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Need some advice and insights about this.

Recently my family was encouraged by a common colleague to invest money with Pru Life UK Philippines in exchange of big return of money in due time. Since my family trusted that person, they invested a big sum of money to which I strongly opposed upon learning. WHY? The hell I know about this, I never heard of this company yet and how sure are we that money will be grow considering the economy right now. It's a big gamble on our part. But what can I do, I am just their daughter, I don't the money but I do care because it's a big investment and big investment could only mean two things: SUCCESS or FAILURE. Why not invest for a small amount and see what the return and how good does the investment goes. But, hell no. It's like one day millionaire! Now, I've received the news that the investment is not good. Thus, I began to think and wonder, a lot of questions entered in my mind and I need an answer.

Here are my questions:

1. What's up with this company?

2. Where are they investing our money and why they are not giving the investors the direct to their accounts? Why they are giving it to the agent?

3. Where is their main office here in the Philippines? Is that for real too because all I've seen is flyers of company top view of the tower only.

4. Do we receive compensation or something when the investment is bad?

5. Any good or bad experience you've had with this?

6. Are we losing big deal here or not? Is this a right decision?

Please do not hesitate to leave feedback because we are in need of advice.

News about Pru Life UK Success 2013

An article hosted by ABS CBN stating how sales of Pru Life UK when up as of 2013 ;)
An article hosted by ABS CBN stating how sales of Pru Life UK when up as of 2013 ;)

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BAJEEN BLYTH 5 years ago

Pru Life UK is an indirect subsidiary Of Prudential PLC (one of the United kingdom's largest life insurers.

The client are given an understanding of different options to place the investments ( 100% bonds; 50% bonds and 50% equities; 80% bonds and 20% equities; or vice versa; 100% equities.We have find managers who monitors the investment to make sure that investments are properly managed. Agents of Pru Life are licensed with the Insurance Commission to transact variable insurances with clients. Pru Life agents undergo series of trainings and go as far to take their masters degree and certification diplomateto become Certified Financial Planners. Investments are like heartbeat. Everyday it changes. But wise investors are always guided by their agents or financial planners so investments gain.Personally, you can call one of my investor and she can attest to you that she only placed PHP 200,000.00 last year and when she decided to pull out the investment as she need the money. She parked the money with Pru Life UK for a year and 2 months and she earned 16% ,so it became PHP 232,140.06. Yes, it is the right decision.

ck cruz 5 years ago

to igotinked,

since you're already using internet, why don't you aurf and search to find out what pru life u.k. is. and you can also ask the agent to accompany you to the main office of pru life so you'll know what and where the investment is all about. tnx and have a nice day.

ck cruz 5 years ago

to igotinked,

since you're already using internet, why don't you aurf and search to find out what pru life u.k. is. and you can also ask the agent to accompany you to the main office of pru life so you'll know what and where the investment is all about. tnx and have a nice day.

Ella 5 years ago

The hell with you, of course you don't have any idea who is Pru life because you never been out of your country, i guess your not that to dumb, use your common sense if ever you have, search the internet, so all your questions will be answered

Joan Todavia-Spencer 5 years ago

Want to know more about PRU LIFE U.K? call or text me at this number 0923-936-3284 or email me at

Joan Todavia-Spencer

Unit Manager

Crown Jewels Branch


Davao City

igotinked profile image

igotinked 4 years ago from Philippines Author

BAJEEN BLYTH - thanks for this advice.This will help us a lot to decide.

igotinked profile image

igotinked 4 years ago from Philippines Author

ck cruz - well that's one thing but of course it's still good to hear some testimonials and comments among others who have been part of this company. At least we'll hear the sides of the clients itself.

igotinked profile image

igotinked 4 years ago from Philippines Author

I do understand that. Of course internet is one source but I'd like to hear some direct insights or any information about this company from someone who have been a member of it before we invest into it.

igotinked profile image

igotinked 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you. I'll keep your phone number and inform my family about this.

Malen 4 years ago

Prulife UK is a good / reputable company. It offers combination of investment and insurance financial products. Their investment funds can be likened to mutual funds (with insurance built-in). The model is that Prulife UK will manage the fund for you. Depending on your risk profile (you get to choose this before investing), they invest your money to gov't / corporate bonds (low risk, low return), or to stocks / equities (high risk, high return). They submit an annual report of the performance of your investment vehicle of choice. I invested around 100K lasat December 2004. Value as of January 2012 is 200k. That's double my money in 8 years. Not bad right.

