Opt in Email Marketing Lists: What the Guru's Don't Want You To Know.

Email Marketing aka Opt-In

Opt in email marketing lists, better known to many as opt-in marketing, is possibly the steadiest income producing system on the web.

Opt in email marketing lists gather a name and email address in a trade for something.

For instance, somebody may be offering to give you their email address and name in a trade for free tips on how to "make money writing with HubPages "...or possibly receive a newsletter about hot hub topics to write about. It could basically be anything so to speak.

Now a days, customers are flooded with opt in email marketing lists that work off of pure disruption.

You are viewing your favorite program and all of a sudden BAM…the commercials start.

You get into a good mix on the radio and it happens there too, blasted commercials…everywhere you look or hear there is some sort of advertisement trying to promote something to you.

Even the newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc. It’s like a virus and it just keeps getting worse.

Huge corporations have enough money for this sort of marketing and can reach out to millions of people with their enormous wallets.

But, it is difficult to measure the achievement of such promotions, and you only have a solo chance to make your impression recognized!

Unlike old-fashioned types of promotion, opt in email marketing lists provide you the capability to capitalize once you obtain the customers contact information, this allows you the capability to associate with this individual again, and again, and again.... theoretically for years to come.

In its place of repaying for ads countless times over again, you merely have to get the preliminary subscription and then you can stay in contact with the person for FREE as long as you want!

You have likely signed up for many opt in email marketing lists and not even known it.

Have you seen something similar to this before?

This is a form individuals fill in to give their name and e-mail so they can be contacted time and time again.

Having this valuable information allows you to not only offer them promotions but other products or services within that particular industry.

Opt in email marketing lists are a really easy concept once you understand them:

  • Get the permission from the person to come on board for your mailing list by offering something of value to them (tips, hints, tricks, newsletter, etc.)
  • That particular person sign-up with their name and e-mail. This will be sent to you directly.
  • Now you just received a client for life that you can promote directly to!

You have plenty of opportunities to stay in contact with this individual as long as you keep a positive relationship going with them.

Now with the type of marketing known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) will only let you stay in contact that time once they click on the ad you generated. See the difference.

Here is how opt in email marketing lists work:

  • visitor comes to your website
  • signs up for something
  • gets added to your opt in email marketing lists
  • you send them promotions
  • you generate income

Opt in email marketing lists are the best way to market on the Internet. Here are 3 aspects that make this possible.

Pay once, contact forever

This is what makes things easy in life.

PPC or article marketing, with the combination of opt in email marketing lists you have the chance to contact individuals many times over again.

You basically work to get the client first (your time and/or money), in-turn you have them for life at no added cost!

For example. Let’s say it costs $0.10 for an individual to come to your page via PPC.

This individual goes there and doesn’t purchase a single thing and leaves.

You have now lost that person forever.

Now say you have a opt-in form on that very same page, this time the individual signs up in return for some useful information you are offering.

Now you did get something out of it, even if it wasn’t a sale this time.

Can be applied to any particular niche

The great thing about opt in email marketing lists compared to other tools is that this can be used for ANY market you desire.

Now I am not saying you cant make any money from other tools, but with email marketing you are able to do something called “cross-promote”.

This is when you offer relevant products or services to that particular niche of individuals threw opt in email marketing lists.

Complete Autopilot

You know the old saying “do it once and forget about it”.

This is what email marketing is to the “T”.

All you need to do is have a system set for yourself that converts.

Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied.

Once it starts converting lay back and watch the Benjamin’s stack up.

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