Facebook Advertising Billing, How The Process Works?

Facebook Advertising Billing

Once you have created your ads and place your order with Facebook Advertising, Facebook will ask your funding source to use for the campaign.

You can use your credit card or Paypal. I am using Paypal, so the system will go to Paypal once you click the Place Order button.

Just agree and pay to complete your order. Facebook will integrated Paypal as your funding source for the campaign.

Then Facebook Advertising team will review the ads and approve your campaign. You will be charge on Facebook billable date. You will know the billable date when your campaign is billed for the first time.

Examples of Facebook Billing Invoice and Paypal statement for the campaign are as shown in the images below.

To access the billing page in Facebook are as follows.

  1. 1.       Access you Facebook account.
  2. 2.       At the bottom of the page, click Advertising link.
  3. 3.       Click Billing.
  4. 4.       Click the Transaction #no to see the details.

To manage your preapproved payment in Paypal. The steps are as follows.

  1. Login to Paypal.
  2. At My Account tab, click Profile.
  3. At Financial Information column, click My Preapproved Payments.
  4. At My Preapproved Payments page, you could manage your subscription, automatically billed payments and installment plan payments.
  5. To manage your Facebook payment, under Merchant column you will see Facebook Ireland, Ltd.
  6. Click Facebook Ireland, Lt, to see the detail and you could activate or cancel your payment. Don’t cancel if you’re still running your campaign.

Facebook Advertising Billing

Facebook Advertising Billing Invoice
Facebook Advertising Billing Invoice
Paypal Statement on Facebook Preapproved Payment
Paypal Statement on Facebook Preapproved Payment

Comments 4 comments

Gio 5 years ago

does Facebook send me a bill like these to my home address??

probyte2u profile image

probyte2u 5 years ago from Part Buntar, Malaysia Author

I don't think they will send a bill to you.

asim 5 years ago

what if you used a Virtual credit card, and use there ads, and after that you shall not pay, can they do anything to you?

probyte2u profile image

probyte2u 5 years ago from Part Buntar, Malaysia Author

not sure what facebook will do.

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