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I am a work at home agent for almost 1 year. Last year I bought my first emachine computer.The cost was affordable about 317.00 and the computer seemed to work okay. I depend on my computer every day to earn my living.

The end of May 2012 we moved to a new mobile home and one evening the ground around us was hit by lightening. I then noticed that my computer would not connect to the Internet and thought perhaps it was from the storm. I thought it odd because everything else about the computer was fine, the surge protector was okay, the modem was working.

I also noticed that the router did not work and wondered if the faint smell of somehting that had been bothering me since May was the computer going bad. I spoke to my Internet provider and was told that perhaps it was internet card that went bad. We opened the emachine and saw that it was all one board, so I doubted that any lightening strike would only destroy one connected piece everything looked okay inside the computer.

Since one old tv in the bedroom and one bathroom plug was out I figured lightening may be possible and went to Walmart to buy another emachine. On July 5, 2012 I bought a emachine computer and paid &317.37 . This model had more memory and was brand new. I used this computer from July 5, 2012 until July 21, 2012.

I went to start work on July 21, 2012 and I had no monitor, I thought that was odd and I could not find any problem with any connections or our Internet provider. I went to Walmart and bought a new monitor and I hooked the new monitor up and it did not work. I then hooked up the old computer with the new monitor and wow, the new monitor works.

The emachine that I bought on July 5, only 17 days old was defective. The system would stay on for a certain amount of time, then it would come on but without a monitor connection. I watched the system after it cooled down and then it would connect for a period of time. I could not work like this so I took it back to Walmart.

The refund at Walmart did not happen as their policy on refunds is 15 days and the emachine was on 17 days, thought this was a nice way to treat your customers, so of course I took the monitor back and will never buy anything of value from Walmart again.

My point is that I bought 2 defective emachine computers, I would like a full purchase refund for the last one bought as it is clearly defective. I called their emachine technical support and I was told that the company would only send a free shipping label for the last computer bought when both are under warranty. I do not trust their return or even sending this computer to them to touch.

I would like my refund price of $317.37 paid to me for purchasing their defective computer on July 5, 2012.

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Bedbugabscond profile image

Bedbugabscond 4 years ago from United States

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am on the look for a new desktop, and now I know to avoid this one. I hope you get your money back!

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