Dr Ralph Anthony Highshaw MD - Profile Of An Excellent Urologist

Photos of Dr. Ralph A. Highshaw, M.D.

Photo of Ralph A. Highshaw M.D. compliments of Southern California Urology
Photo of Ralph A. Highshaw M.D. compliments of Southern California Urology | Source

A Profile of Dr. Ralph A. Highshaw And His Practice

A nationally known and recognized Urologist, Dr. Ralph Anthony Highshaw, M.D. lives in Southern California where has has top of the line Urology Offices in Riverside, Tustin and Anaheim.

He really is very experienced and it is not only his way of treatment he takes pride in, but more so, he takes pride in the quality of care he gives his patients. He emphasizes communication and how important that is for a patient.

He makes sure that his patients are well-educated about their condition. He tells them what to expect through thorough examinations and in-depth consultations. He makes sure that the case is private because urology cases really need privacy.

He sincerely believes that every patient should know what is really happening to him/her. He makes it a point to educate and have open communication with his patients. Before any procedure he gives pertinent data to the patient in order for the patient not to worry.

This is a gold standard of care that Dr. Highshaw takes pride on. First and foremost he makes sure that the patient has a piece of mind and a sense of comfort. If you pair his expertise with the way he handles his patient then he really is an extraordinary doctor.

He spent many of years studying the field of medicine. He had conducted research about Urology and is currently a Urologist.

The American Board of Urology can certify the credibility of Dr. Highshaw. He is also the Chairman for the Department of Surgery at Corona Regional Medical Center.

Ralph A. Highshaw, M.D. is a name one can trust due to his has vast experience in the field of Urology. He is well versed and trained with treating kidney problems and managing them. He had trained in USC Medical School. He spent years training in the field of surgery and more years of study and research in Urology. For many years, he exercises private practice.

If you are looking for a surgical solution then Dr. Highshaw can definitely help you with that. He does his surgeries in the office and in the hospitals if needed.

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