Employers Love a Good Work Ethic!

Why is a good work ethic important?

When I interview people for job openings, I always look at their resumes, but more importantly when I ask them questions, I study their answers. You can tell alot about a person just by asking the right questions. Sure some people are good at BSing their way through interviews, but I can usually tell, I inherited a keen sense on judging people from my Father. The kind of people I want to hire are those that think having a job is important. Believe it or not, today people don't all believe this. They think a job is simply a past time. These are the people who will habitually call in sick every week. These people are like a sickness, they infect the rest of your crew, by bringing down moral. Look at their past job history, ask them questions about punctuality and working overtime, thats where you can ascertain their character when it comes to working. Someone starting a new job, should volunteer to work overtime if they want to move up the ladder, anything less will not impress company brass.

Keys to a Good Work Ethic

So your not sure if you have a good work ethic? Here is a simple test. Answer these questions honestly and it will determine if you do. Question one: Your co-worker calls in sick 1 hour before their scheduled shift, do you:

A.) Ignore the phone call and act like your not home

B.) Answer the phone and help your supervisor out by coming in on short notice

C.) Refuse to come in, even though your really needed

Question two: Do you regularly call in sick even though there is nothing wrong with you?

A.) Frequently (at least once a month)

B.) Never

C.) Only when I am really sick

Question three: You got tickets to see your favorite team the same night you have an important business meeting that you have committed to, do you:

A.) Call in sick

B.) Don't show up without calling your boss

C.) Stick to your committment

The correct answers are: B, B or C, C

If you answered any other way, then you really need to re-evaluate your work ethic!

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soconfident profile image

soconfident 3 years ago

Great question, I passed btw.

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