 6 years ago

I have been getting several offers for jobs in the cleaning industry, commercially. I make $12.50 an hour now and I am up for a union job making $15 an hour in commercial cleaning, with the opportunity to move up in the company (or so they say). Most ppl. think it is beneath them but it is really stress free work and it allows you to get some physical activity in.

Engineer Dude 6 years ago

I am probably the biggest idiot on here. I was laid off in February 2009 and was unemployed till late November 2009 when I landed a menial shipping/receiving job. Well in January of this year I was offered an engineering contract job paying me a little over $50/hr in the oilsands in Fort Mac. I quit the job about 2 weeks ago due to 2 reasons: 1) I couldnt deal with my boss' attitude. 2) I believed I already had an offer in my hometown. The offer was then rescinded only cuz I asked for more money cuz as an engineer who has his MSc they only wanted to pay me ~$23/hr which is really low. Now I am unemployed and dont qualify for benefits cuz I was self employed for my contract. I dont have responsibilities and do have some savings as I was living in a work camp while in Fort Mac so I should be ok for a couple of months. I know I am an idiot but with al the stress my boss was putting me through at the time, I felt it was the right move.

VJ2010 6 years ago


I don't think you are an idiot for quitting a high paying job because your boss was an a**hole. However, jobs are hard to come by these days and perhaps you could have stuck it out alittle longer until you were 100% sure that you had another job lined up and you were going to start on a certain day. I've found that employeers are putting people through a bunch of bullsh*t just to get a job. For instance: making people think they have the job then they changing their minds, not paying people what they are worth, etc. I told people I had a job because I thought I did and then I felt like a complete moron when they told me 'they didn't know for sure yet'.... making me work a whole day and then wait a whole week just to hear back from them, all for low pay.

But... I think there is NO amount of money that compares to happiness on the job. While you would have been making $50/hr.... you would have been miserable for years to come. So, quitting isn't necessarily a mistake but with the economy we have today... maybe waiting would have been a better option.... I know... coulda, shoulda, woulda... right??? Hindsight is always 20/20.

I wish you luck!

Holly 6 years ago

If you're complaining you can't get jobs you're obviously overqualified for - why are you bothering? Of COURSE they're not going to give you a job when you're clearly just going to bail as soon as the economy picks up the slightest. Better to hire a straight-A high schooler who'll stick around a couple of summers than a doctorate who resents everybody that walks in.

no name 6 years ago

Holly, you really aren't helping matters. Considering the quality of help a FF restaurants these days, I say they would be ahead of the game if they hired a PHD who only stayed for 6 months than the supposed kids you mention. At least they know how to count change and have a work ethic.

Olivier 6 years ago

Engineering dude

I think 50/hr and working in hell is much worse than being position less yet being independent while actively searching for a position that fits you and your needs. I think you made a good move...you gotta love what you are doing. I bet your boss just loves control and likes to bark for the sake of barking. Some of these people you are working for are jealous of who you are(esp if you are a young professional with a doctorate). Plus so many of these bosses have lots of inner frustrations they are too proud to tell anyone about and have nowhere to displace that emotion/rage but on an innocent coworker who is supposedly beneath them or less experienced. I think its time for you to move on to better and hopefully(but not most important) greener pastures.

Stephanie 6 years ago

Holly no offense but a lot of the posters on here are under a lot of stress please dont insult their intelligence.

Engineer Dude 6 years ago

Thanks VJ2010 and Olivier for your support

Policy man 6 years ago

I try to stay positive but it's tough. I have a bachelors in Political Science and a masters in Public Policy. I graduated in 2010 but have been looking months before that for a job and can't seem to find anything. Everyone keeps saying "the government is always hiring" but it feels like BS to me. I'm striking out. I have these humorous thoughts like "the reason our programs to turn the economy around aren't working is because no one's hiring analysts like me to make good ones!" Catch-22. I imagine this is true in a lot of fields out there.

If you're like me, you're probably so eager to get out there and make stuff happen, anything! I'm just sick of standing still. I'm restless. I've even looked in a lot of areas outside my field and things I'm overqualified for. Haven't had much luck. It's the experience that usually gets me. I'm so eager to get on with my life but so much depends on me landing a job. I'm mostly venting. Feels good to know I'm not completely alone.

CB 6 years ago

Thanks for the advice. However, these are pretty simple steps that most people should already be doing in a job search. I know that my husband has and he has been without work for 6 months now. We haven't had any income at all and it is so stressful. He is well educated and has plenty of good work experience and great references, yet very few call backs for jobs and no offers. It is depressing, especially since we have two young children to care for and there is no end in sight. I sure hope that things start to change - 11% unemployment rate in FL is way too high!

CC 6 years ago

I'm doing my PhD just because there is no jobs anymore out there, so in that way I will dodge the bullet: What are you doing with your life now? I regret it 'cause I went to the UK to escape it all and the UK sucks: it is expensive, gray, racist, etc. I know that I did a mistake since at the end of the day I would just being working part-time in a retail store. There is no family to save me. Yeap, pretty much everything sucks now.

NL 6 years ago

I have been out of work seven months. I have a BA & MS degree and 35 years old. People are shocked that I can't find a job and I get stupid questions from people my age like "Dude what do you do all day" or "How come you can't find something, are you just not looking"

I am planning on going back to school for another MS degree as well as completing the CPA. I already passed 2 out of 4 parts but it doesn't count because I haven't 'worked'.

CC 6 years ago

Also, may I add... Do you think that external appearance (the way of how you look) influence the chances to get a job. Just saying...

Jeff 6 years ago

I won't even begin to tell you all how long I have been out of work . . . and I have degrees, experience and more experience. It's crazy out there. I recently had communications with one firm that I sent a resume to. I applied thinking that my experience and education matched well. I was turned down (even for an interview) . . . I asked the HR woman (via email), why I was not chosen and was told that they received 100,000 applications annually and they choose 10% of that -- the top 10% -- this seems to be the pattern (and while I don't necessarily blame then), if you don't fit into the top 10% chances are going to be that you will be out for quite some time. Not exactly fair as far as I am concerned.

RS 6 years ago

I've been out of a job for 5 months and am out of money and friends who can lend me money. I still owe over $75,000 in student loans for my Doctorate in Pharmacy. I search for hours every day for actual jobs (so many listed on the internet are repeats of positions already filled) and have had one to two interviews a week. Unfortunately, they are interviewing dozens of equally qualified candidates for each job and so far I haven't been chosen. Perhaps its because I'm a female over 40 years old? I've gone to see who was hired for some of the positions I applied for and they were all new grads. Why doesn't my 10 years of experience count for anything? I would go back to school if I could find a way to support my family and pay my bills while I did, but I can't find ANY job, let alone one that will cover my bills AND school expenses. I'm willing to relocate, to work anywhere, any shift, any hours. It's VERY discouraging. I don't know what to do next ...

It could be worse for me 6 years ago

Just finished filling out an app for two factory positions in my local area. I was a senior level manager in my previous position / positions. Fully expect to be looked over. It is one thing to leave off educational experience, but how do I hide 15 years of management experience. At this point I really don't care about keeping position. I just want a job. I have been a hiring manager before for this type of position. I will be honest. If I saw my resume / application I would not even look at me. My assumption would have been the person would jump ship the first better opportunity they had. The reality is that for me they would be right, but I am also tired of not working and the positions that I had just aren't available. There is not any movement in the industry I came from. People are to scared to move and the businesses are entrenched and focused on dealing with tough times not expansion or new projects. My situation could be worse. My wife is working, I have a decent support network, and I am getting a few small bones thrown my way by old contacts and friends. Still frustrating.

End of the Rope 6 years ago

This article pointed out everything I have ever done to get a job. Still doesn't help. It's hard to be in these shoes and harder still to know that after 2 years of this article people like me are still talking. I have 10 years of office experience and got tired of being laid off all the time. So after working for a National Canadian TV station and my department being dissolved, I took up Welding. 6months of school and moving provinces to an oil rich province I had a job as a welder. 6 months after that I was laid off because the economy crashed. I haven't had a full time job since. I was on Unemployment insurance for 6 months and finally got a warehouse job making as much as I did with my first job. I can't even afford to get a higher education to increase my chances at a better job. Now I'm facing another lay off at my current job.

When will it get better?

Never Going to Happen 6 years ago

I'm honestly at the point of giving up on my dreams entirely. If seasoned professionals with years of experience cannot get a job in the profession I want one day, what is the chance I would be luckier? Without connections, the prospects are terribly grim. The only thing a higher education counts for now is a higher mass of debt. I feel hopeless. It's a gigantic blow to one's self-worth when you can't even get hired at a minimum wage food service job with a college degree. I feel like I should do the wise thing and forget graduate school entirely, as it will do nothing but waste my time and put me further in debt. I am over-qualified or under-qualified for everything. I am invited to interviews and told the good ol' "we'll call you in a week!" line and then I play the time-wasting waiting game to no avail.

The only reason I haven't given up entirely, why I haven't considered potential suicide even, is due to forcing myself to acknowledge that I'm not alone in the situation, and I am not a worthless human being for being unemployed. I'm ambitious, I'm educated, hell..I'm even 24 and attractive! But as more time passes, all I feel is crushing disappointment. I have let everyone, and myself, down. What am I doing wrong? I've considered just going to law school as I've always wished to, then fleeing the country and going ex-pat to escape my loans, it's that terribly bleak. But I have a family here, I have a fiance and a life here. I just want to work. Anywhere!

I do side jobs wherever I can, but I can't live on small under the table labor that is unpredictable and touch and go. I've taken to selling my possessions and driving people around for petty petty cash. I'm more of a survivalist now than a productive, upstanding member of educated society. Better start learning how to make a lean-to and live off the land :

Kaze 6 years ago

Finding a job in this day and age is getting so difficult its pushing people to the edge. I've been looking for work coming up to a year now and still nothing. Like the advice given here, its not something that i not know of, its common sense. Yet pushing myself above it and going out of my way to do more just to get a simple retail job is extremely hard! It definitely does not make matters easier having the people around you say 'you need to look harder', when you devote all your time to sending CV's/visiting stores/phoning companies/making cover letters, just to make that outstanding impact to get noticed. Without realizing it you find yourself applying for the same jobs you applied for 4weeks ago just because the list of vacancies available are so low.

