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How to make extra income weekly

I found the best way to make extra income on a weekly basis is by having a yard sale every weekend. The money you make can vary depending on the items you have for sale and the location of your yard sale.

The steps you need to take in order to make a profit

The first step you need to take is go through your home and find things that you want to get rid of. Have a yard sale with those items first. When you make money from that yard sale then you'll want to put about fifty dollars of it away. Then you can call thrift stores like Goodwill and savers to see what sale tag deals they have for the week. Goodwill on Thursday of every week have a certain colored tag on sale for a dollar. Go to Goodwill when they open and let the treasure Hunt begin. You can find nice furniture that they wanted a hundred dollars for and buy it for a dollar and sell it for twenty or thirty dollars or whatever price you want to put on it for your yard sale. Sometimes I find junky furniture and buy it for a dollar and sell it for five. Laugh if you want to but it's a profit and money in my pocket. You can also find antiques and sterling silver. The antiques you can sell on eBay and the sterling silver if you collect enough of it you can scrap it and make money. You can even put the furniture on Craigslist in your area. I just bought a phone that has the TV where you can actually see the person your talking to for a dollar and it's practically brand new and I'm going to tag it at my yard sale for thirty dollars so that's twenty nine dollar profit for me. If your lucky depending on the store policies you might find wedding gowns for a dollar that are beautiful and you can sell them on eBay. Also you can go to other yard sales and find cool things and antiques that are worth a lot that there selling for twenty five cents because some people don't know the treasure they posses. The most important thing is always to remember what your goal is and to make sure that every yard sale to take out what you spent that week so you can put it back into your yard sale the following week to buy more things. Also listen to the people that come to your yard sale to see what there looking for so you know what sells. I know this sounds crazy but I can't keep enough hangers in my yard sale because they sell like crazy. I was selling a package of ten hangers for fifty cents. Well I know we are all on hub pages to make a little extra cash but it takes along time to make money so I figured I would share this Info with you and trust me try it I bet you make money by doing what I just wrote. Good Luck to you all and please let me know how it went. Oh FYI ladies also let your husbands get in on the fun they love treasure hunts. Remember ones man junk is another mans fortune.

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leann2800 5 years ago

This is a great idea. Who can't use extra money in this economy. Thanks for sharing.

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