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Blogging! Yes you probably know all about blogging already, but did you know that you can use it to find new customers and get more sales from your party plan business?

The trick is to make a blog that writes about the products that your company produces in a very neutral way (since most companies don't allow you to specifically mention your products).

So if you are a Mary Kay consultant you can create a blog full of beauty tips and the latest beauty and skincare trends. If you are a tupperware consultant you could have a blog with recipes or kitchen organisational tips.

Now instead of being a 'tupperware consultant' you are a kitchen organisation expert. And people seek experts out for advice on what products to purchase - and that's were the sale comes in. Advice first, sales second.

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Making sales 24/7

Does your direct sales company have an online website for their consultants? If so, then you could potentially be making sales around the clock just by sending customers to your web address.

You can either do that two ways:

  1. Paying for it via Google Adwords

This is actually not a bad way to go for someone just starting out and who hasn’t had the time to build up a blog or articles to drive traffic to their consultant website. You can have an Adwords campaign up and running within 10 minutes and be getting traffic nearly straight away.

  1. Free traffic via search engines and article marketing

The second way of finding customers online for your party plan direct sales company is by having them find you through your blog or by writing articles.

Does Your Party Plan Company Let You Advertise Online?

Most party plan companies don't allow their consultants to advertise online but that doesn't mean that you can't advertise - you CAN advertise yourself without mentioning the company name and it will remain completely within their rules and policies!

Blog Your Way To Party Plan Success
Blog Your Way To Party Plan Success

Can A Blog Really Improve My Business?

Many people often wonder how they are going to increase their home party business and find more customers.

I had this problem when I was starting out and what did my upline tell me? See more people!

So I took her advice, I went where I knew hundreds and thousands of people were - online!

Yes I started a blog and all of a sudden my business started to explode. People started contacting ME for advice and recommendations.

So can anyone build a successful party plan business with a blog? Yes!

"Stop Hassling Your Friends and Family for Party Bookings!

You Can Find New Customers, Get More Bookings and Grow Your Business Just By Blogging!"

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Party Plan Jobs

There are lots of party plan jobs that blogging and online marketing can work for.  Even if you haven't decided which party plan company you want to join yet.

Obviously if you are still looking which party plan jobs you want to get into then if you want to be more successful online then consider the following:

* Does the company have its own consultant website that you can send customers too?  (If it does - the party plan blogging method will work exceptionally well)

* What is the companies policy on online marketing and advertising.  Many of the larger companies such as Tupperware and Mary Kay don't allow you to mention the product names or company name directly online but you can still successfully build your party plan business without actually mentioning their names!  You can be the kitchen organisation queen, or super skin specialist and build your customer base online that way

When looking for which party plan jobs will work best for you then take these points into consideration.

Blogging as a Mary Kay Consultant

Being in the beauty industry (such as being a Mary Kay consultant) is one of the easiest ways to get started blogging to increase your leads and sales because it's such a well known brand that people recognize.  

And with so many women wanting to be in the ‘beauty’ industry too, you can write about your industry by blogging about the latest makeup and skincare tips and secrets.  Once you start getting a following you can then either convert them to sales, or to new consultants in your downline to build your business.  

You don’t even have to mention in your posts about certain Mary Kay products, you can however put your contact details in the sidebar of your blog so that people can find and contact you easily.

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momonline 8 years ago

I'm surprised to know that you can increase your home party plan business by blogging. I'll definately look into it. Thanks.

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