It gets so utterly depressing and frustrating i just want to bang my head against a wall!! But really its a waste of time. Hard work wont pay off if your wasting it banging your head against a wall or sleeping off the depression because that same issue will be there no matter how long you try to put it off. Might as well use the frustration for something positive and let it fuel you into working that much harder.

I know most people would say 'well your doing something wrong since you have not got anything yet', but there's not much wrong you can do while applying for a job when you've done the right research and preparation. Unless your CV and attitude is completely f***ed up. But for the majority, thats not the case.

In the end we as potential employees cant make the final decision for a employer. All we can do is convince them that we are what they need.

So don't give up. Keep trying your hardest. No matter the situation your in always push through. Your find something sooner or later. Good luck all :]


-many tend to put the same thing when describing themselves on a CV(under the profile/personal title)so try to describe what kind of person you are differently. It would make your CV stand out more

-sending thankyou letters/e-mails after being interviewed is definitely a good idea. It gives off a good presentation and makes you more memorable

-doing research on the company your applying for will give you great information for interviews

-try keeping your CV(resume)down to just 1 page long. I was told by a few managers that having to look at a CV thats 2 pages or more is too time consuming so sometimes a employer wont even bother to look at it.

-make it easier for them by stating your key skills at the top. Giving them a easy scan of what your capable of.

-if you don't have much work experience and want to fill in any gaps note any volunteer work you've done and your role/responsibilities.(i wont lie when i say some people make up work experiences or add a few things to there CV to make it stand out more. So if you feel comfortable doing so then feel free. Just make sure you can back it up)

-do cover letters and make sure its targeted for that section of work. i;e for retail you can make it towards customer services since it involves working with the public, showing you have a good interest in it would help etc

For other work you would have to create a whole new cover letter i;e for vet work you make it towards your interest in animals and what you like about the company has to offer etc

Im not sure if any of this was useful to anyone but i thought i would still put it out there.

No luck in Michigan, Older worker 6 years ago

I live in Michigan and the employment rate is over 12%. I'm 60 years of age, so that enters into employer's decision making. Applied at various places in fast food restaurants, who really don't want to hire an older worker. I've updated my resume and tailored my resume for each job. Did follow-up calls, thank you notes, etc. Only had two interviews. Can last only about a month more, then I stand to lose it all.

Severely Depressed 5 years ago

Count me as one of the many who are college educated. I have two degrees and was Cum Laude. I had I think a 3.34 GPA in a well respected institution and was in numerous honor societies. I have been out of school for two years and haven't got one thing. I've had a grand total of maybe 10 interviews. Probably 5 of those were with Best Buy, so that shows you what I've been reduced to and didn't even get those. Called up Best Buy after my interview to follow up. The lady says in a snotty manner, "I'm training my new employees now, I can't talk to you." Oh well, gee thanks for being such a jerk. Another highlight came from a weird place that seemed to be hiring and didn't really care about the economy's pace. But, I was a little skeptical and freaked out to say the least when they said one of my main goals was that I would be getting white girls. Doesn't matter how, I would have to find them. Yeah, needless to say, even though I was offered the job for $28,000, I didn't take it, because you have to have some dignity and not put yourself in a horrible situation like that. Oh, and not too mention, during that interview, they both asked each other what they thought I was worth. One guy said $26,500. FML. Come on now. That's pathetic. I tried to negotiate to a paltry $33,000. But, of course I couldn't get that either. Another interview highlight, I interviewed with a major media company, won't mention any names. Needless to say that was the worst interview of my life. It was during this historic tennis match this year that lasted all day I believe. I don't remember. But, I won't ever forget that interview, because the interviewer couldn't stop watching the match and acted like I was interrupting her. She gave me less than five minutes and walked out. It was humiliating, because sometimes you just know. I followed up and called and sent a thank you note. I was polite. I smiled. I did everything I could. But, nothing.

These suggestions just don't cut it anymore. The world is cutthroat and it takes knowing people in high places to get to the top or a stroke of good luck.

I realize there are people worse off than me. I still have a roof over my head and food to eat. But, for how much longer, I'm not sure. God bless my parents who are getting sick of me. I don't blame them. I feel horrible. I haven't spoken to my dad in almost 9 months even though we live under the same roof because I'm so afraid he's going to yell at me. My mom just yells at me about getting a job.

I wish I could just get a job. I wish it were that easy. I wish I could just walk into a place and ask for a job and get it on the spot or create something like Facebook and be a millionaire.

This is a severe and chronic depression folks. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. I, like many others am searching for answers.

The only thing I can come up with is that at the end of this year, I may be going into the army. If they will take me. I'm just terrified that I'm going to be one of those that dies on the front lines. But, may be what I have to do to eat and survive.

Ellaaa 5 years ago

Hi I have 2 college degrees and I can't get Part time job...It is all about POLITICS HERE

Happy Rider 5 years ago

Well, I am going to be honest with this post.Let's say it is a type of confession. I left my contract position in May 09 as it had expired. When I found out that I had 99 weeks of unemployment available at the highest amount possible, I launched a plan. I was going to get back into riding and showing horses again and that is what I did. I started looking for a job six weeks ago and I have had two interviews to get the kinks out. I guess the economy is getting better.

Stephanie 5 years ago

Why are people coming on this thread and calling people depressed and lazy and saying people DONT want to work! I dont understand it. I know well educated people who have lost their jobs. Please have some sympathy.

AngryMan 5 years ago

I see that I have been moderated and so has that cowardly lowlife inverse. I can see that individuals such as him and others call us lazy lowlifes and even losers. All of us have worked some job or another over the last few years, but these jobs only last a few months at a time. And before we know it we are let go from these menial jobs. I myself have worked some menial jobs just to stay afloat, but to no avail. To the haters who come on this board do not throw rocks, because you, yourselves live in glass houses. Not a good idea if you ask me. I challenge people on this post to put pressure on their political leaders and end all of this, or a revolution is surely to take place.

David Baskin 5 years ago

I hate looking for a job. It makes me so sad

Patrick 5 years ago

I have read so many of these stories that are a carbon copy of how I am beginning to feel. I have had nothing but part time work, off and on, for the last 2 years now, and the work search is very bleak. And its not for lack of trying, I contact/apply to at least a half a dozen different businesses each day! It is extremely frustrating and depressing, and I feel helpless.

Rebecca 5 years ago

Wow...glad to know I'm not alone.

I got laid off in 2008 and decided to use the opportunity to go back to school. I got my LPN (licensed practical nurse), graduated at the top of my class, great clinical references and...nothing. Not so much as an interview. At least some of the companies will be upfront and say they aren't hiring, or I'm not being considered. It stings a little, but at least then I know. Most places just don't even respond. Getting sick and tired of emails from recruiters too...you see that in your inbox, it's an actual persons name and you think that you might actually have a chance, but it's some temp agency saying they found you a job as a sheet rock salesman in Montana (yes this really happened to me-I live in Connecticut!)

I drive around all day to different facilities filling out applications, trying to set up interviews, and in between trips I do the internet apps, search the job sites (again, innundated by temp agencies and head hunters) I'm at the end of my rope, and it's only been 2 months. But it's so demoralizing. I can't even imagine what those of you who have been doing this for years are going through....

What do we do?

Jeff 5 years ago


Scott 5 years ago

Giving up or banging your head against the wall seems to be the only option. My family situation is bringing me to the edge. I don't know how some of you can afford to live on your own but I can't. And, it's driving everyone in my family crazy. For my own well being I have to get out. For their sanity I have to get out. But, I just got shafted on a retail job paying minimum wage too, so there you go. Can't even get a minimum wage job. Oh, did I mention I have two college degrees. I'm completely frustrated and confused. Everyone in my family won't be happy with me until I have a job and a good paying one at that. Okay, let me walk on water for you and cross the red sea. I mean, it's literally a miracle just to get a retail or waitressing jobs these days. I'm living proof of that.

5 years ago

I have a degree Bachelor of engineering and a masters degree some experience and I have sent out about 100 resumes and only got two screening interviews and nothing. The good thing is a have no debt and have no children and at least my husband has a job. FML

Erica 5 years ago

It's nice to know that I'm not alone.

I've been searching for a job for the past two years to no avail.

I have a degree and will complete my second one by this Dec. I have experience and the skills that I know are required for jobs I applied for. I do everything that I possibly can to portray myself as the best possible candidate for a job and I've gotten squat.

Employers are just the absolute worst these days. They know that people are desperate and play games left and right knowing that they are the ones holding all the cards.

In the last four months, I've gotten two call backs and they were just freaking cruel.

The first and most promising potential job interviewed me and told me to come to work the day after the interview so I could get everything set up with HR and get to work.

So the next day, I go to the office ready to finally work and notice that everything is closed up. It turns out that while they were 'hiring', they were closing the company and decided not to tell anyone.

Nice of them, right?

The second one just rubbed salt on the wound.

Again, I interviewed and was told that I had the job. A day after I was called and told that they hired someone who agreed to work for fifty cents less (hourly pay position) than I.

There were no calls to see if I would have agreed to it (and I would have, I'm that desperate), just a 'by the way, we found someone willing to work for just a little less than you. Don't come in tomorrow or ever.'

So yeah, those are the types of companies I've come across on my search.

I apply and apply and apply and nothing. I continue to apply on the hope that something will eventually open up for me, but I've got to be honest, I'm beyond depressed at my prospects.

Something will come up, i just hope it's sooner rather than later. I don't know how much more of this I can take.