Verna 4 years ago

to answer all your questions for your better understanding yo may call me at 09175610821 - Emerald Branch in Ortigas. We listen we explain for your understanding. Listening is always Understanding

Erlinda 4 years ago

I have been a member of Pru life UK since 2004' what I would like to know is for how long do I have to invest before I can withdraw my money?

Ruhtra 4 years ago

Depends on the policy ur holding, Erlinda. If it's variable (investment + protection), u can withdraw anytime. Just leave 20K min so as to retain policy activation. If it's whole life, ask ur agent...

HappyfeetIgloo 4 years ago

How is it now igotinked? It has been over a year now, surely you have seen results already, although i understand that investments with PruLife are supposed to be medium to long term, meaning , to see substantial earnings we have to wait atleast 5 to 10 yrs, even banks hold up money for 5yrs in exchange for higher interest. Atleast in prulife, you can withdraw your money without incurring taxes unlike in time deposits,plus ofcourse, prulife has the death benefit in the end. Asian market seems to be perking up,so just relax and hope for the best.

chenacs-cebu 4 years ago

The best sharing that i could give to friends and relatives is the best experience i have had with Prulife Uk. My money reaches for me. Its there, its just there when i need it. The best place where to park our hard earned money is at PRU!!!

Jay-ar Zabala 4 years ago

I signed for PRU life this year and Yes it is eating up a lot on my salary. However, I am very pleased with how the company introduce the plan. I even got a phone call to check if I understood all the terms. Nonetheless, Its plain savings with a lot of benefits, just in case, anything happen, my family and I is secured.

Also, PRU just not take your money, you need to apply to be insured. This is one of the best decision I ever made in my Life. Thanks PRU for always LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING!!!

Gie 4 years ago

I'm a Prulife uK holder already! And I find it good so far..because some of my friends have prulife insurance and the feedback so far is good..And Prulife is a reputable company..To igotinked: I thing you should attend some seminars for you to be able to know more about the company because Prulife is one of the biggest company, They're just using Prulife Uk here in the philippines because when they entered here there is already a Prudential company which is a mutual fund also, but there name in UK is Prudential, even when I went to Hongkong last month It's Prudential is just that here in the Philippines It's Prulife Uk.

nok mlbg 4 years ago

... besides from life insurance benefit...

''waiting many years before to see the earning result'' ...

It's recommented I think for those people who has

enough money, above AVERAGE income...

al jerome Gutos 3 years ago

form CDOC 09071660149

kin onileva 3 years ago

Prulife UK, is one of the fastest growing life insurance in the Phils. With just about 16 years of operation it has overtaken several life insurance companies who used to the the leader in the industry before. It pioneered unit link variable life insurance in the Phil.

I am a policy owner and lately became a financial adviser of Prulife. Having understood fully the products and the funds, I make it a point to save with Prulife rather than in the banks if ever I have extra money. Yes, it is a better option for savings because it educates us how to practice disciplined savings with a lot of protection benefit. All the members of the family have policies with Prulife.

Last October 27, 2010 I invested 200,000 with Prulife and today the value is 246,650. Not bad 23.3 % in 30 months.

If you want to know more about Prulife, visit its website and the website of its fund manager, Eastspring Investment. You will see how much asset it is managing...

absie 3 years ago

when it comes to investments, Prulife Uk is one you can put your trust 100% coz it is legitimate and a reputable company.

igotinked profile image

igotinked 3 years ago from Philippines Author

Update to all readers of this hub, Pru Life UK is true and good investment since the time my family invested in it, money had increase a lot from now especially that the economy is good but take note that condition of economy in our country is not the driving factor here but how good the manager fund manages the bulk money in different investments. My dad and mom is happt because they can retire with ease.

markerwin 3 years ago

Prulife Uk's Fund Manager is the Best Asset Management Company of the Year, Southeast Asia The Asset's Triple A Investor and Fund Management Awards 2013 is awarded to Eastspring Investments for Best Asset Management Company in Southeast Asia. I hope we can invite you to our Business Meeting. please visit my webpage . thank you -

iamyenski profile image

iamyenski 3 years ago

Prulife Uk is 2012's Number 1 Life Insurance company in the Philippines in terms of Single Premium according to the Insurance Commission.

