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I have been selling on EBay since 2001 as a Powerseller and throughout the years the sellers have lost footing. The no returns option is pointless. A customer can dispute an item that they purchased “as is” condition and still get a full refund plus shipping by filing a claim and stating that the item was not as described. I understand and appreciate that the customer is always right, but sometimes the customer is just dead wrong. As a business you want to sell to everyone and not restrict your sales due to some bad experiences with customers, but it makes it difficult when the business explains the circumstances to EBay customer service and ultimately they side with the customer who can be completely wrong. Then to add insult to injury the customer leaves you negative feedback that affects your ratings for the next few months or maybe year.

Buyer protection is at the forefront of EBay and I think it has to be because anyone can setup and sell on EBay and be gone tomorrow. But I think the EBay needs to develop more seller protections that prevent buyers from taking advantage. I have listed a few things that EBay can improve upon. The items I listed may get sellers to sign back on for business. After about 12 years of selling I closed my EBay doors for the following reasons:

On EBay your feedback is your life line. A seller can leave negative feedback and not even attempt to resolve the issue with the seller (yes a little orange flag pops up, but the buyer can still leave negative feedback)

Seller fees are small and sneaky. You pay a posting fee (.10 cent) or lower and then you pay a final value fee 7% and if you have the store the low end is $15.95 per month high end $299.95. My business was paying EBay about $1000 dollars per month. Guess what it was cheaper for us to open our own website with the same product and put our $1000 dollars into advertising and more products. I know EBay gives you exposure, but I can be patient saving a $1000 dollars per month.

The last thing that assisted me in the decision to close my business on EBay was other sellers selling an item I know for a fact cost $20 dollars at reseller pricing, but you have some seller pricing it for $1.00 with free shipping (maybe I’m exaggerating, but you get my point).How the heck can you make a profit. You sell an item for $1.00 EBay charges 10 cents to post the item your at 90 cents, EBay charges you 7% final value which is 6 or 7 cents and then you have ship the item to your customer.

I just think that EBay took away the joy of selling and sellers are looking for new ways to sell such as Amazon or developing an ecommerce website that with time can generate traffic and income. Like all good things nothing lasts forever.

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Joseph 4 years ago

Your dead right.. eBay hides their fees.. Charges you to post, when the the item sells, and PayPal takes a cut.. Their policies are ridiculous and only favor eBay. When I give a partial refund for an item, eBay still keeps the final sellers fee for the full price of the item! They won't partially refund your fee.. Also, when listing an item good till

Cancelled, every month that item is recharged a listing and picture fee.. eBay is a scam and I'm taking my business to Amazon and Craigslist.

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