Everything You Need to Start A Facebook Amazon Store

Why have a Facebook Amazon Store?

In April, 2010, more than 540 million Internet users worldwide visited Facebook. That's 35.2% of the entire population of Internet users. Since then, the popularity of Facebook has grown astronomically.

Traditionally, most people tended to use Facebook as only a social site. For years, it has helped people come together to share common interests and values, to communicate with family and friends, or to get reacquainted with old pals. Over the last year, Facebook users have begun to use the site for market branding and other commerce solutions as well.

Improved applications and Facebook Pages now allow users the flexibility to create much more dynamic pages. Combine this with the Amazon AStore and entraprising users now have the opportunity to make money through Facebook.

With so many users on Facebook, it just makes sense to start up a Facebook Amazon Store.

Oklahoma Gifts and Books Facebook Amazon Store: Newly Created just for this Hub
Oklahoma Gifts and Books Facebook Amazon Store: Newly Created just for this Hub

Great! I want to make money with a Facebook Amazon Store! Now what do I do?

Before we begin, you must have a Facebook Page and an Amazon AStore account before anything can be done. When choosing a Facebook Page and Amazon AStore name, keep in mind how your target audience will find you. The name should reflect the product your selling, as well as be unique enough to be found. Once you've chosen a good name for your page and store, visit the links below to create a Facebook Page and an Amazon Store.

Create a Facebook Page here: www.facebook.com

Create an Amazon Store here: astore.amazon.com

There are many great tutorials on how to create both the Facebook Page and the Amazon Store online. This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of both Facebook Pages as well as Amazon Stores, so we'll get right to work in the next section on how to integrate Facebook and Amazon.

If you are unfamiliar with the basics of Facebook Pages or Amazon Stores, take a look at these links:

How to create a Facebook Page

How to set up an Amazon Store

Profile Picture created for Facebook Amazon Store
Profile Picture created for Facebook Amazon Store

Setting up the Facebook Page

Now that you have a basic Facebook Page and Amazon Store set up, we're ready to get started.

Step 1: Prepare your Graphics

It's true, a picture is worth 1,000 words. To get the most impact from your Facebook Amazon store, you'll need to create two graphics.

The first graphic will be used as your profile picture. This graphic should contain a logo and a small description of your product brand. The largest picture that Facebook allows is 180px wide by 540px tall. Using a large graphic like this will really make your page stand out. Once this graphic is complete, go ahead and upload it to Facebook as your profile picture; we won't need it again after that.

The second graphic will be used as your welcome page. This should contain information about your product line, and will serve as an introduction to your business. The height of this graphic isn't important, but it needs to be 520px wide. This is the width of Facebook's custom tabs. Once your graphic is complete, upload it to the internet. Typically, I use Flickr.com to store pictures online, but as long as you can find the URL to the photo, it doesn't matter what service you use. In a moment, you'll add the URL of your graphic to your Facebook tabs.

Step 2: Install the Apps

There are many useful applications for creating Facebook Pages, but the one we will be using is called "Static XFBML: Multiple Tab Builder". Go to the Static XFBML Application page and install the app by clicking this link: Static XFBML.

Step 3: Insert your Welcome Image

Once this application is installed on on your Facebook page, you should see it listed on the left side of the screen, where the tabs are. Click on that tab and it will bring up the admin section of the Static XFBML application.

On "TAB1", under where it says, "Tab text - General Body Content:" insert the HTML code for your second graphic. It should look something like this:

<img src="http://yourgraphic.jpg"/>

Next, change the Tab Name to something of your choosing. Typically, it's named something like "Welcome".

Finally, scroll down and click on "Save Changes".

Step 4: Set up Additional Tabs

The application allows users to have up to 5 different tabs. The first tab is traditionally the "welcome" tab, which we just set up. Following the welcome tab, you can use the remaining four tabs for whatever you desire. For what we're doing here, we'll set up Tab 2 as the Amazon Store.

In the application, click on the [+] tab to create a new tab. Don't forget to name the tab - this will be where your Amazon store will go. After this tab is created, it's time to insert the necessary code to your Amazon store for it to work properly in Facebook.

