Easy to Start Online Business Ideas - Break the Bank With an Online Arcade!

Arcade Games Are Everywhere!

Whether people play games on their console, mobile phones, PCs or traditional stores... arcade games are everywhere. Here are some reasons why they are so popular:

  • They are simple and entertaining.
  • They don't require much thinking.
  • They are challenging enough to keep you interested.
  • People just love them!

How Big Are Games?

Video games whether they are online or on a traditional computer or a console are very huge. Matter of fact they are a very big deal when it comes to people's entertainment. You necessarily don't have to invest millions of dollars on creating your own games but simply leverage or copy some of the business models already perfected by others after years of testing.

In this series I will focus on the online arcade side of video games and show you how big this industry is and how you can start your own and get your big share of the pie!

Websites like Miniclip.com, Addictinggames.com, Pogo.com and many others like them saw and understood this and sculpted their websites just to meet the arcade player's needs.

So, why not you?

It's Profitable!
It's Profitable! | Source

Can You Profit From An Arcade Website?

When it comes to starting and running a business the number one question many investors will ask you or you might have in mind is... is this business profitable? Is this business worth pursuing? And my answer is yes!

Let's stop playing the guessing game and actually see some concrete facts to support my claim!

We will study couple of arcade websites and see their trends.


At the time of writing this is year 2013. And Miniclip.com was registered on the year 2000. So, it has been well over 13 years... that this website has been online. In terms of server load, bandwidth costs or other web hosting related expenses... it is not cheap! So, if arcade business was really that bad or did not have a market for it... then why would companies like Miniclip.com be online for well over 13 years? Of course there is a market and they are making money! That's how they managed to stay online for so long.


According to the domain registrar Pogo.com was registered on 1995. However, they did not come to action or went live until the year 2000. If you investigate www.archive.org for Pogo.com, you will notice that Pogo came around the same time as Miniclip.com. And like Miniclip Pogo also has been online since then. Now, you have two arcades that are active for more than 10 years! That sounds like a profitable business to me.


Similarly, Sockwave.com is also a very popular arcade website and they too arrived around the same time as Miniclip and Pogo. And if you study their traffic trends or the evolution of their website you will notice they kept growing and improving. Since they are also online for over 12 years, it tells us that there is a huge market or arcade gamer and the arcade business is indeed very popular.

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How much investment is required?

Starting your own arcade website has to be one of the easiest ways to start an online business. And the best part is... the investments are not too high. So, it is possible to get started right away. Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Register a .com domain name ($10.00 USD per year)
  2. Register for web hosting (approximately $70.00 USD per year)
  3. Install an Arcade Script (approximately $40.00 USD/one-time)
  4. Hire Flash Game developers (optional)
  5. Advertise your arcade on different websites (recommended)

So, for about only $100.00 USD per year you can have a fully functional arcade website. The only regular investments you may want to make is on advertising and on creating new games. But the initial setup is very cheap!

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