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Ball pit
Ball pit

Follow the Franchise Leader or Create Your OWN Empire?

It starts with a great idea, a new concept OR your own spin on a popular children's entertainment model similar to Pump It Up* and Chuck E. Cheese's* (commonly searched and misspelled as Chuckie Cheese). Building an indoor playground or family fun center is achievable with all the resources available today; however, the question you have to ask yourself is...whether you should consider being a part of a franchise or build your own child entertainment empire.

There are pros and cons to the child entertainment industry and a family fun center franchise. Your experience and background will determine which path is right for you. Do you choose a predetermined model with set policies and act as "managing partner" or do you determine park hours, vendors, profit allocation and act as "owner/operator". Flexibility, company direction and level of support are additional factors to consider.

First you must consider whether you have that entrepreneurial drive or the managerial initiative. What is your personality? Are you well rounded and have a fair amount of business acumen? Do you tell yourself, "I can do it if I have most of the pieces to the puzzle and even if one is missing I can still put it together"? Do you find that you don't mind doing a little digging or research to figure things out on your own and often times even enjoy that process...then entrepreneur YOU ARE!

If on the other hand, you lack business knowledge in some areas such as advertising and payroll but have a good grasp on employee hiring and customer service, you may want to dig a little deeper. Do you like being in control but with some sense of support? Would you rather try your hand at a puzzle or clue finding board game or work on a step-by-step model train? If you just need a little hand holding to guide you along your way then franchise owner YOU ARE!

Indoor Playground
Indoor Playground
Family Fun Center
Family Fun Center
  • Indoor park or playground with soft play tubes, slides and ball pits
  • Inflatables, bounce houses, jumping castles
  • Miniature golf
  • Laser tag
  • Paint ball fields
  • Go kart tracks
  • Bumper boats and batting cages
  • Skate parks

What are the costs associated with them? What type of maintenance is involved? There are also online resources to help you plan, build, insure and operate an indoor park as well as provide family entertainment center business plans.

Which category do you fall in?

  • Point me in the right direction... OR
  • Hand me the franchise instructional manual...

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