Why Everyone Needs An Editor

Are you a budding author filled with creative ideas? Maybe you're a student trying to write a college admissions letter? Perhaps you're trying to put together your first Op-Ed column for a newspaper?

Or maybe you're trying to create marketing sell sheets for a wonderful new product or service? Whatever the case, it's important to prevent embarrassing and potential money-losing, reputation-shattering mistakes. No matter what subject you're writing about, how you convey your ideas is very important because if the copy is sub-standard, then your message and your reputation will suffer.

The ability to communicate correctly, clearly, and concisely, does not always come easily. Just as not everybody is born with a natural affinity for math, nor is everyone born with a gift for written expression. However, the good news about writing is that, like anything, you get better with practice, and the better you become, the more you enjoy it.

However, you need to first understand and practice the fundamentals. Fortunately, a professional editor can help make your message clear, concise and correct.

It is generally accepted that any written draft can benefit from the expertise of an editor and this doesn't simply mean catching the odd typo.

It's not just about "pwoofreading" your "dwaft" copy

Even if you're are a meticulous proofreader, there will probably be areas concerning grammar, structure, syntax, organization, and tense inconsistency, that need to be corrected. Your editor will also offer helpful feedback so that you can improve your writing through your revisions. And yes, don't be surprised if there are several revisions required for even the shortest documents. If it is important to you (or your boss), you will want to get it right. So don't be afraid to pay a fair price for high quality editing. It is well worth it.

Good editors understand good writing

Professional editors specialize in words and grammar and will improve readability, accuracy, flow, consistency, word choice, and audience appropriateness. They are trained in the various rules of language and are familiar with its many nuances and style formats. Many in the editing and proofreading profession are themselves accomplished writers, and thus it's no surprise they have an "eagle eye" for quality.

You may be working on content for a website, newsletter, press release, annual report, or other business editing, a feature story, cover letter, or journal article; whatever the case, when you hire a professional editor, you are essentially hiring a writing teacher as well. So keep this in mind and don't get too attached to your words! Just as the best professional athletes require coaching, so too do the world's best writers. Understand that while your ideas may be unique, the way you express them is crucial and you should not expect your audience to be mind readers.

As you improve as a writer, you will begin to notice that not only do good editors understand good writing, but also that good writers (you!) appreciate good editing.


Just remember: the quality of your communication is crucial to the success of both you and/or the organization you represent. This is why everyone needs an editor, from novice writers to the world's most seasoned authors. Whether you are working on your first novel or short story, consider the hiring of an editor to be part of the process of life-long learning. And then have fun with it!

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