Ebay made easy

let's make some money!

   Most people think you have to have your own product's to sell on ebay, but that's just not true!

I have come across many tricks that you may or may not know about!

One thing i used to do was to sell DVD's, i liked to sell used dvd's, and the fun thing was i did it without ever laying hand on any products!

i would write an ad on ebay that said used but in "like new condition" and includes original case, then when someone bought a DVD i would just go to family video.com and buy the DVD and have it shipped to them!

I used to make $50.00 a week doing this, nothing to brag about but it did add up!


another thing i and others have done is to buy things in lots on ebay and then resell them in singles, a good example for this is Morgan silver dollars.

I knew a man who made $100.00 a day doing this!

Now another thing i have seen make money (i don't endorse this) is buying the P90X and other popular videos from china and selling each DVD singularly, i have seen the guide books go for $50.00 a set and more alone!

now for the best trick i have ever used!

Buy your items in bulk from ebay and resell them in person in singles!

This was the best profit i have made on a sell!

An example of this is, you buy 12 stun guns on ebay for $100.00 and free shipping, that's about $8.35 each. i have sold them to people for $20.00 each and sometimes for as much as $30.00 each! that is a huge CASH profit!

stun guns are a great eye catcher and everyone in concerned about safety these days!  though you need to check your local laws before selling this type of item.

so there you are, just a few ideas to get you started on ebay for fun and profit!

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