If you need help in plannning how to reach your financial goals, you may call or text 0933.6572167 or email

Marilyn Adriano

Financial Advisor

Pru Life UK

Yellow Citrine Branch


gjoaquin 3 years ago

hi gian joaquin here, licensed consultant for prulife uk and a financial advocate as well, @igotinked your folks invested in what is known as a VUL or Variable Unit Linked Insurance, it's a combination of both an insurance plan with a chunk of the premium going towards an investment vehicle. Remember folks, whether you invest in a COL stock account, or a MF from another company, there comes certain risks involved and THE INVESTMENT RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH THIS [the investment policy] PRODUCT ARE BORNE SOLELY BY THE POLICYOWNER. why did i capitalized this statement? because it's printed in bold letters at the front of the policy. I agree on your statement though that the fund managers have a lot to do with the performance of the fund, but on certain cases especially If the market is doing really bad, (a classic and recent example would be 2008 during the subprime crisis in the US, everyone around the world got hit, and got hit straight in the b*lls) then everything goes to its proverbial flames. But that's the nature of economics my friend, for every downturn, you can expect a recovery in the market as well, that's why these products are so good as long term investments because it takes advantage of the laws of averages, the longer you hold on to an investment the probability of a positive outcome is very high, and at the same time, unlike other investment vehicles a VUL actually has a guarantee! it has Life insurance packaged with the deal, so if sh!t happens, you and the rest of your family has a safety net in the form of protection. you can't get that with a mutual fund or a UITF from a bank? there are tons of prulife consultants here that can help you and your family, and if you have investment specific questions, don't hesitate to hit me back! (note: pardon my language on certain instances, i like to type as i speak kasi hehehe)

igotinked profile image

igotinked 3 years ago from Philippines Author

FYI, readers, Pru Life UK is different from Prudential, the one offering in malls, they are not the same company. So be keen always.

But one thing I've noticed on one of the comments above, one mentioned jouning Pru Life UK but uses the word PruLife afterwards. I'm not sure though, if Pru Life UK is the same as PruLife because i think, Prulife is yet another different insurance company here in the Philippines.

Can anyone from Pru Life UK correct me?

Karin 3 years ago

Hello, Im planning to invest in PruLife U.K.. Hope this will really work. I don't have that much of big salary per month but I will take the risk if this will lead me to a bright and better future. :D

cool 3 years ago

sounds exciting!

Mayen 3 years ago

Hi guys,

Just for information Pru Life U.K. is a U.K. registered life insurance company is not in any way related to Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company which sales offices are located in malls. It is also not in any way related to Prudential Life Insurance Company which ceased its operation or even with Prudential Financials. You can take a look at the logo of these companies and you will know that are different companies.

@igotinked, pardon us but it really should be Pru Life U.K.. it's noted that we should be typing it right if we don't want to confuse readers.

For inquries regarding the services we offer, pls feel free to call +63 9336572167.


the woman from the Pru

igotinked profile image

igotinked 3 years ago from Philippines Author

@Karin - good to hear that you're planning to invest in Pru Life UK, i know it is hard to part your hard earned money but you'll never know unless you'll take the risk. Just like what my dad did, he took the risk even though he never knew what the future could lead him for it was really a BIG risk for him considering he'll be retiring soon that time, but luckily he did and believe in it. As of now, the profit he had from that investment helps him a lot because that's his only source of income and it never faild him. Up until now, money is still there and as I've heard its still good. He has withdrawn some money (take note from the profit not the money invested) and use it to pay some of his bills in meds and household bills. Some he used for small biz. I wish i was as good as my dad. Hopefully, i'm planning to invest too in Pru Life UK's policy that will suit my budget. Sometimes, i told myself, i wish i've been thrifty at early age but blame myself and the trend that I spend too much money that I don't really need. Well, i hope, anyone who read my blog have learn something or i hope i have help some of you decide. :D

I'll be keeping you posted for updates.

igotinked profile image

igotinked 3 years ago from Philippines Author

To Mayen,

I'd like to thank you for correcting me with my confusion. The information you provided would really help a lot of people here in our country to be smart in investing since a lot of bogus insurance company are proliferating in the country especially when I recently heard about the insurance company that closed policies and never paid the holder. Nakakaawa sila syempre, perang pinagpaguran mo tas mawawala lang ng ganun ganun lang. Tas hindi ka pa mababayaran gaya ng pangako nila para mabuyo kang mag open ng account. Dismayed evenmore, up until now, im seeing that bogus company still offering plans in malls. Shame on them.