Anne 5 years ago

Grrrrrrrr indeed

I'm in this no-job-people club. I hate it. I'm a competent individual in many areas- as others are probably thinking, why on earth won't employers out there give educated individuals a shot? Like me! I'm hard-working. I'm keen to work hard to please THE BOSS whoeever that may be and just work my guts off yet we can't exactly phrase it like that in a CV but yeah why don't employers out there actually employ good people that apply instead of someone just cos theyre older or whatever

I hate this. I've applied to about 200 jobs in bulks - after the first 30 I applied to and only getting one call back and one interview I then did another bulking job application to another 100 and I guess I'll just have to sit back and wait but i honestly doubt, despite applying to hundreds, I won't get ONE back. Not even ONE. I't very disheartening and you jjust think, what the heck? especially when the parents start pressuring you to get off your arse and live a life i.e. get a job/stop sleeping all day/doing nothing. Don't they understand it's not my fault, I am applying it's just no one's replying! very upseting...only cos you apply to hundreds but don't get one , not even one in return. now THATis bonkers.

Hate it. but glad i'm not alone, i assure you.

Bella 5 years ago

I want to tell my story, right now I am unemployed because I got fired from my first job a week after my b-day. I am 24 yrs old. It was not fair. I got fired because they did not liked the way I was working. I was making "too many mistakes" in the lab, and I was not working in the speed they wanted.

How are you going to force a person with no work experience to work fast and not make any mistakes? That is ridiculous.

They were making my life impossible because of my qualifications. I am too overqualified to do this job in my country. Everybody is trained on the job and has more experience than me. I did not knew that I did not had to get a degree outside my country to do this job, someone advised me to do so and made me think that to be able to get a job in that field I needed a degree. I had to borrow a 30,000 loan to study that career.

They were jealous because I had a diploma and they though I was going to get payed more than them, or steal their jobs, so they were being hard on me.

Now I am screwed because I have few choices of places to get jobs where I can work in my specialization. While I was working for this company I got called by other labs but I rejected their offers because they pay less, (one pays 10 an hour, the other $8.00). I was getting payed 12 an hour. There is one that called me few weeks before getting fired but I don't want to call that company back because a doctor who used to work in the place I got fired got a job there. He is MEAN. Nobody likes him and I know he will make my life miserable there. He is the new manager of that lab. I cant even imagine working there. If he wasn't there I would have called them.

These private labs pay so little for a career that demands so much of yourself. There are the laboratories of the government and federal hospitals but is hard to get a job there, these are the ones that pay good salaries. The ones I deserve for my hard work at college.

I don't know what to do. I will receive employment benefits soon, but I don't want to depend on this. I am young and I need work experience.

Mom tells me to accept any salary but I think 8 dollars is too humiliating for the type of work you have to do. I rather work as a secretary and get payed 10 an hour.

sam,37 5 years ago

been searching for jobs for 5 months now ,lost my self confidence,i keep pushing my self up lots of interviews and the people who interview me say im good ,wish they tell me where is the ERROR in my interview instead of saying im good! the last thing im doing is the staffing agency and they are optimistic,i am waiting now ! kinda frustrated ...have a kid and my savings are getting less day by day ,,it is hard over there

nate, 21 5 years ago

wow, after reading these posts I feel like staying in college really is a bad idea. I had to quit one job earlier in 2010 because of joining college, and have regretted it ever since. I did have a job in warehouse - for two weeks. In my two week review, the owner said he no longer wanted a permanent warehouse worker.

Stephanie  5 years ago

The best place to get a job right now is working from home if you are interested email me at stephanie_20904@yahoo.com and I will send you some sites.

Happy job hunting. These are legitimate!

ttcatt 5 years ago

iam 57 years old ,cant find job because they want people with exp.not like some of you.

-A- 5 years ago

I read one comment about possibly not getting hired because of what your name is. I have a unique name that most people can't say and have thought that it could be some of the reason people don't even call. Maybe I should start putting a different preferred name with something much easier to pronounce.

It's interesting to read all of the comments. Sara mentioned people don't want to hire people that have life/personality. Although not sad, I'm one of those dull, boring people. I'm an introverted person, my interests aren't the same as most people and I prefer to just focus on my work without a lot of unnecessary conversation filled with jokes and whatnot. Employers definitely do not want dull people either. I had an interview awhile back where the person made a point to mention at the end that the store has high standards and they are looking for someone who is very easy to talk to and is comfortable interacting with customers.

It's disappointing people have such a misconception of introverted people. It's like they think I wont talk to the customers or I'll go, "Oh my! A customer is talking to me... RUN AWAY!!!" I may not get drunk at a company party hang off a chandelier and talk to everyone around me, but that doesn't mean I can't do the same job and if I had to talk to customers then that is what I would do. After time it becomes routine, it wouldn't be all that apparent that I'm a quiet person in my personal life.

Also having no experience is just as bad as being overqualified apparently, because I run into the problem of not having enough experience and this is with jobs that are normally considered good first jobs to have.

Tia  5 years ago

I have been on the job search for seven months now. I have exhausted all resources it feels like. I go online to all the job searches almost daily, I look in the paper. I have applied to places and a ton I might say. I have even applied three times to some places who hire then arent hiring and then a month later they are hiring again. I am working with a job coach and I am doing volunteer work. I have tried my heart out and I am going nuts and feeling depressed and feeling like I will never find a job.

GivemeLight 5 years ago

Amazing, informative, and reassuring to find others in the same situation! Never in my life have I been underemployed like this past 18 mths! With a BSc + 7 certifications + 12yrs corporate experience, I am finding myself chasing rainbows!

Recruiters and headhunters for IT are misleading and misrepresenting and not even landing us contracts. Its like the old saying- "If you cant do...Teach!", applied to jobs- "If you cant find work...become a recruiter!" In this saturated environment recruiters are chasing all the same jobs but I have not seen a good track record of recruiters closing the deal. I believe companies are avoiding them or using them as a last resort due to fees.

As we all know when times get tough we need to try new tactics. What is not working for us all now needs a different approach. Do we act, lie, manipulate, misrepresent ourselves?

Steve 5 years ago

I have been trying to find a job now for 5 months and it is fustrating. I have 21 years of experience in the banking industry but all is not going well on tht front in finding something. I had my own business fro 2 yrs. but it went under. It is re-assuriing to know I am not the only one going through this process in that some people that you may know who are working may think you are dogging it and not really trying and that is just not true. On the other hand, to know so many are going through this for such a long period of time in some ways does not bode well for one's confidence in finding something very soon. If anyone is like me, with no money at all and on the very real verge of having to stay in a shelter, you start grasping at straws for anything, even many junk offers on the internet that promise riches start sounding good. There are many obstacles that so many job hunters face today that people who have been blessed not to have to go though this just don't understand fully. I am sure many of you have been given suggestions to apply at the local fast food joint or convenience store, but it not about how simple the job is, it has become about if you are going to stay for any period of time so they don't have to go through the hiring process again or how many black marks you may have when a background check is done. Many fast food spots here in my city hire primarily Mexican nationals, particularly women because the don't complain about wages, work conditions and they aren't likely to go anywhere soon. I do feel that any and all of us who have commented on this will find something soon but it can't never be fast enough. Good luck to all of us in the job hunting jungle. By the way, there are a lot of good points made in the above article that may really help (even if thay have been tried and it still didn't get us what we were after keep trying).

Myndee 5 years ago

I am so glad to say I finally found a job, and I LOVE IT! It is only seasonal but I was told there is a slight possibility to become a full-time employee after the holiday season is over.

I count myself extremely lucky since I was looking for over a year, and I have had no exp in the type of work I'm doing now. The woman in the interview said, “I figured I would try some new people this year." Well it has worked for all involved me, my family, and the company.

If there is anything I have learned in this entire process is that sometimes there is a possibility an employer will sometimes with a slight chance go out on a limb. And that the holiday season deff. opens up jobs even for a short period of time.

So I know more than less of everyone here has heard it all. But there is a chance. This job, I had applied to it about 5 months ago and out of the blue she sent me an e-mail, I had an interview, and got the job right away.

So all of you maybe just try for some seasonal work, who knows it could work out. Or I could be out of a job after the season... I hope not!

Take care all of you out there!~!~

Dont know anymore 5 years ago

Im pregnant and cant get a damn job anywhere.

i filled out so many applications, and i never get a call back.

Im starting to stress out because i NEED this job, for my babys sake.


What am i going to do :(

I dont want to fall into depression mode.

Options 5 years ago

#1 Tell people you know don't hide the fact that you were laid-off, packaged, let-go, or whatever, just get the word out there that you need work and expand your social network (and no not facebooking all day).

#2 Pursue temporary assistance either from friends, family or welfare to survive and ease the stress of basic needs like rent, food, etc.

#3 Check into gov't funding for courses or re-training programs as being in school is an option to pursuing the limited number of jobs out there.

Jai2010 5 years ago

I graduated from college a year and a half ago and since then I have been searching for a job. I have applied for hundreds of jobs and out of all those jobs I applied for I only got five interviews. No one seems interested in hiring me despite having good grades, a great work ethic that I take pride in, and graduating in the top 15% of my class.

I have applied for all sorts of jobs with the Veterans Affairs, the Social Security office, the Department of State, the National Archives, and the Library of Congress, and all I got were letters saying that I qualified for the jobs I put in for but they decided to hire someone else. I decided maybe my standards were too high so I searched for jobs working at a local museuem or the town newspaper, still I get rejected despite my education and achievements. I am now applying to places like walmart, intelos, toys r us, target, best buy and I can't even land a job with them because they say that I am overqualified. What's the point of having an education if I can't find a job?

I feel like that I have wasted my time in school because no one is willing to hire me. In high school, we were told to go to college in order to contribute to society and to have a great job. I now know that was a lie and now I have college loans that I can not even pay back because of having no job. It's depressing because I want to work and I hate staying at home all of the time because of not having the money to go anywhere. America, to me, is now the land of loss jobs and broken dreams.

Chris 5 years ago

It made me feel better to read these comments. I know that its not just me now. I live in New Castle, PA and out unemployment rate is near 10%. I have been looking for work for 11 months and have received one call. ONE! It's horrible. I'm really on edge because every time I turn around someone else is telling me I need to get a job and I'm lazy and they dont have a clue that I am looking on a daily bases... If anyone here is hiring, call me.

Lisa 5 years ago

I'm sorry but I do all of these things and still haven't gotten hired.

Lets me realistic here. EOE is a joke.

If you are over 35 good look getting hire with minumal experience. (And even with experience if you are pushing 40).

