Educational Prerequisites for Being a Teacher

Whether you are in college and considering the teaching profession or looking at it as a second career, in California, the State colleges and Universities are the place to get the education. Some schools, like Sonoma State University, have a full teaching program that creates about 1000 new teachers a year. Expect to pay around $2800 a semester or more. The good thing about the teaching program is that for those who already have a BA degree or 90 units, the course can be completed in a year.

What is required?

Before you even apply, make sure you have already completed:


2. 45 hrs of field experience at a school or YMCA, or programs with children

3. Completed EDUC 417 or LIBS 312, EDMS 420 or LIBS 330

4. You have a four year degree or 90 units.

If you have the above, you also need:

Two letters of recommendation, Background Clearance check,  TB Test verification, Pass the  discrimination\sexual harassment test, transcripts and your Statement of Purpose.

Check when it is you submit your application because for instance, at some colleges, submitting applications for the Spring semester is in July-Oct, for the Fall semester, it is in the Nov.-March. 

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