Again, thanks.

igotinked profile image

igotinked 3 years ago from Philippines Author

@ gjoaquin - my apologies for now responding asap on your comment but i definitely agree with you. Just like you, sometimes, i type what comes out of my mouth. Anyways, i 'm not sure though what policy my parents have but i think it was the one you're saying since they are allowed to withdraw anytime they want and there's a guarantee. That's why before mid of this year, they've received notice of wdrawal if they want. Really you know what you're talking, if i may ask, are you an agent or financial advisor.

Fyi, to everyone, the reason why i have some knowledge about this is because i was able to work for an insurance company, a multi one too but im not an agent nor an FA also. my job has something to do with 401k in US which usually deals with investment of money in funds. Also one fo the reason why im PRO investment in insurance. I've seen the benefits of having one. Thank God, i was able to work in that company i've learned a lot.

igotinked profile image

igotinked 3 years ago from Philippines Author

@ AlbertChan - Thanks for dropping by and reading my content. Yes, this is a great investment and its good to know that your son have invested already. He will have a great future ahead of him.

Thanks for leaving your info, i'll contact once I'll start investing too.

If I may asked, when did your son opened a policy? Any updates? I bet anyone reading this thread would be much interested to know some.

RuthP 3 years ago

Hi igotinked, I have several policies from two big insurance companies in Philippines. A friend introduced me to Pru Life UK last month and i find their products better and affordable. So, I invested with Pru Life UK and decided to become their agent because I believe in the company. It is a good decision to invest with Pru Life UK but of course, all investments have risk, my advise is, always talk to your agent and monitor the status of your investments. If you have doubts, just call Pru Life UK office directly. :)

mizzy 3 years ago

Hi everyone especially to @igotinked, thank you for posting this thread. Reading all the information here made me realized - I did the right thing investing with Pru Life UK. It was introduced to me by a former colleague a month ago who's an agent, and yesterday I have decided to join and take the risk with Pru.

aj 3 years ago

hey, watch youtubes suze orman on vul's to know more about insurance mixed with investment, states that financial advisors push this a lot, as they get tons of commission on it

alfred 3 years ago

Hi igotinked, thank you so much for posting this. I was relieved after reading this thread. I signed up 2 weeks ago and honestly it was 2 weeks full of doubts.

aspirant 3 years ago

good day. I'm just planning to invest at PRU-LIFE UK for a 5 year plan. may katanungan po aq regarding dito sa annual insurance charge na Php 12.67 per 1,000 of the sum assured. Is this only during my 5 year plan?. Thanks

Richelle Caliwan 2 years ago

Hi Aspirant,

I'm Richelle Caliwan, a policy owner and also a licensed financial consultant of Pru Life UK. Can I have you email address please so that I can help you out with your plan in investing with Pru Life UK. My email address is I'd be more than happy to discuss with you the options that would best suit your needs and preferences. I hope to hear from you.

Raymond Umpa 2 years ago

Pru Life UK is definitely the way towards achieving your financial goals.

Investing your money in investment-linked insurance policies (insurance with attached investment) is just like opening a savings account in the bank, but it is way better for these reasons:

1. you have your insurance coverage, and you can also add optional riders or benefits like critical illness coverage, personal accident, and daily hospitalization income; if you save in the bank, your savings won't give you an insurance coverage;

2. your money can enjoy higher interests, and even higher depending on your choice of funds where you will invest your money (e.g. government bonds, stock market, or mixture of these).

3. you will have enough savings that you could use for your child's education, your retirement, or even just for a major purchase or vacation; remember, you can withdraw your money in your investment just like in the bank (but take note, your money gets higher interest here).

4. you will develop the habit of setting aside for your future and you will be more disciplined and determined in achieving your financial goals.

If you want to learn more about Pru Life UK, feel free to contact me. It will be my pleasure to be your financial consultant.

Mobile No.: 0998-330-2388 (SMART)

Skype: ubeumpa



Raymond A. Umpa

Financial Consultant

Pru Life UK

Crown Jewels Branch

Davao City

doubtful 2 years ago

how much is the minimum that i can put in monthly for a five year plan? for a ten year plan?

chris 2 years ago

I want to ask about my policy number.they provide me a policy number but no aplication number.since im surfing the net i searhed my policy number and its stated there that its already issued and was in the year 2007?how come its isued last 2007?just last 2013 i joined in prulife.can someone explain this to me...?