Most of these jobs online now only want to hire "qualified" or experienced people. If you dont have that experience then your out of luck. (That is unless you know someone).

Good luck if your a Mother who's been out of work for a while looking for job who is older than 35 with experience only working in one field and cannot afford to go back to school.

If your caucasian (and over 30 or even 25), you can't even get a job at a fast food place!

How are people supposed to support their families with these jack*ss companies so unwilling to train people now?

Scott 5 years ago

I was able to get 2 part time jobs recently. They are not in my field or what I went to school for, but I wanted to share how I got them, because maybe it will help someone on here.

For 2 years, I had been mostly applying online hoping for anything, but mostly applying to stuff within my field/major from college (what I am qualified for).

But, this year I thought about doing something new. So, I went door to door. I met people, put myself out there, talked to many people, and tried to become something more than a faceless resume.

Some places worked. Some places didn't. But, it's gotten me 2 jobs now and 2 paychecks rather than nothing, 0, or gooseegg.

So, all that to say, if you want anything in this world, you have to go out and get it. I know I was in the same place as many of you, and you can find my comment on here from when I was hopeless.

But, I suggest really trying this. It worked for me. It's given me some confidence in other areas of my life like trying to get a girlfriend now.

Lisalisa 5 years ago

Scott, I am so happy that you got two part time jobs, but in all honesty that barely can cover the costs of student loans and professional preparation that some of us do here. I wish you well and I hope that you even got the time to find a gf after working so much. Thanks!

2jobs 5 years ago

Agree, are those two "part-time/temp" jobs at $10/hr or less? Meh...most of us cant survive on those type of jobs unless we live with our parents or in someones basement. Some of us are coming from career jobs over $70k/yr and have bills to pay(credit cards, loans, mortgages).

Scott 5 years ago


Thank you! I wish you the best too! Still waiting to find the right girl, but I'm being optimisitc and I think you have to be in tough times.

But, I'm certainly no expert. I realize others are struggling due to how much they made and need more than part time wages. In my circumstances, anything is better than nothing. But, I realize it's not like that for everyone.

I will say that it is easier to get a job when you have a job. And, in this economy working for me even with low wages is better than being unemployed. It keeps me sane and helps me be productive. Hopefully it will lead to something else in the future.

But, I say this with the mindset that I'm not satisfied with where I'm at. Bills don't care how you pay them just as long as they get paid. And, while I'm trying to find opportunities in my field, I'm paying the bills and replinishing my savings. That's what these jobs are and I'm working them the best I can to survive and move up in the future.

I wish I had all the answers for myself and others b/c I certainly don't. All I can say is I didn't even expect to get these low wages jobs and I did. So, good things can happen even when it doesn't seem like it. I was very depressed and while to an extent I may be a little now until I get to the right job, I'm in a better state than I was. That's improvement. I pray that all on looking and on this board can do the same.


Hooped 5 years ago

What a bunch of crap. I feel for all of you. I left a job because I was doing the work of 2 or 3 people, no overtime pay, and the boss was a lunatic and made my life miserable. I was promoted with a new job title for all my extra work but received less than a dollar an hour raise as the company cited "the economy" as the reason for our crap wages and skeleton staff. F that. As someone with 2 degrees I thought I would be able to find work in a new city. Ya right. Been almost 3 months now and my savings are dwindling. My advice to everyone is, apply everywhere. That is what I am going to have to do. I guess you can have pride or you can pay your bills. Thanks a lot for the kick in the gut, British Columbia. Maybe I should go back to school for another degree since the Canadian government doesn't seem to care that I can't make payments on my $40,000 useless education. It is a sad state of affairs when someone who would prefer to work and pay back one's loans can't do so. What the hell is happening to the world. Maybe I should be on antidepressants, but guess what everyone, I wouldn't be able to afford them.

NL 5 years ago

I finally got a job offer after 8 months but it is only a 2-3 month temp job with the responsibilities of a perm job. No benefits either. I have to move back to the city I moved out from, stay with my parents and pay rent on an empty apartment. Essentially I make nothing from this job but 'I will be working'!

I have found that my two degrees in 'in demand fields' and 10 years experience mean nothing if I don't have 110% of the listed requirements for that position.

I am also age 35, cannot afford to even consider returning to school. I have 10 credit cards in default and couldn't even get a loan for a stick of gum at this point

Stephanie 5 years ago

Im so glad to hear some positive news on this successful blog! Think outside of the box and you WILL get a job in your field or to tide you over until things change.

Lisalisa 5 years ago

Stephanie your business consultant thingy is annoying. TY!

Seriouslyfunny 5 years ago

Lisa thanx u made me laugh!

NL- Just to compare 35+ Canada, 15 yrs IT experience, IS degree, 7 certifications...interviews, no offers!

Losing the job - $80k

Losing the SUV - $30k

Defaulting on credit cards - Priceless!

unemployedpsugrad 5 years ago

I received a 3.5 GPA at Penn State in Business Management. I'm 26 and already been laid off from two jobs. Literally have had to hop from city to city, putting friends' addresses on my resume. It's ridiculous. I'm from the Pittsburgh area (don't believe the most livable city hype), outside of health care, there really isn't much out there in Pittsburgh. Younger people aren't faring any better. Most of my college grad friends are living with their parents. Nobody can pay their student loans. I hope today whoever gets elected in PA actually does something in this state. I'm a democrat and Governor Spendell further drove this state into the ground.

AngryMan 5 years ago

Yep, it is that time of year again to vote these incompetent fools out of office. Yes, you heard it, I voted for all republicans and voted for I-1098. It is time that the rich pay their fair share, so that the economy can be able to get going again. Therefore, get out there and vote and send a message to our dysfunctional government. I just marked three years of solid unemployment and still counting! This holiday season is going to be a joke for my family and I don't even want to think about it anymore because it is so damned depressing. I only have 3 months before I complete my Bachelors degree, but I am not counting on anything anymore. I even tried re-applying to my old employer, but I have not heard anything back. I guess that they don't want a broken down old man such as myself. I suppose they are hiring young punks instead and that is what I don't get. I guess young people are easily led astray and easily controlled. Me being an independent free spirit isn't going to cut it with them. From now on I am going to take one day at a time and continue to do positive things for myself. All my spare time is spent at the barbell club training in powerlifting, and if anything, the economy is making me get stronger. At least I am not doing self destructive things. Anyway, I got to get going and feed those muscles.

Stephanie 5 years ago

Lisa were you talking to me? If you mean my blogtalk radio show on how to find a job I didnt repost it because I dont want to offend the owner of this blog or seem like I am promoting myself because I am not. What did you find annoying? Just curious. By the way you are entitled to your opinion.

Venting 5 years ago

Welcome all venting and stressing! We all take some solace in knowing we are not alone especially since there is a stigma to being jobless and hidden like some taboo secret. Share how bad things are for you as you may find others who are in the same situation. I for one have realized there are many in the same boat as me and it helps to know what each situation is as all require different solutions.

We all know there is no simple "How To Get a Job in THIS Economy" book, article, seminar, or speech- bunk! Same old money-grabber baiting to take advantage of people who are already desperate and need to keep every penny to survive. We all know there are a lot of people out there who cant find jobs but are preaching about how to help others find work...

Random Worker 5 years ago

I have something I feel I would like to share with everyone here. I'm sure to many viewing this that it's not new news, but to others it may provide some sense of reason. Or just drive you insane depending on how you look at it.

Many of the employers are not hiring on PURPOSE. That's right, on purpose. Businesses that vary from the small business to corporate powerhouses are all taking advantage of the economic plight that many of us are going through, simply because they can. Now, I'm not denying the fact that our recession is due to most circumstances that was being blasted through the news on television at night, how Wall Street blew up the housing market, etc. I'm personally ATTACKING these "presidents", "business owners", and "managerial staff" through this blog.

This is how and why they do it.

Scare Tactics!

For many of you who are still employed, especially in small private businesses, might recognize some of these methods of “squeezing the lemon”. The business owner will have to downsize due to economic restraints, and just like all of us who are financially suffering will begin a “lean” diet, IE getting better mileage (work) out of your worker with less energy (money). For instance, a work force in the office/shop/store has a theoretical average of 30 people in a stable economy. Now due to downsizing, the owner loses 10% of his/her workforce bringing the amount of workers down to 27. Understandable right? No. The employer now realizes the way out, make them work more for it! Knowing full well that no-one will complain, because they are too scared to lose their jobs. The employer drops 7 more people knowing that it takes 3 people to effectively do a job at a normal pace, he/she can make 2 people work harder for it, thus saving money on both insurance and pay.

Now 20 people work for the company instead of 30, and getting 30 people’s worth of effort and only paying 20! Now, a person like any machine that over-works, will wear down so what do you do to push them harder? Psychologically attack them. Scare them into putting even more effort into their job, make them know that they are under your thumb. Let them know if they are constantly being watched, judged and monitored.

Why? Selfish, unsympathetic greed. Many people I know have told me some of the horrible things their company is doing to their employees, but this one I’m about to write stood out most:

My friend Tim works for a construction company. He’s a hard worker, college educated, can’t get a break like everyone else. He works for one of NUMEROUS THEIVES. Tim also has other friends in the construction business and being in construction is like being in a small town; Everyone knows everyone, so word gets around fast. Tim just went into his bosses office inquiring about a yearly review that never happened, in fact, all his workers haven’t had a 90 day or yearly review in over 3 years. Long story short, Tim asked for a 50 cent raise, and was told, “Sorry, I can’t, times are tough.” And as understanding as Tim is, he said okay to his boss, thinking that it did make sense not to give raises during this time. Two months later, Tim ran into his friend Randy, who does In-ground pools/ Landscaping; various home improvements. Randy told Tim that he just did Tim’s Boss’ house. Randy also disclosed some information about the estimate and actual price of the job. Randy did 105,000 dollars worth of work on Tim’s Boss’ house (In-ground pool, Cabana, Stone wall outlaying property, 10,000 dollars worth of French doors). When Randy asked Tim’s boss if he was sure he could afford all this work, Tim’s boss said, “Yeah, I’ll just tell the guys at the shop that TIMES ARE TOUGH.”