Main Welcome Graphic used in the Facebook Amazon Store
Main Welcome Graphic used in the Facebook Amazon Store

Setting up your Amazon Store

For the most part, setting up an Amazon Store is pretty self-explanatory. After you have set up your store then you'll have to modify the CSS code for it. This may sound daunting, but all you will have to do is copy and paste the code.

Step 1: Set Up the Amazon Store for use in Facebook

There are some limitations in setting up an Amazon AStore in Facebook, but these limitations are outweighed by the amount of sales your store could potentially generate. In Facebook, it is only possible to show the "Browse by Category" section and the "Product" section. Amazon automatically set the "Browse by Category" sidebar to either the left or the right of the product list. Due to Facebook width restraints, if this was left as the default it would run off the end of the page. The same thing happens with the other "widgets" that Amazon uses.

Go to the Sidebar Widgets section of your Amazon AStore. Ignore the area where it asks about the placement of the sidebar, this will be fixed in the CSS. For now, scroll down uncheck all of the Sidebar Widgets. You can leave the Body Widgets as you like, since they will not be affected by the CSS code. All other customizations can be left, including color, text headings, etc. - they will not be affected by the CSS either. It is important to make sure that all of the Sidebar Widgets are unchecked, otherwise the Facebook Amazon Store will not look correct.

Step 2: Install the CSS code

This is where the magic happens. The CSS code that you will install will shrink the Amazon Store to fit inside of the Facebook tab. It will also move the "Browse by Category" widget to the top.

In your Amazon Store, go to "Edit Color and Design", and then click on "Edit CSS". This will open an area where you can put in your own CSS code. Make sure that the "Global" tab is selected.

Copy the code below and past it into the large white box:

body {margin: 0;}
#wrap {

#main {

div#footer {
table.products {
width:360px !important;
body {
#sidebar {
float: none;
position: absolute; top: 0;
width: 530px;
li.widget {
select.searchwidget {
div#searchbrowsediv.indent {
padding: 0px 0px 2px 5px;
table.sidebarproducts {
#mainwrap {
float: none;
position: relative;
padding-top: 240px;
div#footer {
input#searchwidgetkeywords {
ul#widget h3 {
font-size: 10pt;
font-weight: bold;

Once you have pasted this, click on "Back to Color and Design" to save it. When you've finished, click on "Continue" until you get to the end, then click on "Finish and Get Link".

Step 3: Copy the Link

Finally, you will need the link to insert your Amazon Store into Facebook. Click on "Embed my store using an inline frame". Copy the code that appears, you'll need this in Facebook.

Putting it All Together

Now that everything is set up in Amazon, it's time to insert the code into your Facebook page.

Click on your Static XFBML "Welcome" tab. (Remember that from earlier?) Once you have opened the application again, then click on Tab 2 (or whatever you named it). Paste the Amazon code that you copied a moment ago into the large white box under where it says, "Tab text - General Body Content:"

The code you pasted should look something like this:

<iframe src="http://astore.amazon.com/yoururl-20" width="90%" height="4000" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Before saving the tab, there is one small change that must be made in the code above. Change width="90%" to width="100%". This will keep the edges of the Amazon Store from disappearing off the edge of the screen.

Scroll down and click "Save Changes".

That's all there is to it. It's a somewhat tedious process, but having a Facebook Amazon Store is well worth it.

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Comments 17 comments

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

This sounds really interesting. My book is published now and I'm in the beginning marketing stage. But I'm tired of writing on HP and not making money, and think once my book is further down the "launch" line, I want to try this. I bookmarked it. Thanks for taking the time to give all the steps, and best of luck when you try it.

Darren 5 years ago

Awesome Hub I have been searching for a way to fit an a store into an iframe and still look good thank you!

Urbane Chaos profile image

Urbane Chaos 5 years ago from Wister, Oklahoma Author

Darren, it took me a while to figure out how to make Amazon's store work in Facebook, but after putting the pieces together, it's worked great! I hope that this has been pretty easy to follow, and hope that it achieves all you want it to! Good luck!