Cyndee 2 years ago

Hi I'm with Pru life uk for 9 years, to know more about Pru life uk and our plans. Please give me a call it's my pleasure to be your financial advisor. I'm here ready to listen and to give advices. Email me at or can call me at 09228-BRIOSO (274676)

Albert Chan 2 years ago

I can help also if my co-agents from Pru Life UK are far from your area to service you.

Here are my contact details:


Mobile: 09267150599

gjoaquin 2 years ago

@ igotinked: dunno if this thread is still active though and i'm extremely sorry for replying, just browsed through my net history and saw this thread and read through the comments and such. To answer your long waited question (8 months in the making hahahaha!) yeah I'm a "hamak-na-ahente" for Pru (note to my colleagues who are here please don't stone me to death!), I also do advance investment training for the agents of our branch, I work closely with start-up companies as a freelance financial adviser, do financial literacy seminars as my advocacy and work with BSP as a resource person for their Financial Literacy seminar so I'm a bit familiar with the investment language.

Hopefully you already got your personal policy for your future retirement and such, if you have questions bro/sis (? sorry I have no clue hahaha) about investments and such feel free to give me a heads up on my email ( or if you're near makati we can grab a cup somewhere and talk about this all day if you want to. Peace out!

anne 2 years ago

Ask ko lang po im a pru life insurance investment policy holder since September 2013.. after a year ba may makukuha na kong kinita ng ininvest ko?? Kung wala pa when kaya maakakaron?

Client1 2 years ago

A named Nash Go/Sandie Asonto of Prulife UK is "somewhat of being" arrogant in answering question to its client. Let me share a part of the conversation,


"Saan po iniinvest ni Eastspring yung bonds and stocks? What if worst comes to worst, mawala si Eastspring, who would be its fallback para sa fund manager?"

Answer: "Hahaha. Ayan ang mga taong pessimistic! Sabihin mo ill show our fund fact sheet so she can verify what are the companies or details of the fund."

(sounds like mayabang na maybe I ask too much questions na)

"Pru is very professional in dealing with clients for the past 165yrs and if worst cases eastpring will be gone new fund manager will manage our funds. Eastspring investment is our partner or sister company should I say"

by the way, one of the managers daw yan.

Is this how they really approach such certain questions?

we're like almost there to get their policy na sana..

Shasha 2 years ago

I'm having difficulty withdrawing all my accounts right now. If you request for a monthly statement, they will not give any formal document. They actually don't issue a monthly statement of your account.

Jae 2 years ago

@Shasha - You should contact your agent to assist you with your statement of account. Actually, they send monthly receipt. I receive mine regularly. I also requested for my statement of account and within 2 weeks time I received it. NOTE: not an agent, just a plan holder.

Erwin Lambert profile image

Erwin Lambert 2 years ago

has anyone heard of AXA ION Heard it's an online life insurance in the Philippines? I've been looking around for a reliable plan and if I can get one over the internet it would be great!

donna 2 years ago

@Erwin Lambert - NO please don't get a Life Insurance plan over the internet, its too risky. If you want, I can help you, please feel free to email me at, so we can talk things over. God bless.

Jacqui 2 years ago

It is always best to read and discuss with your financial advisors. I am a full time employee and at the same time an insurance advisor of Pru Life UK. It is my pleasure to assist you. You may reach me at 09255101881 or

keya 2 years ago

Im so doubtful of the plan i got.. :( premiums are forever. Whole life i think.. :( what kind of insurance/investment is this? Is it wise to have this? This is the only options they offered

malaya reyes 2 years ago

try to compare with other companies that offer VUL first. in terms of transparency and accountability, i would recommend Sun Life of Canada. they are very prompt with records and statements - and will always update you how your investment is doing.

stef 2 years ago

Should I get an insurance policy even nka base ako sa abroad

gjoaquin 2 years ago

@stef, send me an email at so we can talk about your financial needs. I'm a Prulife UK Financial Consultant and Business Development Manager

d3n 2 years ago

@keya "Im so doubtful of the plan i got.. :( premiums are forever. Whole life i think.. :( what kind of insurance/investment is this? Is it wise to have this? This is the only options they offered"

there's also a 5 , 7, 10, 15 yrs to pay only

Roge 22 months ago

igotinked ,

I really loved this post. At first, you're wondering if what Pru Life Uk is. And having doubts if it is true or not nor it will grow or failed. And as i checked the comments you are now happy with Pru Life Uk! :) Im happy for you im only 21 and also planning to invest to this insurance. This post and comments makes to surely invest. Thank you! :)

Chird 21 months ago

Hi im a pru life holder plan where in continuous ang paghulog (lifetime). Before I got to sign and invest, my Adviser showed me projections for yearly Fund Value (ito ung kinita ng ininvest ko). But sadly, parang malayo sa projections ung nag appear sa FV ko (as in sobrang layo). Does this really happen? Syempre hard earned money ang hinihulog monthly.. So Im kinda hoping na malapit sa inaasahan ko..

