Online Customers Share Feedback: Service Client Problems and Earn More Quickly

Talented salespeople are very good at helping potential clients to identify problems that they didn’t even know they had. This is usually because these salespersons are experienced and know that certain needs usually accompany others, so they can make suggestions based on that.

Customer Satisfaction: The Formula For Success

For example, suppose someone has a cold and is looking for a decongestant. Chances are, their head may be hurting them as well because their sinuses are blocked. An experienced pharmacist would be able to ask about headache recommend natural remedies for the pain even before the patient raises that concern.

Marketing And Customer Satisfaction

Let’s take another example. Suppose a woman needs a pair of attractive and comfortable walking shoes because she does sales for a living. As a salesperson, she has to spend a lot of time on her feet so she prefers flat footwear.

An experienced representative would be able to identify additional problems that his client may have even before they do. They would know that protective stockings will help the customer keep their feet feeling fresh each day. Since women don’t usually wear socks with dress shoes, they will appreciate an alternative that works. Representatives may also recommend orthotics that provide extra support. This leads to cross selling opportunities, since most shoe stores do not specialize in orthotics.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

This is one way to get clients to regard you as an expert in your area. If you take the time to have a qualified representative sit down and have a one on one talk with each of your clients about ways in which you can serve them better, your business will benefit. You will learn more about what makes your business function well and also see opportunities for new products that you can provide for clients who you already have.

Your clients will feel that you are really interested in helping them, not in providing excuses on why you cannot assist them. The fact that you are willing to walk through their issues when they need you to be there is something that they will always remember. They will compare all potential competitors to you and those competitors will come up short.

Online Customer Feedback with Listen360 and MarketSharp

Customer feedback helps businesses to improve their offerings. Sometimes organizations are very good at finding out what their clients think of their products and services. However there are also cases where no effort is made to find out how the needs of patrons can be better served.

If you operate a business online, you will not be able to meet with your clients face to face. However you can get feedback from them in other ways. There are different survey packages available that can be used directly on your site. These allow you to ask for feedback from each client who visits your web store.

0:00 / 5:20 Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey and Managing the Data

You may also use blogs to get feedback from your clients. If you have an idea you want to implement you can get lots of comments from people who visit your blog on a regular basis.

Twitter and Facebook are good for finding out what clients think of your business too. It is fairly easy to leave a post on FaceBook and lots of people who have questions about service will do that. Businesses that respond quickly to client queries on Twitter also find that it helps to build their brand.

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless: How to make customers love you, keep them coming back, and tell everyone they know

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless- Customer Reviews

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