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The success of search marketing on Google or any other ppc marketing engine is determined by quality score used in search advertising. It is quality score and and competitiveness of the bid keyword that determines the overall cost of advertisement in adwords.

In this article we will discuss ways to increase your quality score to lower down your cost of search advertising. Though most of the tips are given taking in mind search advertisement on adwords, it applies in general to all ppc advertisements on other networks.

How to increase quality score?

Quality score can be increased by making Google Bot believe that your landing page and your ad is most relevant to keywords you are using. Let us take the example that you are advertising for ‘Web hosting’. Some of the ideas that you can implement are:.

  • · Create different ad for set of keywords with last (root) word in common.

Some of the keywords may be that make up one ad group may be

/* cheap hosting

Budget hosting

Reliable hosting

Best hosting */

In all these keywords word ‘hosting’ is common so they can be taken under one ad group.

Other ad group can be for root keyword ‘host’

/* cheap host

Best host

Free host */

Use your root key word or the whole word in heading, body and if possible in display url.

Keep different ad groups running for at least 1 week.Monitor closely and keep comparing the performance of each adgroup and keywords. Though task of comparison Google automatically does for you but it would be better if your apply your own brain. After that period delete the worst performing ad groups. The same can be done with keywords also.

  • · Use different call to action and test the best performing ads.

Your visitor should know that after clicking on your ad, he will get the product or he is going to get information about product or he is going to get loads of links to other sites. Your ad should bring vistitor to page as promised by your ad. Don't send your vistor to any alien page where he has no idea what to do next.

It is advisable to include price in heading of the ad. This will draw attention more quickly and your ad will have good CTR even if it is in low position. Including prices also avoid unnecessary clicks. For example if your price is high, customers looking for low prices won't click on your ad.

  • · Exact, phrase or broad match

Keep experimenting whether exact, broad or phrase match works for you. Most of the advertisers bid on exact and phrase match, so bidding on these keywords is costlier than broad match. However broad match generates unnecessary impressions. In order to avoid unnecessary impressions in broad match, each ad group should have negative keywords such as ‘how’,’ what’ etc. These words may generate useless impressions and hence any query associated with these words should be avoided.

For example.

Let cost of exact match of [cheap hosting] =$ 10

cost of phrase match of {cheap hosting} = $ 7

and cost of broad match of 'cheap hosting' = $ 5

You would obviously want to bid on broad match. However if a searches for " What is cheap hosting", then your broad match will generate impression and person is only searching for information about "cheap hosting". He has no intention of buying any hosting plan.

The only remedy for such is to include "what" as your negative keyword.

Simple link building may not help. Use the keywords of your ad as anchor text for link building. This not only increases your appearance in organic search results but also makes Google believe that you are relevant and increases your quality score and hence lowers down the cost of search marketing. Google uses part of their organic algorithm to determine the quality score.

One more factor that effects your PR is types of sites your page outbound links to. A page that is penalised by Google can decrease your page rank if your site liks to it. Use the attribute "nofollow" to conserve your page rank vote and tell search engines that link may be to poor sites and is commercial one.

  • · Use keywords in your landing page.

The percentage of keywords that you are bidding should be at least 2 to 5% in body of landing page. Simply don’t try to flood with these keywords. Use where they are important. The figures are only advisable, it is not hard and fast to use same percenatge only. Also give some information to visitors on your page. Your page should not be only full of commercial links, it should be informative also.

  • · Redefine your Meta tags

Use the best performing keywords as your Meta tags also use these keywords in title of your landing page. Use ad body of best performing ad as your Meta description. If landing page contains some pictures, use keywords as your image tags.The whole idea of doing all these is to tell adwords robot that your page is designed for keywords you are bidding upon.

  • · Link essential pages to your landing page.

Link pages such as sitemap, private policy to your landing page. It is very important in search marketing. These pages reveal professionalism of your site. Linking these pages not only keep you on safer side but also help in increasing you quality score.

  • · Maintain proper position of ads.

No doubt appearing in top 3 sponsored ads gets you maximum CTR, but ads appearing in 4-6 positions also get almost same CTR. Try to get ranking of 4-6. After a period of time reduce your bid amount and observe your ad position. If its rank does not fell down, reduce bid amount to some more extent until you get the optimum bid amount. Search advertising can be very costly if you do not optimize your bid amount.

  • · Try to be as specific to your geographical location as possible.

It will reduce unnecessary impressions and will surely get you good search marketing. Have a prior idea of social, economical and cultural status of the region where you are advertising. for example if your are advertising in Sri lanka. you should have know how many people speak english in Sri lanka etc.

  • · Advertise on content network of Google.

Remember image ads generate more clicks than text ads. The CTR of these ads can be as much as 8 times high than text ads. Use 250 *300 banners. Use strong call to action as already mentioned. you can bid for lower ranking sites. Advertising on these sites is cost effective. If possible try to avoid advertising on Google search result partners such I am telling this from my personal experience.

  • · Change your platform if nothing works for you.

Number of people advertising on Google is more than that of Yahoo. Your ad competes with tons of ads in Google so CTR goes down. However if you advertise on Yahoo or other such good search engines, you will get same CTR because you are competing with less ads.Yahoo advertising or Bing advertising can be helpful if you are very concerned about unncessary impressions.

The type of web sites that have lower quality score for keywords and hence costly in search advertising are:

  1. 1. Sites for affiliate promotion that have similar content as that found in vendor’s site.
  2. 2. Unstructured websites where the content is not divided in different pages and landing page has long letter.
  3. 3. Landing page with high priced adsense keywords and low priced keywords is used to drive the traffic.
  4. 4. Too much use of JavaScript. Remember search engines love pages in HTML.
  5. 5. Very old sites that have not been updated since long.

Try not to waste your money in search advertising in these types of web sites. Pages with higher rank generally have high quality score also so a significant amount of time should be given for increasing page rank.

  • It is conversion rate and not CTR that matters.

Last thing that you should always remember is that you earn by selling product, progarm etc and not by CTR. Even if you have good CTR your conversion rate may be low. There are several examples where individuals and companies having a very good CTR ended up in loss. An ad with high CTR of 5% can end up without any profit.Your ad should be designed for profit and not just click through rates.

Conclusion :.If you are bidding for highly competitive keywords, these tips may not help you in reducing the cost of search advertising. You may need to consult some professionals for it.

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