Easy Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Site

For bloggers who rely solely on their writing job, for people whose bread and butter is their buy and sell online store and for those who earns a little on the side through their articles, you may want to take a look at the points and consider how much it will greatly affect you.

Sure you have many friends or relatives and maybe even officemates whom you can invite to read or visit to your site to increase or at least generate traffic. The question remains the same. How long can you keep on doing this? How many of them will actually be interested in reading your blog or your site? How do you actually catch their attention?


Increasing traffic in your site is not just limited to a number of ways. There are many channels through which you can lure visitors to your site. One of the most used and preferred technique, especially for those who are just starting out, is the Search Engine. It is most preferred because it is inexpensive. The main point here is to use and put in keywords that are usually searched by people. When you put in your tag or keywords, just remember to put your shoes in the place of a reader or a researcher. What are the common or likely words that they will type in to direct them to your article or to your site for that matter? This is why there is what we call the Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Your keywords are clues that will give readers a hint on what your website is all about. Here are some tips on how to optimize search engines.

1. Use the keywords in your title. If you want to catch people’s attention then start with your title. It would be very helpful if you use at least 5-7 keywords in your title.

2. Remember to maximize your Meta Tag. Describe your website briefly using again main keywords or key phrases that will enhance your chances of being found in the net.

3. Positioning your keywords is very important. You also have to take note that you should use your keywords in the first and last paragraph of your articles.

4. Another way to make it visible is to make use of hyperlinks.


If you are going to promote your business online, you can create a blog and update it on a regular basis. Write something relevant about what you are promoting. Blog something about your product or service and make it interesting to catch people’s attention.

Find related blogs or articles that are related to your business or your site. Once you find one, post a comment and you can direct them to your site. By posting comments, try to be sensible. Do not attempt to post spam or direct advertisement which is a total turn off for most followers. Try to stay on the topic and say something about the blog then you can indirectly lead them to your site.

Do the same with forums. Make it a point to be active in these related and relevant forums for this will definitely help you drive traffic to your site.


One of the effective strategies in generating traffic to your site is article marketing. You can write an article and submit it to popular directories such as Ezine, Google Knol, About.com, Howcast, Wikipedia. These directories will categorize and subcategorize your articles or blogs according to its niche. This way you gain other channels through which your site can be found.


A considerable amount of traffic can be generated with the influence of Squidoo lens, Myspace, Facebook, dig, technorati, and del.icio.us. These are just some of the social bookmarking and social networking sites that you can consider. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands out there. You don’t have to use them all. You may concentrate on a few so you can focus and build some creative and quality articles, comments or posts that will give you a green light for your traffic.

These strategies are simple and yet effective. You may not have to pay for sites to increase traffic. You can actually do it on your own.

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kennynext profile image

kennynext 6 years ago from Everywhere

Nicely done. I was thinking about article marketing, but was unsure how and to whom to submit them to.

Shefali Nagdev profile image

Shefali Nagdev 6 years ago Author

Thanks kennynext. I mainly work on seo submissions for my clients and I have observed great results from article marketing!!

expertin 6 years ago

thanks for the good hub. in addition to social bookmarking traffic generation technique, generating traffic through social network can only have a great success if you establish a good relationship with your friends on the social network websites, by doing this, they will want to check out what you have to say.

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