Domain Authority-How to Develop?

Domain Authority is the importance of your root domain name on the World Wide Web. This is not an search engine optimization (SEO) activity precisely and shall be thought of as distinct from it, though there is a direct SEO benefit on overall importance of ranks. Importance of domain authority has increased over the years and particularly so after the Panda and Penguin updates of Google. SEO marketers have been forced to think beyond the anchor text-page relation and focus on developing brand, which means direct relation with the root. All in all, domain authority relates to the not just about brand presence, visibility but also moves to a higher plane of developing authority where the visitors trust you. Here is what all is needed to develop it:

A Top Website

  • Rational structure that is easy to understand
  • Smooth Navigation which makes exploration easy
  • Top UX that holds visitors on site
  • High performance to make site to be used in hassles free manner
  • Optimized for SEO for making it highly amenable for ranking in SERPs
  • Quality Content that binds visitors to the site

Quality Content

  • Produce content that is not to be found anywhere
  • Development of content resources to act as repositories of top content
  • Evergreen content which does not become outdated soon
  • Content shall be developed in different formats (images, videos, presentations) for use in different resources which support that particular format.


  • Promotion of content to the right audience
  • Selection of suitable social media resources for promotion
  • Aim to get influential followers
  • Making use of offline and online marketing methods for brand awareness
  • Develop credibility using trust seals, showcase your awards and tell about your memberships and associations.


  • Engage with the audience. Participate in discussions. Do not hesitate to be proactive.
  • Try to develop a niche where participants love to engage productively.

In this process of developing online domain authority and leaving your footmarks on different web resources, you might inevitably have to leave links of your domain on these resources. This gives benefits in search engine optimization.

Activities for Domain Authority

  • Business Directories: Listings on high page rank business directories is most fundamental activity which is suitable for most of the websites. Care shall be taken not to work indiscriminately and on all types of directories. Only the most popular and highly relevant ones shall be chosen.
  • Classifieds listings of your offers/promotions: Classifieds are the places where the buyers can see the offers of sellers. These are used for posting offers which come with a expiry date. High page rank sites which are quite reputed shall be used.
  • Local Listing of your Business (including Google Places and Google Maps): Local listing refers to telling users where you are located. This gives your precise location. This is a wonderful thing to use in order to establish credibility of the physical presence of your business.
  • Develop a well planned on-site blog: You must never ignore the importance of your on-site blog and shall keep posting top content on it regularly. This is a major way of enhancing your brand value. Even the posts can get ranked for keywords.
  • Write online Press Releases and submitting on high page rank resources: If you can get the media to publish your press release, there is no better way of online branding and reaching out to millions of readers. However, you can also make use of non-mainstream media to tell online world about the latest news and happenings in your business.
  • Blog Commenting, that is relevant, contextual and aimed at strengthening branding
  • Guest Blogging: Why not get the top experts to write for you? In this way, you will gain to spread a word about your brand to their audience and vice versa. However, this shall be done only rarely and with top experts only. Do not make a habit of guest blogging as Google considers it a way to spam.
  • Participation in top forums with discussions that add to your brand value: Participation shall not be compulsive for the sake of getting links to the site but shall be done only when you have something important to discuss or share.
  • Social Bookmarking with your original brand name. There shall be no pseudo names or fictitious accounts for doing SEO activities when you are already using original name on same resources.
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) with your original brand name

It is important to note some of these activities might not be suitable for some businesses or brands. For this reason, care shall be taken in the selection and in the manner of doing activities on these resources.


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