Employments and kick outs.

Life isn’t so easy. Still we never failed to live our life. Well, I’m not matured enough to write on this topic. I have only worked for seven years since I left out from high school. But in these seven years I have worked in seven different places. So I thought of writing this hub to share my experience and tell you what to do and what not to do while working.

Oh Hold on. I’m not going to give you any advises. It is just a simple and funny note. You can take the message if you want, else just read it as a funny skit. 

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.

When I came out of high school, a big question came in front of me, what I’m going to do after this? A big question.

I was sure about my results of the last exam. None of the government universities would give me a hope of continuing the studies for these marks. My parents were not rich enough to pay for a private college. So I was wondering what I’m going to do about my career.


My self and a very best friend of mine (will name her as Leka, she was also just like me), started the job hunting. We were strong in our decision that we are not going to sit at home and waste our time in checking the vacancy ads.

We went around the roads and checked all the shops and small companies if they have any vacancies. All negative. Sometimes we used to sit in a public park and cry. But we never gave up. It went on like that around a month.

At last we found a place. That was a small office. They selected both of us, asked us to come next day sharp at 7.30am and advised us to come with formal dress. Hooray…We were in 9th cloud.

Next day we went there and saw many youngsters were waiting just like us. The trainer introduced us to them. All were going smoothly then this awful thing happened.

He asked all of to make a circle and run, shouting “Huuu… Haaaaa…. Huuu… Haaaaa…”, just like Red Indian tribes. We were astonished. It was so funny to see they were dancing with blazers and ties. I asked from Leka “Are they going to sell us for circus?” She was in a weird pose, stared at me and said “Do you want a job or not?”


After that they divided us to teams and sent us out. We went to a busy street. The team leader gave us some coupons and asked us to sell. Hell, what it has to do with formal dresses? We started our first job. We sold only one coupon for the whole day.

At the end of the day our team leader gave us our commission (Our First Salary….. voila…) of Rs.50 (30cents in dollars). Leka and I shared the money and bought some lollypops.


While we were returning Leka said “You don’t even think of going back to this work tomorrow. My brother saw me selling coupons. I’m going to get something nicely once I reach home”

Our first job ended in one day. We turned unemployed again. How sad….

Moral of this story:

  • Study hard. Nothing going to help you in future other than your education.
  • Have the courage. Keep up your hope always.
  • All the glitters are not gold. Just because they ask you to wear blazer don’t think they will appoint you as an executive officer.

Hold on again, I’m not done. I have six more stories remaining. If you want me to continue with those, write below on comment box. See you in the next hub.

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apache13 profile image

apache13 5 years ago from Belleville AR.

That's cool,sorry to ask on here,I to am interested in different cultures and I accept you as a friend,we're all brothers and sisters on the face of our mother.It's better to have friends than enemies.Asian is very interesting to me too,I love the food but know little more than how to use chop sticks.Oh yeah thanks for following and take care.

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Well, It is only an avatar which I found in net. Don't get too confused my friend(I guess I can call you like that). I'm an Asian. Not related to america by anyway. I love tribes and learn different coutures. Then only thought of trying a red Indian avatar. Am nor red neither an Indian. :)

apache13 profile image

apache13 5 years ago from Belleville AR.

Well you got life by the horns and that is good,I wanted to ask you about your profile picture,are you Native American or just interested in the Indian way? That is an awesome picture and if you're not Native then where did you get buckskins?and the feather in your hair,you are a warrior? just curious not trying to pry or nothing but I've noticed that you even speak like an Indian,so you've peeked my curiosity,hope to hear from you on this even though its not related to your topic,I really did read it and all the rest too.

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