Melody 21 months ago

Thank you for sharing your experiences with Pru Life U.K! I'm now excited to have my own insurance. Thanks again! =)

igotinked profile image

igotinked 21 months ago from Philippines Author

I'm really overwhelmed over the growth of this topic. I'm sorry wasn't able to keep track of it, i've been busy and almost forgot i had this blog. Hope i can asnwer some.

Happy? Haven't talk much with my parents about this but I believe they're contented because they're not saying otherwise. But I'll try to get an update.

Regarding, future projection, stating not as a financial advisor but someone who has lil experience on it, projections of future earnings are just projections or hula, so you cannot always really on it because everything in investment is a risk. That's why you have to think hard what kind of investment is good for you. Is you want low risk, there's an investment for that. High risk but with high return, there's another type for that. In short, you can't expect it to be always in winning side.

Withdrawing money, yes I believe it's possible.

Always talk w your financial advisor. They're trained to help you.

This is just a personal experience that may be unique from others.

sarag 21 months ago

Hi im sarah i want to invest in prulife uk but im afraid of i don't understand the benefits of this insurance..

igotinked profile image

igotinked 21 months ago from Philippines Author

Hi sarah, i know it's scary but having an investment nowadays is a good decision, you just have to choose the right company to trust your money with. If you don't wanna risk much of your hard earned income, then go for low risk investment. I believe mutual funds have it. Situations like this, will need the assistance of your financial advisor because they know more about this. Its highly important that you always talk with them to discuss your needs

AlbertChan 21 months ago


Anyone who have question, concern or interest about Pru Life UK, you can reach me thru the following contact/s. I am willing and glad to be of help educate you.


cp# 09267150599

chen 21 months ago

Hi, thanks for this post.. now i wanna know how to be anagent for pru.. can anyone help me? Thanks a lot...

igotinked profile image

igotinked 21 months ago from Philippines Author

Hi chen, I'm not really sure on how to become an agent for Pru Life UK, better talk to one of their agents.

Just an update for everyone, I've talked with my dad just to check what's the condition or state of the investment as of now 2015 , and was told that it was doing really well, it increased. I can sense from his tone of voice that he is really happy about it.

igotinked profile image

igotinked 21 months ago from Philippines Author

For Roge,

It's definitely normal to be doubtful at first especially in terms of money investments because it's our hard earned income. Why would we not bother to question or ask. I'm just their daugther but considering their retirement years is at stake and nothing would make me feel at ease to know that they are financially stable in those years. So yes, I would definitely question Pru Life UK. And by this, I was able to help others in thinking twice in doing investment, the key is to go for the right company.

And my doubts have been cleared that's why my tone of voice from blog post to comments have changed. My parents are happy with their investment and its been more than 5 years, their money is still there in Pru Life UK invested in the type of investment they wanted. If they're not happy, they should have withdrawn their remaining funds since maturity period have passed, but they did not. That's because they are happy with the return of money. I think investing with financial company is much better than investing directly for stock market because I remember them doing stocks only and losses some and win some but dad eventually sold everything at a low price because its not doing good.

I'm excited and the same time happy that you've decided to invest.

Cherry 19 months ago

Hi, anyone in cebu who have questions or want to know more about Pru Life UK here? I am willing to help. It's good to know that alot of people now is more aware of having an insurance. :)

lizadixie 18 months ago

interesting! i will invest too in Pru

dexter 18 months ago

want my parents to apply pru life uk

lyn 16 months ago

hi i just join this investment company (PRU LIFE) i chosse the program that will took for 15 yrs.. i just want to incase of emergency situation can i withdraw my money even though i dint finish may 15 yrs investment?

Jacqui 15 months ago

Hello lyn. I am a Prulife Advisor also. Yes, you may withdraw anytime as long as you have withdrawable fund. Just make sure you leave enough amount so your policy will not terminate. ;-)

clint 13 months ago

how to star investment in prolife uk. im in ksa and im residing at makati city.

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