Engraving Machines

If it were not for engraving machines, the economy would collapse! That is an exaggeration, but engraving machines, are completely under-rated machines that provide both functionary purposes and what you might refer to as 'extra curricular' purposes, such as jewelry engraving. If you have seen road signs, emergency exit signs, or even Braille instructions for the blind, it will illustrate to you just how important engraving machines, across their spectrum of use, are to the daily functioning of office and travel life.

For example, for sign making, engraving machines must go through a process, which involves both cutting several types of metal or plastic, embossing the writing and then also applying the color, such as with office exit signs. The engraving machines therefore differ greatly for such a function a this one in contrast to an engraving machine for say, engraving upon a trophy to be presented for this year's top little league home-run hitter. The type of engraving needed therefore requires careful consideration as to which engraving machine is purchased. A lighter, table top machine such as the EGX-30A Desktop from Roland suffices to engrave upon small signs or indeed small awards. For a company that hires many functionaries from janitor to president, this machine provides for both name tags and for door signs indicating the occupier. Indeed, its use extends to the engraving of key attachments to ensure the right key is in the right hole!

In addition, machinery such as the MPX-80 is an altogether higher defined machinery, designed to emboss upon jewelry and engrave on a wider variety of stronger metals, but remaining a size befitting of an office space. This also provides for picture engraving, which makes a sophisticated addition to an engraving.

Engraving machines including laser engraving machines also carry the myth of only engraving upon metal surfaces. This point is obsolete as they can engrave upon almost any type of glass material, especially luxurious drinking sets.

The prices for this range of machinery starts at around 3,500 dollars and can move upwards to 7,000 dollars. The financial return for any expanding business, even if relatively small is straightforward. The engraving machines, apart from fulfilling practical value, also add a level of professionalism to what a business stands for. Businesses that are even starting out in jewelry or accessories will find this to be not only essential part of their business, but will also find they are entitled to free support from any company from which the engraving machine is purchased.


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