Did I also mention Tim and his co-workers do 10-12 hours of work and only get paid 8 hours? Yep. Why? Because no-one wants to lose their job. This company has slid under the radar like many other small businesses. One of Tim’s co-workers was so fed up they went to the labor board and complained that they were doing 10 hours a day and only paid 8. So the boss was forced to pay them for 10 hours a day, and you know what the boss did? Cut their pay so the 10 hours overtime equaled out to their normal 40 hour/wk pay!!

This poor excuse of a person is complaining about paying for supplies for the workers to do THEIR JOBS for HIS/HER MONEY, and he/she is driving around a RANGE ROVER! This is sad. These are the people who are hiring you. These are the people who are cutting down the workforce and grinding their workers to the bone so they can have a big house and comfy heated leather seats.

So if you are wondering where your job is, it’s in this person’s wallet. Thank you for your attention, and keep fighting!

Random Woker.

Agreeing 5 years ago

I agree with RandomWorker as there is evidence of this in the news citing companies are recording record profits and cost-savings in this recession (+44.7%). Doubling-up work duties, cutting benefits, reducing staff, eliminating training budgets, hiring freezes, salary cuts, cutting free coffee-juice-pop-tea, etc.

Apple: http://www.cultofmac.com/apple-laughs-at-recession...

Working harder for less pay: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32374533/

Profits and unemployment rise: http://politicalleft.blog-city.com/the_recovery__c...

Big hiring freeze: http://www.newsweek.com/2010/07/23/the-big-hiring-...

Jobless and Desperate 5 years ago

Hi all,

Its nice to read I'm not alone. I lost my job in November 2008 and since then have done two crappy self-employed contract jobs that often payed nothing, a good 3 month temp role and a two day contract.

Like others have said, I've never had a problem landing a job before, but the last two years have been awful. I've a mortgage and two kids and, while my wife works, her income doesn't cover all the bills. This means I've been borrowing money every month from our parents just to pay the bills - let alone get food or petrol.

Today I've been told that December is the last month I can get any financial help - so if I don't have a job after Christmas I'll probably have to sell my house and move in with parents.

I'm terrified that I'm going to lose my house, wife and kids.

Welling up just typing this.

Why can't someone offer me a lifeline?!

Random Worker 5 years ago

To Jobless and Desperate - If only in the great depression did they have blogs, it would be hundreds of millions of people saying the exact thing. I 100% sympathize with you, although I have no kids, I had to move back home with the parents, and growing up I lived with my grandparents along with my mother. My advice would to be just not give up hope, make the best choices for you and your family. I would move into your parents sooner before that bullet gets closer. It's a great notion to fight for your home, but this economy doesn't allow it. The pride and embarrassment will hurt, but not as much as it is a relief to begone of some financial burdens that realistically you cannot bear.

mel2629 5 years ago

I blogged a comment on here 11 days ago under the name Steve and I was saying that I have not gotten bite of a job in 5 months. The very day I wrote on here Wal-mart called me and gave me an interview and I landed a part-time job with them. I have also got 3 other interviews set up in the next few days. I still sympathize with all that are still going through this jobless hardship. I do beleive in what Random Worker is saying about employers 100%. Also, as I said in my earlier blog that a lot of employers are looking not at experience when hiring but, who they can lock up and keep for low wages and not have to go through the hiring phases as often. I was right on the edge like you Jobless and Desperate, it's a damn shame what business owners are doing to good hardworking people by using "the economy is tough" line so they can continue thier greedy "financial serial killing" role in society like many of the "Wall Street and CEO" scum S*** that helped put the economic woes in place where they are now. Again, I got lucky, finally, to find at least something to put a little money in my pocket to at least eat. As far as doing anything special to get myself notice, I did nothing but continue to plow resume' after resume' to anyone I could think of. Just try to keep working in volume is maybe the one way to hopefully anyone on this blog can get at least a look see from an employer. I don't think there is anything new or special formula to increase your cance of getting an interview or getting hired. All on here, just keep trying and try your very best to stay positive. And please try not to let others who have not had the misfortune of going through this job trough tell you or imply that you are dogging it or not trying hard enough because I know first hand it's not true. Each and everyone of us just need that 1 job to take a chance on us. I recently was fortunate enough to get that with Wal-mart, so I hope each and everyone else can get that same chance as I have gotten. I to also have a mountain of debt that a part time gig can't cover, such as child support, back taxes, past due credit debts in collections, but dammit, it is a start and it feels nice. Good luck to all out there and just keep pluging away, your time will come.

Burned 5 years ago

I have noticed there is a heavy degree of nepotism today, such that people I know who have decent jobs were hooked up through family or a friend, or they were pretty much given a job.

For example, I have several friends who are working in teaching, and they were just put on a list and given jobs. Meanwhile the rest of us toil and don't get a fair chance at anything despite our many years of education.

Everything is working against us these days. I too hate applying for things online, seems like a waste of time to me. Positions are probably posted out of formality and filled internally. I know this because I used to work in a place that did it years ago. Posting it was an HR formality and postings didn't always say there was an identified internal candidate.

If lucky enough to find work, employers say "the economy" is the reason they can't pay a fair wage. Such a bunch of bull.

The worst part of being unemployed is that people that haven't been through it have NO idea what it feels like. I have been out pavement pounding all day and come home and there is 0 flashing on the answering machine again, like it is telling me I am a big zero. Then the people who were simply given jobs have this judgmental tone, like "oh, you haven't found a job yet? Do you write cover letters?"

Um, ya actually, and I use resume paper and I sign the cover letter in ink, deliver it in person, ask to see the manager, introduce myself, dress very professionally, exc exc. I have a writing degree, I know how to write resumes and cover letters. Geez.

What people don't seem to understand is that it is not a kind place out there for those of us who have no nepotism or luck to benefit from. I've stopped talking to these judgmental "friends" and suggest others do the same.

Good luck to all.

Stephanie 5 years ago

Burned you are right! Where I work there was an opening and I suggested a friend of mine and they hired him. We had two openings for a driver and the two guys who got the jobs were friends of the people who do the same task!

I beg to differ with the online comment though I got my job where I have been for three years online and the job i had before that I found online. I try to tell people this but they dont believe me there are a lot of jobs working from home and in the field that are not scams! I am living proof of that. Its just good to see that there are some people out there getting something though and I agree with the other poster who stated some of these companies are not hiring to just hold on to money or to see who is going to get elected.

Nept 5 years ago

Definitely employers are preferring to take a risk on "friends" and extended family through referrals rather than take chances no qualified individuals.

I have also worked for a variety of large corporations from 1000-100,000 employees and they all post jobs as part of their policy even when the ideal candidate is already chosen (just to ensure they have proof they extended the opportunity to the public). Having applied for 100s of positions and contracts, I am getting the same answers- "filled internally", "client has withdrawn the position", or no feedback or answers. Interestingly if you investigate further to find out who filled the position, it is usually someone with a connection to an employee or church group or relative! I can only imagine the mass exodus in 12-18 mths of people leaving these jobs. I find many of the successful ones are job-hoppers whose resumes indicate they never stay at a job longer than 1 year and have limited experience but are very proficient at securing short-term permanent and contract work!

mel2629 5 years ago

Yes, "Burned" is right about nepotizism and cronyism in the job market today. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending which side of the nept. coin you fall on) that is where our economic society has gone more so than ever and it may stay that way. But, Stephanie you are also correct in that there are ways to make money and living at home working from the internet. All internet offers are not all junk and worthless, you just have to do your due diligence to find out if these offers of work are legit. Also, here may be some ideas that some of you could possble try to see if you can make a go of dong some work at home off the internet yourself. Possibly learning to process bankruptcies from home. I'm talking about filling out the paperwork for clients for a fee. Many people are filing these days and many of those same people do not want to fill in the pages themselves. You can download the forms for free at www.uscourts.gov, go to bankruptcies, then to forms and then it will walk you through how to fillout the forms necessary for your clients to then file the bankruptcy. Advertising is necessary of course but, you can advertise on craigslist for free as far as internet advertising is concerned, try and advertise in diffeent states with local print ads. I know that this will cost some money but if you got a little to spare then try and inquire to different newspapers to see what kind of deal you can get. Another idea maybe to try and do some process serving as an independent server. Google "learn process serving" to see what you need to learn and then maybe go to a few lawyer offices, see if you can get them to set up a situation where you can just deliver court papers to the court house to begin with and with a little luck it might grow from there. These are just some ideas that I might throw out there for some of you to mull over while you still go about looking for regular work. These things I know wont pay for much in the beginning but it could help bridge the gap between now and then. I know I plan to use them once I get on my feet and try to make some kind of litle cottage home industry to many sources of income to continue to come in. I just wanted to help others on here who are going through the same thing I did when looking for work. It is a rough thing to go through and having people around you seemingly looking their nose down at you does not help at all. I hope my suggestions don't rub anyone the wrong way. These things are just food for thought as a way to possibly help get someone going if the personal resources will allow it to be done. Good luck to all in your continued job search.

Just need one job 5 years ago

I have been job searching for two months. you might said only two months; but it's starting to scary me.....I've moved to a different states (Florida) because my husband finally got a job in an university, but hey...he was searching for a year and he has a PhD...Thank God, I had a great job when he was looking for the job. However, because of moving here...now it's my turn to unemployed.. and I have never experienced this before, better yet, Florida is a worst place to find a job. I told my husband, I might will not have a job for a very longtime; he is very supporting. I hate not to have a job....I don't want to have two jobs, I just need one job.

AngryMan 5 years ago

All of these stories about nepotism are definitely true and are not morally right at all. I put in for a part time job at a youth correctional facility and the open positions were withdrawn, because of a lack of funding. A friend of mine who works there told me yesterday that the friends of supervisors and managers got some of these positions. This really ticks me off since I can't even find a job at McDonalds or Wal-Mart. Things are getting desperate around here. Also, the holidays are fast approaching and will be bleak indeed. I tried everything to find work, but it seems to be of no use. Heck, I have several folders of completed job applications and resumes and this amounts to at least 4,000 of them. All of these were dead end leads, and I don't know where to turn to. I guess I am going to have to resort to panhandling for any type of income now.