Rachel Roodhardt 5 years ago


stammam1 profile image

stammam1 5 years ago from saudi arabia

i am really enjoying this valuable information.

i will try it

thank you very much

Mike 4 years ago

Thanks so much for the easy instructions. I am having one problem though. My browser is saying that the connection is untrusted because the security certificate is expired. Any way to fix this? It states it when I try to go to your facebook bookstore also.

Urbane Chaos profile image

Urbane Chaos 4 years ago from Wister, Oklahoma Author

Mike, it depends on what browser you're using. That usually doesn't happen to most people though, so I wouldn't worry about it affecting visitors to your Facebook Amazon store.

I don't remember offhand how to update certificates, but from what I remember it really wasn't that difficult. I would just do a search in Google for "expired certificate" and put in what browser your using and the version (Help menu, About). Since each browser is slightly different, that would be your best bet for getting that fixed.

Lou 4 years ago

is your amazon store via facebook appearing high in search rankings and have you made any commissions (not to be nosey :0)

Thanks for the information

Urbane Chaos profile image

Urbane Chaos 4 years ago from Wister, Oklahoma Author

As with all pages, it depends on what you're searching for. If you use "Oklahoma books gifts", the Amazon Facebook store is on page one - which isn't bad since I haven't done any marketing for it. The terms "Oklahoma books" and "Oklahoma gifts" is extremely saturated, so I never targeted towards those shorter keywords. However, if you have a specific long-tail keyword and use that as your amazon/facebook store header, then you should rank pretty high as well.

Generally, I receive a decent amount of traffic. Again, this was mainly an experiment to see if a facebook/amazon store could be created, so I haven't spent much time promoting it. Simply put, I have too many projects going on to really invest a lot of time in it, but with the little amount of time I have spent, my traffic does amazingly well!

As far as commissions, it's hard to track what I've earned just from Facebook. Since that's tied into my amazon store, and I have used that same store in a couple other locations, I haven't really delved into demographics from just Facebook. However, from that particular setup, I earn anywhere from $25 to $100 per month. I'm sure I could raise that number a lot if I focused more on it. I know a few of those have come from Facebook because I recognize the user names. Since it didn't cost me a dime to create, even earning just $1 would double my profit!

Urbane Chaos profile image

Urbane Chaos 4 years ago from Wister, Oklahoma Author

To revisit a couple other issues here that I need to update:

1. Since Facebook changed the layout to Timeline, I did see an increase in traffic to the Facebook/Amazon store. I believe that this is partially due to the increased size of the header, along with being able to "Pin" and "Highlight" different items. I did have to modify the tabs a little bit, but overall, I think it was a good switch.


2. Since Facebook implemented their security changes, many of the old apps that were used no longer work correctly. As Mike mentioned earlier, it causes a certificate error. For some people it still works while others get this error. I spoke with the app developers and they said that they should have this fixed soon.

matthew 4 years ago

You cant make the landing page your amazon widget anymore with this new timelime settings, correct?? I have been searching all over and I'm lost..

Urbane Chaos profile image

Urbane Chaos 4 years ago from Wister, Oklahoma Author

No, you can't; in the above post I explained a little of why. Besides this, if you post an Amazon link on your Facebook account, Facebook automatically rephrases the Amazon link to include their affiliate ID. Is that not right or what?

The only way to use Amazon now is through HTML.

If you find a working HTML app then this method will still work, however, it takes some playing around with to get it right. Plus, you have to direct people to your "tabs" to get them to click on them. It's a pain!

The best thing to do is to link to a separate site (not amazon) that has all of your products. If your site is set up right then you can link to a specific product. In Facebook, give a good review of that product, link to it, and that should help increase both traffic and sales. Facebook is an excellent (free) marketing tool..

Just remember though, profiles DO get more visits than pages.

IONUT B. 4 years ago


IONUT B. 4 years ago


IONUT B. 4 years ago


IONUT B. 4 years ago


jaymills profile image

jaymills 3 years ago from United States

Great hub, I visited your store to see what it looked like and how it was setup. One thing if you add the tags center before and after your amazon widget code sorry will not let me put the HTML TAGS HERE it might center them and make them look a little better on the page. I am going to give it a try if even just for a test to see what it looks like. As you said if you make even $1 you are ahead of the game. Thanks for the great read...

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