TLC 5 years ago

I feel you, AngryMan... Last summer I went to Dublin, Ireland and it was very interesting... The goverment allowed unemployed people like us to panhandle in the streets by writing on the corner of a specified X street what we did: sending resumes (we could even post the job applications in our 'art corner') and hope that some tourist took pity on (us) the panhandler ppl. OMG is that what the UK goverment has 'cook up' as the solution? Who or what is next?

Thanks Canada! 5 years ago

Yup thanks to the Canadian Govt for turning their backs on us! Thanks for letting me serve in your Army and then ignoring me when I am jobless and near homeless! Hope they appreciate our Xmas present of increased welfare and UIC debt.

Both US and Canadian governments say its not up to them to create jobs but the private sector! The private sector says "Meh, why would I hire a Canadian they want so much and you aren't allowed to abuse them like immigrant workers and temp Visas...". Seems many people are angry about seeing temp Visas all working wherever you go and citizens of the country can't get hired.

blah blah blah 5 years ago

Finally got a job, only $9/hour and part time, but at least it means we won't lose our trailer. I had to take my education off my resume to get it. It was a sad day for me, but the only thing that worked.

The job I was lucky enough to get likely hired me not for my extensive customer service experience, but because I fit in well with the other people who work there. Many of them have kids as well. So, I think it is true that sometimes (probably a lot of the time) people have similar work experience but are hired for other reasons. When that is the case there will be so many jobs we all apply for that we will never get.

And meanwhile, many of the interviewers for jobs have no clue how to even interview people. I was badgered by a Sears manager for a position selling ladies clothing. He kept saying my answers were "textbook" and laughing. How unprofessional can you get?? Like I was supposed to apologize for saying I enjoy working as part of a team?

Good grief.

Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to. It was such a false sense of security to think that years and years spent trying to better oneself with a University degree would get me anywhere. Now, 9 years and 2 degrees later, I am right back where I started, working a retail job for a poor wage. Actually, I am worse off because now I owe tens of thousands of dollars in student loans.

If I could just make enough to pay my bills I would be happy. I have an old trailer, an old car, a cheap phone, we cook at home, my kid and I live a simple lifestyle and we don't have expensive things. I think it is pretty pathetic that the economy is supposedly so bad that qualified people like me and you can't get a decent or even just a full time position.

Fellow Job Seeker 5 years ago

Bella: Holy freakin jesus, that's what happened to me! I'm a science person, was in grad school with a nasty, NASTY, AWFUL boss-like the worst boss I've ever had- but I was going to stay just to finish my PhD. But, long story short, I stood up for myself when Dr. Horrible Boss denied me 2 days vacation (after no vacation for 11 months) and he just fired me. Said that I was making too many mistakes and wasting reagents.

So now I'm attempting to finish a paper so that I can at least get my masters (biomedical science). I've been looking for a job just so that we can pay bills and nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. I've been reading this blog for moral support. Luckily my husband has a decent research job. But the whole job search thing is utterly demeaning and demoralizing. I got the idea to look at craigslist from some forum I read, but I got bombarded by scams. *sigh* So I've decided to focus on getting a "real" job.... a science job, one that I really want. My attitude about it is similar to what I was told when my child was a baby - "At some point they WILL go to sleep, even if it's like 2am." Meaning, at some point we WILL have jobs, even if it's like 2 years from now. I'm fortunate because I have a husband to support me and our one child and we took out some massive student loans before I was thrown out of grad school. My heart goes out to those that don't have that support. God, I feel so sorry for you. I really do. I'm in a pretty bad depression and apparently from reading this blog, I don't have it nearly as bad as some out there. I'm truly sorry and feel so much compassion for you.

For those looking for science jobs, I recently bought the book "Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development" by Toby Freeman and it's great. (Purchases these days are so hard to do, but I figured it would be worth it if it could get me a good job.) Also, www.biospace.com is a great place to look for science jobs.

Good luck to everybody.

hope floats 5 years ago

You know what? You can't put a price on self respect.

I now work for $5 less per hour than I did previously (and no benefits) and I feel much better. At my last job the boss was the worst, she made me miserable and the harder I worked the more she demanded. I ended up having to work many of my days off because I value getting work done right. I would come home and cry and then have to go back to the office in the evening.

When I was the sickest I have ever been with H1N1 I STILL had to work because I carried that entire place on my back. I stuck it out for a whole year there before I quit. Then I was unemployed for several months.

Even with the stress of unemployment I was still happier than I ever was at that job. At this new (part time) job there is an adequate number of staff and I can get a day off when I need one and nobody even blinks.

I guess I would be considered poor now but I don't even care. I agree with fellow job seeker-there has to be jobs at some point. Some days we just get through, and sometimes we all just have to live for better days.

In-Shock 5 years ago

So many people with so many stories in common! This blog should be on CNN, CBS, CBC! Considering stats that we change careers and/or re-train many times in a lifetime, how much are the banks and education system profiting from this!

dreams dashed 5 years ago

Does anyone else notice how ridiculous this all is? Everything is about sucking the life out of people and over-credentialing. An office assistant or bank teller doesn't need a University degree, yet some of these positions ask for that. And yet, people with a degree (me) apparently aren't good enough to file paperwork at the police station.

Can't win no matter what I do. What happened to the old days when job stuff was simpler?? I hate the working world today!!!

Another one 5 years ago

I'm 24 going on 2. I graduated 3 month's ago with a MSC in Criminal Justice and a BA in English. and though I know 3 months isn't a particually longitme, I already feel like searching online for something in my field is pointless. I simply don't have the experience required for the positions that seem decent, and I get the feeling that the jobs that I am qualified for in my field have a swell of candiates with better resumes then me. Honestly, what was the point of putting in all that work getting an education? It seems like either you know someone to get you in, or you wait to get lucky! Disgusting. The internet has really messed with the job market, I think. In any case, I'll of course keep on pushing out resumes. Better that then going back to school fo a P.H.D. I don't even want to probably not even have job security if I get. I swear, If I didn't have a supported mother, I would simply give up on the honest and straight path in a few month's if I am still looking,and opt for something entirely illegal. I have no experience in that area, but I'm sure if I put my mind to it I could be good at that!

Mike L 5 years ago

As real as it seems the American Dream

Ain't nothing but another calculated schemes

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So now I'm sitting hear mad cause I'm unemployed

But the government's glad cause they enjoyed

When my people are down so they can screw us around

Time to change the government now panther power

Kougs 5 years ago

I agree... not only are companies asking for the world (MBA, PHD...), it seems that experience even with an AS+ (24yrs worth) means nothing compared to a kid right out of school who has a piece of paper and a c+ grade average.

On top of it, foreigners come to this country with higher education (because its free for them) and take our jobs. Our country can’t even helps its self, and we are putting our own people out of a job….

This has nothing to do with how your resume looks, the industry has gone full circle on that story several times. It’s a mentality here in the US, get rich quick, and take advantage of everything to get ahead. What happened to being a rewarded for doing a great job and being a hard worker for your company?

Demand better for yourself, make a resume, and sell the heck out of yourself, follow up 3-4 times, phone calls, emails, make a personal one page webpage to host your resume/portfolio… email all your friends and social/professional contact and let them know you are looking for a job. Go to professional social events…. It’s brutal, and with companies who don’t care and that are looking for the best for the cheapest you need to push back, because no one is out there to help you…! Make it happen.

What a Croc 5 years ago

Everyone is getting screwed over today. New grads are looked at like they are inexperienced and people with years of work experience are still not valued as they should be. The only reason I have the crummy job that I do is because I had to resort to taking my education off my resume. There is something VERY wrong about that. And it isn't likely to change anytime soon.

Trying to find an employer that doesn't treat youu like crap is a full time job all on its own.

bill 5 years ago

Make it happen ha been there done that thanks to bush AND OBAMANATION! in a few years America will under control of the Chinese government America is falling apart with no end in sight, keep buying into outsourced goods, cars, foods time to take off the blinders America or suffer the Communism of the third world America. Dumb sheeple wake up!

Stephanie 5 years ago

Please people please! Dont get hooked up on that degree! Having those letters behind your name does not guarantee you more money it just shows you went to school and got an accomplishment. More money is not the objective when getting a degree and that is what has been spoonfed to people. Im not saying dont go to college it only teaches you critical thinking. If you want to make more money go sell something, if you are employed find out what to do to get a promotion and like most of the people on this board who are not employed find something in your search that is industry specific.

Degrees are great but they dont make you more money.

Moka 5 years ago

Hello everyone. I'm not form the USA but it is interesting to read you all. I heard before how hard things are right now over there.

I'm unemployed myself, but I quit my job. I know it's not what must people would do nowadays, but I didn't enjoyed my job and it made me feel stressed (I can deal with stress, but that's IF I enjoy my job, wich was not the case).

I've been searching for almost a month, but I see that some peopple have been seacrhing for months or even years!

I wonder.. what if you had used that time to make some social service activities? Or to participate in projects, that might not have given you money, but might have given you experience and contacts?

That's what I just started doing. And it's also good to study advanced computing and/or a second or third language (English is not my native language, as you might have already noticed).

I'll tell you later if this way of looking for contacts, experience and job opportunities worked.

Just don't give up. Contact with people who might help you. Sadly or not, studies and experience are not always enough.. let's not stop just because we don't have a job, we need to keep working hard, learning and getting to know people who might know of a job opportunity.


P.S. Feel free to correct my grammar mistakes, I'd be pleased.

Lisalisa 5 years ago

I hear you and thanks for the advice above, but if you live in my town where gas is high and public transportation sucks, volunteer is a no no since how come you will end up in that place? The little money that I have can't ended up being in those places. I try to keep activate educating myself at home and sometimes doing odd jobs with family members. Nevertheless, the advice above is great and if you do have the time and money do volunteer, plz. PS: Remember Katrina? I did wanna volunteer there but you got pay almost $600 in equipment and stuff... What a racket. Also I discover this link ( I know lame and corny for some members here) but for me is funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGYAhiMwd5E Always in my mind all of you. Lisalisa

drew 5 years ago

Hey Moka, you are absolutely right, I myself was looking for volunteer programs in my own town that I could participate in to at least have something on my resume that shows that I have been doing something, and possibly gain some good references.But I could not even find something like that. Another option, even if you are not very religous, would be to go to church, there are many good people you could meet at church that enjoy helping people out, and could possibly be some business owners or employers that could offer you a job. I finally just got a job after 8 months of applying at hundreds of places, and the place I got hired at was a call center that is hiring people for the holidays, and wasnt really a hard job to get :/ But hey, its a job, and if I dont take it, I could've quite possibly been homeless on the street. So things could be worse, I could be working fast food, and this job will probably have lots of overtime. I would suggest that if anybody gets any type of work to hold onto it, stuff as much money as you can into an envelope and be looking for your next, better paying job the day you start working, and dont sto, because getting a job is only the beginning, especially if you are living at a family members house who does not want you there and you are walking on egg shells to try not to piss them off. Anyways good luck to everybody, I hope things change in this country for the better, really soon, I really dont like seeing good people with lots of potential being forced to live out on the street.

Surviving 5 years ago

Moka- Your English is very good, maybe not perfect but above average for ESL people in general. Good job and all the best luck in your search.

Drew- I agree with everything you posted and yes the fear of becoming homeless has become very real and hit many of us right in the face. The world as we knew it has suddenly changed overnight, hopefully temporarily. I for one feel changed by this whole situation and have found myself helping more people with resumes and job searches (voluntarily) in addition to my part-time job ($500/mth). If it were not for family assisting me, I would be under a bridge...either hanging or sleeping in a box.

nobody 5 years ago

I'm the invisible man, who can't stop staring at the mirror

Dust 5 years ago

I've covered all these things, but i have a non "clean-cut" hair cut and it kinda pisses me off when i dont get hired for my appearances.

In the town i live in, there are many kids that do drugs, pot and drink alot and it pisses me off when i see them getting jobs over me.

They barely passed High School and im a college student. How the hell do they get a job and i dont?! It's so confusing!

Seeing stuff like that makes me wanna just give up, but i cant. Everyone needs some sort of income to survive in this world.

Sharon 5 years ago

I have been reading all of the comments from this blog for a while and I truly sympathize with each and everyone. I myself after 15 months of unemployment got hired recently. I encourage everyone to keep plugging on. It helped that I found part time employment for the last couple months. Stay frugal to get by the lean times. Wishing everyone the best of luck.

AngryMan 5 years ago

Hey Dust, ever hear of the old adage "F*** up move up?" This is the kind of crap that goes on everywhere today. Hang in there, because I am feeling the same exact thing.

Myndee 5 years ago

So I am confused about how today is going to work. All the people currently receiving their unemployment checks every week. Are they all just going to no longer get a check? If so when I lose my job, because it is only a seasonal job am I able to claim again or no since I was on my extension? We live in NH so as of right now there hasn't been too much posted anywhere about it. I think I’m screwd. I don't know what we will do when this job is over after the holiday season has come and gone. What are people supposed to do? I don’t mean to be a drag here, but I’m extremely worried. There is nothing for help here. If someone could please elaborate on what people are to do when the money is all gone and nothing is coming in or going out I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you

1337j00 5 years ago

good advice, though if the employers are sneaky underhanded bastards it can kinda screw you. its not what you know its who you know.

unfortunately, i still dont have a job. i have a lack of business references as the last half dozen crap jobs i've had i've either been fired from for questioning management (IE: why arent all my hours on my paycheck, and why are you guys letting employees smoke meth in the walk-in?)

best thing I can say is be a tool and let them use you...

Young and dumb 5 years ago

hey guys, I've been reading your blogs and sympathize with each and everyone of you. I'm a recent high school graduate and looking to go to an online college )which I'm am starting to second guess now)for criminal justice to become a police officer. I foolishly gave up a military career and am looking for a job in this crappy job market. I'm young and don't have any work experience and have sent in close to thirty online and paper applications. Rethinking the military. Good luck to you all.

Stephanie  5 years ago

Young and Dumb which Im sure you are not! You can get a job doing sales from home. Go to craigslist you can even type in virtual worker on google and find something making minimum 10-14.00 an hour taking incoming calls or making outgoing calls. Good luck!

WOW 5 years ago

There are a lot of comments. I didn't read em all. Lookin' for work. Maybe go to combat if I can't find it.

Giles Forrester 5 years ago

Well here's the good news ...another story just like the rest ... I have 3 degrees; two in biosciences, one in usability engineering, with top experience working for a large corporate, and guess what, for the last four years i can only find minimum wage moronic work_ im so glad i did my research doctorate so i could end up cutting the F**kin grass... _ my girlfriend is a qualified teacher and guess what ? shes packing boxes for a living _ now im bankrupt not a penny to my name absolute zero, no benefits, nothing ... I have posted to approx 70 jobs and got NO REPLY , i sit at home and search endlessly, ring any bells anyone ?

still looking 5 years ago

I feel for everyone who's posted that can't find a job. I'm in the same boat and worry constantly; it's even affected my health; I'm in my early 30's and found out my blood pressure is high when I finally went to the doctor because I was very sick, they had to give me a steroid injection because I waited so long. Right now I'm working part-time (on call, variable hours, some weeks no hours) with no benefits. I can't make it and broke down and applied for public assistance; this is something I'm not proud of, but don't know what I'd do if that wasn't an option. My son will not have a christmas. I feel so bad, because he's earned straight A's this year and really deserves it. It doesn't matter what your background is the jobs aren't there. I'm a college graduate with work experience, but can't find anything. All I can do is keep applying and hope things get better SOON!

Angry man 5 years ago

I am so f'ing tired of looking for a job. I have 15 years of technology experience and am 40 years old. Not old by any means, and prime for a managerial director job. I havent been able to get a call back from anyone over the past 5 months. I have sent out hundreds of resumes and called and emailed all types of recruiters. I have a great resume. WTF? I live near NYC where there are jobs. Why doesn't anyone ever fucking call me!!!!

Julian 5 years ago

Great tips. If anyone else looking for jobs still, please hit up http://www.careerDaddy.com. Its a free career place for all.

5 years ago

Have anyone tried to apply as a customs broker as a new career?

Depressed broke and jobless 5 years ago

Science degree, 3 post graduate degrees and 15 months of unemployment. I have sent out over 100 resumes. The result: only 14 interviews and not a single job offer. I have been told several times that they received over a hundred applications. Hmmmm.

Without in Cincinnati 5 years ago

Unemployed, Lost the love of my life to Heart failure, went through foreclosure within a 2 year span. My friends do not understand how it feels. "Snap out of it" or "Things will get better." They have been Fortunated to have parents who left them a small fortunate or marry into money. I know money is not everything, but right now, it would sure help.

Completely Hopeless 5 years ago

9 months after being laid off, I've applied over 600 places with only 8 interviews...fml Companies don't take the time to realize the potential in candidates. The US is a complete shit hole when it comes to employment. Maybe a swift end will come to it all...

Daniel 5 years ago

Yea I've worked for the Casino industry for over 25+ years ! I have actually trained 2 apprentices in the field of wood finishing but in the last 2 years cannot find ANYTHING over $9 an hour! I can't survive on this and also see where stupid, ignorant, talentless,relative take the spots of qualified people in the industry! There is a guy who can't sand, spray, stain working right now at a place where I exceeded just because he's 'buddies' with the owner!!??

garbage 5 years ago

Pay attention to who gets some of these jobs. There is something wrong when you have a degree and don't get any interviews for jobs in your field. This city isn't that big. Look around and notice that some greasy looking teehage kid got the job you applied for-clearly this kid has a job because his mom/dad/aunt/uncle/ exc exc got it for him. Don't waste time getting a degree. Instead spend 4 years making friends with every person you meet and someone will just give you a good job. So much for earning things. I'll I've earned is $40,000 in debt, and many years off my life from stress.

Finally! 5 years ago

Well, since 2009 I have been doing menial labor...everything from mowing lawns, shoveling snow, mopping floors! I was ready to jump! Many interviews were insulting, demeaning, rude, immature, and I have mental notes on how I would treat any of them in the future.

In western Canada we get 40 weeks of unemployment insurance and when that ran out I lost everything including 3 yrs of car pmts ($20k). With a degree and 7 I.T. certifications I finally landed a good corporate job. Yes I will be playing catch-up for a few years but at least it is possible as I also felt there was no hope of ever getting back into my field.

Persistence and luck!

Wishing everyone here a Christmas present of a good job.

Angry Psychology Student 5 years ago

I'm 19 years old. I'm a college sophomore. I'm looking for work and there is NOTHING. I can't even get hired at McDonald's. I'm wondering if pursuing a college degree is worth it. I have seriously considered joining the military, and to anyone out there that tries to talk me out of that: I am also at risk dying at home from homelessness for not being able to find work! Think about that.

Myndee 5 years ago

Merry Christmas all keep your chin up!~

Just plain sad 5 years ago

Hi Angry,

I feel you. Right now I am working this crummy retail job part time and that is all I can get despite a degree in Criminology. People are rude and even my own co-workers throw each other under the bus and blame each other when there are problems at work.

I say do whatever you have to do. The world is not a kind place right now. It's everyone for oneself!

JodiVee profile image

JodiVee 5 years ago

My heart goes out to those looking for work. I've been fortunate enough to have work throughout the recession -- I think it may have something to do with Canada's economy being more stable than the US's. Good luck to everyone looking for work!

Scotty 5 years ago

Looks like there are more than just a few of us here are having a tough time. I have 5 years post college experience, industry certifications a B.S, and M.S. in desirable fields and brand name schools. Right now I'm unemployed and can't find any work. Able to get an interview here and there, but no offers and the jobs interviewed were either contract or non-benefited. This is seriously an employers market as my recruiters were saying there are getting literally hundreds of applications per position, many of whom are foreign born and will accept lower wages. What happened to 'the change we believe in' promised by our new administration? I was doing much better in the Bush years and never had problems finding employment. Now its hard to find any kind of employment, let alone a career level job.

Stephanie 5 years ago

The only problem I have with people not finding work and the comments that are being made here is people (may think) that its not important to get a college education. Mark my word even though I have not had a problem getting a job that is the ONE thing I regret. I have 2 years of college but I dont have that 4 year degree and if I had to do it all over again I would. Dont get me wrong I agree that it has been a detriment for some people when looking for a job because they appear to be overqualified even when they will take what they can get but dont underestimate the power of a degree. It may not land you the job you are looking for but at least you can say you accomplished something. I remember when people used to laugh at those who were going to trade schools and now they are the ones in demand. It never hurts to get any type of schooling whether it be trade, university, online or certificate. Keep looking the grass will get greener.

still pissed off 5 years ago


I have now applied for 500 jobs. I honestly think I tapped out everything in entire states! Keep in mind I don't randomly aply to things, and that I only apply to jobs I am qualified for. In thoses cases, I meet every one of the demanded criteria.

I have 2 degree, a significant amount of work experience, though not in my field, and ludicrous enthusiam that weigns everyday.

I want to go punch nepotism and favoritism in the face. Why do you have to know someone to be given a chance? I am not an entiltement seeking douche, I just want a chance like every joe to get into his designated field.

I guess I have to face facts and abadon any chance of getting a job in my field. Truth be told though, I have too much pride to work minimum wage or some low pay job anymore. I'm currently trying to become a published author, as Ido have some talent, if I may say without siding prideful, and that is it. if that fails I am just going to get into crime. I have no knowledge of it, but I will apply myself and MAKE IT WORK!!!

Kim 5 years ago

B.A. from a pretty well-known and respected school...about five years working experience both during and after. Went overseas and worked for two years, should have stayed there...but my visa ran out (trying to do the right thing...unlike illegal immigrants who feel like they aren't subject to our laws.)

Came back to the states three years ago. Couldn't find work. I tried everything. Internships? Done 'em. Temping? Yup. Networking events, open calls, dept. of labor...Yes, yes, and yes. I worked for free just to keep my skills up. Went back to vocational school to change my career. In my final semester, I ran out of money. Now my school is holding my degree. Can't get a private loan because--guess what?--I don't have a job.

Now I'm looking to start yet ANOTHER unpaid internship, while still on unemployment. Also looking to enlist, but I'll probably be disqualified from service because I'm in therapy. I wouldn't be depressed if I was working. A guy at my school jumped off of a bridge. I'm thinking he had the right idea. This world isn't designed for people who actually want to work towards a better life.

Mark 5 years ago

I am a married 49 year old man who cannot find a job. I read some of your comments and I can identify with them. The job market is horrible, and jobs are few. These are horrible times for all of us. May God bless you all!

25yrs 5 years ago

i have a psychology degree, 3 years working my ass of in care homes support working doing every kind of voluntary work possible, earning shit money,got so depressed working in care work i had to give it up now working for agency who have no work.Can't support myself worried i wont be able to pay my rent every month.

I just wish parents and teachers were more honest in school. They give no direction.Do what you want to do they say wander aimlessly into a job you hate. I studied psychology because i'm interested in people. Only to find out that you can do nothing with a honours degree in psychology unless you have thousands of pounds to do further study.How unfair is that?? what does that tell the poor families of today.Don't send your kids to university. Apprenticeships.God i wish i had done that.

Frustrated in Canada 5 years ago

@25yrs, I agree with you completely. I am from Canada and also have a degree in psychology; however, a BA or BS can only get you so far...(and by "far" I mean struggling to find a job that will likely not match up to your education or work/volunteer experience, while in threat of becoming in debt due to student loans). The Universities do not give you any direction at all. If you do not plan to pursue graduate studies, then you have no where to go and the University does not care because they've already got their money off of you. Even attending graduate school may not secure you a job position, unless you are going into the medical field or something along those lines. It seems like your best bet to get a job, even remotely related to the field you graduated in, is to volunteer and hope that the volunteer organization will eventually hire you (that is -- if you can survive long enough without a full-time job and wait for them to go down their mile long seniority list of volunteers --before they consider hiring you).

If I could do it all again, I would scrap University, and go to a college and take courses or certifications in an area where you are guaranteed a job position.

I've been actively looking for a job every day since I graduated (without success). I have also tried the suggestions on the list. It's quite frustrating that a University degree does not mean you are guaranteed a job. Sure, going to University may look good to a potential employer...when you can manage to get hired.

Can't even get a part time job 5 years ago

I agree with frustrated in canada. I am 28 years old, have a BA as a special education teacher, and a M.Ed. as a Reading Specialist. I've been out of work for 4 months, and to be honest, when I read these tips I laughed. I've done it all and still can't find a job. No one will hire me because I cost too much to pay (due to Master's). I have applied to literally 100 places...don't lose hope? Kind of hard when the bills keep coming in...good luck everyone.

Frustrated in Canada 5 years ago

Dear'Can't even get a part time job,'

It can certainly be tough but we cannot and must not give up hope. We did not come this far and work this hard just to struggle later on. Things will look up for us--they just have to!(that goes for everyone else on here as well).

Take care everyone & all the best.

Pigbitin Mad 5 years ago

Is it me or is Linkedin jut total garbage. I hate the fact that you have to put your entire resume there because you cannot customomize it for each job. I mean, if some employer at a sweatshop sees that you have a graduate degree you are done. I usually take advanced degrees off of my resume when it is just going to make me seem overqualified. It is a pain to do this on Linkedin. Plus all the comments are just from people who love to hear themselves talk and by extension see their names in print.... All they do is congratulate/critique one another using the most specialized jargon they can think of along with as many of the the usual corporatespeak buzzwords they can stuff in there. Words like like "multitask", "leverage", "Value Add"; "Skill Set"; "Pushback"; "metrics" etc. As far as I am concerned there is no interesting discussion at all. But these blow hards are the ones that get rewarded with big jobs.

I don't think any of these people really have any good ideas. I truly think they sound like moron sheep. But what do I know.

Mav 5 years ago

I'm 20 years old and have been unemployed for about 6 months. I have probably applied to at least 50 bottom of the food chain jobs such as McDonalds, BK and local grocery stores. My whole life has pretty much been put on hold because I can't get a job at a fast food restaurant. I can't even try to get a degree in anything because I don't even have enough money for my car insurance. They have wrecked this U.S. economy so bad it is ridiculous. Good job FEDS!

kory 5 years ago

truth of the matter is that theres just not enough jobs, i say when ur going into an interview just try your best to break the other applicants legs or hands and make it look like an accident, thats the american way now. But on another note screw all you people sitting there with jobs calling all these other people without jobs losers and saying that theyre not doing anything right, because if there trying anywhere as hard as I am, then they dont deserve that, if anything why dont yall help them get a job, or better yet lol, since ur so good at finding jobs, let somebody have urs and go get another one tommorrow because its just that easy.

louisa 5 years ago

one thing that gets to me, is when people say "why dont you just go out and get a job, there are loads out there?". all you can do is apply for one, whether or not you get an interview is totally out of your hands. and even if you do get an interview, that doesnt mean youre going to get it. i cant stand those ignorant people who genuinely believe that all these companies are just sitting there saying "here you go louisa, would you like this job?" i apply for hundreds, i do my bit, but what comes after that, i have no control over. it sucks but im trying

Tired and Worn Out 5 years ago

I am officially a 99er as of today. I have been looking for work for over 2 years. I have had about 23 interviews for varying jobs (crab jobs and otherwise) and nothing. Actually had another Job interview today, a sad part time work that may keep a roof over my head. I too went to a University, got my B.A., and cant get a job in my field. Now I cant even get crap jobs at local stores, restaurants, or otherwise. I am officailly out of unemployment and unless this job comes through, I will be homeless in less than a month. I hope you all have better luck than I do....

Sad Catholic 5 years ago

After being out of work and getting no interviews for even the most basic and disgusting jobs (such as cleaning cages and litter boxes for an animal shelter or a vet), I said "T'heck with it", and now I "turn tricks" and sell pot, which I had quit messing with decades ago. I don't even use the stuff (honest), but I sell it to those who want it. I'm ashamed that I've had to stoop to this sort of thing just to survive, but I'm at least able to pay the bills, keep my little home, and even build up some savings. Hey, a good beejay or a fat bag is worth the money apparently.

I talk with my pastor all the time about my situation, and while I'm grievously sinning-- I really have no choice, as it's a matter of sheer survival. I have to eat and survive, so I just confess to it, pray and "try really hard" to find a way out. That's all I can do.

But there is nothing for me so far, not even any shelter space. Even the shelters that do get openings charge for someone to stay there, not much-- but it's a fortune when one has no income at all other than an illicit one. Plus, the spaces go to those with small children or physical handicaps, which I understand. Still, that leaves able-bodied and willing workers without these qualifiers out in the cold... literally.

Please, pray for me and for all those in the same position, that we find something honest and stable.

moving on out 5 years ago

WOW!! I just found this article and the comments. I simply searched what to do when you cant find a job. Its been 2 years or so I think since this originated.

Im at wits end too like so many of the others on here. I dont even know why Im writing since there is no answer and I am more of the same. I have the same story as many of you. I lost my job got meaningless work for minimal pay and took what I could get. Lost most of what I had in the process. How do you survive on a part time $10 an hour job. You dont. Not where I live, Gas is $3.40, oil is 3.30. taxes are high, insurance is high. food and heat are a luxury. The emplyment section of the local paper is a joke to read. Im not quailified for most of the jobs and the mindless ones have 100+ applicants. I applied in several restarants from cafe to fine dining to fast food. They want resumes now. Ok so I am over qualified. I have to include my last 6 years or what will they think I have been doing all those years. I applied at a deli. I was shocked when they asked for my resume?? really?? really?? Oh and if these places look for help online you need to subit recent photos of yourself... really?? really?? WTF is goin on? I have sold everything valuable. moved out of my home to rent it hoping not to lose that too, got myself no hope these days. I need pretty pictures with a happy shiny smile and a resume to work in a diner or deli. With 100 other people looking and they are half my age and have their pretty pictures available and resumes that say they worked in the local gym or drug store How will I ever compete?? Horrified at this job reality.

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